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Chapter 899: Reward

The Black Flame Canyon.

Filled with high temperatures and skyrocketing flames.

This barren land was a forbidden area for other creatures, but for the Drunken Cat Yu Jie who was now wearing an energy-absorbing bracelet, the coercion wasn’t all that strong.

Regardless of her own realm and ability to control the elements, Yue Yang’s care and concern towards her, or even the energy-absorbing bracelet, a treasure known as the Elemental Disaster. Just merely the power of her Golden Body Flame Lion King Simba’s Fire Protection Ring, she could easily stroll into the Black Flame Canyon that was burning ablaze.

The little panda girl Niu Niu did not accompany her, but Simba’s entire family did.

Now Simba, the Golden Body Flame Lion King, who has been promoted to a Level 3 Heaven Rank, already possessed the unique strength. If it were not for Yue Yang being very cautious and insistent on exploring the terrain step by step, Drunken Cat Yu Jie would have fully advanced under the protection of the lion couple. Yue Yang’s caution was not unreasonable, though. In a place like the Heaven Realm, carelessness was tantamount to seeking death. In the Heaven Realm, a place of abnormal lives and terrifying environments, any location was at risk of falling into a gutter should the warrior not be paying close attention.

As a traversing man who often used all kinds of timing and locations to fight his enemies, how could he suffer such a plain loss?

What’s more was that the two guys, the skeleton man Lei Qie and the vampire Blood Fang, had led their teams to break in. But in the end, they almost annihilated their entire team and escaped covered in soot. Upon seeing that scene, if one still didn’t have the self-awareness to take caution, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call someone ‘mentally impaired’ instead of being plain stupid!

“Hush, pay attention,” Yue Yang was slightly regretful. He had left too quickly and forgot to bring Hui Tai Lang or Chaotic Ghost. In this kind of terrain, it would have been better to send Hui Tai Lang to explore the way in front.

“Simba,” Drunken Cat Yu Jie felt that she should do something to contribute as she motioned for Simba to explore the way ahead.

As an intelligent Beast, it was precisely at this kind of moment that it wanted to impress its owner.

Simba took his wife and lurked forward, a similar approach to how they would hunt down wild beasts.

The two of them were hidden amidst the flames, approaching the three people who were fighting in the distance.

The skeleton man, Lei Qie, and the vampire, Blood Fang, both used their claws and swords from afar to attack the flaming giant. With every breath it emitted, the black flame on his body would rise up to a height of 100 meters.

Its strength was completely overwhelming Lei Qie and Blood Fang.

But it didn’t seem to want to fight them as it sneered, “Lei Qie, you lump of spare ribs and skeletons, this Lord had let you off easy and yet, you dare to return to annoy me? Get out of this Lord’s sight! Perhaps you might remember the small conflict that we had previously, but this Lord couldn’t care less as I am a different being from your pathetic self. This Lord is at a standing that is above the Heaven Realm itself, so scram immediately! As for Blood Fang, you annoying vampire, I have no animosities with your blood-sucking clan, so you should get out of here immediately. Otherwise, this Lord would most definitely not hold back any longer. With your merely 3rd Level Heaven Rank abilities, why would you ever a.s.sume that you could have gotten out alive just now had I not been merciful?”

“You sure phrase your words very nicely! Are you the type of person who bears grudges until they are repaid!” Lei Qie sneered.

“Under normal circ.u.mstances and timing, with your 5th Level Heaven Rank powers, you could definitely eliminate a 3rd Level Heaven Ranker like me. However, 90% of your fire energy was used to temper and refine the Black Flame Soul Crystal. Now, you are nothing but an empty husk. You can’t even protect yourself, and yet you have the guts to attempt scaring me?” Although the vampire Blood Fang didn’t admit defeat verbally, he was still far away from the giant and didn’t dare to approach it. All he did was taunt him continuously despite the gap between them.

“Do you think that by doing so, you would be able to prevent me from advancing to the 6th Level of the Heaven Rank?” The giant looked up to the sky and laughed wildly, seeming to feel relieved.

“We will try…” Skeleton man Lei Qie swung his knife and launched waves of attacks, but he was also careful not to get too close to the enemy, maintaining a distance of a 100-meter radius. This was because he had discovered that there were dozens of cave holes littered across the flooring within the said radius— all of them different in shapes and sizes.

Drunken Cat Yu Jie couldn’t see clearly due to the far distance.

She nudged Yue Yang, expressing that she had some inquiries.

