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Chapter 103 – I Will Slap That One Day

A threesome?

Luo Tian started shuddering in excitement.

This was something he had always dreamt of.


Little did Luo Tian know that he was thinking too much, waaaaaaay too much that could fill warehouses of dirty thoughts.

Luo Tian’s face was filled with excitement while Leng Hanshuang’s cold eyes showed contempt. A feeling of disgust burst forth in her heart as she said to herself: “Why are the men of the world always like this? Only Murong Wanjian would look calm when seeing me. I’m afraid only a modest gentleman like him would never act in such disgusting way.”

In her heart, Murong Wanjian was the world’s most perfect man!

Leng Hanshuang didn’t hide the contempt in her eyes so Luo Tian could clearly see it. He then calmed down his excitement before revealing a look of indifference.

Motherf*cker, you’re giving this daddy an ugly look? Then this daddy will also give you an ugly look.

No matter whom it was…

Luo Tian was never a person who would act warmly to people that snubbed him.

You don’t like me? Then this daddy will show he doesn’t like you either.

Leng Hanshuang was indeed very beautiful. Her type of ice cold beauty was something Li Xue’er didn’t have, but she also didn’t have the beauty that Li Xue’er exuded.

It is undeniable that Luo Tian’s heart was moved upon seeing Leng Hanshuang’s appearance.

As an otaku that had just transmigrated not too long ago, seeing any beauty would make his heart moved. Luo Tian was still human.


He had his own principles. Since Leng Hanshuang was looking at him with eyes of contempt, then the stirred up feelings he felt would be completely sealed up.

Li Xue’er noticed the expression of those two didn’t seem right, so she smiled and said: “Big brother Luo Tian, this is my big sister Shuang. Her full name is Leng Hanshuang.”

“Leng Hanshuang?”

Luo Tian laughed out once and said: “Her name really suits her well.”

Leng Hanshuang’s expression was ice cold without any fluctuations.

Li Xue’er gently touched Leng Hanshuang’s arm and whispered: “Big sister Shuang, you’re not thinking of breaking the agreement right?”

There was a slight change in Leng Hanshuang’s expression as she started frowning. She looked at Luo Tian and even more disgust arose in her heart. “How can I be so polite to such a person like this? How can I even bear to say such words to him?”

Luo Tian noticed her look and seemed to have guessed what’s going on. “There’s no need to force yourself.”

“I don’t need your pity.” Leng Hanshuang coldly replied.


Luo Tian was p.i.s.sed and suddenly cussed out loud.

Leng Hanshuang’s eyes turned even colder and a trace of killing intent flashed by – this killing intent was extremely ice cold.

This killing intent p.i.s.sed Luo Tian off even more.

If it weren’t for her scary high cultivation, Luo Tian would’ve directly crushed her with his oppressive pressure. Let’s see you continue pretending to be cold in front of me!

Li Xue’er’s expression changed as she faintly whispered: “Big sister Shuang!”

She was trying to give Leng Hanshuang some pressure.

When Leng Hanshuang refused to help out this morning, Li Xue’er was already unhappy about it. But since this was already agreed upon, there was nothing she could do.

Since there was an agreement, then one must comply with it!

Now it was time for Leng Hanshuang to fulfill her own promise.

That’s why Li Xue’er’s tone of voice had a trace of force to it.

Leng Hanshuang naturally detected it and bit her lips. She then lightly bowed down and coldly said: “n.o.ble, this little lady admits her mistake.”

Her voice was so cold that it gave one chills in the heart.

Luo Tian was shocked, but then said in enjoyment: “What? I didn’t hear what you said.”

“Are you courting death?” Leng Hanshuang coldly said as her eyes changed. Killing intent exploded forth from her body creating an oppressive pressure.

Luo Tian’s body lightly trembled.

There was no way he could resist the pressure from someone at the Profound Spirit 6th rank.

In a mere moment, his mind and his sea of consciousness were extremely uncomfortable.

The difference in strength was too much.

Luo Tian’s rage had burst into the sky. His jaws were clenched so hard that cracking sounds were heard, but he maintained his glare at Leng Hanshuang while clenching his fists.

“Leng Hanshuang!”

Li Xue’er directly shouted at her full name.

Leng Hanshuang retrieved her pressure and said with disdain: “Just this little bit of pressure and you can’t even handle it, yet you still dream of being with our family’s young miss? A pile of mud like you are not worthy of her.”

