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Chapter 688: Hall Master Qin

Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Millman97

“You’re done studying?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This was especially so for the elder. His face turned livid in rage.

He had gone to great lengths to collect the books inside the log house, and he knew how huge his collection was.

Over the past fifty years, through tapping into the connections of the guild, he had gathered as many ancient texts and scrolls regarding the Ancient Beast Language as he could, and they numbered at least in the hundred thousand. Even he had to spend an entire ten years to go through the whole collection. Yet, in just ten minutes, the other party actually claimed that… he was done!

‘Even if you want to lie, you should come up with something better than that!’

“What do you mean by you are done?” The elder couldn’t hold himself back anymore and harrumphed.

“Oh, it means that… I have roughly grasped the language, and basic communication shouldn’t be a problem…” Zhang Xuan said.

He had immediately started sprinting around to collect the books as soon as he’d entered the room. In just a few minutes, the ma.s.sive collection of a hundred thousand works was duplicated in the Library of Heaven’s Path. Then, through the Library of Heaven’s Path, he’d sieved out the truth from the falsehood.

Astonis.h.i.+ngly, he’d managed to find quite a few correct words.

Even though many of these records were just speculation, and some of them were even utter rubbish that the authors had made up, there were simply too many of them in terms of numbers. As the saying goes, pile up a bed of sand and you will build a castle. By compiling all of them together, Zhang Xuan was still able to derive quite a few correct words.

The book which he had compiled contained the common phrases of the Ancient Beast Language, as well as their vocalization methods. While it would still be difficult to hold a proper conversation, basic communication shouldn’t be a problem.

“Basic communication… shouldn’t be a problem?” Hearing the other party’s words, the elder’s face darkened. “What arrogance!”

Even after fifty years of diligence, he hadn’t even managed to grasp the tail of the language. Just take the experiment he did just a moment for example, his words had caused the Scarlet Coated Hamsters to puke in disgust. And yet, the young man before him actually claimed that he had mastered the basics of the language just moments after beginning to study?

‘If that is the case, I must be worse than a pig for achieving nothing at all after so many years of research!

‘Even if you wish to lie, at least say something more credible than this!’


Knowing that he would be doubted if he spoke the truth, Zhang Xuan was just about to find another logical explanation for this matter when a young man suddenly barged into the room.

“Elder, something bad has happened! The Great Violetwing Beast is back again!”

“It’s back again?”

The elder’s face darkened. “Take me there!”

“Yes!” The young man hurriedly rushed in the direction where the destruction was ongoing, and the elder followed him closely.

“Let’s go take a look as well.” Seeing the elder leave hurriedly, Zhang Xuan glanced at Luo Qiqi and the others and followed behind.

Their primary intention here was to find an aerial spirit beast. Given that the Great Violetwing Beast was at half 9-dan, if Zhang Xuan were to tame it, it would save them a lot of trouble.

“Okay.” Knowing the severity of the matter, Han Chong nodded and followed the group.

Along the way, Zhang Xuan learned from Han Chong that the latter’s teacher went by the surname of Qian, and he was one of the more qualified and respected elders in the Beast Hall.

As the hara.s.sment of the Great Violetwing Beast was linked to Elder Qian, he would rush over to deal with the matter each time. While it hadn’t been long since Han Chong arrived at the Beast Hall, he had already encountered this situation numerous times already.

As such, he had a deep impression of that huge fellow.

“Every time that fellow arrives, it will either cause devastating destruction or kill the other spirit beasts, causing many complaints from the customers!”

Speaking of the Great Violetwing Beast, even Han Chong couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated.

It was one thing for it to hurt the beast tamers in anger, but the main problem was that it also bared it fangs against the spirit beasts as well. There were a few customers who, after queuing for numerous days, finally got to the end of the line, but due to the spirit beasts getting injured, their ride was delayed significantly. This had caused the credibility of the Beast Hall to plummet.

The Beast Hall did attempt to set several traps for the Great Violetwing Beast, but the latter seemed to always know of them in advance. Furthermore, its overwhelming strength also allowed it to break out of any encirclement easily and exact its wrathful vengeance once it returned.

The Beast Hall even reported this matter to the headquarters, and the Hongyuan Empire Beast Hall specially sent a 6-star beast tamer over to deal with it. However, seemingly having realized the lurking danger, it kept clear of the Beast Hall for several months straight. And as soon as the 6-star beast tamer left, it immediately rushed back to wreak havoc once more.

