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When Liu Ye awoke, she found herself lying on Yue Yang’s back.

On the side, Bao’er the golden elf lolita was cheering, as if cheering someone on. Liu Ye quietly raised her small face and looked over Yue Yang’s shoulder, and got a shock. She realised that there was a very large s.p.a.ce ahead where Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang and the others were fighting. The battle was extremely intense, countless monsters were coming in like a tide, emerging from the Blood Lake.

“What is going on?” Liu Ye was astonished.

“Oh, you finally woke up. I found this Blood Lake Torture Chamber. Aren’t I amazing?” Bao’er started showing off in glee.

From Bao’er’s jumbled and illogical explanation that made no sense, Liu Ye got the general idea. With Yue Yang’s occasional supplementation, Liu Ye finally understood. It turned out that like herself, Bao’er had joined the special training.

However, her training was easier by ten thousand times. Yue Yang’s task for her, was simply sleeping.

Bao’er did not have to do anything, she just had to sleep and let Yue Yang adjust her body.

When she awoke, she realised she upgraded quite a bit.

She was secretly delighted, but because there was no one around her, she had been unable to show off.

Liu Ye had pa.s.sed out, so Bao’er had nothing to do. Since she was bored, she could only wander around and wait for Xue Tan Lang and the rest to arrive. In this time, she unintentionally discovered a secret door. After Yue Yang’s appraisal, it turned out that this ancient secret door could be opened. However, an ordinary man would be unable to open it. To open it, one had to be at least above Innate Level Five. Even if Yue Yang was the one who opened the door, Bao’er still gave herself majority of the credit……. This was how Yue Yang and Bao’er discovered this ‘Blood Lake Torture Chamber’.

This was the entrance to the Blood Lake Torture Chamber. Just beside Yue Yang, there stood a strange ancient paG.o.da.

There were words written in Heaven Runes on it.

If it was translated to modern language, it said: ……the Giant Wu Su Disrespected G.o.d…… He committed a heinous crime, and has to be punished by the most severe punishment in the world……. Death is no longer enough for his atonement, therefore this Blood Lake Torture Chamber was specially set up…… He is to suffer from all forms of torture here, and will only be released from his sentence in a hundred thousand years to formally accept his death trial…….

While Yue Yang did not recognise all of the combinations of the Heaven Runes, he had a rough idea of what it meant.

The dialogue said, there was a giant named Wu Su who was held captive in this Blood Lake Torture Chamber for a hundred thousand years. Only after a hundred thousand years of torture would he be executed.

If this were another Ranker, he might have wanted to be a saviour to try to save the Giant Wu Su. However, Yue Yang was not a trouble seeker. He also wanted to meet Wu Su but it was not to save him. Yue Yang wanted to kill him. This was because Yue Yang felt that there must be some kind treasure that was keeping Wu Su trapped for as long as a hundred thousand years. Yue Yang did not care whether Wu Su had to undergo torture for a hundred thousand years, he only liked the treasure that held this giant captive! If there really is no treasure, he would kill this giant. Yue Yang felt that his Hui Jin Magic Blade was still missing an evil soul. If it swallowed Wu Su, perhaps his Hui Jin Magic Blade could be refined into a Holy-ranked weapon.

It was not that he did not own any holy-ranked weapon. G.o.d Killing Dagger was one, it was even a supreme one.

However, Hui Jin Magic Blade was more important since Yue Yang created it with his own blood and sweat.

It was already unlikely for the Platinum-ranked ‘Crescent Blade’ to upgrade, but there was still a possibility for the Hui Jin Magic Blade. As long as there was another evil yet strong warrior’s soul, combined with Demon Dragon’s Crystal from Bone Dragon and Blazing Core from Flame Lord, and even adding Demon Pearl from Dark Golden Specter and Silver Soul Pearl from Golden Devil, the Hui Jin Magic Blade would level up.

(Last: For those who cant remember its the golden devil from the five elements palace.)

With these, it was definitely possible for Crescent Blade to upgrade to become a holy-ranked weapon.

Who knows, it might even become a supreme holy-ranked weapon.

Maybe even upgrade into a Divine-ranked weapon?

Yue Yang decided to not think about that for now. To upgrade a weapon to Divine-rank the owner had to have equivalent ability. Moreover, it was not as if Yue Yang lacked any Divine-ranked weapons since he still had the Prison Emperor Divine Seal. It just did not recognise him as the master, so Yue Yang could only use it to crack chestnuts for now.

“Do your best and be careful. More Blood Pythons have come out.” Bao’er excitedly encouraged Fatty Hai and the others.

“My little ancestor, it is fine that you are not helping, but please stop talking. Hearing you speak makes my heart s.h.i.+ver.” Fatty Hai begged Bao’er to stop shouting. With every shout, more powerful monsters came out from who knows where. Of course, he knew that Bao’er was not to blame. At such an abnormal place like Blood Lake Torture Chamber, even after killing a few thousand ancient monsters, there were still an unlimited number coming out from the lake.

“All of you get out of the way……” the fighting was annoying Xue Tan Lang. He exploded with terrifying Qi, and combined with his Storm Giant.

The entire entrance of Blood Lake Torture Chamber turned into a world of ice and snow in an instant.

Countless snowflakes fell from the sky.

