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Translated by BerrryBunz

Fish in Troubled waters


“All of you despicable people! Why are you trying to kill me! Why!!!”

Heavenly Scale Fish King released a painful cry, its tail exploding towards Hu Rong.

But in the next instant, another person who was nearby, exploded.


Heavenly Scale FIsh King’s huge body ferociously crashed into the mud, causing a huge amount of it to float.

“Fish King! You’ve done so much evil and caused misery to the people nearby! You have killed so many innocent citizens, and you still dare to ask why we are here to kill you?” Tai Shang Tuo shouted.

“Only able to take action with subordinates! Only with the help of others, under these circ.u.mstances can you be so savage! If it was in the past, I would have slaughtered you like a pig and killed you like the dog that you are!”

The Heavenly Scale Fish King angrily shouted, his words full of resentment: “You humans have slaughtered so many of my fish family in any water body, so our fish species slaughter you humans but yet you guys want to kill us for it!! Are you all just false G.o.ds’ crafty objects?”

“Enough with your nonsense!!” Tai Shang Tuo waved his sword, causing dust to fly, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing intent as he made his way forward: “Demons should just die!!”

“Should die!! Should die? Fine!! Then let’s see, who will be the first to die!!”

The Heavenly Scale Fish King was complete enraged, rushing forward to the few strong individuals without caring about itself, seeing this manner of attack, it was obvious that it wanted to perish together with the cultivators.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun immediately rushed towards the rock he prepared the night before. He went to the side of the rock while holding back his Qi, eyes calmly staring at the battle occurring in the water.

Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash….

At this time, even more disciples from various sects jumped into the water, they were not partic.i.p.ating in the fight, but just hiding at the sides, waiting for the stronger individuals to eliminate the Fish King. They waiting to spring into action, and preparing to plunder some loot!

Su Yun stared intently, the worrying thing was, he could not blink underwater.

But upon seeing that they were not familiar with the strong individuals, they started to coordinate and form up teams to work together, forming flawless teams.

Entering into the Demonic Dao, he had seen countless of strong cultivators killed, even with their cultivation base at a very high and strong level, their killers would usually be someone from their own sect, wishing to match and form a team with him, and would often keep their mystical techniques hidden, so as to not let the weaker ones learn and gain anything so easily.


Su Yun opened his eyes wide.

Only to see Tai Shang Tuo getting hit by the Fish King once, seemingly he was no match for it, he was slapped and he flew into the sludge, spitting out blood without end.

Seeing this, the Fish King immediately used his powerful mystical technique, instigating all the water in the lakeside to become like water blade edges, seemingly alive, cutting Tai Shang Tuo into pieces.

Seeing that the Fish King was too engrossed with Tai Shang Tuo, Hu Rong waited for the others and grabbed the chance, immediately rushing forward, secretly using his stored up killing technique aimed at the Heavenly Scale Fish King, striking down!

It is time!!

Su Yun’s pupils became big!

His heart contracted to the maximum.

He wielded the Thousand Deep Sword, aimed at the stone in front of him, and ferociously chopped at it.


Thousand Deep sword rapidly vibrated, Pure Divine Spirit Qi cutting the water in half, forming a vacuum.


The sword tip penetrated, causing the stone to break apart, causing the two secret demonic items concealed by the Limitless Sword Art manual to be exposed momentarily.

The rock that was held pressured by the Spirit Qi held the burning devil blood, and when the rock was shattered, the blood immediately started dripping.

Su Yun did not dare to have the slightest bit of hesitation, he pulled back the Limitless Sword Art manual, using the Sword Art manual to act as a protective barrier to cover his entire body…

Pu Chi!!!!

Countless inexhaustible Destructive Qi flooded out from the mystical technique and enveloped the Heavenly Scale Fish King, the explosiveness of the Qi was astonishing and even caused the meridians to twist and decompose, as the Heavenly Scale Fish King Spirit Essence entirely closed, transforming into dust, the meridians were scattered, The Qi nucleus was disintegrated, everything became silent.

“Despicable… Humans…”

The Heavenly Scale Fish King weakly shouted, opening it’s mouth loudly, dread in its eyes, and the entire body of scales stiffened up, after a moment, the scales started to drop, slowly dropping like palm-leaf fans onto the ground.

