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Chapter 656

Ye Xiwen only felt the power from his whole body was boiling, rus.h.i.+ng out and pouring out through his hands . The blood-red barrier in front of him was repairing those cracks, little by little . Then again, little by little, it got damaged by the spirit bomb .

This scene of the process of repairing and destroying looked abnormal and weird . It was a cycle, one after the other . Destruction and repairing . The forces of birth and death boiling in the process .

Ye Xiwen’s aura was boiling and terrifying while his hair fluttered .

“Boom!” At last, that terrible power had dissipated, and it turned into a sky full of spiritual energy .

Ye Xiwen just breathed a sigh of relief, and in the distance came the constant raged roaring of the dragon vein .

That dragon vein probably didn’t think that Ye Xiwen would be so difficult to deal with . Its body was composed entirely of spiritual energy, and in this environment, it was basically a fish in water . Yet, it was unable to kill Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen moved faster than it, as a long sword appeared on his hand . It drew out a monstrous sword light and struck down like lightning .

“Bang!” The sword slashed down smoothly from the middle, and the dragon vein was cut in half .

But Ye Xiwen didn’t relax, because he felt the dragon corpse that had been split in half was gluing back up little by little . Because it had no relation with a flesh and blood body, it had no spiritual knowledge, just instinct . So even if it was beheaded, it would be able to recover . .

“Ye Mo, do it!” Ye Xiwen yelled, protruding a Monstrous hand from within his body, and grabbed at the slowly compounding dragon vein .

Although the speed of the dragon vein’s regeneration was fast, but to Ye Xiwen, it wasn’t too fast at all .

The dragon vein roared . But before it could react, it was grabbed tightly by Ye Mo into the Tianyuan Mirror .

The dragon vein fully recovered in the Tianyuan mirror . It roared continuously . Without the binding of the barrier, it unfolded itself completely . A roar shook the world within the Tianyuan Mirror .

Spirit bombs flew out and blasted the world until it was about to collapse .

“Boom!” Four huge chains fell from the sky, and the b.l.o.o.d.y chains instantly locked all the limbs, tail and neck of the dragon vein to the ground .

“Roar!” Dragon Vein roared, furious . It wanted to break these shackles . It almost succeeded with its efforts, and the shackles were about to break .

It was right at this moment,

Ye Mo materialised . He was a Great Demon . With a wave of his hand, many b.l.o.o.d.y chains of law descended from the sky and bound into the body of the dragon vein . It was firmly locked just like the spirit of the star beast . The Tianyuan Mirror was far different from what it was at the beginning . Back then the Tianyuan mirror wasn’t even a Great Sage-tier weapon and yet it managed to lock up the spirit of the star beast .

Not to mention about now . The Tianyuan mirror has already become a Great Sage-tier weapon . Its power is far greater than in the beginning . Back then he had to use all his strength to suppress the spirit of the star beast . But for Ye Mo now, it doesn’t require as much effort as it did before .

Now he could completely suppress the dragon vein in a leisure and calm manner .

“Huh!” Ye Mo shouted, and blood-stained runes began to dance in the sky, falling like raindrops onto the body of that dragon vein . Every rune that fell onto the dragon vein let out a burst of b.l.o.o.d.y light, followed by the tortured roar of the dragon vein .

On the other side of the Tianyuan Mirror, elixirs burned wildly in a pile like a small hill . It turned into spiritual energy that poured into Ye Mo’s body like a river . It made Ye Mo grow larger and larger . It was faster and faster even in the hands, and slowly the runes completely suppressed the dragon vein .

“Ye Xiwen, it’s okay here, leave it to me!” Ye Mo yelled out . He wasn’t able to split and come out now . Even though he said that he has initial control of the dragon vein, but it was only the preliminary control . Generally speaking, the dragon veins that are captured are usually placed under the foundation of their martial school and suppressed underneath with a supreme technique . It would be the pride of that martial school, they wouldn’t simply move, but only increase in formation

But Ye Xiwen couldn’t do that . He had no intention to be ​​independant or develop his own martial school . This dragon vein was only for his personal use, therefore it has to be kept in the Tianyuan mirror . But this was a big trouble and danger as it could be exposed anytime .

Once Ye Xiwen is in a heated fight with someone, and he allowed the dragon vein to have a turn, he will be dead for sure . This was not an ordinary thing . It;s a dragon vein that could tear Great Saints apart .

So Ye Mo was to go into hibernation just to suppress this dragon vein . Ye Xiwen has to wait until everything is well prepared before he could use the dragon vein’s power for his own use .

