WebNovel Martial God Space Chapter 446: Qin Wang vs. Emperor Chen (Part 4)

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Chapter 446: Qin w.a.n.g vs. Emperor Chen (Part 4)

Translator: Novel Saga Editor: Novel Saga

Each of these long arrows would’ve pierced the body of an ordinary expert of the late stage of semi-sage realm, and would’ve crucified them to the ground. In fact, the said-individual wouldn’t have been able to manage a narrow escape.

Qin w.a.n.g had once defeated an entire army with the help of these archers.

“This isn’t good enough. Is this all you’ve got?” Emperor Chen burst into laughter and shouted in a cold voice. His spear swept those long arrows away, and deflected them.

However, 300 cavalrymen with boundless imposing auras rushed towards him right after that rain of arrows stopped. His voice had barely faded away at this time. There were only 300 cavalrymen. However, it seemed as if they carried the combined imposing auras of ten million soldiers. It shook the entire world, and the mountains were left to tremble. This kind of dreadful might could even break the world.

“Bang!” those 300 cavalrymen had arrived at Emperor Chen’s side to kill him in a flash. It seemed as if those riders had integrated to form an amalgam as they concentrated at one place. It had seemed as if they had come on a peerless conquest as they arrived in front of Emperor Chen.

These 300 elite riders displayed incomparable might as they dashed forward. They then seemingly combined into one ent.i.ty. They condensed into a long spear, and then swept towards Emperor Chen to impale him.

Emperor Chen sneered. He brandished his own long spear, and it collided severely with the incoming attack.

“Rumble!” the entire s.p.a.ce once again collapsed, and broke into pieces. It seemed as if there was no way the s.p.a.ce could’ve withstood such a terrifying force. This microcosm wasn’t strengthened like the s.p.a.ce of the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’. In fact, it was extremely easy for the experts of the semi-sage realm to smash the s.p.a.ce of such a weak microcosm to pieces.

Ye Xiwen’s eyes opened wide in amazement. The team of these 300 elite riders had stopped the attack of an expert like Emperor Chen. It wasn’t surprising that Qin w.a.n.g held the record of annihilating a small country. Such kind of strength was very rare.

One always resorts to the thing that works the best for them in a battle. And, Qin w.a.n.g was at his best in group battles. Annihilating the capital of a country and ma.s.sacring everyone in the captured cities would’ve been an ordinary thing for him if his mysterious armored guards had displayed their most terrifying strength while facing the army of a country.

These guards were merely at the semi-sage realm. However, Qin w.a.n.g would possibly move a step ahead, and would form an elite army of sage experts once he had entered the sage realm. Such an army would be sufficient to sweep away everything.

The sage realm and the semi-sage realm were two entirely different concepts. So, he would require a much higher amount of resources to create sage realm puppets in comparison to the amount required to create these semi-sage ones. However, it didn’t matter if he couldn’t create an entire army of sage realm puppets. It would be extremely terrifying even if he could create just one-tenth sage realm puppets of the total amount that he possessed at the moment. A hundred sage realm experts would be enough to destroy any army.

However, Qin w.a.n.g somewhat seemed at a disadvantage in this duel.


A terrifying energy wave came out from the tip of Emperor Chen’s spear, and scattered in all directions. The energy wave swept across, and the puppets that came in front of it got destroyed in a flash.




Sounds of countless terrifying explosions reverberated. An endless energy storm was set-off, and the rock granules were sent flying along with it. It seemed as if these explosion would crush everything.

The long spear in Emperor Chen’s hands moved as quickly as a dragon, and unleashed numerous spear shadows. Each of these spear shadows swept out in the sky at a lightning speed. They then formed a network of densely packed spears.




Each of these spear shadows killed one puppet!

“Emperor Chen, that’s enough!” Qin w.a.n.g’s loud shout sounded from afar. He curled his fingers, and a long bow appeared in his grasp; it was almost the size of a person. He pulled the bowstring, and a huge energy arrow appeared. ‘Whoosh’ it went lasing towards Emperor Chen.

An incomparably bright light illuminated the surroundings. It streaked through the vast sky, and formed a scary fissure in the picturesque sky. Waves after waves of chaos leaked out endlessly from the other side.

“Bang!” That long arrow went straight for Emperor Chen, and arrived in front of him almost immediately. However, Emperor Chen looked calm and composed. He lifted his spear, and moved forward to welcome the attack. His spear opened its mouth wide like a dragon. It seemed as if it would engulf the long arrow.

“Bang!” the long arrow clashed with Emperor Chen’s spear. The tremendous force that resulted from this collision set-off a huge storm. The long arrow had contained a dreadful power.

Emperor Chen’s spear trembled for the first time. His golden lion was also affected by the huge force and roared. Its face looked exceptionally fierce. However, it couldn’t resist this terrifying force, and drew a step back.

[Sage tool, that’s actually a sage tool.] Ye Xiwen immediately recognized the long bow that was in Qin w.a.n.g’s hand. It was a sage tool! It possessed infinite power. But, Emperor Chen’s spear wasn’t a weak sage tool either.

Ye Xiwen had the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. Other heaven’s pride experts also had different sage tools. Each of these heaven’s pride expert was indeed more tyrannical than the other. One must know that many sage experts were still using pseudo-sage tools. However, these heavens’ pride experts had started to use sage tools.

These two individuals had displayed the ultimate might of their sage tools. In fact, they might even be able to face a sage expert if they would show such coordination with their sage tool. They might even face a sage expert at his full strength by burning the ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ endlessly. This was the most terrifying thing about sage tools.

