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Chapter 321 – Smas.h.i.+ng Dragons (2/2)

“What do you want from me?” Daisy asks Sophia. She feels that the aura of the beautiful red-haired lady in front of her is no stronger than the fifth layer of the Earth Realm, but the way she broke Daisy’s spell makes it clear that Sophia is stronger than she looks.

Sophia sits cross-legged on the center of her big floating cus.h.i.+on and smiles amicably at Daisy. “I want your help to find my brother.”

Daisy gets confused by Sophia’s answer as she thinks to herself. [She seems honest… but telling the truth right away doesn’t seem very smart as she doesn’t know me. Is she too arrogant or too naive?]

“I don’t think I’m in a position to help now. Those dragons are Shé, and they will at best kill us quickly if we don’t get out of here right now.” Daisy says in a neutral tone.

Sophia’s cus.h.i.+on moves to the side by the will of her mind as she points at Donna, fighting, or rather crus.h.i.+ng the dragon soldiers who attack her with her gauntlet.

“As you can see, these stupid dragons don’t stand a chance against my sister alone, let alone me joining her,” Sophia speaks calmly.

“Do you… really think… your sister… alone… Really???” Daisy thinks Sophia is very arrogant, but as she speaks, she realizes that it doesn’t matter if they are of the Mortal Realm first layer or Earth Realm sixth layer; Donna defeats every dragon that attacks her with few and brutal blows from her gauntlet.

Daisy looks at Sophia again. “But she is in…”

“Earth Realm?” Sophia completes Daisy’s sentence and continues. “Her base power is that, but it is nowhere near her true combat capabilities.”

Daisy knows that many powerful people use various means to increase their power; the point is that Donna is greatly increasing her combat capabilities in a way that Daisy has never seen. Well, that is the power of the demonic energies of the seven great demons.

“I see…” Daisy replies but still looks concerned. “Yet, there must be approximately a thousand Shé dragons here. Only if we cooperate…”

Sophia sighs deeply and lies down on her cus.h.i.+on. “If you want to help my sister, you will take away her fun and will have to bear the consequences of making her angry.”

“Really? But…” Daisy is confused and begins to question Sophia again.

However, Heike, who is watching Donna fight many dragons, exclaims. “Look!! She is in real danger!”

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Even people from the late stages of the Sky Realm would suffer serious damage from that great coop spell, and since Daisy already understood that the sisters are enemies of Shé, she tries to create a stone barrier around Donna.

But due to the distance and the training of those dragons, Daisy cannot do anything to help Donna.

“NOO!!” Daisy exclaims as she sees the dragons’ spell being completed and burns everything on Donna’s spot, even the other dragons still alive around her, including Marik within his magical barrier, immune to the fire, of course.

“AAAAARRRHHH!!!” The painful scream of the dragons, which are not immune to fire, while they burn to death is heard by everyone.

But they can also hear Donna’s cry; however…

“AAAAHHHHHH… HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Donna’s scream seems to be painful, but she also seems to be enjoying that, a bizarre p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e that few m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.ts could handle.

Once the most powerful part of the explosion is over, everything around Donna keeps in flames. Daisy can see the charred bodies of humans and dragons.

But Donna is standing in the flames and laughing ominously. Her clothes were burnt to dust, but her body is now covered with a heavy black and red armor, full of thorns.

She looks at the mage dragons and the other hundreds of warriors behind them. “IS THIS ALL YOU HAVE?!?!?”

While the dragons are shocked, just like Marik, their captain, Wrath materializes her body flying in front of Donna and puts on her a heavy helmet with horns, completing the Fury’s set armor.

“Have fun.” Wrath laughs as he flies over to Donna’s side.

Marik recovers from the shock and orders his soldiers again. “Attack!! Attack her now!!!”

The mage takes a step back to recover mana and makes way for the dragon archers and spearmen, who fire their ranged attacks at Donna quickly.

Dozens of arrows and spears fly towards Donna, leaving Daisy worried again.

But Donna is fine, or rather, excited and angry. She suffered some damage from the dragons’ spell, which activated her berserker state, generating a lot of demonic energy for her and Wrath.

Her body begins to glow with red energy, which leaves her armor, terrifyingly beautiful and intimidating.

A large red ax appears in Donna’s right hand, so she holds it with both hands while accepting the dragons’ arrows and spears from the front, without making any defensive move.

*Clang* *Clang* *Clang* *Clang* *Clang*

The arrows and spears make metallic sounds as they hit Donna’s armor, but none of them can do any damage to the red metal that is forged with Wrath’s demonic energy.

“My time.” Donna smiles as she slowly brings her ax back. Red energy begins to radiate from Donna’s hands to the ax and her entire body.

Marik begins to feel Donna’s powerful aura getting even more intimidating. He knows that her attack will be brutal, so he quickly warns his soldier. “BACK!! GO BACK NOW!!!”

But how could about nine hundred soldiers with their strength flee from a girl in the middle of the Earth Realm alone?