There are many ways to adjust the strength of the dragon veins for your own use . There is the method that is commonly used by folks to build a cemetery above the dragon vein in a specific way . This would definitely bring good fortune to their descendants . It was the same concept as building the foundation of a martial school on top of a dragon vein . The only difference is its efficiency and strategy .

After completely suppressing this dragon vein, Ye Xiwen will be able to enjoy the benefits of this dragon vein exclusively, it is simply indescribable .

To Ye Xiwen now, it was simply adding wings onto a ferocious tiger, allowing it to soar into the sky .

Seeing that Ye Mo had the situation under control, Ye Xiwen felt relieved . He could finally use the dragon vein for his own use . Thank goodness for the barrier . If the aftermath of the battle was spread outside and discovered by someone, it would cause an uproar . A dragon vein could help a martial school thrive and hold the luck of that school .

Once this kind of thing is born, all the Great Sages will rush to this place in a frenzy . Ye Xiwen was very clear of this .

However, Ye Xiwen did not leave in a hurry . It was unknown how long this dragon vein has been pinned here and how much spiritual energy it has emitted, This dragon vein itself doesn’t know how to cultivate and only continuously emit spiritual energy . The spiritual energy here could almost be considered to be solidified . Moreover it was emitted directly from a dragon vein and not some second-cla.s.s spirit vein .

Ye Xiwen wouldn’t give up naturally . He sat directly in the void and started operating the “Scripture of Viewing People” . Ye Xiwen turned into a boundless starry sky . The countless stars in the sky started turning in a frenzied manner and absorbed all the spiritual energy, all of it flowing into his body .

Slowly, the uncountable spiritual energy beside Ye Xiwen swept into a hurricane around him . It formed into a coc.o.o.n of spiritual energy and wrapped him completely inside it .

Time pa.s.sed day by day . In the blink of an eye, three days pa.s.sed .

“Bang!” The coc.o.o.n became very thin after three days and nights of frenzied absorption that the humanoid figure inside was almost visible .

The coc.o.o.n completely shattered with a loud explosion, revealing Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes and a strong aura poured out . These three days were like three years or thirty years to him .

Countless spiritual energy gushed towards him . It was as if the sea capsized over you, and you have to absorb all the seawater in the shortest amount of time .

It was much more urgent compared to when he cultivated on his own . It actually took him three days and three nights to absorb with his current capacity of absorption . The ma.s.sive amount of spiritual energy was almost impossible to imagine .

However, these three days and three nights of desperate absorption was not without any benefits . The crazy absorption of Spiritual energy during these three days and three nights has completely consolidated his cultivation into the early stages of a Half-step Great Sage, and even reached the peak of it . With a little more time, he would completely cross over to the middle-stage of a Half-step Great Sage .

Even he didn’t expect that he could reach the peak in such a short amount of time . Although the transformation of his soul has been completed but compared with ordinary people, the speed of his progress was incomparable, nor can he be mandated by an ordinary person’s standards . But He still felt that it would take several years to cross over the mid-stage of a Half-step Great Sage . This was faster than an average person . It was only that he didn’t expect it to be so soon that he was able to cross into the mid-stage of a Half-step Great sage already .

However, Ye Xiwen thought about it and still didn’t decide to make a breakthrough here . It was too dangerous to make a breakthrough in this place where a Great Sage may appear at any time .

Moreover Ye Mo’s main energy was focused on suppressing the dragon veins . It was better to retreat back to the True Martial School .

On the endless plains on the Wind Dragon star, a golden light flashed and a figure appeared on the plains .

Ye Xiwen was about to fly out of the Wind Dragon star to True Martial school .

Suddenly, the sky was torn apart and a figure walked out . It was a tall man with dark face and long beard, staring at Ye Xiwen with a fierce look .

A horrible atmosphere spread all over . It was not the aura of an ordinary Great Sage, but the magical energy that Ye Xiwen was very familiar with . But there was only one type of people with this kind of impure demonic aura, which was the Demon Wors.h.i.+pping Religion .

Ye Xiwen’s eyes flashed brilliantly . He didn’t expect that he would meet an elite from the Demon Wors.h.i.+pping Religion here .

In fact, because of the impact of Demon Realm has on this starry sky, the Demon Wors.h.i.+pping Religion can be said to have great influence on all worlds . They had many elites . The Demon Wors.h.i.+pping Religion in the True Martial World were the strongest . Because there was no force that could control the world, there was no way to completely suppress the Demon Wors.h.i.+pping Religion . The power of the Demon Wors.h.i.+pping Religion was usually more rampant in these worlds that were more chaotic .

If all the forces of the Demon Wors.h.i.+pping Religion is unified, it would be terrifying . It could cause huge magic disasters . The good thing was that the Demon Wors.h.i.+pping Religion has their own factions and can’t be unified .


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