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Although Yue Yang possessed the Heaven Eyes Divine Vision and he did not have to see directly using his eyes, he was still blinded despite being under the protection of Night Empress’ Starry Sky Domain.

His eyes were stinging.

The destructive ray still had the power to steal one’s sight even under the protection of Starry Sky Domain.

To quickly restore his eyesight, Yue Yang hurriedly dropped two drops of Water of Life into his eyes.

Using Water of Life and Innate Qi to heal, his eyes finally felt better.

In his blurry line of sight, Yue Yang saw a scene which he would never be able to forget in his entire life: A dozen Ancient Slaughterers which were exposed to the destructive light beams all lost their lives. A second ago, they were ferocious and tenacious, just like c.o.c.kroaches. Their eyes still showed signs of pure fear when they saw the strong light. They would be frozen in fear forever as their souls are destroyed straight away under the powerful light beam.

Collapsing one by one onto the ground with a loud thud, they were all like huge trees that were being chopped down,!

The Ancient Slaughterer Captains which were far more powerful than the normal Ancient Slaughterers rolled on the ground painfully with their hands hugging their head.

Although they did not die, these eight Ancient Slaughterer Captains were close to death. They no longer had the ability to fight. The four commanders which were stronger than the Ancient Slaughterer Captains all became blind. All eight eyes were ruined as fresh blood steamed out of their eye sockets… Other than the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King, all other Ancient Slaughterers had most of their skin burnt and scalded. The attack had penetrative properties. The Ancient Slaughterers which had already fainted on the ground were scorched. Some were even covered in fire, and it seemed as if it would not stop burning.

This was the power of Zhi Zun’s attack.

The Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was a Heaven Ranked Level 5 beast. Its physical body was formidable, thus the injuries it suffered in this destructive light were the least.

However, although that was the case.

One of its eyes went blind due to the destructive light beam.

When the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King covered its two eyes as reflex response, one of its fingers was slower by a beat. There was a narrow slit left uncovered. The light ray blinded its eye, turning it into a one eyed monster. A large amount of blood gushed out of its injured eye. The Beast King tried very hard to tolerate the pain. It yelped in pain, and fled quickly.

It was also the only enemy that could escape from the battlefield after the destructive light beam attacked everyone.

“AGHH…” The Tigerman fell face first from the sky.

Two rows of blood gushed out from his eyes.

Struggling, he wanted to get back up, but due to his dizziness, he could not stand. His body reacted negatively due to the exposure to strong ray. It made him vomit uncontrollably. He rolled in his own vomit but could not get rid of the terrifying negative effects.

The Lich was more miserable than the Tigerman. Perhaps due to its dark nature, it suffered much greater damage from the light.

Unlike the Tigerman, the Lich did not get blinded nor did he throw up, but half of his body was instantly burned to ashes.

By standing sideways, he used one side of his body to block the light, causing it to disappear without a trace.

The Angel who was exposed to the light the most due to his size, did not have it any better.

Upon seeing such things, Yue Yang broke out in sweat.

Isn’t this destructive light way too OP?

Just now the Tigerman, Lich and Angel were so cool, with a blink of an eye all three of them became like African natives…

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Of course, these three were not the important points that Yue Yang wanted to see. The one Yue Yang wanted to see most was Cang Yan. Was he also battered and tattered?

On the surface Cang Yan seemed okay. First, it was because he was far away. Second, Cang Yan had a cloak over him and it was a Holy Equipment of high quality. Its high defence was impressive. Third, Cang Yan’s powers were the strongest in the entire battlefield and he was prepared way before hand. Therefore, he looked okay. On the surface alone, Cang Yan was the only one in the entire field who seemed indifferent. The destructive light seemed to have no effect on him. He still had his hands behind his back, and stood calmly on the exact same spot. His two eyes were not blinded, and were sparkling. He seemed to be confident and at ease. What was left now was for his toned body to let out a fart to shock the entire field.

What Yue Yang did not know was that, when he was blinded and dizzy, Cang Yan suffered from a headache that was so painful he almost fainted.

After all, Cang Yan was a Heaven Ranked Level 5 Ranker, his ability to heal was fast.

In addition, the strange domain also offset most of the light rays’ power. If not, even if Cang Yan wanted to act cool, he might not be able to do so.

