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Chapter 489: Kant’s Return

This time, there was no doubt in his voice. His words were sonorous and powerful.

Kant’s voice continued to come from the crystal ball. “This is the general situation. Basically, you just need me to give you some pointers. The rest of the specific strategies will be formulated by Firentis and you. I will once again give orders to Firentis. With the decisive battle plan that he has specified as the main plan, you will provide the appropriate complement!”

Kant believed that in terms of pure military ability, both Firentis and Rolf were stronger than him. He did not need to overstep his authority and help them to specify the decisive battle plan. Moreover, he was not at the border between the North County and South County. It would be difficult to formulate a specific decisive battle plan.

Rolf replied, “Okay, I will cooperate with Firentis this time!”

Rolf understood that if he and Firentis were asked to come up with a new battle plan, according to Kant’s request, his battle plan would definitely not be as good as Firentis’s.

In terms of ability, he was confident that he would not be worse than Firentis, but with his personality, he did not like it, and it was not suitable for him to come up with a proper battle plan. On the contrary, Firentis was quite suitable to come up with such a battle plan.

“Then, this call ends here. Goodbye, Rolf!”

“Goodbye, my Lord, I am honored to listen to your suggestion!”

Two days pa.s.sed, and it was a new week.

The army of the North County and the army of the East County had been broken up and reorganized. Firentis had a.s.signed the Swadian Light Footmen and the Swadian Footmen to be sandwiched between them. Firstly, they were elites to lead the miscellaneous troops, and secondly, they were to supervise them.

In addition to the rules announced by Firentis,

According to the military merits, they would be conferred a t.i.tle of n.o.bility, land would be given according to the results of the battle, and they would receive a pension based on their performance before they died.

Such rules completely stimulated the soldiers’ pa.s.sion for war.

After a few short days of training, the entire infantry corps was brand new. There were 30,000 infantrymen, 3,000 heavy cavalries and 2,000 light cavalries.

Under the leaders.h.i.+p of Firentis, they slowly set off from Maas Castle, heading to south. They heading to the Seria Castle, which was 50 miles away. There were 15,000 heavy cavalries from South County stationed there.

There were also 50 Swadian Royal Knights following behind Firentis.

Deep in South County, Rolf led 1,600 desert bandits and 30,000 soldiers led by Korod, the commander-in-chief of the uprising army, towards the border between North County and South County.

The decisive battle was coming.

The system once again made a financial calculation. Kant had already converted the 50 chariots that the headquarters of the Crimson Sect had plundered into denar.

Even if the financial expenditure this time was more than 800,000 denars, including the military expenditure of more than 700,000 denars, it was nothing to Kant.

After the calculation, Kant still had more than 3 million denars left. If it was during normal times, it would be enough to support him for one to two months.

However, this was a time of war. Kant was doing his best to send out violent troops, so the military expenditure would definitely be higher and higher. This 3 million denars perhaps could only last for three weeks.

Three weeks was not short.

However, if one did not think far ahead, there would definitely be immediate worries.

Due to the erosion of the situation in the South County, a large number of trade caravan were plundered and killed, causing more trade caravans to turn their backs on this trade route. This caused the salt mine business to be greatly impacted in the past few weeks.

Thousands of sacks of fine white salt were piled up in the middle of the posthouse in the Nahrin Desert. Although there were still some trade caravans that took a detour from the East County to the Dukedom of Leo, and then pa.s.sed through the Mountain of Death to the North County, they managed to maintain a portion of the fine white salt profits.

But overall, the profits from the salt mine did not rise like they had expected. Instead, they were on the trend of shrinking.

The gold eagles that could be exchanged for denar from the weekly trading volume had decreased from 400,000 to over 200,000 denars.

This was a big problem.

At present, the salt mines were the main source of income for the Kant’s denar, if he didn’t count the fortune-making incidents such as the annihilation of the Crimson Sect.

From this, the war of the Dukedom of Leo had to end as soon as possible.

At least, the South County had to recover its stability so that the trade caravans of human countries could have a smoother trade route.

As long as the trade route was smoother, with the production capacity of the salt mines in the Nahrin Desert and the salt-making workshop in the Oasis Lookout, it would not be difficult for the salt mines to make millions of denars per week.

At this moment, on the Resniston River, 30 triremes were in the front and 120 sailboats were in the back.

Kant sat in the room that was specially used for office use in the cabin, carefully reading a biography of the G.o.d of war, Edmund.

In front of the desk made of high-quality wood, there was a bright silver table on each side. On each silver table, there were three high-quality honey waxes purchased from the Silver Platter Kingdom, lighting up the entire room very brightly. The floor was covered with a thick velvet carpet, and the wooden walls were hung with luxurious decorations. The entire room looked very luxurious.

There was a knock on the door.

“Please come in!” Kant said.

A Swadian Royal Knight walked in.

The full-body plate armor was worn on his body, and it was polished to a smooth and s.h.i.+ny state. Even though it was covered with a linen coat, it was still s.h.i.+ning under the candlelight, and there were exquisite patterns carved on it. It was so beautiful that it did not look like a knight who had been on the battlefield for a long time, it was a work of art meticulously crafted by an artist. It was the most perfect war art!

The three-meter-long heavy armor-piercing lance was held in one arm. The kite-shaped s.h.i.+eld on the left arm was inlaid with fine steel. In the light blue cloak that fluttered behind him, the gilded knight sword was on the left side of his waist. There was also a slender spiked warhammer hanging on the right side.

“Lord, Lionheart City is already in sight!”

The Swadian Royal Knight said respectfully.

Kant closed the biography of the G.o.d of war, Edmund, and sighed softly, “Lionheart City, we’ve finally arrived!”

This sigh was filled with endless emotions.

A year ago, Kant brought thirty Swadian peasants with only twenty great silver coins on him, and left Lionheart city in extreme despair.

He was almost exiled.

Under the ridicule of all the n.o.bles in the city, he set off on the road to his estate, the Nahrin Desert.

With only 20 cavalries escorting him, they only treated this as a mission and did not respect him at all.

Now, in just a short year’s time, he had returned.

At this moment, he was so powerful that he was the true ruler of the Nahrin Desert and the ruler of half of the Dukedom of Leo. He was so powerful that he could easily contend with the entire Dukedom of Leo. His wealth could be said to be comparable to a country’s wealth.

Kant came to the deck and looked at the majestic city in the distance. He had lived in this city for sixteen years. He looked at city with a deep thought, but it soon turned into a cold look.

Kant’s original intention was to attack Lionheart City and cut off the economic lifeline of the Dukedom of Leo. At the same time, he would attack the real administrative center of the Dukedom of Leo — the Lion Fort — with the army led by Firentis and Rolf, who were attacking the city from the north and the south. It would create an encirclement of Lionheart City.


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