After so many tries, the personnel of the Beast Hall found themselves incapable of dealing with it at all. Helpless, they could only invite Elder Qian over each time to deal with it.

However, there was indeed something very bizarre about the matter. Every time Elder Qian arrived on the scene, no matter how ferocious the Great Violetwing Beast had been a moment before, it would immediately turn away and leave, unwilling to harm him at all.

All along, Han Chong had been perplexed about this matter. He thought that it was due to his teacher’s formidable beast taming capability that made the Great Violetwing Beast hesitant to face the latter. But from the looks of it now, it was probably related to the Draconic Granite Beast.

Chances were that the Great Violetwing Beast had made a promise to the Draconic Granite Beast. Thus, no matter how displeased the Great Violetwing Beast was with Elder Qian, it was unwilling to do anything that would hurt him.

“It’s right in front!”

At that moment, Han Chong’s eyebrow suddenly shot up, and he abruptly rushed forward. Zhang Xuan and the others also swiftly followed suit. Soon, a ma.s.sive, violet spirit beast appeared before their eyes. With a Transcendent Mortal 3-dan spirit beast in its talons, it circled the sky majestically.

On the other hand, Elder Qian was standing beneath it with an anxious look.

Not too far away from Elder Qian stood eight white-bearded elders. Of them, the one standing in the middle bore striking resemblance with Qin Zhong. Most likely, he was the famed Hall Master Qin.

“To think that fellow would be back so soon…”

Behind those white-bearded elders, Zhang Xuan saw a familiar face.

It was that fellow ‘incapable of flight’, Qin Zhong.

Zhang Xuan thought that he would take some time to return to the Beast Hall considering how his spirit beast had left him.

“It seems the Greenleaf Winged Dragon Beast returned to fetch him…” Luo Qiqi whispered to Zhang Xuan.

Zhang Xuan nodded.

They had let the Greenleaf Winged Dragon Beast go right after they had arrived at the Beast Hall. Knowing that its master was still lying unconscious in a ditch, it immediately rushed off to save him as soon as it was released.

The Beast Hall wasn’t too far away from where they fell earlier, so it didn’t take too long for it to return with Qin Zhong.

At this moment, Qin Zhong’s body was completely wrapped up like a mummy. Even though he was severely injured, he wasn’t in a critical condition.

His eyes were fixated on the Great Violetwing Beast above, unaware that his nemesis was nearby…

Gazing at the Great Violetwing Beast above, Elder Qian clenched his fists tightly and said, “Let the spirit beast go! I hope you won’t involve the Beast Hall in our grudge. Otherwise, our Draconic Granite Beast would surely be unable to rest in peace if he were to see this sight…”


Upon hearing Elder Qian mention the Draconic Granite Beast, the fellow above gritted its teeth in anger. Not only did it not release the spirit beast, it even tightened its grip. Under the humongous pressure, the spirit beast in its claws seemed to be on the verge of being crushed to death.

“Elder Qian and Hall Master Qin, please save my spirit beast…”

Looking at the sight in the sky, a 4-star beast tamer pleaded anxiously.

Clearly, the spirit beast held hostage in the Great Violetwing Beast’s claws was his tamed beast.

It had taken him a lot of effort to tame the spirit beast, and throughout the long taming process, he had also come to bear feelings for the latter.

“Beast Tamer Li, don’t worry. I’ll surely save your tamed beast…” Elder Qian a.s.sured.

He understood very well the pain of having one’s tamed beast killed. He didn’t want anyone to go through the same pain he did.

After consoling Beast Tamer Li, Elder Qian turned to the sky and bellowed, “Great Violetwing Beast! As long as you free it, I’ll give you anything as long as it is within my means, be it blood essence or spirit stones!”

Hearing those words, Hall Master Qin frowned.

“Elder Qian, you mustn’t promise it that. Throughout the years, you have already given away nearly your entire wealth. Your cultivation will really stagnate if you continue giving in to the Great Violetwing Beast like that…”

Considering Elder Qian’s talent, he should have already long reached Transcendent Mortal 9-dan. However, as he gave away nearly the entirety of his savings to the Great Violetwing Beast, he was deprived of his cultivation resources, resulting in a significant reduction in his cultivation speed.