That was how an eighth stage Spirit Soul martial cultivator died.

At that moment, all the cultivators from all the various sects and clans, their chests starting heaving up and down faster and faster, and their eyes reddened.

An eighth stage Spirit Soul Realm monster corpse!!

It’s blood could be used to draw arrays, heart could be used to concoct pills, bone used to create weapons, scales used to make clothes, it was practically a hill of hidden treasures!


Finally, someone finally recovered his senses from the death of the Fish King, released all his powers and rushed forward, the person becoming like a bullet.

With someone taking the initiative, who would want to be left behind?


Another person rushed forward!


The third person!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Four, five, six, seven, eight…

Everybody from all directions rushed towards the Fish King wildly. Some went over to pick up the scales scattered on the bottom of the lake while others used their blades and swords to skin the Fish King.

“Heavenly Scale Fish King does not have a low cultivation level. Everyone had given their part, I will take what I need and whatever that is left, can be handed to the younger generation!”

Seeing the disciples from all sects running over, an expert wearing a purple robe exclaimed.

Everyone nodded.

“I want the Fish heart!”

Hu Rong said.

“This fish belongs to me!” The man in purple robe said.

“Thanks to everyone this time round, you have eliminated a big trouble for my Sect. hence, I will not take anything away!”

The head of Tai Qing Monastery wrapped his fist and said.

The others nodded, not being polite and started picking their stuffs.

Right at this moment, the last man stared at the two big black and deep eyes of the Fish.

“This pair of fisheye is not too bad, why don’t I take this!!”

“Has everybody chosen? Then good, I will cast the dispersion technique and pa.s.s everyone the object you need!”

The almighty man in purple robe said and closed his eyes lightly to start casting the technique…

Bang! ! ! ! !

In a split second, a ferocious explosion rang from the back. Then, a demonic Qi as black as thick exploded out!

The gloomy and vicious demonic Qi was like an extremely cold air, freezing the lake waters.

When they all smelled this gush of Demonic Qi, their expressions took a change.

“Demon!! It’s demonic Qi!!”

“There is a demonic Qi Cultivator here!! Careful! There is a demonic Qi Cultivator here!!”

Cries of alarm resounded.

“What…What? Demonic.…”

The disciples were dumbfounded, and chaos broke out amongst the crowd.

The few experts turned around and looked over to the black fog to only sense the gush of Demonic Qi was thick. One gush after another, the Demonic Power seemed to be like ripples spreading to all directions in circles.

“How did the Demonic Qi suddenly appear?? Unless the Demonic Cultivators have set their eyes on the body of the Heavenly Scale Fish King??”

Tai Shang Tuo asked.

“Who is this puny Demonic Dao!! If you have the courage, step out now!!”

Hu Rong was losing his temper. He did not care where the Demonic Cultivator was. He immediately instigated his Profound Spirit Qi and screamed his lungs out in the water.


But, no one replied.

Hu Rong was frustrated.

Some looked at one another and nodded together as they stared at the dispersing fog. They then rushed over.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Right at this moment, a series of explosions occurred on sh.o.r.e. Then, a great amount of fog was emitted at the side like a black cloud, it floated on top of Tai Qing Lakeside, covering the entire lake.

Without light, under the surface of the lake, it was pitch black. If the hand was extended, one would not be able to see their fingers. On top of that, the abrupt appearance of the Demonic Qi made several disciples escape out of the water in fear.

Hu Rong, Tai Shang Tuo and other experts did not hesitate. They joined forces and rushed towards the place where Demonic Qi was being released. Everyone tolerated the Demonic Qi and took a closer look to see there was n.o.body there except for two carbon black pastes mixed together as if it was sulfuric acid, it started decomposing. And when it decomposed, it released a huge amount of Demonic Qi. the two items contained Demonic powers and so when they corroded one another, it was separated and the Demonic Qi was released like flowing waters..

“This is the brain of a Nine Evil Tooth Beast and the heart of a Devil Ape!!”

Tai Shang Tuo shouted.

