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Chapter 601: Finals (2)

Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Millman97

Supreme Demented Demon Fist was a secret art pa.s.sed down within the lineage of the Gazing River Sect. It was never made known to outsiders, and once executed, one’s strength would instantaneously rise by a small cultivation realm for a short period of time. However, one’s original cultivation would suffer a sharp fall afterward.

It wasn’t easy for Bi Jianghai to reach Consonant Spirit realm. If his cultivation were to regress due to this duel, not only it be a pity for Bi Jianghai, it would be a huge loss to the Gazing River Sect as well.

One must know that of the twenty-eight powers in the surroundings, the number of Consonant Spirit realm experts was truly limited. At the very least, it numbered below one hundred.

Not to mention, there was only a total of five of them in Gazing River Sect. An additional one to the lineup could bolster their forces significantly, deterring their enemies while elevating their position.

Besides, the other party was a top-notch genius who had broken innumerable records. If anything were to happen to him, how would their Gazing River Sect face the Master Teacher Pavilion?

“Insane! That fellow has gone insane!” a pale-faced elder uttered hoa.r.s.ely.

“Can we stop him?” another elder asked, but the only response he received was the shaking of heads from his peers.

The rules of the Master Teacher Tournament prohibited anyone from interfering with an ongoing duel in view of fairness.

“Zhang s.h.i.+ will have to deal with this himself. Let’s hope that he can produce a miracle once more!”

“Indeed. But still, I fear that it’s impossible for a Clarifying Turbidity realm primary stage to match a Consonant Spirit realm intermediate stage! Those are two completely different levels. There’s little hope, unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless… Zhang s.h.i.+ summons his tamed beast, Demon Cinque Beast!”

“Demon Cinque Beast? You’re right, why didn’t I think of that? As a beast tamer, Zhang s.h.i.+ has the right to bring his tamed beast to battle. With Demon Cinque Beast’s Consonant Spirit realm cultivation, defeating Bi s.h.i.+ would be a walk in the park!”

“Your words make sense, but will Zhang s.h.i.+ do so?”


The person who offered the suggestion fell silent.

Even though Zhang s.h.i.+ might seem like a casual person, he had shown that he would never compromise on the fairness of a duel.

Since he had agreed to the duel, he would only use his own strength to triumph over his opponent. It was impossible for him to summon his tamed beast to a.s.sist him!

“Don’t think too much, let’s just watch on. Perhaps a miracle might really happen…”

Everyone continued watching the duel nervously.

Master Teacher Tournament emphasizes heavily on fairness. Many people already felt contempt for Bi Jianghai due to him exploiting the other party’s weakness and employing a mutually-a.s.sured destruction technique now only fanned the crowd’s displeasure.

On the contrary, Zhang s.h.i.+, who fought on valiantly despite being in such a dangerous position, won everyone’s admiration instead.

While the crowd was worrying for Zhang s.h.i.+, the duel on the stage had also reached its climax.

With the execution of the Supreme Demented Demon Fist, Bi Jianghai’s cultivation surged, and his maximum strength rose to 2,400,000 ding. His attacks wielded such immense might behind them that it created a feeling of helplessness in those facing it.

“You came just on time!” Without the slightest hint of panic or fear, Zhang Xuan’s eyes gleamed in excitement as he charged forward with a howl.

Peng peng peng peng!

The air in the surroundings billowed. The duo crossed blows, and to the crowd’s astonishment, they were actually equally-matched.


“Zhang s.h.i.+’s cultivation is indeed increasing continuously!”

“Clarifying Turbidity realm primary stage, intermediate stage, advanced stage… How much time has pa.s.sed since the start of the battle?”

“Pinnacle! He’s already at Clarifying Turbidity realm pinnacle! Has it been ten breaths? Or is it twenty? He actually advanced from Clarifying Turbidity realm primary stage to pinnacle in this period of time? How can this be possible?”

Everyone thought that with the activation of the Supreme Demented Demon Fist, Zhang s.h.i.+ was doomed. Who could have known that not only did he manage to stand his ground, he was even getting stronger every moment. In just a short twenty breaths, he actually advanced all the way from Clarifying Turbidity realm primary stage to pinnacle!

