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This energy was very majestic, and it was even a pure devil qi, as though it had consciously entered Su Yun’s body, and was even specially prepared for the cultivators that had come here, the meridians all over Su Yun’s body were all opened up by the high quality devil qi, this sort of joy was unprecedented, the rate of increase in his cultivation was extremely clear.

However, what was clearer than this was the blood-red ground beneath him.

Following his promotion to the Spirit Sage, his powers increased in various aspects, especially that of the profound qi, the current Spirit Core had all become golden in color. Not only was the production of the profound qi even larger and denser than before, the hardness of the Spirit Core had exceeded Su Yun’s imagination. The Qi Meridian expanded by one size, the Spirit Core frantically produced profound qi, in a blink of an eye, the storage amount of profound qi in Su Yun’s body increased by a hundred times!

The difference in strength between Spirit Emperor and the Spirit Sage, on the other hand, was already very clear when it came to the storage side of the profound qi.

The sun and moon were like a wheel, orbiting around him. The universe seemed to form above his head. www.uuxs.cc
Wanxiang was centered around him.

This was a step from being a mortal to becoming a saint.

It was a step beyond the ordinary.

It was the most basic step in touching that unattainable immortal G.o.d.

In that moment, Su Yun realized that both his eyes and heart had become big. Previously, when he looked at this world, it was as if he was looking through a small crack, but now, he was looking down from above.

Just what realm and how did he feel?

After about eight hours, the sun and the moon gradually sank. They did not fall into his head, but fused together. The white light around his body exploded, and he disappeared into the distance.

He slowly opened his eyes. This opening and closing was like a hundred lifetimes of reincarnation that had flown away for tens of thousands of years …

He raised his hand and shook it. His fingers moved slightly, but it gave off the feeling that the earth was shaking and the mountains were shaking.

This was change!

Su Yun took a deep breath and looked around.

The realm of the Spirit Sage was not something he could easily comprehend. This kind of change was bestowed upon him by the power of heaven and earth, it was just like a normal person’s growth, in the process of growth, there were many things that needed to be learned.

Taking down the Ultimate Martial World’s nameplate, one could see that the Spirit Sage had already transcended the mortal realm of the Spirit Sage. The fighting strength had actually increased by several hundred thousand, and currently, it was worth five hundred and ninety thousand.

and so on…

Within five hundred thousand?

Could it be that the Spirit Sage of the Myriad Heavens World still had more than five hundred thousand people?

Su Yun frowned.

What sort of fortuitous encounters would it take to enter this realm? There were so many capable people in the Myriad Worlds? But… Are the statistics of this famous brand accurate? What is the scope of its statistics? Just according to the ten thousand worlds? I’m afraid that the Immortal G.o.d realm did not count them, right? Immortals were probably not just at Spirit Sage cultivation level anymore.

At this moment, the ground was already greyish-black, and all the energy inside had been completely absorbed by Su Yun, as if it was burnt out.

Gradually, the pure energy became thinner. Su Yun opened his eyes and looked forward, only to see that the latter half of the road was still bright, and he immediately got up and walked over.

However …

The moment he stepped onto the blood-red road that was behind him, a bone piercing chill suddenly rose up, instantly enveloping Su Yun’s entire body. He could not help but shiver and feel that there was something in front of him, immediately pulling out his death sword, staring fixedly ahead.

devil qi.

Blood energy?

It was as if there were two strange auras mixed together, swinging towards them.


At the same time, a weak voice floated out. In this quiet and empty place, it was extremely piercing.

Su Yun tensed up.


he whispered.

However, there was no answer from the darkness. There was only the sound of ‘kacha kacha’. It sounded like the sound of footsteps, but it was very heavy.

This voice? Su Yun’s brain suddenly flashed with light, as though he had guessed something, he immediately looked behind, only to see that there were only a few statues left. Your current location… It was at the back of the clearing …

Those statues from before all warned him not to mess with the statue at the back. Could it be … This Voice…


At this time, the weird sound had stopped.

Su Yun looked out and saw that at the end of the blood red road stood a completely greyish white sculpture, this sculpture did not have any armor, and it did not have any magic treasure s with it. Everything was made of stone sculptures, including the stone sculptures’ swords, the stone sculptures’ clothes, the stone sculptures’ bones and flesh, and the stone sculptures’ heads.

Stone carving?

The Great Devil Statue?

This fellow’s body was even cleaner than Su Yun’s face … What good would it do to win against such a fellow?

It looked at Su Yun quietly, both of its eyes were blood red, its face was extremely handsome and heroic, with a head of stone hair flowing down its shoulders, although it was only a stone statue, it could be imagined that the original owner was a very suave and handsome Devil Cultivator.

But what made Su Yun’s heart race was … The other statues couldn’t move, so why did this statue … He actually walked over on his own?

Is it alive?

The other statues did not move at all, it was actually able to walk in front of Su Yun …

“Are you ready?”

