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If you were a Northern Dragon City citizen and someone asked you to single out the most chaotic place in the City, you would mention this Eastern Xing district.

Eastern Xing was originally a suburb, located at an isle at the center of Northern Dragon City’s river, which was also called Eastern Xing isle.

The previous Party Secretary of the Northern Dragon City was very optimistic that he can develop this Eastern Xing isle into a good zone. Thus, he planned for a ten years development plan, ready to develop the Eastern Xing Isle.

However, just shortly after he started building the Easter Xing Isle, there were changed in the leadership position and he was sent to be the Party Secretary at somewhere else.

Later, the newly appointed Party Secretary of the Northern Dragon City began the construction of the bridge across the river, abandoning the isle but vigorously developing the economic of the Northern area.

Thus, the development plan of this Eastern Xing district grounded to a halt.

Later on, the Eastern Xing district became a mix of urban and rural area, a very messy place.

The police did not care. Because it was too messy there, even the police were reluctant to go inside.

Originally, Eastern Xing district was popular with beggars and tramps.

But after some dark forces came here, the Eastern Xing district began to change.

Nightclub, KTV…..

Soon, the Eastern Xing district was filled with a variety entertainment, it even has its own red light district.

In the blink of an eye, the slum-like Northern Xing Isle has become the most developed entertainment zone in the Northern Dragon City.

This place was filled with erotic and violence. But this area also gave no small contribution to the Northern Dragon City economy each year. Plus, a lot of underground forces placed their headquarters there; Thus, this Eastern Xing district has become a limbo zone.

The Eastern Xing district was full with underground forces, large and small and innumerable.

One of the most powerful was naturally the Black Dragon Gang.

“How do we establish ourselves here?”

Sun Haoyuan looked at the small island on the map in surprise.

“As long as we have enough strength, we first eat the weakest gang there, and then slowly eat the rest one by one….”

Hu Rui began to fantasize.

“Don’t be ridiculous….We might as well talk about how to rein in the 14 High School first.”

Sun Haoyuan waved his hand.

“I think what Hu Rui said is somewhat feasible.”

Liu Yi’s heart was moved.

Although Hu Rui’s method was a bit risky, for those who wanted to build their own forces with minimum manpower….It’s one of the few best feasible ways.


Several people rolled their eyes at Liu Yi, perhaps they thought that Liu Yi has gone crazy.

Hu Rui himself was just fantasizing about it; A few students like them….Who would really dare to go to the Eastern Xing Isle!

Those who were not a gang member would die!

“This….We don’t even know which gang is the weakest….Let’s think about it first….”

Hu Rui was still the reasonable one.

“You’re the one who brought this idea, don’t you want to achieve it?”

Liu Yi asked a sentence.

Hu Rui was stunned.

Of course, he wanted to achieve it!

Since he has this idea, of course, he wanted to achieve it!

Everyone has a dream.

The chief’s dream was to make the Red Scarf Army the leader of the underworld in Northern Dragon City.

His dream was to give the Chief his counsel to lay the foundation.

As for little Chili’s dream, perhaps she wanted to be able to play billiard freely every day.

As for Liu Yi’s dream….

What was his dream again?

“If you want to achieve it, you have to be bold.”

Liu Yi said, and then slowly explained himself, “I can help you find out which is the weakest gang in the Eastern Xing district. Follow me if you want to plant the Red Scarf Army flag in the Eastern Xing district.”

With that, he pulled out a red scarf from his bosom and then tied it on his right arm.

The scarlet red scarf was flame-like, very eye-catching.

“Interesting, I, your mother, am with you.”

Violence was in Tang Guo’s blood, she looked around but found nothing red that she can use.

But when she turned around, she saw Hu Rui was about to wrap a red scarf around his neck; She suddenly reached out and s.n.a.t.c.h that scarf.

“Big sis….That’s my scarf!”

Hu Rui hurriedly exclaimed, “If you take it….What am I going to use?”

Sun Haoyuan rubbed the back of his head like he has a headache, “My underpants is red, I cannot take it!”

“A mere trifle. Leave it to me.”

Tang Guo opened the nearby drawer and took out a pair of scissors. She then directly cut Hu Rui’s long red scarf into three pieces.

Hu Rui’s heart was hurt.

“That’s my scarf….”

“It’s ours now.”

Tang Guo said, and gave the two short red scarves to the other two.

She picked the shortest for herself and used it to tie her long black hair into a ponytail.

And Hu Rui continued to tie his piece of red scarf around his neck.

Finding no special place to tie the red scarf, Sun Haoyuan simply covered his head with the red scarf and then tied it.

The other three people who watched him were dumbfounded.

My G.o.d, this is like the Pirates of the Caribbean!

This Sun Haoyuan is too much!

“What do you guys think, I am awesome, right?”

Sun Haoyuan proudly showed off.

“That’s awesome!”

Tang Guo gave Sun Haoyuan a thumbs up.

“Haha, as I said, each of you is lame, I am the most handsome here!”

Sun Haoyaun said and touched the red scarf on his head, “This will be my Red Scarf Army costume!”