“Everything was fine, why would these suddenly appear??” an expert asked in confusion.

Was this the item that attracted everybody’s attention? But why would it appear here?

Suddenly, the almighty man in purple robe had his face change, and shouted: “This is bad! We have fallen into their trap!!”


Hu Rong had yet to react, the almighty man in purple robe had already dashed towards the corpse of the Heavenly Scale Fish King.

His speed was rapid and in a blink of an eye, a few lost and confused disciples from the Stellar Sun Mountain started to rush to the side of The fish king.

The man in purple robe waved and instigated Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi to clear the black Demonic Qi in the water.

When the Demonic Qi dispersed and the sun shone, the bottom of the lake regained its light.

Everyone looked to see that an eye was gone. Everyone was shocked.

Because the Heavenly Scale Fish King’s corpse had already been cut open. The fish eye, fish feeler and the heart, the three most important parts of the fish had already been dug out by someone…

If they wanted the item, the disciples of the sect would know those are the most important and most powerful parts of the Heavenly Scale Fish King. They wouldn’t even dare desire it. If they could get a sip of the soup, it was considered good for them.

But n.o.body would ever have thought that some not just wanted to drink the soup, he even stole the flesh away!

Who could have such audacity!

“Who is it!!”

The almighty man in purple robe roared. His voice resonated through and almost knocked all the disciples around him unconscious.

Hu rong ran over and carried the corpse of the Heavenly Scale Fish King on his shoulders and rushed to the surface of the water and threw the Fish King’s body on the ground.

Then, Hu Rong started yelling.

“No Sects, or family, or experts can leave this place!! Everybody gather at the sh.o.r.e!! Someone amongst us must have stolen the Fish King’s eye and heart!! We just need to do a thorough check and we can find out who that sly person is!!”

With that, the almighty man in purple robe immediately agreed: “Good!! Everybody, off to the sh.o.r.e!! Accept the investigation!! The Fish King is killed because of everybody’s efforts. We cannot tolerate anyone to fish in troubled waters*! To take away the hard earned fruits of our labor!!”  (TN: (fish in troubled waters*) to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain)

With such a powerful figure speaking, no one dared to rebel. After discussing with their own family, they all headed toward the sh.o.r.e and gathered there.

On the sh.o.r.e, everyone dried their clothes with Profound Spirit Qi and then they gathered around the corpse of The Heavenly Scale Fish King.

Everyone gathered tightly as the Fish King still had some items worth of taking. The closer they stood, the higher their chances of getting those items.

The Su Family had long since dispersed. Only Su Guan Hai stood at the back, the others and the other sects all squeezed to stand at the front.

Several experts gathered around the corpse of the Heavenly Scale Fish King. They were all angry to see everyone going crazy for these.

They had long prepared to pa.s.s down the Fish King’s body to the younger generation yet they still wanted more.

“Find that man, I want his life, even his sect will not be able to protect him!”

The almighty man in purple robe bellowed.

With that, he took out a pure white paper fan from his high level storage ring and tossed it into the air.

“The sly, puny man cut opened the body of the Fish King, stole his heart. At such, the man’s hand will be stained with the Fish King’s Profound Spirit Qi! This jaded light paper fan can a.n.a.lyse the nature of Profound Spirit Qi on everybody! Today, let it tell me who had such an audacity to s.n.a.t.c.h away my items!”

Finishing his words, the blank piece of paper rotated, and opened up by itself, and a clean rain of light aura shined down, shining onto every single person….

Upon seeing this, Su Yun who was standing behind had his face turn white, he hesitated for a while, suddenly taking out the Limitless Sword Art manual, and then stuffing the  FIsh King heart and his hand inside.

“Brat, to completely stuff the demon’s brain and the heart, and then stuffing the devil’s eyes and the heart, excluding these, you shove even your own hands inside!! I’ve had enough… I’ve had it with you!!”

The sword elder was extremely angry and roared in his mind.

“Senior, hold it in for a bit! Who let the [Limitless Sword Art] Manual to have the ability to hide Qi.” Su Yun said softly: “Next time I will stuff a few sweet smelling skirts from beautiful ladies, to compensate you well!”




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