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Chapter 512 Traveler Bao Xu

Pei Qian recorded the fact that Yaling was pulling customers to Deposit Fitness silently. He would do something about her next week. A dozen clients would be far from enough to affect the loss situation of the Deposit Fitness, but one can never be too careful.

Boss Pei was a cautious person. Yaling had proven to be popular. Anyway, these people probably came out of curiosity. They could be bewitched by her face, or a very small portion of people might want her body. No matter what, she was liked by customers.

If that was the case, then she should not be in the flags.h.i.+p store.

It was Fish-Catching Take-Out’s turn after two other Manage Loss Trainees were done with their reporting

The Manage Loss Trainee of Fish-Catching Take-Out was the waiter in the first store. That meant that he could know about the profit and loss situation of Fish-Catching Take-Out and also the latest products of Gourmet Laboratory.

“Senior, the Fish-Catching Take-Out has been expanding rapidly recently. They have planned for twenty stores which would be officially open soon, covering many cities across the country. Boss Rui seemed to be planning for a large quant.i.ty of stores after a certain period of observation as well.

“Other than that, he had also invested a large amount of capital into the development of the Gourmet Laboratory.

“The first result of Gourmet Laboratory is the Fitness meal 2.0, but it did not satisfy Boss Rui so that progress had been halted and is currently awaiting Boss Rui’s commands.”

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up.

Yes, all of them were good news!

The opening of stores in large quant.i.ties was instructed by Pei Qian, but for it was rather unexpected that Rui Yuchen was able to understand his intent to this extent.

Rui Yuchen did much better than Lu Mingliang on this note.

Lu Mingliang was a little too obedient. He only dared to branch out more Upwind Courier stations when Boss Pei dictated him to; otherwise, he did not dare to do so. The entire department was still in huge losses after all.

However, Boss Pei obviously hoped that these loss-making departments could exert more subjective initiative and carry the heavy task of burning money. He did not want to always enforce things with a whip.

Rui Yuchen frantically began to prepare for a new store and spend a lot of money on the Gourmet Laboratory and research and development after receiving Boss Pei’s orders. It felt as though he was not distressed about spending other people’s money!

That was a great sign, worthy to be praised.

Boss Pei needed talents like him who were daring to spend money!

It seemed like Gourmet Laboratory’s progress was very slow since there had been no results so far for Fitness meal 2.0. He probably did not need to worry about it for the time being.

All the Manage Loss Trainees completed their reports in no time. Tang Yishu listened carefully and created minute meetings. All these contents were kept on her.

Pei Qian’s consideration was that some problems might have appeared, but he might not have judged it accurately because of his negligence or because he might have insufficient information.

After a while, it might be necessary to review the contents of this meeting again.

A successful project would certainly not emerge out of thin air. Look through these reports and find out how it performed when it first showed signs so that it could at least provide a reference for the future.

Pei Qian coughed slightly. “Not bad, everyone did well. I’m very satisfied. Please keep it up.

“Finally, I’ll emphasize two points.

“First, remember that you should never mix any personal opinions in your reporting and make sure that the information you gave is objective enough; otherwise, it might affect my judgment.

“Secondly, if you encounter something that you felt is very important to report to me, you can submit it to Little Tang without waiting for the next meeting. She will report it to me.”

Pei Qian emphasized these two points so that the effect of the Secret Service would not differ too much.

These Manage Loss Trainees might be loyal to him, but strictly speaking, the rest of Boss Pei’s employees were also very loyal to him. Loyalty did not mean he would not be stabbed in the back.


These people were from poor backgrounds and had accepted help from Pei Qian. They treasured this opportunity.

If they were allowed to exert their own initiatives, they would definitely report more worries and less good news as time went by.

These Manage Loss Trainees thought that they were looking out for signs of things that might cause losses after all. Who would have thought that Boss Pei was actually asking everyone to look out for the signs that might cause profits?

Therefore, the reports by them had to remain objective. Otherwise, Boss Pei would still continue to be blind.

In addition, Pei Qian emphasized that they could report any suspicious things at any time, also to prevent unexpected situations during the time in between meetings like this.

It was not realistic to have weekly meetings. On the one hand, there was not too much content to report. On the other hand, Pei Qian himself had to rest during weekends.

Boss Pei should not promulgate ‘no overtime’ and yet work overtime himself every Sat.u.r.day. Wouldn’t that be ridiculous?

These Manage Loss Trainees could report at any time, which meant that Boss Pei could still enjoy his weekends and yet not lose his sight of the departments.

May 8th, Sunday…

Pei Qian put down the controller and collapsed on the sofa extremely comfortably in the afterglow of the sunset.

He had to say that this huge TV was too sensual. He could not stop playing once he started. He turned off the game and opened a variety show at random. He then took out some fresh fruits from the refrigerator and ate them while watching TV.

