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Chapter 5 Be saved

Nanny Li sighed slightly and said, “Young master, the Second Miss has lived in the backyard with the maids since she was a child.”

Su Qingtan looked angrier. How many such dark secrets had his mother and second mother kept from him all these years?

The second mother was the second sister’s biological mother. How could she force the second sister to live such a hard life? The second sister had been so thin because of malnutrition.

“Does my father know about these things?”

“I don’t know, young master.”

Su Qingtan snorted coldly and walked directly to the eastern courtyard with Su Erya in his arms. “From now on, my second sister will live in the eastern courtyard. Nanny Li, don’t go back to the western courtyard either. Just stay and take care of my sister.”

Hearing this, Nanny Li was immediately relieved. She was full of joy. “Thank you, young master. I will take good care of the Second Miss and restore her health.”

Su Qingtan nodded slightly. He knew that Nanny Li was very kind and he felt relieved that she would help him.

There were a lot of empty rooms in the eastern courtyard. Su Qingtan asked Nanny Li to clean up a room, and he walked to his room with Su Erya in his arms.

Looking at the girl in his arms curled up like a kitten, there was deep love in his heart. He unconsciously quickened his pace. But before he entered the courtyard, he was stopped by a cry.

“Qingtan, wait for your first mother!”

Su Qingtan turned around and saw the First Madam Zhu in a mink cloak coming in a hurry. Su Zipei followed her silently with red eyes.

First Madam Zhu saw Su Erya in Su Qingtan’s arms, and her eyes changed slightly. She immediately pretended to care about her and said, “Qingtan, listen to me. It’s all a misunderstanding! Let me take Erya back to the western courtyard.”

A misunderstanding?

Su Qingtan flashed an angry look in his eyes and said coldly, “Please explain the misunderstanding to my father, first mother. My sister is weak and can’t stand the cold. I need to get into the room.”

Without waiting for the First Madam to react, he turned around and stepped into the room.

When the Madam Zhu realized what he had done, her face flushed with anger.

Although Su Qingtan was the son of the Second Madam, he was always very filial to her. Now he contradicted her like this for that b.i.t.c.h!

“Mother, what shall we do?”

As soon as Su Zipei heard that Su Qingtan wanted to tell her father, she burst into tears.

Madam Zhu was so upset that she could not stand her temper and scolded in a low voice. “You’re so useless. How could you accidentally say such things? Let’s talk about it when we get back!”

Su Zipei felt very aggrieved. She had never been scolded by her mother. When she thought of this, she hated Su Li even more.

Madam Zhu looked at the courtyard a few times without hearing any sounds. Then she left with peace of mind. That b.i.t.c.h, she should know what to say and what not to say.

Su Qingtan let the servant girls bathe and change clothes for Su Erya first, and then ordered the kitchen to brew medicine herbs and make some light dishes. He fed the medicine and food to Su Erya before he left the bedroom.

In the middle of the night, Su Erya opened her eyes. She saw that the light in the study was still on. She occupied the oldest brother’s bed. It looked like he didn’t plan to sleep that night.

She was half asleep and alert all the way into the day. She didn’t fall asleep until the oldest brother had refused to hand her over. Though she still had a fever, she didn’t feel so bad anymore.

Now in the dead of night, for the first time since she was reborn, she had time to think.

It was much easier to return to Su’s mansion in this life than in her previous life.

She came back as a sinner in her previous life. But in this life, she was not a sinner, at least in her oldest brother’s mind. As for the others, she didn’t care.

Dasu Town, where the Su family was located, was under the jurisdiction of Qinghe Province that was one of the twenty provinces of the Dahan Dynasty, which had a large territory. The emperor ruled the country well and had not had a war for decades.

The local rulers of the counties would recommend talents to the Dynasty every year. Then through the capital selection test, they would promote the best into n.o.bility and had a great future.

This unique system of selecting talents was the key to the prosperity of the Dahan Dynasty. A man of both ability and virtue dreamt of becoming a young talent in the eyes of the local rulers all the time.

As was the oldest brother Su Qingtan, and as was Cousin Yang Wei.

Last year, the Su family had done many things for Su Qingtan and his name was on the local ruler’s recommendation list. It was already a certainty. But Su Zipei stole the most precious night-luminescent pearl of the Su family and sent it to the county magistrate, Li Shanbao, who loved jewelry, in the name of Cousin Yang who was a relative of the Su family.

Then the magistrate thought the Su had done all these things for Yang Wei, so he recommended Yang Wei directly to the provincial office.

After the results came out, the Su family realized that they had made a mistake and wanted to fall out with Yang family when Su Zipei came out suddenly and said that she saw Su Erya gave the pearl to Yang Wei personally and implied that Su Erya fell in love with Yang Wei secretly, which was the reason she had done it.

There was no need to talk about what happened after that. Su Erya was accused of wasting half of the Su family’s fortune and having ruined the first young master’s prospect. She became the sinner of the Su family.

She was cheated in the previous life, and she knew that Su Zipei stole the night-luminescent pearl later when Su Zipei boasted and told her the truth.

Today she just wanted to pretend to be poor and let her eldest brother pick her up. Only when she returned to the Su’s mansion could she continue her path of vengeance. But she didn’t expect that Su Zipei would appear suddenly, not to mention that she would be so cooperative.

Su’s eyes were dark and cold. No one could know what she was thinking about.

After a while, she wrapped herself in the quilt and fell into a deep sleep.


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