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The small silver deer appeared in a flash.

It strode forward and instantly became light that pierced through the s.p.a.ce.

When everyone regained their focus, they discovered that it safely stood outside the lever-style guillotine door while cutely looking back. Although it was not very intelligent, the Perforate Deer was still a spirit-type beast.

“How will it bring us there?” Fatty Hai felt that Liu Ye and the others could ride it. However, if he rode it, then the small deer would definitely be flattened.

“Shut up. Even if you did not speak no one would treat you as a mute.” Other than during battles, Ye Kong was born as Fatty Hai’s sworn enemy.

“Who knows how to teleport?” Yue Yang asked.

“…” In the end only one person raised their hand. This wasn’t unexpected. What made Yue Yang surprised was the fact that it was the little loli, Bao’er, who knew how to teleport.

“You know how to teleport? Are you sure?” Ning Hai as a self proclaimed elder grandmaster did not know how so he was shocked that Bao’er knew how to teleport. If it was moving at an extremely fast speed to the point that they can move one hundred meters in a second, many people could do it. Even Xue Tan Lang, Tian Luo Prince, Ye Kong and even Fatty Hai knew how to do it.

If it was based on speed, they could even surpa.s.s the speed of Innate Ranker’s teleportation.

A normal Innate’s teleportation may not necessarily be faster than their speed.

However, teleportation was still teleportation.

No matter how fast on was, nothing could replace the usefulness of teleportation.

Naturally, teleportation was related to one’s experiences and attribute. Some people would find it easy to do like Xue Wuxia. She was already capable of fully using [Light Wind Teleportation] when she was young. It was already equal in levels to an Inherent Skill. On the other hand, her brother, Xue Tan Lang, was also innately talented and even possesses the same wind attribute. His speed far surpa.s.ses those of the same rank. However, the only thing he was not able to understand was teleportation.

As for Yue Yang, he just looked at the Marquis of Zi Jin use it a few times and learned it in an instant.

Of course, Yue Yang was an extremely abnormal otherworlder. It wasn’t appropriate to use him as an example. As for the bald Grandmaster Ning Hai, this old guy had already lived for a hundred years and already learned many skills, but he was simply unable to learn teleportation.

This was very strange.

In fact, the real reason was that those who cannot perceive it will never learn how to teleport.

“Teleportation is a type of breakthrough. It’s a type of challenge that surpa.s.ses the limits of the body. It can be said to be difficult since some people will never learn it all their lives. It can also be said to be easy since some people could learn it in a day, like me. Those who want to learn it must have be able to perceive it. The better your perception is, the faster you will learn it.” Yue Yang’s words made Ning Hai cry thinking that this meant his perception was bad. As for Bao’er, she was extremely proud of herself.

Xue Tan Lang clenched his fists. It was fine for him to be weak but he will absolutely not allow his perception to be lacking.

If a person’s perception was lacking, why would they even cultivate?

Actually, Yue Yang knew that Xue Tan Lang and the other can learn how to teleport. Their strengths were already enough to learn it. The only problem was that their thoughts were too rigid and they were used to using their quick speed to move. They could move to a far distance in the blink of an eye but that was not teleportation. Because they were used to this method, they would not be able to surpa.s.s their ego. Normally, they did not have anyone to teach them teleportation. Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the other elders did not know how to teleport. As for the Old Fox that knew how to teleport, after teaching Yue Yang, he did not have the patience to teach the other idiots how to teleport and only taught them aerial skills.

“The most difficult thing in teleporting is to sense the target location. To do this, you need to be able to sense the energy around you. Some people can sense farther, and some closer. However, you can just ignore these. No matter how far, as long as you are able to sense it, then the distance will slowly increase.” Yue Yang benevolently guided them.

“Is it using the air to sense?” Ye Kong asked.

“No. Air can only sense object surfaces. Teleportation need you to sense more. To be more accurate, it is to use the ‘heart’ to sense.” Once Yue Yang said this, Bao’er kept nodding her head. In fact, she was only able to teleport due to her Inherent Skill. From the beginning, she did not understand how sensing works, but she naturally understood how to use the heart to sense.

“What happens afterwards?” This time, Lin En humbly asked like a student.

“When you are able to sense it, you would be able to grasp everything about the target location. Then, you can try to ‘move’ or ‘jump’ towards the target. You must use your body’s energy, not towards you legs, but towards the ‘heart’ and use the ‘heart’ to guide your body… During the process, you will experience many difficulties such as your body being unable to move, or you would suddenly be stopped by some kind of energy before you teleport, or feel the illusion of someone forcible pus.h.i.+ng you down. There are other problems but I won’t explain every one of them nor do I need to explain them. I just want to tell you to believe in me. You would definitely be able to move, be able to teleport. Believe in me and believe in your own ability. That would be enough.” Yue Yang then told them to move their energies towards their spirit gates during teleportation.

This was his best insight and understanding, his best teleportation skill, so he did not really count on everyone learning it.

