WebNovel Losing Money to Be a Tycoon Chapter 1338 – There Seems To Be A Person Who Completely Fits Young Master Tian's Character!

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Chapter 1338: There Seems To Be A Person Who Completely Fits Young Master Tian’s Character!

Of course, from an individual point of view, the power that such a large company controlled was unimaginable. Meng Chang’s own power would not be able to move a single hair of such a large company even if it was magnified ten or a hundred times.

However, if he had resources and attention, he could use appropriate methods to take advantage of the situation and defeat these large companies.

This was the Pei family’s publicity method, Boss Pei’s art of slaying dragons!

Therefore, Meng Chang felt better seeing the decline in the shares of Home Corporation.

He did not know how much Fan Xiaodong had invested in the empty Home Corporation, but it would definitely make more than the commission he had lost. That was enough.

What’s more, this was a successful practice of the Pei family’s publicity method. From any angle, Meng Chang’s gain was far greater than the insignificant commission.

At that thought, he knocked lightly on the door.

Then, he suppressed the smile on his face.

He might have achieved initial success but he was still far from Boss Pei’s expectations.

The most perfect situation would be to have Home Corporation, publicize the game, and get a full commission.

Now, Home Corporation’s unexpected situation has disrupted my plan. That meant that my skills had not been perfected.

He could not be too arrogant and complacent and leave a bad impression on Boss Pei.

He had to remain humble in front of Boss Pei.


Boss Pei’s voice came from the office. Meng Chang had already sorted out his expression and pushed the door open.

Pei Qian was thinking hard before Meng Chang arrived. He even suspected life.

Who the f*ck was this Young Master Tian?!

He was causing trouble again!

Initially, the situation of the real estate agent simulator was perfectly in line with Pei Qian’s expectations. It might have an excellent reputation in the small circle but it did not have enough influence and could not break out of the circle. In addition, the investment in the game itself was huge, so it could not recover its capital.

What’s more, Teacher Qiao was suffering. He would not be able to do anything for the next two months.

Even if Teacher Qiao posted a video two months later, the popularity of the real estate agent simulator would have pa.s.sed. There would not be much of a problem.

However, he still missed out on this Young Master Tian!

The main reason was that after the video on Dawn Games platform was released, this Young Master Tian disappeared without a trace. Pei Qian thought that he had gotten rid of this nightmare.

Great, now that Young Master Tian was back, the popularity was even higher than the previous video!

What’s more, this matter was really strange. The key was that this Young Master Tian had released the video at such a good time. It was just in time for Home Corporation to announce the ‘compa.s.sionate butler’ business. It could be said that he had perfectly used the remaining popularity of the previous video to give Home Corporation a blow to the head.

No matter how he looked at it, it seemed like a plan.

What was especially suspicious was that Young Master Tian mentioned the hidden mechanism of the game in the video. In other words, cheating tenants would cause the reputation of the game to decrease.

Pei Qian specially searched for gamers’ posts on the internet according to the date. He realized that there were some posts discussing this hidden mechanism at the same time. However, they were all guesses. They were not as confident as Young Master Tian said.

After all, this hidden mechanism was very well-hidden. It would be very difficult to be sure if it was not through a large amount of data.

However, Tian Gong said it very confidently, as if he already knew this.

Could it be…?

Young Master Tian was actually a mole? Was he lurking around him?

Pei Qian could not be completely sure about this, but it was still a breakthrough point.

Who would know about this hidden mechanism?

Everyone in Slow Movement Studio knew. In addition, it was very likely that the departments that had cooperated with Slow Movement Studio knew.

Those who had spoken to these two groups in private might even know.

Slow Movement Studio had also allowed a portion of players to experience the game in advance before the game was released. It was hard to say if anyone here had noticed this mechanism, but they had not discussed it on the forum and had directly posted a video.

This range was a little big and difficult to determine.

However, no matter what, it was considered a preliminary reduction.

Suddenly, Pei Qian had an idea.

This Young Master Tian… was not Meng Chang, right?

He interpreted the promotional video so clearly as if he had the same thoughts as Meng Chang.

The key was whether Meng Chang had the intention of filming this promotional video like what Young Master Tian had said.

If there was, these two would definitely be related!

However, Pei Qian quickly rejected this idea. He felt that it was unreasonable.

That was because the video had been released the day before yesterday.

If it was only released tonight, Meng Chang would be able to get a commission of about 120,000 to 130,000 yuan. The popularity would explode two days earlier, causing Meng Chang’s commission to be cut off directly. There would only be about 30,000 yuan left.

A commission of 100,000 yuan should be an astronomical figure for Meng Chang, who only had a base salary of a few thousand yuan.

If Meng Chang was Young Master Tian, he would not have been so anxious.

If the video was released tonight, Pei Qian would immediately be able to lock onto Young Master Tian’s ident.i.ty. He would definitely be related to Meng Chang.

Now, Pei Qian was confused.

No matter how he looked at it, Meng Chang looked like a pure victim.

Pei Qian felt that something was amiss. He seemed to have gone in the wrong direction or missed some wrong information.

Meng Chang arrived just as he was worrying.

Pei Qian did not feel conflicted anymore. He decided to ask the person involved what he was thinking.

“This month’s commission… has gone to waste.” Pei Qian handed the laptop over as he spoke.

Meng Chang shook his head slightly as he read the report. “What can I do? I can only blame myself for not being good at learning.”

His original intention was that I was not familiar with the Pei family’s publicity method enough, causing the timing of the explosion to be forced in advance and losing commission.

However, from what Pei Qian heard, Meng Chang was saying that he had not expected Young Master Tian to suddenly appear and misunderstand his promotional video.