The dragons attack again, with arrows, spears, spells, and even the melee warriors charge toward Donna. “KILL HER!!!”

“She…” Daisy, in the sky, feels Donna’s powerful aura as dense as water and get even more shocked.

Sophia doesn’t move, still lying on her floating cus.h.i.+on, but her right hand is always s.h.i.+ning with green energy as she boosts Donna and creates a magical barrier in front of Daisy and Heike.

As soon as Donna finishes charging her attack, Wrath runs the tip of her tail over the blade of Donna’s ax, and then she swings it forward.

While Donna’s ax cuts through the air, it also carries all the strength of her anger, not just anger at those dragons, but mostly anger at all the s.h.i.+t she went through.

[Dad… let my mom stay with me…]

[You are weak, Donna…]

[You are pathetic like your mother…]

[Mom, don’t go…]

[Your mom knows what she has to do, but what about you…]

[Please, mom…]


Layers of new blades of energy begin to form around the blade of Donna’s ax as her powerful aura grows even more.

Humans and dragons within a radius of a mile find it difficult to breathe as the air seems to get denser and denser.


Then Donna’s aura explodes, throwing a large blade of red energy forward.

An explosion of energy creates a new crater around Donna while the red energy blade from her ax destroys everything in front of her, be it people or objects.

But unlike Lucien’s Wind Slash, which cuts everything on the spot like a super sharp blade, Donna’s attack is made up of fury energy, that is, raw and unstable energy that crushes more easily than cuts.

The hundreds of dragon soldiers are hit hard by Donna’s attack, and while the ones at the front are crushed into meat paste against those in the middle of the group, the ones behind them are sent flying through the air like rag dolls.

Donna just stops swinging her ax when she makes a 300-degree arc, destroying everything in an almost complete area around her.

Even Daisy and Heike would have suffered some damage if it weren’t for Sophia creating a barrier in front of them.

While half of those dragons died, others got injured, and Marik’s barrier began to crack.

“Impossible!! That can’t be!!! This artifact was given to me by the Lord…” Marik starts to panic, partly because of Donna’s devastating power and mainly because she doesn’t seem to like him and his group at all.

Donna res the ax shaft on her shoulder as she feels her childish inner voice calm down a little. She has difficulty breathing after using so much of her energy in just one attack, but she is still far from her limits.

[You are weak like your mother and your siblings, Donna.] She hears her father’s voice in her mind again.

“Wait!! You don’t have to do it!!!” Marik tries to talk to Donna as he knows there is no way to run. At least if he was already in Sky Realm, he could fly, but to try to run now would be to ask to die by an attack from behind.

Donna looks furiously at Marik as she murmurs. “Say I’m weak again…”

“I never said anything like that! Sorry if I attacked you!!” Marik is confused by Donna’s words.

Donna squeezes the shaft of her ax as she reaches in front of Marik. “Say that my mother is weak again.”

“What?!?!” Marik gets ready to run because Donna looks insane. He has no opinion.

So Donna brings her ax back as she begins to charge another devastating attack.

Marik saw how hundreds of attacks didn’t work on her because of her impenetrable armor, so he doesn’t even think about attacking. He undoes just half of his barrier and starts to run in the opposite direction to Donna.

“Say my siblings are weak again!!!” She exclaims to herself, or rather to the memories of all the times that Michael was hard on her and her family.

This time Donna charges her attack even faster and swings the ax forward, again creating a large blade of red energy.

Another devastating attack destroys everything in front of Donna, which in fact was already in ruins after the first attack, and of course, it smashes Marik’s body while he tries to escape, also killing other dragon soldiers.

“Holy s.h.i.+t!!” Daisy exclaims as she sees the destruction that Donna caused in the center of Petra with just two moves while she is still halfway through the Earth Realm. She can’t even imagine what Donna will be able to do when she reaches the Immortal and other Higher Realms.

Heike does not know whether he feels more admiration or fear of Donna while remaining silent. He thought Daisy was incredibly powerful, but seeing that show of brute power broadened the horizons of his knowledge.

Donna doesn’t stop to rest but jumps towards the dragons still alive. She has a lot of pent-up anger, and killing them is an excellent way of venting.

Sophia yawns as she looks at the two moons in the sky and thinks about how she can be near or far from Lucien now.

“You didn’t tell me your name, lady vampire.” She comments.

“Daisy! My name is Daisy.” Daisy speaks quickly and respectfully.

Sophia turns and looks into Daisy’s eyes. “So, can you help me find my brother?”

“Of course!” Daisy smiles amicably. She has seen powerful people before, but not so powerful people yet in low realms.

Sophia smiles too. “Great! If you help me find him quickly, we can be good friends.”

Heike definitely doesn’t want to be disrespectful to Sophia and Donna, so he speaks in a low tone. “Sorry, Lady Sophia… could you ask your sister not to destroy our city?”

Sophia makes a sorry expression. “It can’t be helped; she loves to destroy everything.”


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