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Chapter 1311, Special Request

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Listening to his explanation, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed and he let out a slight chuckle, “Brother Chen asking me to accompany him was out of goodwill, so how could I blame you? Truth be told, I’m also quite interested in this place now.”

“Brother Yang, you…” Chen Fan Lei looked at him in amazement.

Yang Kai grinned, “Brother Chen misunderstands. I am simply interested in this special Dual Cultivation Technique which can help break through bottlenecks. If it turns out to be real, then this Dual Cultivation Technique must be quite amazing. You should know that one of the biggest problem’s we cultivators face is overcoming bottlenecks. Often, a single bottleneck can halt our progress for a lifetime. If this Dual Cultivation Technique is that good, it should be enough to become the core foundation of a great Sect. There would be no need to open this Joyous Union Pavilion in the first place.”

“What Brother Yang means is…” Although Chen Fan Lei was not one for plots of schemes, it didn’t mean he was stupid, so he was able to pick up some clues from what Yang Kai had just said.

“Does this Dual Cultivation Technique used to break through bottlenecks have some kind of hidden danger to it?” Yang Kai looked became serious.

“I don’t know about this, I only heard about this place briefly from Senior Brother w.a.n.g and he didn’t mention any risks,” Chen Fan Lei could not help frowning. With Yang Kai’s reminder, he suddenly became vigilant and, after thinking about it for a moment, Chen Fan Lei felt these concerns were reasonable. Wasn’t a Dual Cultivation Technique specifically used to break through bottlenecks a bit too convenient?

“I don’t know if Brother Chen has come into contact with any Dual Cultivation Techniques before, but most of them are actually extremely cruel, gathering Yin to supplement Yang, or gathering Yang to supplement Yin, resulting in one partner benefitting at the other’s expense. Since this Joyous Union Pavilion continues to exist to this day, obviously theses women do not cultivate a gathering Yang to supplement Yin Secret Art, but instead sacrifice their Primordial Yin or foundation to help guests who come here improve their cultivation and break through bottlenecks,” Yang Kai pondered out loud as he began mentioning the characteristics of Dual Cultivation Techniques. In fact, he did not need to say such words as Chen Fan Lei should have heard them before; after all, he wasn’t an inexperienced youth unfamiliar with how the cultivation world worked. Even if he had never seen or read a Dual Cultivation Technique before, he should have at least heard some rumours about them.

Yang Kai had cultivated a very profound Dual Cultivation Technique, so he had the qualification to speak about them.

“If this is the case, there really might be some hidden dangers! After all, if I don’t have a special Secret Art to refine the Primordial Yin or Yuan Qi from others, even if my cultivation increases somewhat and I am able to break through my bottleneck, it will cause my foundation to become unsteady,” Chen Fan Lei said thoughtfully, quickly muttering, “But since it’s like this, why would Senior Brother w.a.n.g specifically mention such a place to me? If it were not for him suddenly needing to go out, I even thought he would be the one to bring me here.”

“Perhaps Brother w.a.n.g had just mentioned it unintentionally and you misunderstood his intent?” Yang Kai said casually.

“I see!” Chen Fan Lei gently nodded, “That might be the case. En, since there are such hidden dangers with this method, I cannot go through with it anymore. I’d rather spend more time in meditation than ruin my foundation by trying to Dual Cultivate with some woman I don’t know.”

After realizing this, Chen Fan Lei finally restored his usual cleverness and said while standing up, “Brother Yang, let’s go now.”

“Since we’ve already arrived, there’s no need to rush off. If we were to suddenly leave like this, we might even offend this place’s owners,” Yang Kai laughed dumbly.

Chen Fan Lei scratched his head as a look of helplessness appeared on his face. If he had known things would turn out like this, he would not have dragged Yang Kai along with him to this place. Now even leaving had become somewhat troublesome.

“Could it be that we are really going to… have to…” Chen Fan Lei looked at Yang Kai with a mixture of uncertainty and antic.i.p.ation.

Yang Kai laughed, “That depends on Brother Chen’s intentions. Of course, we should avoid any dual cultivation, but if it’s simply having some fun, it shouldn’t matter too much.”

“Brother Yang must be joking,” Chen Fan Lei blushed brightly.

At this moment, Yang Kai expression suddenly changed as he turned his head to look at the door. A soft knocking soon echoed as the young woman who had led them here earlier softly called out, “Two Young Lords, this Mistress has kept you waiting.”

Saying so, she pushed open the door and walked inside followed by two maidservants, one of whom held a scented wine jug while the other carried a platter of exquisite spirit fruits. After bowing gracefully, the two maids walked up and placed the refreshments onto a small table before bowing and retreating to stand behind the lead young woman.

The young woman then took a seat across from Yang Kai and Chen Fan Lei before asking, “I wonder if the two Young Lords are here to seek pleasure or if they have some special requests?”

“What is the difference between seeking pleasure and special requests?” Yang Kai raised his brow as he asked in a calm and experienced tone, making the young woman not dare to look down on him.

