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Chapter 58 Fierce and Unreasonable!

Ling Li followed Su Li to the second floor of the bamboo building all the way. He tried to explain, only to find that he didn’t know how to explain.

Seeing Ling Li say nothing when he came over, Su Li looked colder. “Why doesn’t Your Excellency continue to repay the kindness downstairs but follow me going upstairs?” she said sarcastically.

Ling Li was sneered for doing a favor. He couldn’t help but turn angry and say coldly, “It is true that I teach them practice method for repaying their kindness. Few members of the cult are qualified of cultivating the practice method. What the h.e.l.l are you angry for?”

“Your Excellency is joking. I am only a common person in the Dasu Town and didn’t dare to get angry with Your Excellency.” Su Li looked indifferent and grabbed a long-haired spider from a jar. Then she said, “Xuangong is precious. I can offer nothing other than testing the antidote for Your Excellency.”

Ling Li looked at the colored spider in Su Li’s hand, which was larger than his fist, and the cold sweat flowed down instantly.

Did she take the opportunity to take revenge?

“What? Don’t you have the courage to test the poison as the Hierarch of the Yinmo Cult? Or are you afraid of being poisoned by me?”

Although he knew that Su Li was prodding him, Ling Li felt surprisingly uncomfortable. He snorted and sat on the bedside. Looking calm, he said coldly, “Go ahead.”

In his previous life, he had not only experienced immense dangers and difficulties as well as intensive fighting in the battlefield but also gone to the h.e.l.l. How can he be afraid of a poisonous spider?

Su Li patted a spider’s abdomen after she saw Ling Li was ready. The gossamer was spitted out immediately and penetrated into Ling Li’s throat like a small snake swimming through the entrails. Ling Li felt extremely disgusted and his throat rolled out of control. But he still forcibly resisted the swallowing action.

After less than half of five minutes, the test can be over. Su Li made the spider take back the gossamer which had turned from pure white to completely dark. The gossamer was multicolored somewhere, which looked very strange.

Ling Li was filled with apprehension. He knew little about poison. What on earth was the blood poison in his body? It could produce so many different kinds of poisons.

Su Li cut open the gossamer and put the spider back to the jar. After that she took out a knife and carefully peeled off the poisons. A part of the poisons was poured into a transparent gla.s.s bottle and the black poisons immediately turned to multicolor after instilling the clear liquid.

A specialist can only master his own field. Ling Li had only a hazy notion about poison. Although his cultivation was far better than Su Li’s, he couldn’t compete with Su Li in poison and detoxification at all. The two formidable inborn seniors of the Blood Refining Hall were easily killed by Su Li.

Su Li lowered her eyes and stared without a blink at the poison which constantly polluted the serum. Its color was ever-changing in the process of adding colorful powders. It sometimes resembled a grim skull while sometimes resembled b.l.o.o.d.y flowers in full bloom.

Ling Li soon observed that the color in the gla.s.s bottle was changing from black to multicolor, red, yellowish and nearly colorless.

Was the poison nearly detoxified?!

Ling Li was slightly shocked. Suddenly, a black fog rose from bottom and the whole serum was immediately turned to black. It actually bubbled up with a grunt sound and disappeared in an instant.

Su Li gave a cold hum and drew the smoke together. After the inlet of falling liquid, the poison was immediately quiet as if it had lost all its vitality.

Needless to say, Ling Li knew that Su Li had failed. His lips moved. When he was ready to comfort her, Su Li turned around and said indifferently,

“The blood poison of the Blood Refining Hall has some unique features. It is actually refined from xueyang flower to make yang poison and is supplemented with forty-nine poison flowers and gra.s.ses to generate one hundred and forty-seven variations. In order to be accurate, I still need to test the poison for several times.”

Ling Li’s comfort was stuck in his throat and he could say nothing for a while. Su Li’s tone was clearly full of confidence and there wasn’t a bit of frustration in it at all.

In addition, it only took her less than an hour to know the principle of the blood poison. Ling Li found that he still underestimated Su Li’s poison skills.

“Live in the valley during these days and don’t go out! Don’t touch my belongings! Don’t use cultivation arbitrarily!”

Su Li said three requirements in a row. It was better to say that they were orders rather than requirements. Ling Li listened in astonishment and couldn’t help but ask, “What can I do?”

Su Li glanced at Ling Li and said, “Eat and sleep. Your Excellency should enjoy the leisure time.”

Then Su Li immediately left.

There was a hint of helplessness in Ling Li’s mild eyes. He didn’t know how he had provoked her… She was fierce and unreasonable.

Although it was not clear whether Su Li’s requirements were serious or not, Ling Li still carefully sealed his cultivation. It would be bad that careless use of Xuangong actually affected detoxication. The Xuangong that he had practiced since he was unborn was very useful to him.

After solving what happened in the valley, Su Li turned to a doctor and went to the Baicao Tang to clear up a messy situation.

The Baicao Tang had been cleaned up by the clerks and common people of the Dasu Town and even the door planks had been replaced with new ones. The wait-and-see people around the herbal medicine shop all immediately gathered after they saw Su Li.

“Doctor Shuili is here!”

“Great! Doctor Shuili isn’t hurt!”