Yue Yang used his Heaven Eyes Transverse and explored the scene to the best of his abilities. When he realised what was going on, he couldn’t help but tremble as he blurted out, “It’s the Di Gui Yin Flame!”

Drunken Cat Yu Jie thought that the name sounded rather familiar to her, but she couldn’t recall where she had heard it from at the moment.

Yue Yang knew that besides this, there was also a place called Di Gui Yin Flame.

The name belonged to none other than the G.o.d’s Ruins. According to the knowledge inherited from Si-niang, Yue Yang knew that there was a sea of fire in the ruins of the G.o.ds, entirely made up of the Di Gui Yin Flame. That flame was known to be very peculiar as mostly, it remained static.

Like the surface of a lake, should there be no external force breaking it, the flames could stay stagnant for thousands of years. This peculiar type of burn was also called ‘Silent Burning’ by ancient warriors. The advantages of the Silent Burning of Di Gui Yin Flame was that if someone could do it consistently without paying any heed to disturbances, one could always practice the technique at any given time or place inside their own bodies. The trick would be not to let the fire extinguish and also strengthen the potential of the body itself. Of course, It was a very difficult trick. Even in the ancient times, barely anyone practiced cultivating the Di Gui Yin Flame as most people used it to forge weaponry.

Using the flames to forge weapons was a relatively simpler process.

As long as the Divine Weapon that was to be fire-attributed was immersed into the Di Gui Yin Flame for tempering and was not disturbed during its process of eruption. Lastly, it was to be taken out carefully and that was basically it.

Of course, it seemed to come off as easy, but it was actually very difficult. Once the Silent Burning of the Di Gui Yin Flame wa.s.s disturbed and its tranquility was broken, it would explode tens of thousands of times higher to form an insane eruption. That very eruption was enough to ruin the entire piece of Divine Weapon itself.

“What?” After Yue Yang whispered the explanation towards her ears, Drunken Cat Yu Jie immediately broke into a cold sweat.

“It’s still in tranquility and it hasn’t been disturbed. Otherwise, even 6th Level or 7th Level Heaven Rankers wouldn’t be able to hold onto it, let alone a mere 5th Level Heaven Ranker. The Lord Black Flame has to wait— perhaps the timing for the eruption hadn’t occurred yet or there were other conditions that needed to be met. However, I’m sure that this level is still far from the Di Gui Yin Flame buried deep underground. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to disperse into those large and small cave holes,” Yue Yang made a bold judgment.

“What should I do now?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie asked.

“Naturally, you should find a larger cave hole and follow along the eruption trail to explore further,” Yue Yang replied affirmatively.

“You lunatic…” Drunken Cat Yu was sweating profusely. She really couldn’t understand— what kind of person was this kid? Should I label him as being afraid of death? He is cautious enough and no matter what he does, he thinks twice before doing so; but if I were to say that he is reckless, he is also bold enough to back up my statement. He knew full well that those holes were erupting with Di Gui Yin Flames and yet, he insisted on pursuing further. Should the fight outside trigger an eruption, it was very likely that the people inside the trail would come out looking like a roasted pig!

Yue Yang did not ask for her opinion.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, he was very democratic. No matter what he does, he was willing to consult Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian for advice and pointers.

Even if he had gotten their support, he would often rush to ask Si-niang or certain elders for some humble advice, always hoping that he could utilise everyone’s knowledge to the best of his abilities.

But on some very important matters, he could be dictatorial. Once he decided on something, there was absolutely no room for questioning. No matter what sort of plan it was, everyone needed to cooperate with him entirely once he gave the final ‘okay’.

Drunken Cat Yu Jie had long been used to Yue Yang’s contradicting personalities.

Every time he made an important decision, she would support him and stick with him to the very end.

This was what she learned from Xue Wu Xia. Among the girls, Xue Wu Xia would be the first to stand up and support his decision. Even Princess Qian Qian could not match her in this aspect.

Simba and the lioness stayed behind.

If Lord Black Flame managed to defeat Lei Qie and Blood Fang, and under the condition that Yue Yang and Drunken cat Yu Jie had yet to return, their job would be to stall for time. Originally, Yue Yang only guessed that the Black Flame Canyon had the Di Yan Ores; who would have ever thought that there was the Di Gui Yin Flame as well. Even if he wasn’t able to obtain it, he was content in seeing it up close and personal. That way, on his future embarkations to the G.o.d’s Ruins, he would be able to use the sights he saw today as a reference point.

