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Chapter 279 – Many Queens and Princesses, but One King

Lucien makes a thoughtful expression. “Ok… So why do you think that possibility exists?”

Before L.u.s.t replies, Envy speaks first. “L.u.s.t’s powers have always been underestimated by our sisters and me because Its focus is on strengthening s.e.x.u.a.l partners by pleasure. No one thought it would be possible to do that effectively before turning a h.o.r.n.y dog who only cares for their own pleasure.”

All women around Lucien understand Envy’s words and also why L.u.s.t’s powers are so suitable for him: He manages to generate a lot of pleasure for him and his partners while remaining focused on his goals.

Then Envy continues. “That is why your demonic energy is the best energy to improve other people. Even Pride’s aura has its limits, but L.u.s.t’s energy can strengthen any creature, not only as a boost but to improve and modify their bodies. So…”

Lucien understands what Envy has to say. Still, he still asks to confirm. “You think that my demonic energy plus my dragonic heritage may have given my wives the ability to generate the protective barrier around their w.o.m.bs, right?”

“Exactly.” Envy nods.

L.u.s.t also nods. “This possibility is real. Also, you could be giving to your wives not only other characteristics of your dragonic heritage but also of your demonic and even human heritage, in cases of demi-human girls. But we would not be seeing these results yet because you have been together for a short time, and your demonic energy was very weak some weeks ago.”

Lucien gets a little concerned that he can be changing the body of his beloved wives, but they do not see it negatively because anything coming from him is something that they would be honored to accept, especially because, in that case, it may be characteristic of superior races, which means more power, allowing them to always be by his side.

He looks at L.u.s.t. “If they had that barrier, you would have seen it, right?”

L.u.s.t makes an apologetic expression. “As Envy said, even we have our limitations. That barrier of female royal dragons cannot be easily detected. Actually, only people with specific abilities or incredible life mana could notice them.”

“Life mana…” Lucien can’t help but think of himself first; after all, his life mana is always improving.

“But you have these strange magical limitations…” L.u.s.t understands Lucien’s thoughts and comments quickly.

Lucien quickly looks at Ghilanna. “Maybe Ghilanna can feel it then.”

L.u.s.t quickly responds. “It’s possible, but her mana is still nature type. If you keep giving her demonic energy, at some point, her affinity will evolve into life, but then you would have to improve her life affinity to a high level so that she could feel the barrier.”

Ghilanna makes an apologetic expression while feeling sad that she cannot know if she is pregnant. Still, she and Lucien’s other wives are very hopeful because if that barrier prevents them from seeing any pregnancy sign, they can be gestating Lucien’s babies right now.

Lucien looks at L.u.s.t again. “So, our best option is…”

“Sophia.” L.u.s.t completes Lucien’s sentence.

So she continues. “Sophia has an incredible life affinity boosted by the b.l.o.o.d.y rose and the demonic energy of Sloth. So, she could notice that barrier, especially after reaching the Earth Realm.”

When L.u.s.t talked about Sophia, Lucien felt Amelia getting uncomfortable. She was just listening to everything with a curious expression until now, but when she heard about her sister, her jealousy started to get out of control.

Amelia walks over to Lucien and sits down next to him, while he is still caressing Oya.

Oya doesn’t understand much about their complex conversation. Now, she just wants to relax while enjoying Lucien’s caresses and imagine what their future babies will be like.

Lucien’s wives, on the other hand, are very eager to find Sophia so that she can confirm that they are pregnant. That would certainly make their already incredibly good lives with Lucien even better.

He can feel how excited and hopeful they are about that possibility, but he doesn’t want them to be disappointed if everything turns out to be just a mistake.

“Don’t think about it too much for now. You know… that is just a hypothesis.” He speaks while looking at the girls.

Ca.s.sidy looks at Lucien with a loving expression. “Before, we had to live with the sad idea of never having the chance of giving you a child, but now there is that possibility, so let us have hope.”

The other girls nod, then Astrid comments as she smiles at him. “You c.u.m so much inside us every day… Also, your baby seeds are so incredible that I always thought it ridiculous that you were infertile.”

While the other girls agree, Anne points to Oya. “Are you forgetting that roar? Her roar echoed like that of the legends.”

Scarlett quickly comments. “Yes, I’ve heard a lot of legends like that about Moon Tigers.”

Lucien smiles as he kisses Oya’s forehead. “But how could she know something that neither L.u.s.t and Envy can?”

L.u.s.t responds. “Don’t doubt the instincts of a mystical beast. Maybe she has a special ability that allows her to feels that.”

All of Lucien’s wives lovingly smile as they look at Oya with a hopeful expression.

Lucien is also very excited about that possibility, though he fears that his wives will be disappointed if things turn out not as they expect.

After discovering that they may be pregnant, the girls were unable to sleep with happiness and excitement and lay on the big sofa with Lucien, Oya, and Ko.