“You have absolutely no qualifications.”

“Even if you work hard your entire life, it will still be completely useless. Our family’s young miss and you belong to two different worlds. Her world is a place that you will never be able to step into.”

“Luo Tian, you need to face reality and stop deluding yourself with unrealistic dreams.”

Each and every word…

Were ice cold and contained a thick amount of disdain.

Li Xue’er’s expression changed to an extremely ugly look. She was glaring at Leng Hanshuang without moving, her eyes were even colder than Leng Hanshuang’s now.

She was extremely unhappy.

Luo Tian’s mind shook as he stood there without saying a thing.

This made Leng Hanshuang feel that Luo Tian was a coward. The words she said were hard for people to listen to yet Luo Tian didn’t say a thing. This was absolutely the behavior from a true coward.

She despised Luo Tian even more now.

She had regarded Luo Tian in a new light when he managed to pull two miraculous reversals. She even thought that as long as Luo Tian was placed in a good environment to cultivate, he would one day accomplish some achievements.

But she didn’t think like this anymore after tonight.

Motherf*cking cu*t!

Luo Tian roared in his mind. If he had the strength, he would’ve directly slapped her silly already.

But he didn’t!

He was extremely p.i.s.sed inside but couldn’t say a word, because what Leng Hanshuang had said were all facts.

One could see how huge Li Xue’er’s background was when she could have an expert at the Profound Spirit realm as her bodyguard.

He was no different than a villager from some random mountain village, so what qualifications did he have to compete for her? s.n.a.t.c.h her away? What status did he have?

Luo Tian was never a person to force things and always preferred to let nature take its course.


It was different now.

Luo Tian wanted to compete with all his strength and s.n.a.t.c.h her away!

As for status?

What’s wrong with being a villager? So what if he was a villager? One’s status was something you restrict yourself with. As a transmigrator, he understood all these psychological restrictions people unnecessarily put on themselves.

Seeing Leng Hanshuang’s face filled with disdain, Luo Tian suddenly grabbed Li Xue’er in an embrace and forcefully gave her a kiss on the lips.

Everything happened too quickly that no one had time to react.

At first Li Xue’er was resisting a bit but eventually she let go of herself to embrace it.

Their tongues were intertwined together while the sweet saliva mingled in their mouths. This was an extraordinary feeling for those that have experienced it.

Leng Hanshuang’s expression underwent a dramatic change.

It was green, then pale, then an extremely ugly look.

Luo Tian was forcefully kissing Li Xue’er right in front of her!

This was undoubtedly him giving her a fiery hot slap to the face!

This illusory slap was so hard that she didn’t know which direction was what now!

Those two were so affectionate with their kiss that they had forgotten about everything around them. An Chunchun was staring up at them in a serious manner before giggling: “Big brother, I also want some kisses.”

Li Xue’er’s face was so red now that juice could’ve been squeezed out of it. She was short of breath as if her brains were lacking oxygen.

Luo Tian was able to sense this and finally loosen his embrace. He didn’t even bother looking at Leng Hanshuang while he pushed some of Li Xue’er’s hair to behind her ears. Luo Tian then softly said: “No matter what background you have; no matter how many people try to stop me; no matter how powerful they may be; I, Luo Tian vow to the heavens that I will definitely marry you!”

Li Xue’er felt an extremely sweet sensation swell in her heart. She was now drunk on sweetness and happiness.

Leng Hanshuang coldly said: “Let’s not talk about the future because I don’t think you can even live past tonight!”

At this moment…

A Luo family disciple rushed into the courtyard with a forehead covered in sweat and said: “Patriarch, not good. There’s a large crowd of Azure Cloud Sect people outside the city.”

Leng Hanshuang coldly smiled and said: “Very close to my expected time. Luo Tian, let me see how you will deal with the Azure Cloud Sect!”

Luo Tian frowned. He never imagined the Azure Cloud Sect would really send people here, and they came so quickly!

The Luo family had once again landed at the brink of destruction!

Luo Tian strode out of the courtyard before turning around. Without trying to hide anything, he ogled at Leng Hanshuang’s huge chest and her tight curvaceous a.s.s. He then smiled evilly: “One day I will slap that a.s.s until it blooms flowers, and I’ll be doing that on the bed!”


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