All the people wearing coa.r.s.e rags said. Su Li held out her hand with a smile and gently pressed down. Then everyone immediately stopped talking. In their hearts, Su Li was a living Bodhisattva just like Qi Xianqing. They certainly should listen to a Bodhisattva’s words.

“The Baicao Tang was stolen last night and I was startled, too. Fortunately, there is no serious problem. I am late today and seeing the patients.”

Su Li knew that it was easier to show a slip after saying too much. She only roughly mentioned it and started to see patients immediately.

Everyone immediately became obedient and queued spontaneously. Su Li began a new day of medical realization. Although the people in the town only suffered from minor illnesses and chronic diseases, she could sense that her foundation of the Ghost Valley Meditation Direction was a bit deeper every time she felt the pulse of patients.

“The Ghost Valley Meditation Direction is really the treasure of medical knowledge.”

With days of acc.u.mulation, she could sense that she was getting closer to the inborn realm. And somewhere there was a hint of presentiment, and a force seemed to break through the limitation and spurt out.

“Will there be new changes of the Ghost Valley Meditation Direction after I enter into the inborn realm?” She thought.

A deep thought pa.s.sed in Su Li’s eyes. Qi Xianqing would never think that Su Li could make such a great progress in cultivation. Therefore, he never mentioned the realm after the inborn realm.

Su Li pa.s.sed the days between the valley and the Dasu Town. Half a month quickly pa.s.sed by in the twinkling of an eye. Su Li didn’t go back to the Su House once.

Ling Li’s poison was half detoxified and the other half of it was mutating in the process of detoxification, which required Su Li to try out the poison again.

Ling Li looked extremely pale after hearing the news, which made Qu Qingning laugh wildly in secret.

It was for no other reason than Su Li’s terrifying detoxification method. Ling Li actually needed to swallow dozens of poisonous substances and couldn’t eat anything else during the process. The taste of poisonous substance couldn’t taste good. Ling Li retched a dozen of times in a day and the stomach became a battlefield for all kinds of poisonous substances, which can be said that his viscera were burned. The torments in h.e.l.l were nothing more than this.

Fang Yuan secretly swore that he should never be poisoned in future, otherwise he would almost die after Su Li’s torments. The Young Master Ling Li had turned pale. See?

On the second floor of the bamboo building, Ling Li putted down the bamboo window after he saw Su Li disappear into the entrance of the valley and then lay down. Su Li had never lived in the bamboo building since he came here. She would return to the Baiwei Building no matter how late it was as if she didn’t want to stay in the same place with him for too long.

Looking at the low roof of the bamboo building, Ling Li was lost in meditation. Was Su Li… really detoxifying him?

His current complexion was several times darker than before and he felt his body became very heavy. The status of the Blood Refining Hall was lower than that of the Xuelou Cult, not to mention the Yinmo Cult. Why was the exclusive blood poison of such a small cult which wasn’t famous for refining poison in the martial arts circle so hard to be detoxified?

The seed of a doubt gradually sprouted in his heart and Ling Li preferred to think that Su Li was doing something else in secret during the treatment.

“Su Li, are you an enemy or a friend? If you really want to poison me, why should you save me in the first place…”

Ling Li closed his eyes with a heavy heart. He thought that the experience of two lifetimes could make him understand human nature and see things clearly. It never occurred to him that a girl like Su Li could make him see things unclearly.

After Su Li left the valley, she came to the Baicao Tang in wind and frost of late autumn. Qi Xianqing had left for nearly two months and the common people in the Dasu Town had been accustomed to the existence of the new doctor.

As the night deepened, the patients gradually left. Su Li had to see the patients and fill a prescription after the manservant in charge of the work in the Baicao Tang left. In this way, the efficiency was twice lower.

At this time, one person whose footsteps were steady but light stepped in.

Su Li said without lifting her head, “Sit by the door and wait till I have seen the patients in front of you.”

Then there was no answer for a long time.

Su Li sensed something unusual and lifted her head. Her pupils constricted after she saw the face of the new patient.

In front of the bench at the door, a cold youngster with bloodstains all over his body stood still. As his chest slightly, rose and fell, he breathed out white breath from his nostrils from time to time. The youngster’s right hand slouched, with drops of blood falling onto the ground and making dripping sound.

The several common people left saw the horrible injury of the youngster and kept quiet out of fear. Some of them were secretly observing the escape route.

Human nature was always selfish. Even if Su Li was a living Bodhisattva, no one cared about her life or death in such a critical moment of escape.

Su Li slightly held back her breath and said, “Your right shoulder is seriously hurt, but you will not die for a while. Sit over there and wait till I have seen the remaining patients.”

There was a hint of astonishment appearing in the youngster’s face. It seemed that he couldn’t believe Su Li could talk without changing countenance. He looked around and hesitated for a moment and finally sat straight on the bench.

The remaining common people suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

“It turns out that he is also a patient. It was really terrifying when he came in…”

“The wounds are all over his body. He may be bitten by animals and it is a wonder that he could actually survive!”

“There are many wild children now who have no right opinion about themselves. I don’t know where the kid comes from, gee…”

The patients whispered with very low voices and thought that they wouldn’t be heard by others. However, they didn’t know that what they said was clearly heard by Su Li and the cold youngster.

The cold youngster’s eyebrows throbbed. He thought that they were a bunch of ignorant people and he wouldn’t get angry with them!


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