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Translated by BerryBunz.


The footsteps suddenly stopped near Su Yun. It was extremely strange.

Su Yun focused his vision, sensing that something was amiss.

~He is near me, yet I can’t sense his Spirit Qi. He is most likely using something to cover himself, but in this wilderness, what kind of being can do that?~

“Alright, kid, come out now, stop hiding!”

Just then, a relaxed voice came out.

Su Yun frowned, he hesitated for a moment, but he still walked out from behind the boulder.

Around 10m away from him, a bald headed big sized man with only sideburns stood there looking at him. The big sized man was dressed in a gray unlined upper garment and on his shoulders, was a 2m long heavy broad blade. His expression was one of disdain as he glanced at the proof of qualifications on Su Yun’s waist. After seeing the fighting strength, he snorted gently and ridiculed Su Yun: “A trash with fighting strength that isn’t even 500, you’re not even looking for a job to train, but running around recklessly, do you not know what death is? I’ll consider you lucky to meet me today, I will teach you how to survive better here in the Ultimate martial World. Now, kid, give me all the treasures you have, and then pay me 50 thousand cultivation coins, then I will not kill you!”

“50 thousand cultivation coins? My apologies, I do not even have one cultivation coin with me, but I do have the prowling wind beast that I exchanged for five cultivation coins over there.” Su Yun stared at the other party coldly, his tone calm and indifferent.

He already knew what the man was doing, in the Ultimate martial World, there were many cultivators who robbed and plundered cultivation away from others, he never expected himself to be so ‘lucky’ to chance upon one.

“From your fighting strength, it seems to me that you are at the fourth stage of the Spirit Star Realm.” The big sized man chuckled, he then took out a few large crystal stones from his waist and threw them to Su Yun. He then said: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have cultivation coins, but you still have cultivation right? Quickly imbue it into these crystal stones, fill up exactly 50 thousand cultivation coins worth and stop, then hand over your treasures. Otherwise… My blade will be drawing blood today.”

With that said, the big sized man took down the big broad blade from his back and plunged it into the ground, causing a loud sound to come out, and cracks started to form on the ground.

~50 thousand cultivation coins, that will just make me drop one stage in cultivation.~

50 thousand cultivation coins was not considered a lot in the Ultimate martial World, and would not add much when absorbed, but creating such cultivation coins require a lot of cultivation and usually, an amount needed to imbue into a cultivation coin only renders about half left to be absorbed, which also means, if Su Yun were to hand it over, he would need to absorb over 100 thousand cultivation coins to recover.

~in this world, a person without strength cannot do anything.~

Su Yun hesitated.

“Eh? What is it? It seems that you don’t want to give it to me? Heh, if that’s the case, then don’t blame me, I don’t want your cultivation coins, I will just use you to raise my fighting strength.” The big sized man kept his smile, his eyes became sinister, as though he was about to make a move.

But just as he was about to make his move, a cold intent surged forth. The big sized man was shocked, and instantly waved his broad blade around.


The broad blade seemed to have collided into something, releasing a loud and clear sound, but at the same time, a few streaks of blood appeared on his back, he instantly retreated two steps, even almost falling down.

In that moment, the big sized man knew that Su Yun had made his move. Although he did not know what weapon Su Yun was using, but the pain on his back had completely infuriated him.

“Brat, I will cut you up into pieces! I will peel your tendons and veins!” The big sized man was angered, his face became extremely hideous and despicable. With one leg, he stomped down.


The ground shook, a few stone hands shot out from the soil, straight towards Su Yun.

~What a powerful aura.~

Su Yun thought.

~From the aura, it seems that this big man is at the peak of the fifth stage of the Spirit Star Realm in cultivation and uses True Divine Spirit Qi. Lucky for me, he was oblivious to the time that we took talking for me to use the Desolator and its sub swords for a sneak attack, but the attack was unable to pierce into his body, only the Desolator and a few higher grade sub swords were able to cut his skin open.~

~As expected of a fifth stage Spirit Star Realm expert!~

“Brat, you run rather quickly, but you will definitely die by my hands today.” The big sized man became serious as he spoke one word at a time slowly, the power around his body swelling up, at long last becoming a vortex of Qi mainly infused with True Divine Spirit Qi. Inside the vortex, held a powerful force, as though whoever got near the vortex would be shredded into mincemeat.

Following the appearance of the vortex, a black and slithering snake like shadow surged out, becoming bigger while the vortex became faster. Su Yun could not clearly make out what it was, as it could also be a treasure.

Without hesitation, Su Yun took out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword. Along with the Desolator, he rushed towards the big sized man, with the ferocious sub swords flying out of the sword sheath which spiralled around him extremely quickly.

Seeing the flying swords revolving around rapidly, the big sized man revealed an expression of shock: “What is that?”

“Something that can kill you.”

“Humph, good! You have audacious words, wait till I kill you and take all your treasures for myself!”

With that said, the ground suddenly tremored, Su Yun felt as if the ground beneath his feet had become alive, it threw him towards the big sized man.

“Eight parts Eight Whole Sword Formation!”

