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Chapter 1129: Gossip That Had Changed Hands Multiple Times

Pei Qian looked at the time. It was already Friday. He could not do much.

He would first communicate with Meng Chang and get him to prepare before arranging for the fake reviewers to stir up some popularity and pave the way for them over the weekend.

Then, from Monday onwards, Tengda officially released a statement, Meng Chang filmed a promotional video, and posted on Weibo to tell players that they were working with Slow Movement Studio…

Work was on the right track.

He would most likely be busy with Slow Movement Studio and VR gla.s.ses next month. It was almost time for settlement when he was done.

Many projects had failed in this cycle, but there were experience shops and snack markets after all. They were good but not profitable. Coupled with the money spent on buying a lot of shops and the two money-burning activities for the 515 Games Festival and Xiaxia, there was still hope if they worked hard to get a commission.

In any case, he would think about the next cycle. He had to think of a way to end this cycle perfectly.

Pei Qian made up his mind and immediately took a car to Shenhua View building. He did not go to his own office but went straight to the advertising and marketing department.

At the same time, in the advertising and marketing department.

Meng Chang was playing games with boredom at his desk.

He was not someone who liked playing games, but he had no choice. It was too boring here. He had nothing else to do except watch shows.

Meng Chang often had to come up with publicity plans related to games previously. Naturally, he had to play more games and understand more. It would be easier to perform in reverse publicity.

He could make a last minute a.s.sault but it was useless for a layman. He had to learn more and master it.

Meng Chang might not want to work anymore but he still retained his gaming habits.

On the other side, Yu Yao was whispering to his colleagues.

“I feel like Brother Meng was a little down a while ago? He only improved slightly over the past two days. What’s wrong? Didn’t the publicity plan of the inspiration cla.s.s succeed?”

“Why does it feel like Brother Meng’s style is becoming more and more similar to Boss Pei’s? Is he also troubled about Tengda’s worries now?” The colleague was confused.

Yu Yao shook his head slightly. “I think not, or rather, not all.”

“First of all, one is marked by the company one keeps. Brother Meng has been working under Boss Pei for so long. Boss Pei taught him his sales strategy. It’s normal for Brother Meng to be affected by Boss Pei and have some changes.”

“However, I don’t think he would be ‘troubled about Tengda’s worries’.”

“The two of them play different roles after all. Boss Pei is the leader of Tengda Corporation while Brother Meng is only the person-in-charge of the advertising and marketing department. No matter how much they are influenced by him, their thinking should not reach Boss Pei’s level.”

“I think Brother Meng’s reaction should be… a state of dissatisfaction with himself and working hard?”

At the same time, he was confused. “What do you mean?”

Yu Yao explained, “Look, Brother Meng should be very confident in his publicity strategy. Back then, he was at the Cold-Faced Lady’s side and could do anything he wanted. He played with popularity online and attracted the attention of all netizens. It was very impressive.”

“However, after coming to Tengda, Brother Meng completely rejected his past marketing methods under Boss Pei’s guidance. The plan he made was even more popular than before.”

“This is enough to show that Boss Pei’s marketing skills are far above his!”

“Therefore, the more successful our plan is, the more Brother Meng would see the huge gap between himself and Boss Pei. This gap would make it difficult for him to be happy. He would feel dissatisfaction, pressure, and naturally show a worried state.”

“I think this is the fundamental difference between Boss Pei and him.”

The colleague nodded in realization. “I see!”

The two of them were discussing softly when they saw Boss Pei walk in quickly, straight towards Meng Chang’s desk.

“Come to the conference room, we’ll discuss the publicity plan.”

Yu Yao and his colleagues exchanged a look and confirmed their guess seeing the two of them enter the conference room one after another.

“See, I told you that Boss Pei is behind Brother Meng’s publicity plan! This time, Boss Pei even came to the advertising and marketing department personally, perhaps because the publicity plan is more important.”

“I wonder what the publicity plan will be next… I’m looking forward to it!”

Pei Qian and Meng Chang came to the conference room and sat down.

“We agreed previously that you would partic.i.p.ate in the publicity plan this time. Since you are partic.i.p.ating the entire time, you can lend a hand and execute it, right?” Pei Qian asked.

Meng Chang nodded immediately. “Of course!”

Of course, Meng Chang could not ask for more.