A few minutes later, while observing the moon, Mia couldn’t help but ask a question everyone was asking themselves.

“Wait! What if all the troops are also pregnant? Would that make Lucien have more than two thousand babies coming?”

“…” The girls don’t know what to say.

“…” They can see a drop of sweat running down Lucien’s face.


Morning, Viset.

The sun is s.h.i.+ning in the sky above the heart of the Alliance while the population of Viset still has a hard time accepting everything that has happened in recent last weeks.

Rein’s reign, the werewolf patriarch, seemed to be going very well while Lanzo, the manticore patriarch, also strengthened his clan.

Still, something exceptional happened when Ghalenna, the elven queen, arrived in Viset with an incredibly powerful woman, leading an army of elves and other demi-humans and crushed Rein and Lanzo in both single combat and general power.

The incredibly powerful and beautiful woman with the pink hair, known as Queen Eve, took the leaders.h.i.+p of Viset in a few minutes with the most powerful troops ever seen.

And of course, the other clan leaders bowed their heads to avoid having the same fate as Rein and Lanzo, who were forced to walk around the city of Viset dragging themselves while being whipped by any woman who has a grudge against them, that is, many women from several other clans.

The people could revolt and not follow the new tyrannical queen, but in fact, she got total loyalty from Luise, the matriarch in the fox clan, who is a very loved and respected figure by everyone, especially by the people who did not agree with the leaders.h.i.+p of Rein and the brutality of the manticore clan.

After Luise swore allegiance to Queen Eve, the Cat clan matriarch, as well as the Bear clan patriarch, also accepted the new leaders.h.i.+p.

And so, other matriarchs and patriarchs from smaller clans also swear allegiance to Eve. But something strange was quickly noticed.

While Ghalenna, Luise, and other matriarchs received the blessing of the new Queen, the Bear clan patriarch, despite acting very respectfully with Eve, as well as other patriarchs, were treated by her as enemies and had all their power taken from them. In contrast, influential women in their clans took the lead of their people.

If that weren’t enough, Eve’s speeches about how weak and useless men are, made it very clear that she doesn’t like men, and they won’t have room in the Alliance from now on other than the lowest level of servants, or rather, slaves.

Again, the people could revolt, but every man who tries to speak bad things about Eve is quickly beaten by a strong woman nearby.

And every time a woman speaks favorably of Eve, she feels more powerful as if invisible energy rewards her for her loyalty to the absolute Queen.

Thus, the general female population of Viset has grown stronger and stronger as men are used for manual labor, s.e.x, or entertaining women.

The people can’t help but agree with Eve’s words about it being the beginning of the women’s era.


The doors of Viset’s main castle open up as a beautiful young fox-girl enters the main hall pulling a werewolf man by the collar.

The women inside the hall laugh when they see the big werewolf’s deplorable state being kicked by the little fox-girl.

“Good morning, mom.” The fox-girl bows to one of the women having breakfast at a large table.

The charming mature fox-woman, Luise, smiles at her daughter. “Good morning, Elsie.”

Elsie bows respectfully to the other women at the table while continuing to kick the werewolf on the floor to the front of the big throne, where Eve is sitting and watching everything.

Sitting on the arm of Eve’s throne is a woman with very peculiar features, or rather, she would attract a lot of attention anywhere in the universe because her appearance is so unique that it is impossible to distinguish her race just by looking at her.

The woman is 1.72 tall with a perfect hourgla.s.s figure; her skin is fair in some parts while covered with purple and onyx scales in others.

Her big a.s.s and perfect b.r.e.a.s.ts are covered with small pieces of onyx armor, which have a texture similar to her skin’s scales, making her armor look like part of her own body.

Her face perfectly sculpted by perfectionist G.o.ds can only be described as incredibly beautiful.

She has big purple eyes slightly slanted, which added to her thin and long eyebrows gives her a sharp look.

Her delicate and turned-up nose strengthens her dominant and proud appearance while her small pink mouth makes her look even more charming.

The sides of her face are covered with more purple scales while her pinkly ears are long and pointed, not like those ones of an elf but a little wider, unlike any other creature in the world of Argerim or Lucien’s homeworld.

But the scales on her skin or her long ears are nowhere near the most noticeable features on her body, but rather the large and long onyx horns that start at her forehead and end with sharp points more than thirty centimeters from her head.

Not two, but she has four horns on her head, two wider ones coming out of the sides of her forehead, which curve downwards only with their tips slightly pointed upwards, while two or smaller ones follow on the inside of the larger horns and are curved further up, creating an incredibly harmonious look.

To complete her unique look, her long blond hair reaches her a.s.s even though it is tied in a ponytail between her big horns and also has braids that adorn her ears. Also, she has a long, thick, scaly purple tail.

Such a charming woman, who never hides her true appearance even if it shocks or scares other people, and always looks down on everyone, can only be an embodiment of self-conceit: Pride herself.


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