However, as long as everybody could gain enlightenment from his best skill and slowly temper themselves, then it would be enough.

The thing that made everyone sweat was that Bao’er crooking her head after hearing the explanation as if she did not understand Yue Yang’s words.

She even said: “Can you also teleport like that? I do not even think about anything and just rely on my Flower Spirit. She would just teleport me to my desired location. I feel that this way is better!”

“…” Fatty Hai and the others fell to the ground. As it turns out, Bao’er’s teleportation was not something she could control and only relied on others.

“Hey, I can also teleport like this!” Bao’er was almost angry.

Actually, there was nothing wrong with this. As long as one can teleport, any method was good enough.

Xue Wuxia’s [Light Wind Teleportation] was different from Yue Yang’s. In order to teleport, Xue Wuxia needed there to be wind and air, as long as it was not a vacuum, she would be able to teleport. Yue Yang’s teleportation completely did not need this. The only places he was not able to teleport to were places that he could not interact with and this was clearly on a higher level than Wuxia’s. However, places that were in vacuum were few. Moreover, after Xue Wuxia performed [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang, she was able to grasp Yue Yang’s teleportation skill but she was more fond of using her [Light Wind Teleportation] skill.

Xue Tan Lang let go of his cool and humbly asked Yue Yang a few more questions.

He would never say it but he was full of wors.h.i.+p towards this brother-in-law. To learn from Yue Yang and chase after his footprints was his greatest wish.

Tian Luo Prince also thirsted to learn how to teleport and listened attentively.

Not only them but also Lin En, Anna, Liu Ye appeared to be in deep thought as if they understood something.

On the other hand, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, the Li Clan Brothers, Ox-head Fan Lun Tie and the bald elder Ning Hai were completely confused. As for Ox-head Li Ao and the four orc girls, they completely gave up on learning them. They knew that they could never learn it and sighed.

In the end, Elder Ning Hai deeply sighed.

He had given up on learning it.

Trying to learning something, that he was never able to learn, in just a few minutes was easier said than done.

With regards to teleportation, the one who learnt it the fastest was not Xue Tan Lang nor was it the Tian Luo Prince nor was it Liu Ye, who had the Perforate Deer, but it was Hui Tai Lang.

After listening to Yue Yang, it instantly understood…

When Hui Tai Lang almost failed in his attempt, he was suddenly able to grasp how to teleport and immediately succeeded. Although the result of his teleportation was bad and missed the target by dozens of meters and knocked against the wall, he was still able to succeed. Seeing this, Xue Tan Lang was dumbstruck as if he was ashamed. Could it be that humans could not even be compared to a wolf?

Fatty Hai was close to crying.

He discovered that he couldn’t even compare with a wolf

“Success!” After half an hour, Xue tan Lang successfully teleported ten meters away. Although it deviated by three meters, he was still excited and emotionally looked upwards!

“Woof. Awoo, awoo woo…” Hui Tai Lang also looked up and howled. He had now completely grasped how to teleport and did not deviate from the target anymore. Although the distance was not far, compared to Xue Tan Lang he was undoubtedly more outstanding.

“Prrrrt!” Fatty Hai panicked to the point that he let out a fart. When everyone heard it, they quickly strived to hide.

Under this pressure, Liu Ye, Tian Luo Prince and even Anna were able to successfully teleport. Above all, Liu Ye’s grasp was much more accurate due to her innate disposition. In order to surprise Yue Yang, she bravely teleported to the other side of the door, towards her Guardian Beast and becoming the first person to cross the door.

Naturally, Hui Tai Lang was already jumping around in front of her.

He quickly teleported inside and out, provoking Fatty Hai to make him fart again.

Yue Yang decided to give everyone a bit more pressure and teleported to Liu Ye’s side. He then stuck a piece of crystal that emitted energy on the floor: “Those who can teleport come over. Those who can’t wait until the guillotine door to open by itself. This should be the type to open once a day… I won’t wait anymore, slowly train yourself!”

When he said this, Bao’er panicked: “Wait for me!”

She impatiently summoned her Guardian Beast, closed her eyes, and when the Small Flower Spirit waved its hand, she instantly teleported besides Yue Yang. She hugged Yue Yang’s arm and proudly raised her head: “We will first go on a treasure hunt. When we find treasure, we will first hold on to them.”

Liu Ye originally wanted to stay and accompany everyone to train. However, Yue Yang waved his hand: “You should follow me!”

Her heart strangely jumped a few times. She quickly lowered her head and did not dare look at him in the eye. She softly answered: “Yes.”

Once Yue Yang, Bao’er and Liu Ye walked away, everyone relaxed. This kind of strict teacher was too painful, especially when this ‘teacher’ was very young and made others ashamed.

Xue Tan Lang, Tian Luo Prince and Anna who already learned how to teleport did not follow. The three of them knew that Yue Yang intended to specially train Bao’er and Liu Ye. In particular, it seemed he wanted to train Liu Ye, who possesses the Perforate Deer and [Cleansing] Inherent Skill.


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