That was because he was indeed very curious about how Boss Pei would operate. He did not know if Boss Pei would play any tricks while watching from the side.

However, if he were to partic.i.p.ate in the publicity event and personally execute this publicity plan, he would definitely understand much more than just watching.

Pei Qian briefly explained what Meng Chang needed to cooperate with him.

The main purpose was to film the promotional video and announce the cooperation with Slow Movement Studio on his personal Weibo. In fact, it tied Meng Chang’s personal image to Slow Movement Studio’s subsequent marketing activities.

“How should we film the promotional video…? You’ll take care of it. I only have three requests.”

“First, try not to show the true image of the Doubt VR gla.s.ses in the promotional video. Instead, replace it with a ridiculous, exaggerated, and high-tech virtual image.”

“Second, we have to film it with a sufficiently stream of conscientiousness. It might even appear strange and make most people feel very confused. At the same time, we have to make sure it is not very compelling.”

“Third, add some exaggerated slogans such as ‘unrivaled’, ‘the best VR product can be bought in three years’, and so on. You can express yourself freely.”

“I’ll give you enough funds for the promotional video. You can decide how much you want to spend on it.”

Meng Chang naturally understood the problem with funding without Pei Qian explaining.

He had to spend more money. That way, the commission for the conversion would be more. If he was reluctant to spend money from the beginning and only earned a commission of one or two thousand yuan after succeeding, it would be a loss.

However, the more funds he had, the more likely the product would explode. He had to grasp the speed.

Pei Qian felt that Meng Chang should be able to handle this matter well.

Meng Chang was carefully savoring Boss Pei’s three requests.

A moment later, he asked, “Boss Pei, are you… going for praise after criticism?”

“This promotional video repeatedly hinted to everyone that our VR gla.s.ses are an epochal product. It creates an unrealistic sense of antic.i.p.ation for them. At the same time, it creates controversy among different audiences. That way, they will feel a difference after the product is released, right?”

Pei Qian could not help but feel elated.

Alright, someone finally understood my true intentions without twisting them!

So happy!

It felt so good not to be misunderstood!

That was the way to talk to smart people.

Pei Qian nodded. “That’s right.”

Meng Chang hesitated for a moment and said, “However, Boss Pei, I’m afraid it’s still far from that…”

Pei Qian could not help but roll his eyes.

How could I not know?

Pei Qian continued, “This is just the beginning. There are other follow-up arrangements. Listen patiently.”

“Then, we have to tie your image to Slow Movement Studio’s marketing activities. I remember that you have many fans on Weibo. Use them and announce it at the right time.”

“I’ll talk to Slow Movement Studio, they will not undermine you.”

Meng Chang was stunned. “Boss Pei, you’re really making the best use of everything…”

He was so smart that he immediately understood Boss Pei’s intentions.

He was planning to use his bad reputation to drag Slow Movement Studio down. At the same time, he wanted everyone to look at this series of publicity events in a different light.

Meng Chang immediately regretted it.

Why didn’t I think of this idea before!

However, on further thought, it did not seem right. It was not useful even if he had thought about it previously.

That was because the publicity event this time was around Slow Movement Studio. Boss Pei had to cut the relations.h.i.+p between Slow Movement Studio and Tengda Corporation before moving Meng Chang out.

However, the projects that Meng Chang was in charge of previously were all Tengda’s own projects. The effect would definitely not be as good as this time.

Therefore, Meng Chang did not feel conflicted anymore.

What’s more, Boss Pei’s gameplay gave Meng Chang some inspiration.

Would he be able to make use of his bad reputation in the future?

I, Meng Chang, can do anything for the sake of commission!

Pei Qian was very happy that Meng Chang had completely understood and did not misunderstand his intentions.

“Alright, that’s about it. Enjoy the process today and conceptualize the promotional video. The entire promotional event will officially begin next Monday.”

“Let me tell you, I spent a lot of effort to get you a commission this time. You must not mess this up.”

Meng Chang sn.i.g.g.e.red in his heart, not believing it at all.

However, he still nodded. “I understand.”

The two of them walked out of the conference room. Pei Qian left directly while Meng Chang returned to his desk, closed the game, opened the doc.u.ment, and began to conceptualize the promotional video.

Yu Yao and his colleagues looked at each other and nodded slightly. Everything was understood without the need to speak.

Pei Qian looked at the time after leaving Shenhua View. It was already past 3 PM.