Even before his vision restored, Cang Yan has already started glaring. He put on an ‘I was not affected at all’ look. In reality he was getting panicky. He was afraid that Zhi Zun would attack with ‘Divine Light’ once again.

If that was the case, it would not be fake blindness but real blindness!

Even if he were to be beaten to death, Cang Yan refuses to believe that the opponent could release two of such powerful attacks continuously. Moreover, the overpowering attack was able to instantly wipe out a group of people. So, he forcefully braced himself and pretended that he was fine. This really made him hit the jackpot, he made a smart move. Zhi Zun did not release another wave of destructive light. Instead, she stopped and slowly healed. Cang Yan really wanted to charge forward and attack, because if he waited for the human female to restore completely, he would receive headaches later… The problem was that he just got attacked by the destructive light, his vision had not completely restored. Furthermore, the opponent might be luring him into killing her. After he approaches, she might release the ‘black bullets’ and kill him instantly.

That was no joke.

Cang Yan gave up on doing a surprise attack on Zhi Zun when she was still healing. Moreover, there was still a hidden human Innate who had the power to use the Starry Sky Domain.


He did not need to consider whether it was a trap or not. Cang Yan would never attack, he absolutely did not want to get fooled!

The only one that was not injured on this battlefield was the Black h.e.l.l King.

The Black h.e.l.l King was not stronger than Cang Yan, but he could flee much faster. Even before Zhi Zun launched her attack, he escaped back into the Grimoire World. It was as if he knew he would be instantly killed if he remained. What made Yue Yang wonder was that Cang Yan did not even use his domain to stop Black h.e.l.l King from escaping. On the contrary, he even allowed him to do so secretly. Could it be that the Black h.e.l.l King was actually the key to turning the tables of the fight?

Such a thought flashed through Yue Yang’s mind!

“Save me!” The Angel flew up in terrible pain. He flapped his bald wings, and flew in a staggering manner towards Cang Yan. He wanted to plead Cang Yan to save his life.

“…” Cang Yan wanted to save him too but when he saw that Zhi Zun still had another card up her sleeve, he decided to continue standing indifferently, not minding other people’s business.

Just now Zhi Zun did not heal. She was quietly storing up her power.

If Cang Yan made a surprise attack just now, he might replace the escaping Angel and get slashed instead.

A huge light wheel.

It was blazing just like the sun.

It gathered and acc.u.mulated in Zhi Zun’s delicate hand and quickly grew larger. Along its circ.u.mference, was a loop of Heaven Runes. They emitted numerous light rays. The center was just like the World Exterminating Wheel, it also had two Ancient Runes but it did not have a hidden Immemorial Rune. This light wheel that blazed as bright as the burning sun was much larger than Yue Yang’s World Exterminating Wheel, and much more powerful.

This Sunlight Wheel seemed to exhibit its full power in the hands of Zhi Zun.

When Yue Yang saw this light wheel, he immediately realized.

Turns out one could also charge up like this…

Compared to this light wheel, the World Exterminating Wheel that was made up purely of Runes as well as an Immemorial Rune, had much greater potential and power.

However, with Yue Yang’s current state and strength, the power he could unleash was limited. Of course, before that Yue Yang had no one to help him and he relied solely on himself to understand everything. His improvements were actually all made at flying speed. Now, seeing such a profound technique to charge up Runes and manipulate them, Yue Yang quickly studied it so that he could use it. He secretly learned from her… Perhaps Zhi Zun was intentionally teaching Yue Yang before the fight, because she did not need to use such a powerful move on the Angel who was already like an African chicken.

“Waaaa!” When the Angel was about a hundred meters away in front of Cang Yan, he was sliced into half by the Sunlight Wheel.

Cang Yan’s foot, s.h.i.+fted only a tiny bit.

He did not take on the Sunlight Wheel, instead, he avoided the Sunlight Wheel while acting cool. He let it brush past him.

The Lich that had half of his body destroyed, fled in the other direction.

Zhi Zun did not even bother to look. She slowly lifted up her left hand and dozens light rays emerged in her palms. Severing s.p.a.ce, they formed a dozen arc shaped Dimension Slash.