The young woman smiled as her lashes fluttered, exuding a kind of intoxicating charm. Turning her eyes to meet Chen Fan Lei’s, she began explaining, “If two Young Lords simply wish to seek pleasure, there are many Young Ladies with excellent apt.i.tudes and appearances you may freely choose from at our Joyous Union Pavilion. Regardless of cultivation or beauty, our girls are far superior to other places in Black Crow City. Of course, our prices are also not comparable to those places either.”

Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Price is not an issue, as long as you can satisfy us, but I wonder, what is the highest cultivation of the girls in your establishment?”

The young woman smiled lightly, “It seems Young Lord’s vision is quite high. If we are speaking of the girl with the highest cultivation, that would be Hong Yue, she is a Second-Order Saint King!”

“A Second-Order Saint King!” Yang Kai was genuinely stunned and when he looked at Chen Fan Lei, he saw that the other party was also wearing a shocked expression. The two of them had not expected that such a woman would actually exist here; after all, with such a cultivation, it would be easy for her to join some big Sect and obtain far better conditions than in this place.

The young woman continued, “But Lady Hong Yue only acts personally twice a year; after that, no matter the price, she won’t see any guests. On top of that, whether she is willing to attend to a guest is completely up to her, so even if Young Lord offers an incredible price, it may be useless.”

“This Lady Hong Yue seems to have quite an interesting temperament. En, never mind,” Yang Kai waved his hand, “Such troubles are best avoided.”

“Very well,” The young woman seemed relieved upon hearing this and quickly asked, “May I ask if two Young Lords have some other special requests?”

“I heard that your n.o.ble establishment has a group of women who specifically cultivate a special Dual Cultivation Technique which is useful for breaking through bottlenecks. Is this true?” Yang Kai asked while looking straight at her.

The young woman gently nodded, “En, we do have such a group of women at Joyous Union Pavilion. Moreover, as long as they are Saint King Realm guests, eight out of ten come here because of this. It seems the same is true for two Young Lords.”

“Yeah, in our recent cultivation, we have indeed encountered some bottlenecks that we are unable to break through, so we came here to inquire about your services.”

“If that is the case, then it is easy to handle. If you do not mind, how about you allow this Mistress to make the appropriate arrangements. I guarantee two Young Lords will be satisfied,” The young woman asked with a smile.

“Sounds good.” Yang Kai gently nodded.

The young woman slowly stood up and walked out to make preparations, but just as she reached the door, she suddenly turned back and said, “Right, two Young Lords, this Mistress must forewarn you, although many guests who visit our establishment use this special Dual Cultivation session to successfully break through their bottlenecks, not everyone can succeed. If the two Young Lords happen to fail to achieve their wishes…”

“Naturally, we understand this, you may rest a.s.sured. If we cannot achieve our objectives, it will simply mean our fortune isn’t good enough and we will not hold you responsible.”

The young woman nodded with satisfaction and this time really left.

After she left, Chen Fan Lei looked at Yang Kai suspiciously, wondering why he had specifically asked about the women who cultivated the special Dual Cultivation Technique. However, Yang Kai did not show any intention to explain himself, so Chen Fan Lei could only puzzle over it on his own. Steeling himself, Chen Fan Lei swore to treat this as a simple new experience; if he didn’t actually engage in any dual cultivation, everything should be fine. Relaxing somewhat, he began helping himself to the spirit fruits on the table.

After a while, the young woman returned once again but this time there were more than a dozen beautiful young women accompanying her. The women all had truly outstanding appearances and astonis.h.i.+ng figures, but what was most impressive was that all of them were First-Order Saints. This kind of cultivation was much higher than the women Yang Kai and Chen Fan Lei had seen outside earlier.

As these dozen or so women entered the private room, a floral fragrance filled the air, adding to the enchanting atmosphere.

Chen Fan Lei both eyes both glowed as he examined each of these beauties with great enthusiasm, while on the other hand, Yang Kai remained completely indifferent.

The young woman was carefully observing the two of them and although a trace of surprise flashed across her eyes upon seeing Yang Kai’s lack of reaction, she did not say anything and instead just clapped her hands gently.

The group of women who came in left as swiftly as they had come and were replaced by a different group a moment later.

This second batch of women had slightly higher cultivations, each of them a genuine Second-Order Saint.

However, Yang Kai remained indifferent.

The lead young woman was even more surprised now, her brow furrowing slightly as she clapped her hands once more, sending out the second batch of women and replacing them with a third.

“Two Young Lords, are you not satisfied?” After waiting for a while, she saw that Yang Kai still did not show any interest and her pretty face couldn’t help sinking slightly, her voice going cold. This group of women was the highest quality group Joyous Union Pavilion ordinarily had to offer, each of them a Third-Order Saint Realm cultivator. One of these two young men seemed quite interested right from the start, but the other showed next to no reaction, making the lead young woman wonder if he was deliberately trying to cause trouble.

Yang Kai just flashed a light smile though as he ignored the cold eyes staring at him and calmly asked, “Could it be that your n.o.ble establishment can only offer this level of service? If so, it would be too disappointing.”

The young woman heard this and snorted, waving her hand to dismiss this third group of women as she clenched her teeth and shot back, “This Young Lord’s vision is truly extraordinary. Joyous Union Pavilion indeed has higher quality girls, but there are very few of them and each one of them is extremely expensive, I wonder if the two Young Lords will be able to afford them.”


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