He could go home and enjoy the weekend.

At that moment, his cell phone rang.

“Who is it!”

“Why are you still working even though it’s almost time to knock off on Friday afternoon? Why are you calling me for instructions?”

“Let me see who it is. I’ll definitely reduce his department’s overtime limit!”

Pei Qian took out his cell phone, looked at the caller ID, and silently picked up.

“Mom? What’s the matter? Are you asking me to come home this weekend?”

His mother’s voice came through the phone. “Huh? No need. Just do your work over there. Mom wants to ask you something. How much… have you saved up?”

Pei Qian was stunned. “Huh?”

Pei Qian had been home quite often since they were so close.

However, the two old men did not allow him to return much. That was because they knew that their son was doing very well in Fei Huang Works.p.a.ce. He must be very busy with work. They wanted him to busy himself with work while he was still young.

Especially when the box office of Mission and Choice exploded a while ago, it made the two old men overjoyed.

They all felt that their son probably obtained a lot of dividends since the box office was so high, right?

They were genuinely happy for their son.

Why were they asking about money this time?

Pei Qian answered truthfully. “About three million yuan.”

His mother was obviously shocked. “Huh? You’ve earned so much money in such a short time?”

“Don’t work too hard, then. Take care of your body.”

Pei Qian was a little helpless. “I know, my work isn’t really busy.”

What he said was true. He was not busy at all with work. In fact, he was even living rather healthily. However, he needed very strong psychological adjustment ability. Otherwise, he would sooner or later become sick from anger.

Parents were like that. When their son starts on his career, they would tell him to work hard. When he made more money, they immediately worried about his health.

However, how much money was that to Pei Qian?

For a person who had obtained the System, he had only three million yuan in Personal Wealth after three years. It was still shy of five million yuan even if he were to add the house he had bought previously!

It was an utter disgrace!

In fact, if everything went well, he could earn three or four million yuan in a cycle. However, things didn’t go well.

Alright, on the bright side, at least one cycle pa.s.sed without any mishaps. The starting sum of the System Funds was getting higher and higher, and the theoretical upper limit of income from losing money was getting higher and higher.

Pei Qian asked, “Mom, do you need money urgently? How much do you want? I’ll send it to you in the afternoon.”

Mom said, “No, why would I need money?”

“I just heard recently that the prices of the houses in the old industrial zone are going to appreciate. You’ll be able to earn some money if you buy it. I was thinking that you would definitely not be able to pay attention to these news since you’re usually busy with work. Why don’t you take this opportunity to buy a house? Don’t let it lie in the bank and eat interest even if you have savings.”

Pei Qian was silent for a moment, and then said, “The property prices in the old industrial zone… where did this news come from? Don’t be fooled by the intermediary.”

His mother sounded very confident. “Don’t worry, this is definitely reliable news! I have a very close childhood friend. His son is a core employee of Fu Hui Investments. His son said that he heard it straight from Boss Li of Fu Hui Investments!”

“They’ve scouted the old industrial zone. I think the procedures will be done this weekend.”

“Fu Hui Investments is one of the top investment firms in Jingzhou. How can Boss Li’s words be fake? They must have heard some insider information and said that in advance!”

“They also said that this news is only circulating within a small circle. I would not have been able to obtain this information if I did not have a good relations.h.i.+p with them.”

“Hurry up and buy one of them before the price rises completely. Buying one is enough. We’re staying on our own so we do not need to invest in it. You have to leave more money for emergencies.”

Pei Qian: “…”

This f*cking information channel was amazing!

What the h.e.l.l does Boss Li know? Did he just mindlessly buy it because he saw me buying some shops and setting up a snack market there?

However, it was an accident that I bought shops there. I did not consider earning money from the snack market at all!

I’m investing there to burn money. I have the system. Why are you people interfering?

Pei Qian was speechless. “Mom, the news that has changed so many hands may not be reliable. It’s not like you don’t know about your house in the old industrial zone. That lousy place won’t be able to develop. We’ll probably lose money if we buy it.”

His mother was obviously not convinced. “You have to trust professionals in such times. How can you understand investment better than Boss Li?”

“What’s more, isn’t there a snack market over there? They said that it will be transformed into a food street in the future and have a lot of food. Buy a house nearby and you’ll be able to eat there every day. It will definitely become more lively in the future. I think that will be the case.”