These two individuals had displayed the power of their sage tools to a horrifying extent. It was much superior to the might displayed by Sun Zhan Peng’s long blade. In fact, the extent of power unleashed by these two was far beyond Sun Zhan Peng’s reach.

Their coordination with their sage tools wasn’t as profound as the one Ye Xiwen had with the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. However, it was still very shocking.

Initially, there wasn’t a big disparity between these two individuals. And, both of them had taken out their sage tools at this moment. So, the disparity between them had shortened even further. One could even fight against a sage expert with a sage tool in one’s hand. However, these two were merely top experts of the semi-sage realm. They might die if caught off-guard. The one who would be careless would get killed by the other’s sage tool, and may end up joining the souls of the deceased.

“Whoos.h.!.+” the shrill sound of breaking of s.p.a.ce sounded again. The terrifying rays of light emitted, and set-off a huge tornado. A sharp arrow once again rushed towards Emperor Chen.

The remaining 200 mysterious elite riders also dashed towards Emperor Chen to kill him. Meanwhile, the 200 archers had started to shoot waves of arrows.

The 500 infantry soldiers who were initially present around Qin w.a.n.g had also launched a grandiose attack. Each of these soldiers was at the late stage of the semi-sage realm. The collaborated attack of these many soldiers was bound to be incredibly powerful and scary.

“How can this Qin w.a.n.g be so powerful? I’ve heard that he wiped out an entire country once. That was already enough to leave everyone in extreme shock. But, he’s even suppressing a heaven’s pride expert like Emperor Chen now? In fact, Emperor Chen doesn’t seem to have the power to fight back. Qin w.a.n.g is too terrifying!”

“Emperor Chen has outstanding reputation. He once killed two heaven’s pride experts at the same time. It’s not possible for anyone to suppress a person like him!”

“This is like cheating!” a disciple of East Sea’s Muddy Sky Island shouted in displeasure. However, he had to face the criticism of many people in return. Only a weak person would say such words. Those puppets were a part of Qin w.a.n.g’s strength. Anyone could’ve formed such an army if they had the skill to do so.

Even Emperor Chen’s mount – that golden lion – had also condensed 999 dao principles. Wouldn’t that be considered as taking unfair advantage?

Why didn’t they say that Emperor Chen was taking unfair advantage when Qin w.a.n.g hadn’t displayed his entire strength? However, they had started to complain now. There wasn’t anything right or wrong about it. Even luck could be considered as a part of one’s strength. And why not?!

[Emperor Chen has been suppressed and doesn’t have the power to fight back? What a joke. He’ll counterattack soon!]

Ye Xiwen heard the a.s.sessments of those people and sneered. [The real fight is going to start now!]

The long arrow arrived near Emperor Chen in front of thousands of staring eyes. He had been held up by those mysterious elite riders. They weren’t worthy of being his opponents, but they were powerful enough to hold him up.

The vicious currents produced by the approaching long arrow grazed Emperor Chen’s cheeks. And, his clothes made fluttering sounds.

“Whoos.h.!.+” The golden lion emitted magnificent golden light, and disappeared from the spot; along with Emperor Chen.


Countless attacks landed at the spot where he had stood a moment ago. Qin w.a.n.g had bombarded that spot along with those thousands of mysterious armored guards. This attack was equivalent to the joint attacks by hundreds of top semi-sage experts.

“Bang!” the s.p.a.ce couldn’t endure the devastation, and got shattered into small pieces. It was literally reduced to fine powder. It was an exceptionally frightening scene.

However, there was no trace of the target.

Ye Xiwen noticed something. And, Qin w.a.n.g obviously hadn’t forgotten to pay attention to this either. He frantically scanned the entire place through his mask.

“Flas.h.!.+” A golden light flashed out of the blue the very next second. Emperor Chen’s appeared in front of Qin w.a.n.g; he was seated on his golden lion. They were approximately 10 meters away from him. Such distance was far enough for an ordinary person. However, that kind of distance was nothing for an ordinary semi-sage expert.

The big personalities seated atop the tall platform saw this scene from inside the clouds that lingered around the platform. They immediately stood up from their seats in shock. What exactly had they seen?

They had seen instant transportation!

That’s right. It wasn’t difficult for them to see it when one considers their high martial power. It wasn’t that Emperor Chen’s movement was too fast and his speed had caused an illusion in the eyes of the spectators… He had actually used instant transportation!

This was the s.p.a.ce manipulation ability!

This had to leave everyone in extreme shock. One must know that there are many principles. But, the most mysterious one was the principle of s.p.a.ce… besides the time principle. Even the great sage experts couldn’t feel and touch the principle of s.p.a.ce. And, whoever had understood the principle of s.p.a.ce… had become invincible among his peers. They could travel back and forth in s.p.a.ce. This was an ordinary thing for them. And, it was nearly impossible to defeat such people.

Only a few individuals were born with such talents. Only a few people could understand the principle of s.p.a.ce among the billions of people present. And, it was possible that one might start using the principle of s.p.a.ce at a lower realm.

Even Ye Xiwen was inexplicably shocked. He had also seen this clearly. It wasn’t hidden from him. He had also seen that the s.p.a.ce had fluctuated at that very moment when Emperor Chen had disappeared. This was the ability of s.p.a.ce!

It wasn’t surprising that Emperor Chen had been so confident, and had looked down on everyone.

Qin w.a.n.g responded almost immediately. He picked his bow, and twirled his fingers around it… as if it were a scissor. He made a series of movements in that very instant. He didn’t stop; nor did he show any hesitation. However, Emperor Chen had already arrived very close to him. He wasn’t even 10 feet away from him at this time.



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