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Liu Yi was just joking. He didn’t dare to have such thought toward this floating out cyclones beauty.

Liu Yi noted that Poison Jasmine’s eyes were closed, seemingly similar to himself being unconscious when in the “Saiyan” state.

Remembering his other powerful negative personality….Liu Yi suddenly felt a chilling sensation.

‘Oh G.o.d…this girl isn’t that abnormal is she?’

When Liu Yi was still thinking, Poison Jasmine’s feet suddenly off the ground, slightly floating in the air.

“What the….still said not a Saiyan? This dancing in the air is the proof!”

Liu Yi was envious, thinking, ‘I also want to fly!’

Unfortunately, his strength was too lacking.

“This girl, if she is the Wood Spiritual Body, now above the ground she should derive her power from the Wood Element’s derivative, which is the power of the Wind.

Lin Tong reminded Liu Yi, “Just like the Werewolf from the LOST organization that you met several days ago….”


Although Poison Jasmine lost her consciousness, her mouth vaguely muttered a sentence.

An oval shaped cyclone suddenly flew out from above her shoulder and directly attacked Liu Yi.

He only heard the sound of air pop and the cyclone, with a twinkling of an eye movement, already appeared at Liu Yi’s feet.


Liu Yi felt a powerful blast coming from below.

He immediately put his hands in front of his face as his entire body blown off the ground and directly crashed the railing behind his body.

His body along with a piece of iron bar flew and hit the previously mentioned roller coaster track.

The track was directly ruined. Liu Yi felt pain on both of his eyes as his vision darkened and his whole body convulsed.

‘Holy sh*t….’

‘If this is an RPG attack, I would be fried for sure!’

‘Although there was no fire damage, the shock wave was too strong.’

‘Almost got my old bones shocked loose.’

“So scary….”

Lin Tong’s tiny claws tightly pulled Liu Yi’s collar, had not been blown away.

Although she was in her spiritual form, the opponent’s strength has been able to affect her.

“This eruption of Wood Spiritual Body’s power, allowed her to get directly to the fourth star level….Before this, her strength was no more than two star, and was also aided by various tools. Now….Spiritual Body is really terrible.”

“What should we do….”

Liu Yi somewhat hesitated, he didn’t know how to deal with this young girl who has lost her usual self.


Poison Jasmine’s eyes slowly fell on the nearby Murong Die.

Liu Yi immediately anxious and, without any time to think, threw an ice bomb toward Poison Jasmine.


Before the ice bomb reached Poison Jasmine, it was shattered by the air wave in front of her body.

The icy blast flew everywhere, which obviously angered Poison Jasmine.

“Come to me! You unprofessional girl!”

Liu Yi deliberately provoked her, constantly taunting and threw two ice bombs at Poison Jasmine, only to be shattered by the protective airwave around her.

“Liu Yi….you have to deal with her as quickly as possible….Spiritual Body is a very special existence….She will attract many experts from the upright sects who want to s.n.a.t.c.h her….If you don’t deal with her soon, those elders from the big upright sect will soon recognize the aura of this Spiritual Body and rush over.”

“That’s easy then! I will just have to not deal with her!”

Liu Yi looked at the flapping trench coat behind Poison Jasmine, coming at him.

He quickly stepped on ice-skates and landed on the nearby roller coaster track.

He rushed along that roller coaster track, sliding fast.

Poison Jasmine’s speed was also fast as she firmly pursued Liu Yi from behind. Her cyclone constantly spun, putting tremendous pressure on Liu Yi.

He can only press on the ice-skates, forcing out his power to the max, allowing him to run faster, trying to get rid of Poison Jasmine.


Liu Yi heard a strange wind sound coming from behind him.

He looked back unconsciously and almost fell off the track because of the scare.

‘Sh*t, a cyclone was coming at me.’

‘She really wants my life!’

Liu Yi quickly put his hands behind his body and spewed out icy-frost

With this additional boost, he quickly made a small distance jump.

“Bam, bam!”

The track behind him immediately blown by the cyclone as Liu Yi’s feet landed on the other section of the track and continued to dash away.

Liu Yi’s speed went to the extreme, both of his hands unceasingly spewed out the icy-frost, accelerating his slide.

If only he can use the power of Red Blood Sutra Code, that would be nice. The flame acceleration is definitely better than ice acceleration!

Failed to hit her target, Poison Jasmine go increasingly violent.

She growled, pressed her hands together and squeezed out a group of cyclone and then sent them away to the already in the distant Liu Yi.

Such as the power of the fourth star.

The track behind Liu Yi broke apart into pieces.

‘F*ck….this is too thrilling….