“Empty your mind, rid yourself of your thoughts,” Yue Yang imitated the supreme gesture and drew the rune pattern of the broken void.

Drunken Cat Yu Jie, who laid tightly on his back and intertwined with their Linked Heart Knot, felt that she was with him for the briefest instant. Immediately, they teleported together to the largest cave hole by the feet of the giant Lord Black Flame.

The concealed s.p.a.ce teleportation paired with the pressure of venturing into the cave where the Di Gui Yin Flame erupted made Drunken Cat Yu Jie’s body tremble slightly.

I’m nervous, I’m so nervous… Fortunately, Yue Yang quickly took her down.

The Black Flame Lord above them didn’t know of their presence at all. All it did was throw its spear towards the unshakable Lei Qie and Blood Fang.

After sliding down at least two kilometers, Drunken Cat Yu Jie felt that this pa.s.sage was way too long for her liking. If the Di Gui Yin Flame erupted, both of their lives would be at risk, which was something that the Energy Bracelet wasn’t capable of preventing. This anxious feeling tormented her more than stepping on a volcano that was about to erupt. Had it not been for Yue Yang’s decision, she wouldn’t have agreed to crawl into this pa.s.sage even if she were to die resisting!

That was simply asking for death!

The tunnel with the slight arc proceeded for another kilometer. Suddenly, she felt rather empty.

Drunken Cat Yu Jie found that she was already in a s.p.a.cious s.p.a.ce. The s.p.a.ce between her current location and all four directions were at least two to three kilometers. Looking down, the height was more than 300 or 400 meters as well.

The first thing that caught her eye was a quiet black flame. It was not big, but it looked like an irregularly shaped circle.

Its diameter was no larger than 50 meters.

However, it made her feel terrified.

If she were to fall into this quiet black flame, her bones definitely wouldn’t remain after being erupted. That Silent Burning Black Flame; should its contained energy erupt entirely, nothing would be left of the Black Flame Canyon. Fortunately, it was very calm—no matter how much the magma over the edge boiled and bubbled, the black flame remained stagnant.

“Are you going to bring something back?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie could imagine what Yue Yang would do next without even having to guess. This kid would never give up treasure no matter the time or place. I believe that he wouldn’t opt to return until he gets a share of the Di Gui Yin Flame, but if it starts erupting… Well, I followed him anyway, so I’ll entrust that to fate and accept it. If I die, then so be it; the most important thing now was to support him whole-heartedly after all!

“That’s a given, but our real reward isn’t just the Di Gui Yin Flame,” Yue Yang suppressed his excitement and swallowed a gulp of saliva,”We profited big time, Kitty! Look above your head!”

“Above my head?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie looked up and found the dome of the entire s.p.a.ce to be less than 10 meters away from her. It was densely packed with a kind of black ore with purple and blue streaks of light. Some stalact.i.tes hung in all its glory and the entire root became a deep shade of purplish blue.

Is this the Di Yan Ore?

A thumb-sized snippet of the Di Yan Liquid Crystal could be auctioned for tens of millions. With an abundance of the Di Yan Ores here, how much of the Di Yan Liquid Crystals could be refined?

Drunken Cat Yu Jie felt as if she had fallen into a nest of silver and gold No, it was 10,000 times more impressive than a mere nest of silver and gold. Looks like they really hit the jackpot on this one!

Reacting out of her trance, she immediately suppressed her excitement and looked at Yue Yang vigorously, “Let’s talk about it, how should I cooperate? Although I am not very good at mining, I think there is no problem with such an obvious open-pit bonanza!”

However, Yue Yang shook his head and waved his hand, indicating that Drunken Cat Yu Jie should first suppress her excitement.

He pointed in one direction, “If you look over there, you’d realise that all these clumps of Di Yan Ores are just the appetizers; that ‘Vulcan Soul Refining Herb’ will be the biggest harvest of our trip! After thousands of years of tempering by Di Gui Yin Flame, it was said to be a herb of a Divine Product formed by the souls of the deceased G.o.ds themselves. With it, we are of no lesser position than harvesting a Divine Item… I really didn’t expect there to be this kind of treasure in the Black Flame Canyon. No wonder Lord Black Flame would rather let someone bang against its front door and yet remain inside the Canyon despite everything that was going on outside. Turns out that it was always intended to protect the Vulcan Soul Refining Herb..”

The largely beautiful eyes of Drunken Cat Yu Jie’s widened, “Divine Product?”

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