It felt just like a dream even though they were witnessing the sight with their own eyes.

This was way too fearsome!

There were many who spent decades to progress from Clarifying Turbidity realm primary stage to pinnacle, and yet, in less than a single minute, Zhang s.h.i.+ had managed to achieve the very same feat while reinforcing his cultivation on top of that!

His rate of progress would leave those who dared to proclaim themselves as geniuses ashamed.

Hong s.h.i.+’s face also paled upon seeing the sight, and he couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “To use the pressure from the soul and zhenqi of a Consonant Spirit realm to temper one’s body and quicken the separation of ‘turbid’ and ‘clear’ so as to raise one’s cultivation, even I am miles apart from him in terms of guts and confidence!”

With his eye of discernment, he was able to see through Zhang Xuan’s intentions as well.

For a Clarifying Turbidity realm cultivator to face a Consonant Spirit realm expert without fear and even use the latter to temper oneself and break through one’s bottleneck, it was hard to tell whether even Pavilion Master Mo would be capable of such a feat.

Hong s.h.i.+ knew that Zhang s.h.i.+ would surely excel in all aspects as a master teacher. After all, with guidance of a potential 8-star master teacher, it would be hard to believe that he was ordinary… But it seemed like he was still underestimating the latter. Even the latter’s seeming weakness-his cultivation-was also unmatched by others as well.

It was as if they were people from two different worlds.

“It seems like he is the champion of this tournament.”

Only at this moment did Hong s.h.i.+’s floating heart finally find ground.

Pavilion Master Mo Gaoyuan had taken out one high-tier spirit stone to get on good terms with Zhang s.h.i.+ and Yang s.h.i.+. Fortunately, Hong s.h.i.+ had managed to accomplish the implied mission the he had for him.

As expected of the student of an 8-star master teacher, Zhang s.h.i.+ was truly superior in all aspects, even his fighting prowess and mental fort.i.tude.


While anxiety and nervousness overwhelmed the crowd below, on the stage, Zhang Xuan had reached a very profound state of mind.

In truth, the plan to make use of the other party’s might to advance his cultivation was just a thought he had all of a sudden. He thought that it would be extremely difficult to succeed, but the results turned out to be much better than he thought.

As concentrated zhenqi flowed through his meridians like a torrent, Zhang Xuan’s aura and strength increased qualitatively.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, even when using a middle-tier spirit stone, it would take at least two hours before he could reach Clarifying Turbidity realm pinnacle. But this time, not only did he reach Clarifying Turbidity realm pinnacle within an extremely short period of time, on top of that, his zhenqi capacity had increased significantly, and his ability to drive zhenqi was also enhanced. All of these would be equivalent to several months of effort, thus saving him a lot of time on cultivation.

At Yin-Yang realm pinnacle, he possessed 1,000,000 ding of strength. At this moment, it had increased by twofold to 2,000,000 ding!

Factoring in the strength of 1,600,000 ding derived from his soul cultivation, it totaled up to 3,600,000 ding. With such might, he could kill even a Consonant Spirit realm pinnacle expert with a single punch.

After all, a normal Consonant Spirit realm cultivator would only possess 2,000,000 ding of might in primary stage, 2,400,000 ding in intermediate stage, 2,800,000 ding in advanced stage, and 3,200,000 ding in pinnacle!


While he was enjoying the changes his body was undergoing, Bi Jianghai was about to go insane.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, his opponent should have been subdued after executing his ultimate technique.

Who knew that… the more he fought, the colder his heart became. He had tried all means and tricks, but it seemed as though the other party could deal with his attacks leisurely as though they were nothing. This made him feel extremely embarra.s.sed, and he found his tolerance hitting its limit.

“I’ll destroy you!”

Roaring furiously, he utilized every ounce of energy contained within his body without any reservations.

The rampaging zhenqi gushed out as though a torrent, swallowing Zhang Xuan whole in an instant.

“This is bad!”

Hong s.h.i.+, Pavilion Master Kang, and the others narrowed their eyes.

This was no longer just a duel anymore. With such frenzied offense, this was already at the level of a life-and-death combat. The slightest mistake could lead to the death of one party.