The statue raised the stone sword in its hand, pointing it towards the ground, a baleful aura burst forth from its body.

“Senior … “You …”

“After ten breaths of time, I will launch an attack. You have two choices: run, or die! “Get ready.”

The stone statue spoke again.

But when he said that, Su Yun was extremely shocked.

Flee? Die?

What did that mean? Was he going to die if he didn’t run?

Was he f * cking done? Earlier, the Great Demonic G.o.d had been lenient when he attacked, but from his tone, it seemed as if he was prepared to die.

“Five breaths!”

At this time, the stone statue made another sound.

There was no time to think.

There was no time to think anymore. Su Yun held onto his death sword tightly and activated his profound qi.

“Four breaths.”

As the stone statue spoke, its eyes flashed with a terrifying red light.

“Three breaths!”

Su Yun’s eyes turned cold.

“Two breaths!”


A large amount of black Qi suddenly appeared in front of the stone sculpture, the black Qi quickly condensed into the shape of a person, and rushed towards the stone sculpture.

The statue spread out its arms, and the person formed by the black gas also spread out his arms as well. One statue and one black gas overlapped each other just like that.

Almost in an instant, Su Yun felt a surging aura rush over.

The black gas overlapped with the stone statue, and a large amount of black smoke appeared around its body. On its back, a terrifying giant black wing extended.

These wings were like the wings of bats, the ten pitch black scythes of the devil bones were like scythes, the devil qi became a layer of thin film covering it, it was extremely terrifying.

“One breath!”

The stone statue seemed to have finished its preparations, its gaze was fixated on Su Yun, and it spoke out with a voice as heavy as stress.

In that moment, a huge black curtain appeared around his body, it was square in shape and extremely huge, directly enveloping Su Yun and him inside.

When the curtain appeared, Su Yun felt that he was in a strange world with the stone statue. The world was pitch black, there was nothing there, the black ground and the black sky, he could no longer see the scene of the ancient tomb, nor could he see the other statues.


An ear piercing voice came out, following that the stone statue rushed over, its wings flapped, its speed was so fast that people could not even react, when Su Yun came back to his senses, the stone sword had already fiercely smashed into his chest.


Su Yun flew out.

This speed… It was outrageously fast.


Su Yun flew backwards for close to a kilometer, until he b.u.mped into the edge of the curtain.

He coughed and stood up.

The divine power of the Imperial Cloak had been activated, if not for the Imperial Cloak, Su Yun’s chest area would have been ripped apart.

“Whiz!” Just as he was pondering, a gale once again blew past his ears. Killing intent filled the air as the existence once again rushed over to kill him!

Su Yun’s nerves tensed up, he pushed his speed to the limit, and with a turn, he became a shadow and quickly dodged. At the same time, he activated the Yin Yang Wanxiang Technique with his left hand, causing mental fluctuations to spread out in all directions.

However, the stone statue suddenly swung its arm, and the sword was facing the ground. It fiercely shook the sky and roared: “Five Devils Illusory Sky!”


Bang! A loud noise exploded in Su Yun’s mind, his body involuntarily trembled twice, he retreated a few steps, then felt his head spinning, the mental ripple that was sweeping past was immediately broken!

What? The Yin-Yang Wanxiang technique was actually broken by him?

Su Yun’s eyes were wide opened, she could not believe what she was seeing!

This sharpness was so strong that it caused one’s hair to stand on end, as if the air was filled with the edge of a sword …

“Ten Devil Slaughter G.o.ds!”

The stone statue leaped high into the air, with both hands on its sword, it slashed down at Su Yun.

Just as the stone sculpture was about to hit the ground, ten gigantic demon G.o.d illusions suddenly appeared behind it, each one was more than ten thousand meters tall, like pillars that supported the sky, each demon G.o.d illusion extended their hands out, formed it into a sword with their hands, and attacked Su Yun.

The ten demon G.o.ds attacked at the same time. This move was devastating to the heavens and the earth!

Compared to this sculpture, the previous statues of the Great Devil were just child’s play.

Su Yun’s eyes were extremely cold, his expression becoming extremely focused, he stared straight at the falling ten-handed sword. As for the sword on the stone statue, it stepped forward and with one hand holding onto the death sword, it flew up to the sky to welcome the incoming attack.

“Holy Spirit Shield!”

A roar erupted from his mouth.


Divine force erupted, forming a seven-colored shield with him as the center.


The Demon G.o.d’s Sword and the stone statue’s sword slashed onto the death sword’s body at the same time, a wave of heaven opposing power flowed along the death sword’s body and spread throughout the ground. The black world that was created by the stone sculpture started to tremble frantically, and sand flew in all directions, as though it was the end of the world.

The strength of the two of them was incomparably shocking. If this battle were to take place within the ancient tomb, then this single strike might be able to turn the tomb into dust … r1058


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