The corners of Meng Chang’s mouth twitched when he saw the commission figure.

Meng Chang could not help but feel pain when he saw such a huge loss even though he was mentally prepared in advance.

Pei Qian had been paying attention to Meng Chang’s expression. When he saw the corners of his mouth curl up, he felt the pain.

From the looks of it, Meng Chang was indeed innocent?

Many suspicious points were pointed at him but Meng Chang was more trustworthy as long as there was the restriction of commission.

Meng Chang handed the computer back and had no objections to the commission.

Still worried, Pei Qian decided to ask a few more questions.

“Is there any progress with Young Master Tian?”

Previously, Pei Qian had asked Meng Chang to investigate Young Master Tian. When he asked the last time, Meng Chang said that he had some ideas. Given Meng Chang’s ability, even if he did not completely understand it, there should be some new content that surfaced, right?

Meng Chang was stunned for a moment before replying, “Er… some. Now, I’ve confirmed that Young Master Tian should be a humble, low-key, and very ordinary person. However, he can see things very clearly. This might be because he’s standing at a special angle.”

This was the persona that Meng Chang had set for Young Master Tian after much consideration.

Pei Qian nodded slightly. What Meng Chang said made sense. He could roughly guess from the video.

However, Pei Qian was not satisfied with this. That was because he could not confirm who Young Master Tian was just based on this bit of information.

There were too many people who fit the criteria but still had no clue.

Pei Qian asked again, “That’s it? What else?”

“What you said can be seen from the video. The key is in reality?”

He felt that with Meng Chang’s ability, he would not have simply made a special character for Young Master Tian from the video after investigating for so long, right? He had to have something more specific and pointed to a clearer gain, right?

Meng Chang blinked and wondered what Boss Pei meant.

Wasn’t this character enough?

You want to dig deeper and be more detailed? You even want to bring it to the state of reality?

However, Young Master Tian was an alternate ident.i.ty! Wasn’t he me in reality?

Oh, I understand now. Boss Pei must have told me that I have to put on a show.

Since it was an alternate ident.i.ty, he had to clarify the online image and realistic image. The two images would compare and influence each other. That would make it more realistic and less easy to be exposed.

Indeed, Boss Pei had thought everything through.

After some consideration, Meng Chang said, “In reality, Young Master Tian should be a relatively silent person.”

“I can’t even a.s.sociate him with Young Master Tian after seeing him in person.”

This was a summary based on his previous persona. He was in charge of Meng Chang’s character profile of Young Master Tian.

Pei Qian was still not satisfied. He still could not figure out who Young Master Tian was with this bit of information!

He thought for a moment and asked, “Have you considered this problem? All sorts of signs indicate that Young Master Tian might be within Tengda Corporation or closely related to Tengda Corporation.”

Meng Chang blinked and could not react in time.

That’s right. Young Master Tian is indeed in Tengda Corporation. It’s me! Boss Pei, didn’t you know about it long ago?

What did that mean?

Oh, I understand!

Boss Pei was hinting to me that Young Master Tian’s ident.i.ty was actually very easy to be exposed. It made me hide it even more carefully!

Boss Pei said, “All sorts of signs show that Young Master Tian might be inside Tengda.” This means that even though I have made a good persona of Young Master Tian, I still left some clues in the process, leaving hidden dangers.

He was hinting to me that I had to work harder to completely separate Young Master Tian from Tengda Corporation. I must not let others find out that Young Master Tian is actually an alternate account that Tengda is nurturing. Otherwise, once I’m exposed, the consequences would be very serious and difficult to clean up.

At that thought, Meng Chang nodded immediately. “It does look a little at the moment. Don’t worry, Boss Pei. I’ll continue to work hard!”

What Meng Chang meant was that he would continue to work hard to eliminate this connection so that Young Master Tian would be more independent and hidden more perfectly. He would definitely not be discovered by the outside world.

Pei Qian nodded in satisfaction.

Alright, since Meng Chang said that he wanted to continue investigating along this line of thought, there would be no problem.

The ident.i.ty of Young Master Tian would be revealed sooner or later.

“That’s all for today, then.”

“You can choose one of the two publicity plans for next month. One is the roller coaster project at Thriller Hostel, and the other is Fei Huang Works.p.a.ce’s new online drama ‘Successor’.”

“It’s still early. You can inspect both projects before deciding which one to work on.”

Even though the publicity for the real estate agent simulator had failed again, Pei Qian could feel that Meng Chang had tried his best.

He could only blame this Young Master Tian for confusing the right and wrong!

However, at this point, there was no point in continuing to think about it. It was better to arrange a new mission as soon as possible.

“Alright, Boss Pei. I’ll inspect these two projects next week!”

Meng Chang took the task and turned to leave.

Pei Qian sat in front of his computer and continued to ponder.

“Meng Chang also agrees with my point of view. He thinks that from the current situation, Young Master Tian might indeed be within Tengda or someone closely related to Tengda.”

“What’s more, according to Meng Chang’s speculation, this person is humble, low-profile, and thinks himself to be very ordinary. In reality, he’s probably a silent person who doesn’t show off.”

“It’s even very difficult to a.s.sociate his image in reality with the online image of ‘Young Master Tian’. The difference between the two is huge.”

“In other words, the real Young Master Tian might not be as smart as in the video. Instead, he looks stupid on the surface?”

“What’s more, from this video, Young Master Tian seems to have a deeper understanding of the intermediary industry. He might know the employees in this industry or he might have worked in this industry before…”


Pei Qian suddenly realized that someone in Tengda fit these conditions perfectly!


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