“This is madness! He has gone mad!”

The faces of the elders of Gazing River Sect turned ghastly pale.

Even though they weren’t present in the encounter with Yang s.h.i.+, they had heard some secret intelligence from their sources and knew that Zhang s.h.i.+’s background was extraordinary.

Otherwise, given how many artifacts and humans he had broken, he would have already been stripped of his rights as a partic.i.p.ant of this tournament. It wasn’t just once that they had seen the frenzied expression of the usually composed Hong s.h.i.+ in the course of this tournament, and the fact that he still allowed Zhang s.h.i.+ to continue despite all of the trouble he had caused affirmed their doubts.

To actually try to kill a figure with such powerful backing with all your might, what else can you be if not insane?

Just as everyone was panicking, Zhang Xuan, whose consciousness had finally returned from feeling his internal changes, noticed the rampaging energy before him. Thus, he casually waved his palm.


A cloud of dust flew up. But even amidst the cloud of dust…


Bi Jianghai, who had channeled all of his strength against Zhang Xuan, was sent flying as though a mosquito struck by a fly swat. In an instant, just like Wu Tianhao from before, he flew into the sky.


“What happened?”

“I’ve no idea too. I saw Zhang s.h.i.+ casually waving his palm and Bi s.h.i.+ was suddenly sent flying…”

Everyone was dumbstruck.

After so many matches, they had a clear gauge of Zhang s.h.i.+’s strength already. Going by rational deduction, he should have been pummeled to the point that his head would have swollen to the size reminiscent to that of a pig’s head already. Yet, not only was he completely fine, the Consonant Spirit realm Bi s.h.i.+ was sent flying instead… What in the world happened?

When did Zhang s.h.i.+ become so mighty?


Seeing Bi s.h.i.+ sent flying into the distance, Zhang Xuan finally awakened fully from his trance, and his eyes widened in shock. Scratching his head helplessly, he was extremely tempted to cry. He quickly tried to explain himself, “I didn’t do it intentionally…”

His concentration had lapsed for a moment due to his breakthrough, thus resulting in him overexerting his strength. On top of that, he also didn’t expect that seemingly formidable fellow a moment ago would be so weak…

What in the world was this? It was one thing for him to injure those partic.i.p.ants before, but now, he even sent his opponent of the finals flying with a single slap. At this point, all he could see of the other party was a black dot… If he were to say that he didn’t do it intentionally, would anyone believe him?

“Bi s.h.i.+…”

Seeing the genius of their sect disappearing further and further from sight, the few elders whose heart was hanging a moment ago heaved a huge sigh of relief.

“Hong s.h.i.+ and everyone else, it’s due to the lack of discipline in our Gazing River Sect that we nearly caused a huge calamity. We’ll bring Bi Jianghai back now and teach him a lesson immediately. We’re too embarra.s.sed to accept second place…”

One of the elders-in-charge of Gazing River Sect stood up and apologized in embarra.s.sment.

In the Master Teacher Tournament, everyone knew the accepted limits and stopped appropriately. On the other hand, the genius of their sect actually tried to kill his opponent. If not for Zhang s.h.i.+ achieving a breakthrough at the very last moment, he might have actually died.

With such lack in decorum, it could be said that they had infringed on the rules of the tournament. Even if no one spoke a word, they would still be too embarra.s.sed to remain here.


Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

What in the world are you talking about? If that’s the case, shouldn’t my right as a partic.i.p.ant have been revoked for many times already?

“Elder, you are being too harsh on yourself. Bi s.h.i.+ only lost his calmness and struck a little harshly due to my provocative actions. In truth, he hasn’t caused any damage at all. Why don’t we just call it quits…”

“You’re willing to let the matter go? Thank you, Zhang s.h.i.+!”

Hearing Zhang s.h.i.+ plead on behalf of their sect, the faces of the elders of Gazing River Sect reddened in agitation, and the entire group knelt to the floor.

Did you see that?

This is the magnanimity a master teacher should have!

Bi Jianghai watched tearfully in the air. ‘Magnanimity? I would love to have it as well. But to do so… I would have to defeat this monster first…’


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