Xue Tan Lang’s Guardian Beast Storm Giant turns anything it pa.s.ses through into an ice sculpture, even the Giant Blood Python that was Gold-ranked Level Six was rolling on the floor in pain and hardening.

With tacit understanding, Tian Luo Prince summoned his Guardian Beast Skyfire Meteor. With a call, the dome-shaped roof collapsed.

Under the double blows from Freeze and Meteor, even the strongest Blood Pythons could not withstand the attack of ‘Fire and Ice Collision’. The Blood Pythons turned into corpses, either shattering or burnt to a crisp. All of them died horribly on the spot. Throughout the entire battle, Yue Yang did not do anything. He only watched Ye Kong and the others fight. This was only the beginning. From here on, there would only be more and more cruel battles awaiting them……. However, these battles were extremely good catalysts in training. Even though it was tough, but as long as Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tan Lang and the rest can push through, upgrading was definitely not a problem.

An hour and five minutes later, they pa.s.sed the entrance of Blood Lake Torture Chamber.

Three hours later, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others used the Great Totem Pole Battle Technique, and pa.s.sed the first level of Blood Lake Torture Chamber.

Five hours later, Li Clan Brothers fainted from serious injuries, Ox Head Li Ao and Elder Ning Hai collapsed on the floor from exhaustion. They pa.s.sed the second floor.

Nine hours and twenty-three minutes later, Fatty Hai turned into an ugly behemoth after using up his energy. The four ocrs and Ox-head Fan Lun Tie collapsed on the ground. Lin En was seriously injured. They pa.s.sed the third floor.

Eighteen hours, forty-two minutes and nine seconds later, Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang and Tian Luo Prince suffered heavy blows, Anna and Liu Ye fainted, Fatty Hai fainted for the second time after transforming, Ox Head Li Ao broke his horn, Li Clan Brothers were nearing death. Other that Yue Yang, only Bao’er had energy left. They pa.s.sed the fourth floor.

The fifth floor…….

When everyone reached the fifth floor, they finally reached the real Blood Lake Torture Chamber.

Here, the weakest monster was the Gold Level Six Giant Python that was the strongest outside. Among them all, only Yue Yang was still able to fight.

Hui Tai Lang summoned his Grimoire and raised his barrier to protect everyone.

Yue Yang strided forward, spreading his Demon King-like grandeur. All of the monsters fled immediately.

Two kilometers away, there was a wall that was almost a thousand meters tall. Several huge dark gold chains hung down, binding someone.

This person, was an unimaginable giant!

Yue Yang had never seen such a huge giant. Forget humans, even the demons from the Demon Abyss seem insignificant when compared to this giant. This giant had a height of two, three hundred meters, or possibly even more. Even though his lower body had completely disappeared, his upper body itself was more than a hundred meters tall. By pure estimation, this was a giant around three hundred meters tall.

Without a doubt, this was the rumored t.i.tan.

Compared to him, the fifty meters tall King of Black Light or the sixty metres long Black Dragon were as laughable as miniature toys.

Yue Yang had never imagined meeting such a t.i.tan. He would have never thought that he, the fake ‘Little t.i.tan’ would one day meet the real ‘Big t.i.tan’.

It was difficult to imagine the t.i.tan, he was truly a sight for the eyes. All his muscles were tight and sculptured. His skin was black as steel.

Fatty Hai, who was coughing blood, fainted when he saw this giant.

Even the bravest Xue Tan Lang was shocked speechless.

Not just them, even Yue Yang felt his blood pumping……. Who knew how long this t.i.tan had been locked up for. How long he had been tortured in this ‘Blood Lake Torture Chamber’. Now, he had only had the ability of an Elder Innate Level One. That is to say, the t.i.tan locked up here was as strong as Black h.e.l.l King. The only difference was that this t.i.tan had no Holy-ranked equipment to protect himself, and was even held down by the extremely long dark gold chains.

Yue Yang’s eyes flashed with a fierce killing intent.

He wanted to kill this giant to obtain his power, to strengthen his Hui Jin Magic Blade……. As for whatever justice and sin, those had nothing to do with him.

Perhaps, this meeting was fated.

If not, how could it be such a coincidence for him to barge into this Blood Lake Torture Chamber?

“Such an interest young man, after thousands of years, humans are now much stronger than before. Only in your twenties, a young-shoot like boy, yet with such power. Terrifying indeed. Back then, it was right for me to have ma.s.sacred so many humans. I pity those foolish old guys who thought too much of themselves. Hahaha, I, Wu Su have also said, that humans are the natural enemies of t.i.tans, but no one else agreed! You want to kill me? Young bud, regrettably, I think you do not know yet that all t.i.tans are immortal!” When the Giant opened his mouth, his voice was louder than thunder. His voice shook the whole Blood Lake Torture Chamber.

“If there were no G.o.d Binding Chains holding you down, I really cannot kill you. But now, you are just a old pathetic dog!” Yue Yang tried to ridicule his enemy, to boost his own morale.

“What? You want me to die of laughter? Wu Su is not one you can defeat, because Wu Su is a t.i.tan. With a t.i.tan’s immortal body, not even G.o.d can kill me, Wu Su. Do you understand?” The Giant that claimed to be Wu Su struggled forcefully, pulling on those dark gold chains, instantly causing an earthquake at Blood Lake Torture Chamber.


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