‘It seems like my life has been completely messed up, getting drawn into the activity that I previously would never have imagined.’

Even though he complained, Liu Yi still has to run away.

When he was still wildly rushing forward, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

None other than the transformed Poison Jasmine.

“What the….why do you keep on tightly entangle me….”

Liu Yi’s heart twitched, “Am I so unlucky in love this year (rotten peach blossom)?”


Poison Jasmine stretched out a finger and sent out an airwave attack at Liu Yi, making him felt as if he was directly hit by a truck head-on. His whole body flew out like a sh.e.l.l, and finally smashed into the ground with a loud thud.

Liu Yi’s vision went dark.

He felt all his internal organs twitched, several of his bones also broke.

‘b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l….this woman is too terrifying….’

‘A fourth star….’

Liu Yi finally tasted the true terror of a fourth star power.

The evil ghost that he previously encountered was also a fourth star, but he finally able to deal with him only with luck, and the power of his other personality….

‘Do I have to always rely on the other me to fix my problem?’

“Hehe….Liu Yi….Let me help you….”

At this time, a voice sounded inside Liu Yi’s head.

“Only I….can help solve all of your problems….”

“No, I will rely on my own!”

“I am you, you are me….”

“You are not me….you’re just my dark side!”

Liu Yi grimaced in pain, suppressing the dark thoughts that rose up in his mind and crawled up from the broken iron.

His body was badly hurt with several broken bones, making the corner of Liu Yi’s mouth twitched.

Liu Yi activated his Demonic and Immortal energy, making them circulated, unceasingly healing his injuries.


The floating in the air Poison Jasmine flung a cyclone toward Liu Yi.

The cyclone blasted Liu Yi’s body once again, blowing him far away and finally fell to the ground.


Liu Yi spewed out a mouthful of blood, splashing the ground in front of him. The pattern was as beautiful as a blooming rose.

His consciousness was similar to a shattered bone.

In a trance, a voice roared inside his mind.

“Let me help you! As long as you let me, you are invincible!”

“I don’t want….I want….to rely on myself….”

“Do not exclude yourself! Liu Yi, you got the power, let me help you deal all those d.a.m.n enemies of yours!”

“No! I am not going to kill her!”

Liu Yi shouted in his mind, “She is just a pitiful person who is controlled by her own power….”

Toward this Poison Jasmine, he saw his own vague reflection on her.

“My strength….will not be used for killing….but to be used as protection….”

“Without absolute power, who are you going to protect!”

The other voice roared, “You can’t even protect Murong Die! You can’t even please Ma Yixuan, what can you do! As long as you let me awake, completely taking over you, no matter what you want, power, women, the world, it’s all yours!”

Hearing these words, Liu Yi’s mind started to wander.

‘In the end, why do I still insist on this?’


At this time, several large cyclones blasted Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi was thrown away again, lying on the ground.

He was seriously injured in many places. His back was horribly mangled, blood flowing out, dripping all over the ground.

This blood loss continued to take away Liu Yi’s physical strength and awareness.

This made Liu Yi increasingly weak, and everything before him became a blur.

An old man’s figure slowly appeared in front of Liu Yi’s body.

With him was a dazzling light. He stretched out his hand toward Liu Yi.

“Come on, go with me.”


Liu Yi looked at the old man and blankly said.

“I….am going to die?”

“Come, go with grandpa to Heaven. There are two winged beautiful girls, a wonderful place.”

“Really? Are you serious?”

“Of course, when has Grandpa ever deceived you.”

Liu Yi blankly extended his hand to reach out his Grandpa.

“Liu Yi! Liu Yi!”

At this time on Liu Yi’s ears, vaguely, as if coming from the distant, came a couple of anxious calls.

“Liu Yi….wake up….you can’t give up….”

‘This sound….’

‘Is it Fox sister’s….’

‘Right!….I can’t die yet….If I die….Fox sister will also die….there’s also Murong Die, she certainly could not survive….’

‘I….have to keep on living….’

‘Have to survive….’

Liu Yi told himself to rely on his own strength to keep on living.

“I’m sorry, Grandpa….I can’t go to Heaven to see the winged girls with you….Because….I have a couple of very important people here.”

Liu Yi said, the immortal energy inside his body suddenly accelerated.

The white stream of qi led the other two stream of qi to make a complete big revolution and continued to circulate crazily.

At this moment, Liu Yi’s entire body seemed to be slightly changing.

Cool feeling wandered inside his body.

His injuries seemed to have not hurt so much.


At this time, the floating in the air Poison Jasmine, stretched out a finger, condensed out a cyclone and swung it straight at Liu Yi.


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