On the contrary, through frequent blackmailing, the Great Violetwing Beast had managed to use those resources to reach half 9-dan first.

If this were to continue on, the Great Violetwing Beast would only grow stronger and stronger, thus making it a greater threat to the Beast Hall.

“This is what I owe to Draconic Granite Beast…”

Elder Qian shook his head.

“But…” Hall Master Qin’s face turned livid.

“There are no buts. If not for the Draconic Granite Beast, I would have long been dead. It is already a huge mercy from the heavens that I’ve been able to live for so long. Putting aside my savings, if my death can bring Great Violetwing Beast solace, I’m willing to give my life up!”

With a resolute gaze, Elder Qian flicked his wrist and whipped out an entire bunch of beast essence, middle-tier spirit stones, and a few precious medicinal herbs.

However, the amount wasn’t large. It seemed like Elder Qian’s wealth had really been swiped clean over the years.

Just as Elder Qian was about to throw his remaining wealth over to the huge fellow in the sky, a nonchalant voice suddenly echoed through the surroundings.

“You owe a debt to your Draconic Granite Beast, not to Great Violetwing Beast. Elder Qian, you really don’t have to do so!”

Upon hearing the voice, everyone immediately turned their attention to the source, and they saw a young man walking over toward him.

“Father, he’s the one who left me in such a tragic state! You mustn’t let him off easily!”

Not expecting the fellow to actually stride up to them without fear, Qin Zhong’s eyes immediately reddened in wrath.

“Him?” Hall Master Qin’s face darkened. Turning to Elder Qian, he asked, “Elder Qian, do you recognize this young man?”

“He’s Han Chong’s benefactor, a 4-star master teacher and beast tamer…”

Following which, he turned to the young man with a frown and waved his hands. “This is none of your business, don’t get involved in it. If you wish to borrow a spirit beast from the Beast Hall, I’ll have to ask you to step aside!”

Of course, the young man who was walking over was none other than Zhang Xuan.

Unable to tolerate how Elder Qian kept giving in to the Great Violetwing Beast, he decided to step forward and intervene.

However, the other party didn’t seem to welcome his interference at all.

Just as Zhang Xuan was about to reply to the other party’s words, a young lady behind him abruptly spoke up.

“What if we refuse?”

“Refuse? Then don’t even dream about renting a spirit beast from the Beast Hall…”

Elder Qian flung his sleeves angrily and harrumphed. However, at that moment, he suddenly noticed Hall Master Qin’s face turning pale, and his lips were quivering uncontrollably as well.

At the same time, the latter also kept shooting him some looks, seemingly trying to hint something to him, “Cough cough, Elder Qian. Calm down, that’s not how we should treat our guests…”

“What’s wrong?”

Seeing the bizarre att.i.tude from the hall master, Elder Qian was perplexed. However, before he received a respond, the young lady standing behind Zhang s.h.i.+ suddenly stepped forward. She glanced at Hall Master Qin and smiled with a face devoid of any warmth.

“If my memory doesn’t fail me, you’re Qin Zhao, right? You’re the hall master here?”

With a pale face, Hall Master Qin hurriedly clasped his fist.

“Qin Zhao pays respect to Princess Fei-er!”

“So, you recognize me?” With her hands behind her back, Yu Fei-er exuded a powerful, authoritative aura befitting that of a princess from a Tier-1 Empire.

“I once accompanied my teacher to the royal palace, and I had the pleasure of meeting Your Highness…”

Qin Zhao quickly bowed deeply. However, before he could finish his words, his severely wounded son suddenly howled furiously.

“Father, that woman is an accomplice as well! Together with that fellow over there, those sc.u.m manipulated my spirit beast and made it plummet from the sky. You must redress my grievances…”

With his vision blocked by the crowd, Qin Zhong didn’t notice his father’s peculiar att.i.tude. Thinking that his father was going to get even for him, his eyes reddened with excitement.

On the other hand, upon hearing those words, Hall Master Qin staggered weakly, and he nearly fainted on the spot.

‘Don’t you call me…

‘I’ll let you be my father, but please don’t call me Father…

‘Other people’s sons practice filial piety, but why does mine seem so intent on dragging me down to the depths of h.e.l.l?’


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