“The call for new GOG heroes seemed to have gone on for nearly a week. It seemed like a new hero design ma.n.u.script would be selected today.

“Which player would be so lucky to be selected?”

Pei Qian opened his cell phone and jumped to the mobile terminal of the official website through the GOG login interface. He then entered the forum where calls for heroes were ongoing

He found the post soliciting for heroes in the top area of the website.

“Special Contributors Area Player Contribution: Traveler Bao Xu (Adopted]!”

Pei Qian clicked into it immediately. The body of the post read. “This character design was inspired by the characteristics of outstanding employees in the special contribution area.

“Hero name: Traveler Bao Xu. The character background was a traveler from the East. Its appearance is similar to Ma Chao in ‘Ghost General’ and is a centaur with oriental characteristics.

“Positioning: Warrior. “What interested me, in particular, is that, as a determined otaku, Bao Xu had repeatedly received paid vacations because of his excellence in performance. He had to leave his footprints all over the world.

“His reluctance and forced travels left a huge impression on me.

“Pa.s.sive skills: A traveler forced by circ.u.mstances.

“Bao Xu’s blue bar is a rage bar; the difference is that neither attacking nor being attacked would increase the rage bar. When Bao Xu stood still, he would obtain an energetic effect.

“When moving, his rage bar would begin to increase and continue after a while before it became full, and then the hero would enter a rage state. “Energetic effect: In reality, Bao Xu can play games for several consecutive nights. It can be seen that his energy is very strong when he is still. The traveler Bao Xu in the game can obtain a certain reduction in the percentage of damage when he stands still.

“He would gain a certain health regeneration bonus while standing still. The lower the health bar, the higher these two values would be. At the same time, the rage bar would be cleared immediately. “Rage state: All of Bao Xu’s stats would be enhanced in this state, but it would be cleared immediately after using the skills or stopping movements. They would then re-acc.u.mulate while moving “First Skill: Rush.

“Traveler Bao Xu’s core output skill. In a non-rage state, this skill will perform a short rush displacement and immediately maximize the rage value. In the rage state, this skill will gain a further advance effect, causing additional damage, and force a small displacement to the enemy. The enemy who shows weakness or the enemy with his back towards him will suffer more damage.”

“Second skill: Situation Judgment.

“Traveler Bao Xu would use momentary in-depth thinking and situational judgment to interpret the enemy thinking until he comes up with a way to turn the situation around. He would be able to greatly increase the recovery value of the energetic effect in a non-rage state. In a rage state, this skill would show an enemy’s weakness in the surrounding area.”

“Third Skill: Stealth.

“To avoid the suffering of traveling, Bao Xu could only make himself less noticeable. It can only be used in a non-rage state. He would become translucent and would be difficult to find. However, he will suffer area damage.

“At the same time, he would be able to move while maintaining the energetic effect and acc.u.mulate rage points. When attacking or being attacked, he would leave the rage state, and the stealth effect would disappear. His energetic effect would disappear, but his rage value would remain.

“Ultimate Skill: War Expert “Bao Xu in real life is an expert at games. Traveler Bao Xu is a war expert. Activate ult in a non-rage state, and the energetic effect would be improved. The effect can be superimposed with the second skill and the rage state.

“Rage value recovery speed will be greatly increased during the ult activation. The surrounding enemies will periodically refresh weaknesses randomly, and Bao Xu’s damage will be significantly increased.”

Pei Qian could not help but sigh after reading the introduction of this hero.

How befitting…

Wasn’t this the burden Bao Xu who always wanted to escape from holidays and give him a stab in the back immediately after his trip?

He felt offended.

However, Pei Qian’s thoughts changed since this hero seemed to be controlled by Modest. It needs to refresh its weaknesses or attack from the back to maximize its damage, and Modest was immune to injury when it suffered an attack from the back while also releasing damage skills.

In addition, Traveler Bao Xu needed to keep moving since he would still be affected by area damage in stealth mode. Modest had limited movement skills and area damage skills.

Pei Qian could not help but feel a little delighted when he thought about that.

Bao Xu, eh Bao Xu, you ain’t my opponent no matter in real life or in-game!

He had to say that the players had brilliant thinking. They actually designed Tengda’s employees as heroes!

Pei Qian flipped through a few sections and found that many people had sent their designs; some of them were excellent.

There might be no corresponding design for Traveler Bao Xu, but Min Jingchao chose it as the next hero because of its skills and mechanism.

This post quickly became popular after being selected officially. It became a huge place for discussions.

“Fu*k, this hero looks so fun! Its mechanics are so special!” “Thinking out loud about the gameplay. Should we keep still and receive damage or sneak up behind the enemy and give them a stab behind their back?”

“Impressive Big boss, 5% of skin profits!” “Hurry, make this hero! I cannot wait to play it!”


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