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Yue Yang had enjoyed all the joy having several partners. His only regret, was that he had to do the deeds secretly.

This was because Yue Bing and Yue Shuang, those two girls were around, and they did not understand, not even have any idea about these things. No matter how thick-skinned he was, Yue Yang was still embarra.s.sed to openly take advantage of his wives in front of his younger sisters.

Yue Bing was completely unaware that her two sister-in-laws were engaged in such an infighting under the table, and was still happily in discussion with her brother over beasts and war tactics.

She would also humbly ask advice from Luo Hua City Mistress and Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

If one were to strictly consider it, she was the one truly benefitting from this situation.

When night fell, Luo Hua City Mistress would once again resort to ‘Honey Trap’ and used s.e.xual entrapment to seduce Yue Yang into a threesome.

After a night of suffering, Phoenix Fairy Beauty had long already thought of a good way to deal with it, which was to close off six records. Those sounds that she cannot stand, it will be enough to not listen right?

She bet that Luo Hua City Mistress was forcing herself. Such wars like that were definitely exhausting. She laughed silently in her heart, let us wait and see how long you can last for!

If I myself am not worried, you think you can dominate?

As a virgin, Phoenix Fairy Beauty had some expectations and also some worry. She was worried that if she cannot stand it, and ruined the first time, then Luo Huo that woman will definitely make fun of her. She might as well have a little affair with Yue Yang first. This feeling was really not bad, although it was a little sneaky, it was very exciting and the mood was not bad. Most importantly, this would make him like her even more!

To let Yue Yang suddenly do that thing, Phoenix Fairy Beauty was not entirely prepared mentally.

To be able to flirt a little to develop their relations.h.i.+p, was still the best.

Yue Yu could tell that she was anxious. In the day she tries her best to help smooth things over, and would go to bed early at night. Now, she did not dare to listen to those kind of sounds.

She even resisted entering the Grimoire World, afraid of seeing something not suitable for the young or even hearing the kind of sounds that will confuse one’s heart, and not be able to fall asleep at night!

Fourth mother on the other hand was very tolerant, and would coax Little Shuang-er to sleep early.

As for the matters between men and women, she only cared about the bigger matters.

The small details of life, she knew that everyone could do it well. A little jealousy was in fact harmless. Moreover, this kind of small grudges only served to improve the relations.h.i.+p between everyone, if they were all to ignore each other coldly, that would be bad!

Three days, pa.s.sed by like so.

Luo Hua City Mistress fought l.u.s.tily with Yue Yang for three consecutive nights, using all her power to serve him. She made herself exhausted.

Finally, she realised that the rival in love was nonchalant.

She was suddenly discouraged.

“Forget it, you can have him tonight. I am exhausted.” Luo Hua City Mistress temporarily admitted defeat. She felt that she herself was being slightly rash – if Yue Yang had already done the deed with Sky Law, she would already know the feeling of being a woman. If that was the case, she would not be able to control herself in such a situation. Now? She was still a virgin, she still had the reservations and fear of a young maiden. Even though the sounds were extremely tempting, once she closed her six records and did not listen, she was still able to resist.

Luo Hua City Mistress now felt that to fight with Sky Law was not logical. She would have to wait for Yue Yang to do the deed with Phoenix Fairy Beauty, then, that would be the time for the decisive battle.

But then again.

If even Sky Law was tempted by Yue Yang that bad boy, she would become the same as herself, what would be the point in fighting with her?

Calming down, Luo Hua City Mistress was already discouraged. She felt that she was on the losing end after wrongfully tiring herself out these past 3 days! This Sky Law girl would sooner or later be pushed down, her ways of blocking were truly foolish. Not only was she exhausted, there was also no effect! Only Yue Yang that pervert had truly benefitted.

Thankfully the wake-up call came early, if she had to persevere for ten days to half a month, she would have fallen ill without a doubt.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was a little surprised at Luo Hua City Mistress’ surrender.

She had originally thought Luo Hua that girl would at least push on for more than a week, who knew she would give up after 3 days.

