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Chapter 187: Kant, Who Was at Ease

The construction of the Council Hall had been completed.

Although this lonely building appeared simple and crude, but it also meant that Aaron’s village had officially taken shape.

Right behind the village.

A slight noise could be heard. It was the sound of footsteps and discussions.

A group of people walked over quickly.

When they saw Kant, their eyes were filled with excitement and exhilaration.

“My Lord, before you appeared in front of us, your name and your reputation had already spread throughout our lives.”

The group of people were cheering.

They placed their right hands on their chests with extreme respect and then bowed solemnly.

This was the most ceremonious etiquette in the Kingdom of Rhodoks.

“h.e.l.lo.” Kant nodded.

In fact, the etiquette of the Kingdom of Swadia was the same.

The two came from the same source.

As for the humiliating kowtow, it was not popular in the continent of Caradia. As for the one-knee kowtow that was similar to the conferring of a knight, it would also be impossible to see if one did not have a certain status or occasion.

Kant looked at the peasant and clansmen of Rhodoks.

Although they were all in high spirits.

According to Kant’s gaze, these 50 honest peasant of Rhodoks and 10 basic level 1 soldiers of Rhodoks really had the word “Weak” written all over their faces.

The 50 Rhodoks peasant held a round sickle that was used to cut wheat.

The 10 Rhodoks people were slightly better. They were wearing old leather armor, a butcher’s knife was attached to the coa.r.s.e cloth belt, and between their hands were gra.s.s forks that had been sharpened and polished.

They upheld the kingdom of Rhodoks’tradition of using long weapons.

However, they were inferior to the kingdom of Swadia’s peasant.

At the very least, the peasant in the Oasis Lookout could still wield a long scythe. Although it was a farming tool, it was much better than the round scythe that belonged to a one-handed weapon.

Kant even curled up the corner of his mouth into a wicked smile.

If these peasant were given an extra hammer to cultivate their own artisan skills, then they could be invincible!

The brothers of the worker and peasant cla.s.s United.

Overturn the other world!

“Cough Cough.” Kant hurriedly shook his head hard and coughed a few times in slight embarra.s.sment. He threw these somewhat shameful lines and attire out of his mind, allowing his mind to regain its clarity.

Now was not the time to let his imagination run wild.

These people from the Rhodoks mountain region were indeed quite poor.

The weapons used by the Rhodoks clansmen of the cla.s.s 1 troops were actually pitchforks and sharp butcher knives.

One had to know.

The weapons used by the Swaduian recruit of cla.s.s 1 troops were actual long spears. Even the melee weapons were hand axes and wooden s.h.i.+elds. The difference between the two was like heaven and earth!

It could be said that the Swadian recruit could already form a basic combat force.

The cla.s.s 1 troops of the Rhodoks were still only good for their numbers.

Such treatment could only be changed after becoming a cla.s.s 2 troop, allowing the low-level troops of the Kingdom of Rhodoks to officially form a combat force that could be used on the battlefield.

A Level 2 Rhodoks spearman

A Level 2 Rhodoks crossbowman.

However, compared to the wealthy kingdom of Swadia, the level 2 militia could only be equipped with a spear, hunting crossbow, combat shovel, and wide s.h.i.+eld. Being located in a mountainous area, the resources were slightly lacking, and the economy was not developed. The Kingdom of Rhodoks could only be divided into the troop cla.s.s in detail: the strong character of the infantrymen, who were good at using spears, and the crossbowmen who were directly equipped with light crossbow.

This was a system the Kingdom of Rhodoks developed according to its own advantages.

The vast majority of the Rhodoks people lived in the mountains.

The years of poverty had allowed them to develop an indestructible character strong like a boulder, as well as an emotional state stable like a mountain range. They were the best spearmen in the entire continent of Caradia.

When they gathered together side by side into a dense formation, it was the strongest spear formation.

And they chose to spread out.

With their long-hilted broadswords in hand, they were like brown bears charging and slaughtering.

In addition, they were good at using the crossbow due to hunting.

The combination of the two.

Formed a mountain army that could sweep through the complicated mountain environment!

When the Kingdom of Swadia and the Kingdom of Rhodoks were still one, the infantry and crossbowmen of the Kingdom of Rhodoks, the heavy cavalry of the Kingdom of Swadia, were the strongest combination in the continent of Caradia!

Now, the city of Aaron needed to develop.

At the very least, he needed to develop it to the level of a fortress in order to restore the glory of the Kingdom of Rhodoks.

Relying solely on these peasant and clansmen.

How could they combat the dangerous Senwaya range with round sickles and pitchforks in their hands.

When Kant left this place, any ordinary magical creature that appeared would be able to slaughter the entire village, and they would have no power to resist, only sending themselves to their deaths in vain.

Kant needed a certain arrangement.

He narrowed his eyes.

His mind communicated with the system, and at the same time, the golden card in his mind instantly shattered into pieces.

The data flow began to materialize.

“Use the construction transfer card to transfer the [ Ranger Camp ] from Drondheim fortress to Aaron Village.”

Kant gave the order to the system.

[ ding… transfer begins ]

The system answered straightforwardly.

The data flow instantly spread, and faint spatial fluctuations appeared.

