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Chapter 162: Rules of the Special Gift Pack

Buildings were built quickly because of prior planning.

The next special gift pack that involved rules was easier to use because it did not require too much of planning. After all, changing the rules directly was the job of the system.

Kant glanced at the special gift pack that was still listed on his retina.

After pondering for a short while, he made up his mind. He communicated with the system and ordered in a solemn voice, “Directly use the refugee wave and the immigration wave.”

The system followed his thoughts.

In his mind, the two cards with countless human figures on them suddenly shattered into countless streams of light.

It was still the same old place.

On the east side of Oasis Lookout, behind the dune, 500 refugees in ragged clothes and 500 immigrants in neat clothes were walking towards the dune in big and small packs. The two were clearly separated, but there was not much of a gap between them.

Vaegirs archers on the arrow tower quickly discovered that so many strangers were approaching.

Following the urgent shouts, 40 elite desert bandits led 70 desert bandits and rushed out of the city gate. They raised their spears and machetes and quickly approached the dune. They blocked in front of these 1,000 people, but they did not attack.

After asking, they confirmed that they were refugees and immigrants who had come to seek refuge with Lord Kant.

They simply let them pa.s.s on the spot.

After all, they were all on the same side, so there was no need to make things difficult for them.

Kant saw it clearly from the G.o.d’s view.

At the same time, he also saw that in the direction of the city gate, Firentis was talking to an unfamiliar middle-aged man. Kant looked carefully and he knew that this was the hero pack that he had obtained previously — James.

A doctor from the continent of Caradia.

Perhaps he was the best doctor. There was no doubt about it, especially in terms of surgery. After all, he was able to open the patient’s skull for treatment in the Middle Ages, not only did ordinary doctors not have the courage, they probably did not understand surgery too well. And according to Kant’s understanding of him, surgery, treatment, and first aid, James could be considered as a soldier’s savior.

In the game, with James as a full-time doctor, the casualty rate of soldiers could be reduced by half!

He had great skills.

After all, Kant had three heroic NPCs.

Firentis was in charge of commanding the cavalry, Manid was in charge of making money from the trade caravan, and James was in charge of treating the wounded.

At the moment, it seemed that the combination was very reasonable.

Kant was also satisfied with this. At the same time, he scanned the golden card in his mind and chose a new one. He contacted the system and activated it. “Use terrain modification to create a lake!”

The card instantly shattered.

The golden data flow began to spread.

Kant had previously drawn the special reward of this “Terrain modification (Lake)”, so he was very familiar with how to use similar magic ball rules. At the same time, he quickly made a decision in his mind.

The new lake was also 80 meters long, 30 meters wide, and about three meters deep.

The two lakes were connected to each other, moving in a north-south direction. The narrow and long waters just happened to occupy the sand dune plain where the Oasis Lookout was located. Although there were dune all around, the new lake could already extend to the end of the 50 acres of wheat fields and 30 acres of date palm tree, it was convenient for irrigation when the ca.n.a.l was built in the future.

The appearance of a large number of fields also meant a large amount of irrigation.

Especially in the desert where there was a large amount of evaporation, irrigation was needed at any time and place.

Otherwise, the tender seedlings would be directly burned to death by the Sun.

This was not a joke in the desert. After all, Kant’s agricultural area had not been developed in time, and all of them had been burned to death because of his poor management, resulting in no harvest. Although no one laughed at it, Kant himself could not stand it.

He would not let such a situation happen to him.

“Build the ca.n.a.l!”

Kant did not say anything and directly chose to rebuild the ca.n.a.l.

After paying 100 denars, the construction team from Suno also appeared at the dune. According to the usual practice, the ca.n.a.l would be completed in seven days. It would irrigate all 50 acres of wheat fields and 30 acres of date palm forest, as well as the 10 acres of flax fields.

Because Kant had drawn a spring before, large amount of spring water poured into the underground water network, so the Oasis Lookout had no shortage of water resources.

“Use, growth of all living things!”

Kant said in a deep voice, his voice slightly grave.

The golden card shattered into pieces, and the data stream instantly surged out like a huge dragon. It exploded like a sprinkling, and countless tiny data streams fell down, slowly covering the entire Oasis Lookout, it was like a gentle wind and rain, brus.h.i.+ng past the vegetation.

But when the vegetation and fields absorbed the tiny data streams, the original greenery became even more obvious.

It was like some mysterious force was stimulating the vitality of these plants.

And in just a few seconds, the five arcs of chee gra.s.s beach that had been completely harvested previously was sprouted and took shape again. The rich chee gra.s.s once again appeared in the gra.s.s beach, almost exactly the same as before it was harvested.

The most amazing thing was the five acres of date palm jungle that had only a wooden stake left.

At the top of the wooden stake, data streams were attached.