Without any hesitation, Su Yun activated his sword formation. The surrounding sub swords split into two groups, one for attack and one for defence, the swords in the whole formation surrounded the big sized man like a dumpling, but just as the sword tips approached the vortex, they were all flung away.

Seeing that, Su Yun’s expression became serious.

The True Divine Spirit Qi in the vortex was domineering, causing him to have a powerful defense, and the black snake shadow seemed extremely sharp, if he were to rush in himself, not only would he be severely injured, he would most likely be shredded. The vortex was able to attack and defend in no way inferior to the Eight parts Eight Whole Sword Formation.

Seeing that Su Yun had moved himself, and the attack was useless against him, the big sized man laughed out loud, a pleased look flashing across his eyes, he raised his hand, and smiled sinisterly: “You are seeking your own death, you cannot blame me. If you had obediently listened to me just now, you will not have ended up like this! Now, prepare to die.”

With that said, the big sized man prepared to unleash a powerful attack.

“Cold hail Sword Formation!”

Su Yun bellowed, his fingers started to form hand seals as he muttered a chant quickly, five of the sub swords flew out, and a cold intent suddenly appeared.

The moment the sword formation was activated, the big sized man’s body was covered with a layer of frost, the ground beneath his feet stopped moving, the big sized man turned into an ice statue, and had difficulty moving. However, the frost was unable to stop the constantly revolving vortex around him, they remained the st.u.r.dy defensive fort that protected the big size man.


Very quickly, the ice on the big size man started to crack. Su Yun believed that in a few more breaths of time, the big size man would be free from the suppression of the Cold Hail Sword Formation.

~I can’t hold back anymore!~

Su Yun waved his hand, Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword flew back to his hand and into his palm. Su Yun secretly activated the Heavenly Crystal, causing an increase in his strength. His Profound Spirit Qi started to surge frantically and in less than a breath of time, he powered up into a sixth stage Spirit Star Realm expert, his fighting strength immediately breaking through over a thousand.

He stepped forward, the Monarch occult Force transforming his Spirit Qi into True Divine Spirit Qi, releasing onto the skin all over his body. He flew head on and clashed with the True Divine Spirit Qi vortex and used his sword and slashed towards the big sized man’s neck.


The blood red Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword was like the mouth of a fierce beast, cutting through the big sized man’s neck.

The fearsome force was like a gigantic tide formed from a torrential storm with its surprising momentum unstoppable.

The big size man’s body turned sluggish, the terrifying vortex suddenly disappeared, and a long steel chain dropped on the ground.

The big size man would have never thought that an existence that was clearly weaker than him had suddenly stepped over the fifth stage and directly entered the sixth stage. That was where he had miscalculated. If not, the big sized man would not have been so easily killed off by Su Yun.

Once his head fell, Su Yun immediately controlled 100 swords to cut the body apart, preventing him from reviving.

Only after the big size man turned into a pile of mincemeat did Su Yun sit down on the ground, gasping heavily for breath.

His current fighting strength was at 1200, overwhelming the big size man by over 300 points, but the increase in fighting strength on the proof of qualifications was not just because of his cultivation, the treasures and experience in killing also increased the figure.

Whether the Heavenly Crystal was a good treasure or not, it was still a deciding factor in such a crucial moment.

Su Yun stood up and picked up the steel chain from the ground. It was extremely heavy, even with his cultivation, picking it up was not easy.

~Seems like this is a treasure, the blade itself looks like a good treasure with a good grading level~

It was a pity, Su Yun did not use a blade, but they were all exchangeable for a good amount of cultivation coins in the city. After that, Su Yun started to look for a storage ring.

However, Su Yun was surprised to find that he could not find any storage rings on the big sized man.

“It appears that his treasures were not from a storage ring.” Su Yun recalled to back when the big size man took out a few crystal stones, it seemed to be from his pocket.

He looked over, noticing a gray sackcloth bag lying in the pile of meat. He went over and picked it up.

He opened the bag, and the smell of sandstone pervaded out. Su Yun had only smelled such a scent from storage rings before.

~So this world actually removed the use of storage ring, but used other storage treasures?~

He thought to himself, looking at the pitch black bag, he extended his hand into it. The moment his hand entered the bag, many treasures floated in his mind.

“Could these be the treasures inside the bag?”

He was astonished, upon locking onto a treasure that resembled a purple incense burner, it immediately materialized in his hand, and upon pulling his hand out, a watermelon sized incense burner was retrieved.

Su Yun was startled for a moment, he imbued Profound Spirit Qi into the incense burner and immediately formed a connection with it.

“So it is a treasure used to create Poison Qi, I wonder how venomous it is.”

He then looked through the other treasures, there were many things that Su Yun could not use at the moment, but felt that it was more appropriate to exchange them for cultivation coins.

Su Yun obtained the treasures from the big size man. He then started to pack up and after the Heavenly Crystal had subsided, he rode on the prowling wind beast and headed straight for the city.

What made Su Yun dispirited was that after the Heavenly Crystal’s effects were gone, his cultivation had temporarily weakened by more than half, and his current fighting strength was only around 200.

~A fighting strength of 200~

~I will lose all my face entering the city.~

But thinking about him reviving Sword Elder, he ignored everything else. He hardened his skin and went on his way.


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