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Chapter 1492, Famous Name

When the Emperor Garden opened, the number of cultivators who could enter was limited due to the small supply of Emperor Jades, but this time was different. There was no danger in Fallen Emperor Mountain and anyone could penetrate its depths, so as long as a cultivator received word of this event, they had hurried over to join the fun.

And so, they gathered around this Ancient Sect Ruins, a gathering that consisted far more than just those from the great forces.

Many cultivators from small families and sects were also here, hoping to drink some soup after the masters harvested the meat, but none of them dared get too close for fear they would be attacked or even killed; after all, they weren’t qualified to stand on equal footing with the masters from the great forces.

At this moment, at least a few hundred Origin Returning Realm masters from various great forces were bombarding the Sect Defending Array in front of themselves. Different Secret Techniques and artifact attacks released brilliant flashes of light as they tore through the air and impacted the invisible barrier, creating numerous ripples across its surfaces. However, the Sect Defending Array that protected this Ancient Sect Ruin was extremely powerful, so even after almost twenty days of continuous bombardment, it was still barring everyone’s path, preventing them from intruding.

However, the Shadowed Star masters’ efforts weren’t in vain. After such a long period of time, the Sect Defending Array had clearly become less stable and it was clear it wouldn’t be long before it broke.

While most people were focused on attacking this Spirit Array, there were also some masters who had formed teams to expel others who had heard the news and come to try their luck. These teams were composed of cultivators from different Sects in order to guarantee that the interests of their respective forces were maintained. These masters forbid anyone not a.s.sociated with them from approaching and trying to fish in troubled waters; after all, they had expended a great deal of time and energy breaking the protective barrier and weren’t about to allow others to just pick up a bargain at the last moment.

If anyone didn’t understand discretion, they would be killed without mercy!

Many who didn’t know the whole story had died tragically at the hands of these people. Others who came later learned from these unfortunate souls’ mistakes, as well as their broken corpses, and took the initiative to remain on the periphery, not daring to rush forward.

Although these Ancient Sect Ruins were very tempting, one first needed their life in order to reap any gains.

Those who didn’t have powerful backgrounds could only wait ten kilometres away and look on anxiously. Envy was inevitable, and all these cultivators naturally wanted to partic.i.p.ate in this grand event, but unfortunately, their respective Sects’ statuses weren’t high, nor were their personal strengths, so they could only stand back and grumble amongst themselves.

“Tsk, seems like this is a truly grand occasion. Nearly all of Shadowed Star’s great Sects and masters have arrived.” A burly, bald man shook his head as he stood among the crowd of onlookers. Although he was offering words of admiration, everyone was able to hear the disgruntled tone in his voice.

“Countryside hick!” Hearing what this man said, another old man in plain robes who was standing not far away snorted coldly, “Do you think Shadowed Star only has this many masters? Those big Sects have all sent out less than half of their true powerhouses and news about this place is still spreading, so there are obviously others still on their way here.”

“Old Dog, are you trying to pick a fight? Father here was just speaking his mind, why don’t you just mind your own d.a.m.n business?” The burly bald-headed man snapped back harshly. He had truly just been venting but now that he was being openly refuted he couldn’t help becoming somewhat angry.

The old man in plain robes just glanced at the burly man faintly and sneered, not showing any interest in arguing with him.

Seeing this contemptuous look made the burly bald-headed man even angrier and with a fierce look upon his face he was just about to attack the old man when suddenly, a flash of light crossed his eyes and a young man strangely appeared in front of him.

This young man had a stalwart look to him and wore a light blue outfit, giving him a competent air.

The burly bald-headed man was taken aback for a moment but after staring at this young for a moment, doubt flashed across his eyes as he vaguely felt that this young man was familiar, but he was unable to remember where he had seen him before immediately.

“There are so many people here…” The young man looked around and muttered in a somewhat surprised tone.

The burly bald-headed man casually answered, “Of course there are lots of people here, they’re all expecting to go in and find something good. Where is this friend from?”

When the young man heard this question, he turned his head, smiled, and said, “I came from the outside region. I just heard news about this place and decided to come check it out. En, I’ll be going on ahead.”

Saying so, he flew up and rushed forward.

“Little friend, wait!” The old man in plain robes who had been bickering with the burly bald-headed man called out hurriedly, trying to block this youth, but he was too late as the other party was already a thousand metres away, moving at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

“That boy is doomed!” The old man shook his head slightly with a look of regret. He saw that this young man was truly young and his cultivation wasn’t weak, but since he dared rush towards the Sect Defending Array, he would certainly be killed on the spot.

“Not necessarily, he might be able to join that crowd,” The burly bald-headed man’s eyes lit up as he finally remembered where he had seen that youth before.

A while ago, someone caused a huge uproar in Heavenly Fate City, and at that time, this burly bald-headed man just happened to be staying there. As such, he had seen the young man who was the root of all the ruckus and later learned that the youth was actually Yang Kai, the master of Dragon Cave Mountain. After that incident, not only had Yang Kai not suffered in any way, he still roamed about freely without the slightest of worries.

Today, Yang Kai was already High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master, the enigmatic character who had conquered the Flowing Flame Sand Field!

“What do you mean?” The old man looked over suspiciously at the burly bald-headed man, “There are many who want to try to enter and fish in troubled waters, but everyone who dared do so died, and their fresh corpses are still strewn all over the place. Why do you think that boy can pa.s.s safely?”