It seems that her opponent was still a smart woman. Phoenix Fairy Beauty never had any hostility to Luo Hua and upon hearing her throw in the towel like a peeved cute little girl, her impression of Luo Hua actually improved. She laughed silently, ridiculing herself her heart that she too had lowered herself to be like Luo Hua.

Seeing Luo Hua City Mistress admit defeat so readily, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s heart fluttered.

Maybe if she spoke to her, her own sore point could be relieved.

Even though she was still young, she was still very experienced!

“Actually I really do not mind, you two can still have him tonight! As for that, I, it is actually my first time, so I don’t really know how to do it. So, I am also a little conflicted. Let things take their course, I never thought of vying for it, I just thought it was fun, which was why I was deliberately teasing you two in the day! If you are not happy, I will apologize. “ It was rare for Phoenix Fairy Beauty to express what she really feels. If this were another matter, she would win against countless women. Only this matter, she was truly inexperienced. It is not that she had never seen Yue Yang that boy’s body, after all when he was doing it with Luo Hua City Mistress, she had actually sneaked a peek a night. She felt that if it were her, she would definitely exhaust him to the point of dying. But exactly because of this mentality, she would rather Yue Yang come attack her in the night.

“This mentality of yours, I used to be like that too. The first time is indeed a little scary. Your mind will be confused, you really want to give yourself to him, but you are also a little afraid that you will not be good enough, that you will disappoint him. “ Seeing Phoenix Fairy Beauty actually asking for advice in such a roundabout way, Luo Hua City Mistress could not help but pity her.

Poor Sky Law that girl has already attained her t.i.tle for hundreds of years, yet she has never felt the sweetness of love.

Fortunately, she met Yue Yang early.

Now that she thought of things this way.

In a moment, Luo Hua City Mistress was happy again.

She felt that she was still considered lucky, she did not have to wait for a few hundred years to find the best lover!

“Is the first time very painful?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty wanted to mend their relations.h.i.+p, and at the same time ask for advice since she felt very much lacking in this aspect.

“Yes, it is painful.” Luo Hua City Mistress was even more pleased. She adopted the position of a mentor and began to explain: “The first time is really painful, it is not like you have never seen it, Yue Yang is literally the Dragon among humans! Have you never touched it? Really? Then has it touched you there before? Isn’t it very hot? Not even grazed it? Is he obedient during Body Fusion? That cannot be……. Anyway, let us not discuss this first, let us talk about our own body. You never know until you try, but actually our body is very strong…… At that moment it would be very painful, but you could definitely stand it, why would I lie to you! You are fortunate since I am explaining this to you. You will be prepared mentally, unlike how n.o.body told me anything back then! No one, I figured it out all on my own slowly, but the first time was very successful. Yes, just be brave! After the first success, things will be much easier and you can be rest a.s.sured that he will be very gentle…… Anyway it is like what I have said, it is not as scary as you imagine!”

“Thank you very much!” Hearing Luo Hua City Mistress describe her first time, Phoenix Fairy Beauty had a peace of mind.

“No need, who knows, we might have to fight together in the future! Oh right, Xue Wu Xia and Qian Qian Princess are still unaware, I need to tell them the next time!” Luo Hua City Mistress had truly become addicted to teaching such matters.

That night, Luo Hua City Mistress was not standing at the door waiting for Yue Yang.

When Yue Yang sneaked into her room, he was surprised to find that she had already fallen asleep.

Lightly touching her, she turned around in a daze, her mouth like a fish blowing bubbles, she sleep-talked: “I’m sleepy, I want to rest, I have not had rested well at all these few nights!”

Sick Beauty was around the same, she was not sound asleep, yet still waved Yue Yang away, indicating that she needed rest and would not be serving Yue Yang.

One must know, she has been Luo Hua City Mistress’ ally for the last three nights.

In fact, she was more tired than Luo Hua City Mistress, because Luo Hua City Mistress was extremely sensitive and had poor endurance, she was always very quickly defeated. In the end, it was always Sick Beauty who was dedicated to serving her husband…….