“Liu Yi, how do we find the weakest gang?”

Hu Rui enthusiastically asked.

“Wait here for me, I am going to inquire first.”

Liu Yi said, turned around and then went into the toilet to make a call.

This phone call was to a beauty.

“Liu Yi? This is rare, you actually took the initiative to give me a call!”

The voice that came out of the phone was the voice of a female T-Rex.

Actually, from the milky-like sweet sounding voice of her, one cannot really understand that she was actually a violent queen.

“Em….Police officer Yuan….”

“F*ck, I already got off work, don’t call me police officer; Call me sister.”

The opposite party was clearly dissatisfied.

Why….Another one wants to be my elder sister.

Do girls like to be someone else’s sister?

“Say what you want to say, quick! Otherwise, I am going to hang up!”

“That….Sister Yuan, I have something to ask….”

Liu Yi was helpless and had to make a compromise for his interest.

Alas, this is the life of a younger brother!

“Hihi, that’s good! Go on, tell me, what do you want to find sister for? Do you want to ask me out for a dinner? If so, you have to line up, there are many men who asked the same thing!”

What the….

This girl is really narcissistic.

“Em….If sister helps me, I will ask sister out for a dinner….”

“D*mn, you kid, can’t you look for me for something good? Tell me, what do you want me to help you for?”

Yuan Zhenyue snappily asked.

“Em….Sister Yuan, can you check something for me….”

After much deliberation, in a limited time like this, only Yuan Zhenyue can help him.

Yuan Zhenyue is a police officer, so toward those underworld things, she would certainly have some understanding.

“Speak! Don’t just wishy-washy like this!”

“Em….Do, do you know about Eastern Xing district?”

“Of course I know, why do you ask?”

At this time, Yuan Zhenyue was lying in her bathtub at home, one of her hand was playing with the bubbles on the water surface, another hand was holding the phone, talking to Liu Yi.

Yuan Zhenyue usually never picked up the phone while she was in a bath.

But when she saw the caller was actually Liu Yi, she unconsciously picked it up.

“I was wondering….Well, our school has a.s.signed a social homework, telling us to do a social investigation.”

“Social investigation? Your school is really interesting.”

Yuan Zhenyue curled her lips and said, “Asking about what to do and where the mess is.”

“I am just curious.”

Liu Yi did not dare to directly say that he wanted to help establish a gang and had to come up with a bunch of lies.

“That place is so mess up, what do you want to ask?”

“What gang is the weakest gang?”

“I think it’s called….Sea Gang.”

Yuan Zhenyue thought for a moment and then said.

“Sea Gang? This name….Where are they?”

“At the most chaotic place, of course. There are a lot large and small forces there. For a small scale gang like this Sea Gang, to be able to occupy a corner there is already very good.”

Yuan Zhenyue slowly said, “I remember they have a small bar in the Easter Xing district, that kind of business.”

“What’s it called?”

“Why do you ask so many details?”

“Social investigation….I just want to be thorough.”

“Oh….Well, I can’t remember such a detail, I will look it up for you and then call you back.”

With that, Yuan Zhenyue immediately hung up the phone.

The girl did not suspect anything…..Liu Yi somewhat regretted lying to her.

Perhaps I should not be looking for Yuan Zhenyue to ask this kind of thing, this girl is, after all, a police officer!

But if he did not look for her….Liu Yi really did not know whom to look for.

Should I look for Murong Hong?

By virtue of this old man’s strength, finding a small gang is certainly not going to be a problem.

Moreover, perhaps he can help and subsidize Liu Yi, making his gang develop rapidly.

If they can get the sponsorship from a large tyc.o.o.n like Murong Family, wanting to become a large gang like the Black Dragon gang was not going to be difficult.

Moreover, Liu Yi thought that if he asks for Murong Hong’s help this time, the old man would definitely want to help him!

Why, because this will make Liu Yi owe him a big favor.

The old man went crazy, he wanted Liu Yi to become his son-in-law….

Liu Yi himself was still uncertain whether or not Murong Hong’s new att.i.tude toward him was yet just another ruse or it really came from his heart?

That old fox….I am such a pure person, how could I guess what’s in his mind!

While Liu Yi was still wondering, soon, Yuan Zhenyue really called him back.

“Little brother Liu Yi, I really found it. The domain of the Sea Gang is at the southeastern corner of Eastern Xing district, at a bar called “Cape.” It looks like a really messy place. If you want to do a social investigation or something, just ask me about it, don’t go investigate on your own, you hear me?”

“I know. Rest a.s.sured sister Yuan, I will not do anything stupid.”

After this investigation, a smile appeared on the corner of Liu Yi’s mouth

Cape isn’t it….

Very good, later on, this will be our turf.

“Very well, but this is an important information, remember to ask me out for dinner!”

Yuan Zhenyue seemingly planning on stabbing Liu Yi with a knife.

“Huh? But I have no money. I am still a student.”

“No matter, just find a work or something, find out the solution yourself! I am going to hung up; I, your old mother, am taking a bath!”

Taking a bath?

Liu Yi could not help begin to fantasize.


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