“Heh heh, just watch. If he can pa.s.s, old man, you must apologize to Father here,” The burly bald-headed man declared confidently.

“And if he’s killed?” The old man narrowed his eyes.

“Father here will kneel down and lick your shoes!” The burly bald-headed man shouted loudly.

When he said this, everyone nearby directed an interested look towards him; even the old man couldn’t help doing a double-take.

These stakes were really quite amazing! As the saying goes, a person’s face was like the bark of a tree, losing it was more serious than simply being killed, so why was this burly man so confident?

“Fine. This old master will take that bet,” The old man was also a decisive character and agreed after just a moment of hesitation. He didn’t believe that the great forces that were attacking the Sect Defending Array all this time would be willing to let some random young man strut in and join them.

For a time, all the cultivators around focused their attention on Yang Kai, wondering whether he would be able to pa.s.s the blockade of the great forces’ masters safely.

Yang Kai also quickly discovered that something was wrong.

Although he contacted Qian Tong through his communication artifact and knew the general situation here, he hadn’t expected it to be so complicated.

Not long after he started his approach, a group of seven or eight Origin Realm masters flew out from around the Sect Defending Array towards him, all of them wearing different robes, indicating they did not belong to a single great force.

There were three uniforms, however, that Yang Kai recognized.

Heaven Battling Union, Thunder Typhoon Sect, and Floating Mist Palace!

Heaven Battling Union and Thunder Typhoon Sect, needless to say, were the two giants of Shadowed Star while Floating Mist Palace was also a first-cla.s.s Sect, at least on par with Shadow Moon Hall and Coloured Gla.s.s Sect.

Although Yang Kai couldn’t tell where the others came from just by their uniforms, each of the approaching masters was at least a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator.

These people stopped about a thousand meters away and stared towards Yang Kai indifferently. Immediately, one of the old men in a grey robe stepped forward without saying a word, pointed his finger, summoned a fiery red long sword, and shot it towards Yang Kai.

The speed of this sword was quite extraordinary.

Yang Kai’s complexion changed as he felt the murderous intent coming from his opponent’s move and immediately summoned his Purple s.h.i.+eld to protect himself.


The sword collided with the Purple s.h.i.+eld and a violent energy wave burst forth. Flaming light completely engulfed Yang Kai in the next instant, causing him to disappear from sight.

The grey-robed old man sneered, waved his hand and summoned the fiery red sword back to himself before casting an indifferent look towards the spot where Yang Kai once stood.

He thought that Yang Kai was dead; after all, from what he could tell, Yang Kai was just a First-Order Origin Returning Realm boy and could not possibly block his blow.

But soon, the old man frowned before letting out a surprised mutter.

Ahead of him, after the light faded, Yang Kai’s figure appeared again, his Purple s.h.i.+eld still blocking his front, seemingly not having suffered any injuries. His face, however, was icy.

As soon as he arrived here, he was attacked by a stranger, and it was an attack that contained clear murderous intent, so Yang Kai’s mood wasn’t good.

“What is Your Excellency doing?” Yang Kai glared towards the grey-clothed old man coldly.

“What is this old master doing?” The grey-clothed old man snorted, “All trespa.s.sers are to be killed without mercy, what else do you think I’m doing?”

Yang Kai frowned as he glanced around at the broken corpses down below, vaguely figuring out the situation.

After the grey-clothed old man failed to achieve anything with his first blow, he felt he had lost a lot of face and was just about to attack again when suddenly a loud shout rang out from behind “Wait!”

Hearing this call, the grey-clothed old man didn’t make any follow-up movements and instead put on a flattering look and turned around to face the white-haired old man who just spoke, “What advice does Brother Liang have?”

The other party didn’t answer immediately but instead stared at Yang Kai with interest, a slight grin soon appearing on his face as he asked loudly, “Dare I ask, is Little Brother High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master Yang Kai?”

Yang Kai s.h.i.+fted his gaze to this old man and nodded, “Yeah, I am Yang Kai.”

“What, this boy is High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master?” The grey-clothed old man who attacked Yang Kai just now called out in alarm.

Instantly, he regretted his hasty actions just now.

Regardless of what Yang Kai’s personal cultivation was, the High Heaven Sect he controlled today could not be underestimated by anyone. Forget about the fact that High Heaven Sect possessed an extraordinarily powerful Origin King Grade Stars.h.i.+p, it was even rumoured that Yang Kai’s combat power was astonis.h.i.+ng. The grey-clothed old man couldn’t help feeling a chill up his spine just thinking about this.

It was rumoured that when he was just a Third-Order Saint King, Yang Kai had killed numerous Origin Returning Realm masters, and now that he had also reached the Origin Returning Realm, his strength likely was not inferior to any Third-Order Origin Realm master.

This old man was just a Second-Order Origin Realm master, so if he were to really engage in a fight here, it was likely he would be the one to fall.

The grey-clothed old man was naturally frightened and could not help s.h.i.+vering slightly as he secretly thanked Elder Liang for stopping him in time; otherwise, he might have made a tragic mistake.

What’s more, almost every great force on Shadowed Star was actively trying to befriend High Heaven Sect; unfortunately, there was no easy way to contact this reclusive Sect.

The grey-clothed old man’s Sect also had such intentions, but now that he had suddenly attacked Yang Kai with intent to kill, it was inevitable that the other party’s opinion of him would be terrible.

Considering all this, the grey-clothed old man became extremely anxious.


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