Date palm trees sprouted from the bottom to the top, followed by long palm leaves. Under the leaves were young branches full of date flowers, as well as small date fruits that could be faintly seen on them.

It was truly the growth of all living things.

Kant’s eyes were filled with shock, but he quickly recovered.

He had been shocked too much today.

“Double the number of recruits, permanent camp of the Desert Bandits.”

Kant continued to give orders, “Level up, permanent council hall.”

The system quickly responded.

Kant had used “Double the number of recruits” in the past, and it was also permanent in the desert bandit camp. And now, by continuing to maintain this kind of rule, the number of recruits doubled. It directly increased to 40 desert bandits per week, which was almost 160 people per month, it was enough to form a cavalry unit!

The role of these light cavalries was brilliant in the previous battles.

Scouting, hara.s.sing, and following the charge of the heavy cavalries.

As well as the post-war cleanup work, all of them completed the jobs perfectly. Therefore, Kant had high hopes for these low-level light cavalry soldiers. Although their close-range combat ability was really not good, they had high mobility. They could display their full potential, and became the best cavalry.

When charging into battle, the Swadian heavy cavalries would naturally be in charge.

The option of “Level up” was a special gift pack to speed up the nurturing of high-level footman.

[ Level up (council hall) : A mysterious power condenses within it. The power of rules is contained within the golden light. Attribute: Swadian recruit recruited by the council hall can be directly upgraded to Swadian militia. ]

Kant read the introduction and nodded slightly.

As the central building of the fortress, the council hall had both administrative and military capabilities. Recruiting a Swadian recruit for the lord was also an important special effect.

However, the Swadian recruit was no longer able to keep up with Kant’s pace of battle.

Or it could be said that even the militia was the same.

Compared to the weak Swadian recruits, these Swadian militia who had hunting crossbow, heavy spear, and equipped with iron-scale armor and wooden s.h.i.+elds were enough to solve some of the problems. At the very least, they were much better than the Swadian recruit.

Looking at the remaining three gift packs.

Kant narrowed his eyes slightly, his expression slightly solemn.

Council hall, Level up, Harvest week.

Kant understood that the first two were the key to developing a village again, and the guarantee to let the current “Drondheim” develop into a real castle. According to his current plan, they were two special gift packs that would not be touched.

Kant still needed to carefully plan the location of the village to be built.

And to develop it into a castle, he still needed to complete the construction of all the buildings.

The use of these two gift packs was temporarily postponed.

“Harvest week.”

Kant looked at the last special gift pack with a puzzled expression.

The system gave an introduction.

[ Harvest week: This card contains mysterious rules and powers. After use, the crops can immediately mature and harvest this week, allowing the owner of the crops to obtain a b.u.mper harvest. ]

“I see.”, Kant understood.

In layman’s terms, it was directly allowing the crops to undergo the process of sprouting, blooming, bearing fruit, and maturing within a week.

He could only shake his head at this.

The changes from the system’s rules were truly invincible.

In the Academy of the Dukedom of Leo, Kant had once heard about the secret matters of mages, especially in other dukedom where there was a Druid sect that advocated the nature. They were good at helping the development of agriculture. It was said that they could make crops sprout and grow quickly, but it was impossible to make such a large-scale change.

“There aren’t many who can compete with the system, right?”, Kant smiled.

This was his cheat.

It was also equal to his ability, not inferior to those mysterious mages who stayed in the Mage Tower all day long.

Compared to the so-called extraordinary power, Kant was more confident in how many elite troops he had. After all, a large number of troops formed by these ordinary soldiers, even extraordinary power had to bow in front of the army.

At the very least, he knew that these mages were not invincible.

Even when the Dukedom of Leo began to wage war, the Grand Duke of Leo, Cameron, could summon those mages with mysterious extraordinary powers to attack with the army and use them as a powerful force.

If the mages were really strong, how could the magical beasts, darkness, and some mages from the DND series bow their heads in front of the secular king?

In a low magic oriented world, an army formed by ordinary people was still strong enough to make the extraordinary powers bow their heads.

In a sense, an elite troop was even more precious than extraordinary powers!

Kant thought of the Dukedom of Leo and couldn’t help but think of his cooperation with Baron Dylan at the Stone Pa.s.s. He hadn’t traded table salt for nearly three weeks, and the baron was probably impatient of waiting.

“After settling the current matters, perhaps it’s time to make a trip to the Stone Pa.s.s.”

Kant made up his mind.

However, looking at the dialog box that popped up automatically in his vision, the corner of his mouth curled up into a smile. “Can all of the troop cla.s.s be leveled up? In my opinion, this is really worth looking forward to!”

The dialog box of troop cla.s.s popped out from the system.

After experiencing this double-rated epic victory and legendary comment, Kant’s soldiers had obtained a lot of experience points!

It was more than enough to level up for all the soldiers!


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