Night attack begins!

By the time Yue Yang crept to Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s room, she had already gone to bed, however her eyes were still open – she was waiting for him silently. The soft light fell on her devastatingly beautiful and exceptionally alluring jade face, with such an indescribable beauty in front of him, he was simply stifled. Yue Yang stared in awe. He had never seen Phoenix Fairy Beauty in such a serene and peaceful state, in such a tender and soft state..

“Sleep here tonight, but let us not do the deed tonight. Tomorrow, let me take it slowly, I am a little nervous.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty waved her hand, asking Yue Yang to come over. She gently open the quilt, revealing her flawless naked body that was as perfect as white jade, hinting him to lie beside her. Once Yue Yang came in, she turned her body over, rested her head on Yue Yang’s arm,and leaned on his chest. One one side she was feeling the pleasure from his big hands gentle ma.s.sage, on the other she was gently caressing his body with her jade hands.

From his brow, cheeks, lips to his neck. Then to his shoulders, chest and lower abdomen.

She was gently caressing.

Almost as if she wanted to understand this man who was going to become her husband in the quickest time, she was trying to love him as fast as she could.

Despite that falling in love to the depths of her soul seemed to not be realistic.

At the very least, she will try hard to accept him, open her heart, and allow him to walk into her life. For him to stay there, till forever, eternally.

Yue Yang hugged her body that was shaking in nervousness, a desire to protect spreading in his heart. In this moment, she was no longer Sky Law, no longer a Super Innate, she was just a woman, a timid woman who still desired love.

If he takes her now, she would most likely not refuse.

However, when Yue Yang sees the woman who was shaking because of her nervousness, what filled his heart was not desire, but rather love and affection……. What she needed most was his care. She had an immense need for gentle comforting rather than reckless possession. Yue Yang kissed her forehead, kissed her brow, and softly kissed her cheeks. He used his hands to stroke her back that was a smooth as jade, soothing her soul, calming her down amidst the tension.

“It is in fact not that scary, liking someone and doing happy things with your lover, are all like this. “ Yue Yang gently kissed her lips that were like petals, softly, allowing her to feel the joy of kissing.

When her lips were happy and desiring, they opened slightly. Yue Yang then kissed her properly.

To let her try the wonders of kissing.

As a result, Phoenix Fairy Beauty who had tasted the sweetness learned by herself. Kissing him repeatedly, learning faster and faster, the more they kiss, the more she was unwilling to part. Only until their lips were slightly sore, did she reluctantly let go.

Unconsciously, she realised she was no longer nervous.

Her legs, without her being aware, were already wrapped around his thigh. She felt the heat from his body, especially the sensitive and private area. Even though there was no direct contact, there was already a special feeling, resulting in a foreign yet familiar desire. This desire was extremely similar to the pleasure she felt when she accidentally brushed against him during Body Fusion, but much more intense.

To be more accurate, it was the desire to be possessed by him.

With her breath quickened slightly, Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked at Yue Yang, embarra.s.sed.

She not only did not feel nervousness, there was a yearning. However she was still embarra.s.sed because she had just said that she did not want to do the deed tonight.

“Bad things are so scary!” Her little hands were unexpectedly bold. Her intention was not as such, she merely wanted to test the waters, but she was unwilling to let go. Since she was ashamed to the point of not daring to show her face, the only thing left to do was to act coquettishly.

The current her, other than being slightly shocked by how majestic it was, she was not afraid at all.

In fact, she felt a little joy.

She felt that the man she had chosen, was indeed the most powerful man, regardless of strength or body, he was the cream of the crop among all!

“Don’t you like them, do you want to kiss them?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty remembered that night when she peeked, she saw the way he kissed Luo Hua’s chest. It seemed that he liked to play tricks that way. With excitement, she gently raised her body, pulling his big hands over to tightly press on her full and incomparably grand b.r.e.a.s.t.s. She swallowed her nervousness and softly nibbled on his ear lobes: “Last night, I saw the way you kissed Luo Hua, kiss me like that too……”


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