And in the Oasis Lookout, the [ Ranger Camp ] that was originally standing in the military zone on the east side, adjacent to the [ Vergia shooting range ] , actually spread along with the data flow, it turned into a data flow and turned back into a golden light. At this point, it shuttled back and forth, forming a construction card in Kant’s mind.

The spatial fluctuations disappeared, and the power of the system’s rules returned.

Kant’s gaze turned to the side of the Council Hall. He communicated with the golden card in his mind and said in a low voice, “System, construct the building there.”

A stream of data appeared.

On the flat land at the peak of the mountain, a foundation, bricks, wood, and other construction materials appeared out of thin air.

In the blink of an eye, the construction of the building was completed from the bottom up.

[ ding… transfer completed ]

The system sent a notification.

“Very good.” Kant nodded in satisfaction, but he did not end the construction.

Turning his head to look at the Flat Mountain Peak, Kant continued to give orders to the system, “Build 10 houses around the Council Hall. At the same time, build a city wall at the top of the mountain and build a well.”

[ ding… system prompt ]

[ village-level construction, continuous construction of buildings. Each building will cost an additional 100 denar. ]

[ this construction will cost a total of 2,400 denar. Would you like to construct? ]

“Construct,” Kant replied.

There was no need to hesitate. A mere 2,400 denar was not a huge sum of money.

The data stream continued to emerge.

At the foot of the mountain, 10 carriages and more than 100 people walked over. Dressed in the clothes of the Rhodoks people, they looked up at the peak of the mountain and shouted at each other as they walked up. They did not seem to be bothered by the pathless mountain. Instead, they weren’t too slow, and it did not take long for them to arrive at the edge of the mountain peak.

“Honorable Lord Kant, we meet again!”

The leader of the strong men looked at Kant in surprise. He quickly put his hands on his chest and bowed. “We met when we built the well in the desert. You also helped me send a letter home to Knight Fatis.”

“It’s you.” Kant nodded. He also thought of this man.

“It’s me, it’s me, the leader of the construction team in Veruga.”

This construction leader nodded with a smile, as if he was happy that Kant still remembered him. At the same time, he hurriedly waved his hand behind him, shouting to the construction workers, “Come up quickly. This is Lord Kant’s new estate. We must work hard this time. We can’t let Lord Kant’s buildings have any flaws!”

“It’s really Lord Kant! We’ve really come to the land of Miracles!”

“Ah, that’s right, it’s really Lord Kant! It’s really him!”

“Lord Kant of the land of miracles! Oh My G.o.d, we’re working for Lord Kant!”

Behind them, the Veruga construction workers looked pleasantly surprised.

They all looked at Kant with extreme excitement and walked forward one after another, ignoring the carriage behind them. They hurriedly put their hands on their chests and bowed respectfully. Their att.i.tude was so respectful that it was impeccable.

“Very good.”Kant nodded and said to them, “Be careful.”

He got the respectful replies of the construction workers in return.

The people who came out of the Rhodoks Mountains were all top-notch soldiers or workers. Their personalities were as steady and simple as the mountains. This was also the reason why the people of Rhodoks had a better reputation. There were very few swindlers among them, and on the contrary, the Kingdom of Swadia and the Kingdom of Nords had the most number of swindlers.

Kant dismissed these construction workers as they busied themselves.

At the same time, he also gave orders to the 50 peasant and 10 clansmen.

Using the farm tools in their hands, they cleaned up the weeds and bushes at the peak of the mountain. At the same time, they also had to clean up the small forest and level the thousands of acres of land, which would be the foundation of the village in the future.

For this, Kant also found the tools that he bought from the Stone Pa.s.s.

He had the peasant cut all the small trees as thick as bowls with a logging axe. Then, he used a round sickle to clean up the branches. Finally, he cut them into pieces and piled them up as firewood for future use. Or, he dug out mud pits and made them into charcoal kilns, he burned excellent charcoal and sent it back to the oasis lookout for use.

Kant was not the n.o.ble young master he was when the village was first established.

Now, he was handling it smoothly and orderly.

At the same time, for the sake of the safety of Aaron’s village, Kant’s thought reconnected with the system and silently said, “System, recruit this week’s 10 Ravenston Rangers.”

[ ding… system prompt ]

[ the recruitment price for Ravenston Rangers is 30 denar per person, a total of 300 denar for 10 people. ]

[ yes/no? ]

“Recruit.” Kant calmly made his choice.

Just as the 300 denar disappeared from Kant’s mind, in the [ Ranger Camp ] that was close to the council hall, 10 Ravenston Rangers quickly walked out, wearing nail-studded leather jackets and carrying heavy battle bows. On their backs hung two-handed greatswords, there was also a row of cone arrows in the quiver at their waist.

As level 4 Rangers, their equipment was not much inferior to level 5 Rangers.

Armor-piercing cone arrows were the standard equipment of the Rexton Kingdom.

After all, although the barbarians in the Misty Mountains wore simple leather armor, the armor they wore was extremely thick. If they did not have these cone arrows that were specially used to break armor.., just relying on ordinary arrows and barbs that dealt more damage to unarmored targets would obviously be slightly inferior in terms of damage. They wouldn’t be able to maintain the normal stability of the Ravenston Kingdom.


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