“However, you should decide for yourself the hard-earned money you earned. Your mother is just giving you the news.”

“Don’t blame me if the prices of the do houses appreciate later on.”

Pei Qian: “…Alright, alright, Mom, I understand.”

Pei Qian did not know who to blame after he hung up.

His unintentional burning of money had become an inexplicable closed loop!

First, he had thought of creating a snack market to stop the Cold-Faced Lady from expanding. Then, Liang Qingfan had thought of buying shops half a street away.

Yet, Boss Li had set his sights on it for some reason. Boss Li knew that something big was going to happen, and he immediately invested in it without any hesitation.

Then, Boss Li told a few core employees about this. One of them told his parents that he happened to be Pei Qian’s mother’s childhood friend. Thus, this news reached Pei Qian…

Everyone thought that Li s.h.i.+ had obtained some insider information. However, Pei Qian knew very well where this insider information came from.

It was a coincidence, a misunderstanding!

Buy a house in the old industrial zone? They would only buy it if they were bored and had too much money!

At first, this was completely unreliable. However, on further thought, Pei Qian opened the application, intending to take a look at the houses there.

His mother was right about one thing. The surrounding environment would definitely be more livable in the future even though it was unlikely for houses there to appreciate.

The old industrial zone was originally rather dilapidated and the environment was not good. It was completely unrelated to the word “livable”. However, the surrounding economy was activated with the completion of the Thriller Hostel and snack market.

If he stayed here, he would be able to shop at the snack market once he left. He would be able to eat good food. Everything else aside, it would definitely be very popular.

The house near the high-speed rail station might be in a good location and convenient for traffic but it was obviously lacking in the daily life for his parents. There was still a flaw in it.

Old people did not need convenience and did not like big shopping malls. However, it should not be a bad idea to walk around the streets and alleys like the snack street.

What’s more, the houses in the old industrial zone should be very cheap. It would not be a big deal to buy a new neighborhood with a better environment.

However, after browsing the application, Pei Qian was shocked.

“Why the f*ck did the property prices increase so fast?”

“Such a lousy house is worth so much money? That’s ridiculous!”

“A bubble, definitely a bubble!”

Pei Qian threw his cell phone aside when he saw the price.

Pei Qian had seen the property prices in Jingzhou two years ago. The houses in the city center were about 15,000 to 16,000 yuan. The buildings near the high-speed rail station were generally about 11,000 to 12,000 yuan.

At that time, the houses in the old industrial zone were considered cheap in Jingzhou. At most, they cost 6,000 to 7,000 yuan.

That was because Jingzhou’s development was going west or south. The old industrial zone was old and dilapidated. There were no prospects. Most of the districts were old. There were only a few new buildings. Naturally, the price was very low.

However, when Pei Qian saw the prices online, the average price had risen to more than 8,000 yuan!

The property prices had been on the rise over the past two years but this was a general trend, the old industrial zones’ property prices could actually hit 8,000 yuan?

What’s more, this was an average price. Some good districts would definitely exceed 10,000 yuan.

Pei Qian could not accept this!

Obviously, these were all bubbles. People like Li s.h.i.+ were buying and buying crazily here. The others were brainlessly following suit and pus.h.i.+ng the property prices up.

“Can’t people think independently now?”

“They’re following the trend mindlessly. Once the house is bought, the popularity will pa.s.s, and the property prices will decrease. Wouldn’t they lose everything?”

“Sigh, really.”

Pei Qian was speechless and worried for these people.

However, after calming down, he picked up his cell phone again.

“Forget it, forget it. Even if it’s 10,000 yuan per square meter, a 150 square meters house is only 1.5 million yuan. It’s not like I can’t afford it. I’m not hoping for it to appreciate. If it falls, so be it.”

This time, Pei Qian took a closer look at the surrounding districts.

It had to be said that even though the houses in this area had increased overall, the magnitude of the increase was also different.

The rate of increase obviously depended on three factors: the distance from the snack market, the environment, and education.

The new campuses with good locations and academic districts were obviously the most popular and had the most ridiculous growth.

The increase in prices was minimal in districts further away.

That was normal. The snack market and even the entire snack street could only affect a small area. There would be no investment attributes if it was far away.

However, Pei Qian did not intend to invest in it to begin with. He only wanted to buy a place in a new district where he could walk to the snack market and have better facilities nearby.


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