The Dimension Slash, cut across the sky.

Instantly, splitting the Lich into ten pieces…

“Wait, Master Zhi Zun, please descend and rest. Leave the rest to me, I would do the cleaning up.” Seeing that Zhi Zun still wanted to attack, Yue Yang quickly leaped out to stop her. He could not just stand there applauding and let her finish everything. After all, he was still the captain representing the West Heaven Realm. He had to grab some small credits. Moreover, the enemies were not dead but injured, it was the best time to take advantage!

“Then I’ll let you practice a little!” Zhi Zun spoke lightly, her tone was just like a billionaire, who took out a cheque worth a million to a starving person to ‘buy some bun as he wishes to fill his stomach’. If it was not Yue Yang, no one would else would be able to change her mind.

“You should be careful…” On the contrary, the Night Empress was worried for him.

Not to mention, the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was still alive and kicking, there was also Cang Yan who was watching covetously. The enemy being afraid of Zhi Zun did not mean that Yue Yang should take advantage of the situation. A rabbit will bite back if cornered! Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing who were all slowly restoring their sight were all concerned for Yue Yang. At the same time they all felt ashamed. Out of loyalty and dignity, the three of them followed Yue Yang to fight together. Weng Jin and the rest were all withering due to the Divine Light, they were left with little combat power. However, even if they went out, they would probably just get in his way. They might not be of much help.

Thus, they tactfully stayed in the Starry Sky Domain.

The Tigerman which was left alive was still vomiting. Although he was throwing up a lot, his combat power was slowly recovering.

After all, he was a Heaven Ranked Level 3, he would not die so easily.

The Heaven Ranked Level 3 Innates, that Zhi Zun could instantly kill, were actually not easy targets to be messed with. Huang Quan, Fen Tian, Yun Xing were all bombarding the Tigerman with attacks one after the other. However, the injured Tigerman was able to take on their attacks and sustain no further injuries.

The Tigerman roared, numerous blood colored light illuminated from his body. Even after Huang Quan and the rest backed down, the Tigerman’s body was still gradually changing. A horn grew out from the top of his head. His sinister face became more and more terrifying. His fangs extended out from his mouth just like the saber-toothed tiger. Thorns grew out from his tail and begun burning, while a fin bone, just like that of the stegosaurus, grew out from his back.

After rolling on the ground, the Tigerman became an extremely unsightly and ugly horned, th.o.r.n.y tailed monster. He no longer had any trace of human form to him.

The power of the Tigerman who became a monster swelled, reaching the peak of Heaven Ranked Level 3.

His strength, speed and physical defence all reached the maximum.

Huang Quan, who was also Heaven Ranked Level 3, was sent flying a few hundred meters into the air after getting hit. He spat out blood on the spot. Fen Tian and Yun Xing had it even worse. They were not even able to catch up with the opponent’s movements.

“Get out of the way, let me do it!” Yue Yang followed Zhi Zun’s technique to store up power for his World Exterminating Wheel. Although it was far behind than the Sunlight Wheel in terms of power, but compared to before, there was an obvious improvement. The power that was exhibited even slightly affected Cang Yan, who was watching in a distance The power of this World Exterminating Wheel as well as Yue Yang’s extraordinary comprehension threatened him… If not for Zhi Zun’s presence, he would definitely dispose of Yue Yang.

Due to overcharging, the World Exterminating Wheel in Yue Yang’s hands went out of control all of a sudden.

It came off and flew out.

Fen Tian and Yun Xing were terrified as they quickly dodged.

Although the Tigerman became a monster, his intelligence still remained. It also avoided it by leaping out of the way. It quickly jumped back to attack Yue Yang. Its speed was extremely fast, faster than lightening by a hundred times.

“You think my ability is only this much?” Yue Yang smirked, the Gui Cang Sword in his hand flashed. Compared to the World Exterminating Wheel, wouldn’t this Gui Cang Sword be a better finis.h.i.+ng blow?

Once Gui Cang was out, its pressure acted on all living things.

The figure of the Tigerman who became a monster became sluggish.

The fear of death flashed through the Tigerman’s heart.

He suddenly had an unimaginable bewilderment. Perhaps him, who was Heaven Ranked level 3 would die in the hands of this brat?


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