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Chapter 2059, Seedling

Translator: Silavin & As.h.i.+sh

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

The birth of the Embodiment was a coincidence, and its strength was also an extremely lucky encounter.

Had the second puppet been born with sentience, he would not have thought of putting his Soul Clone into it, turning it into his own Embodiment, and had it not been for opportunity on the floating continent, his Embodiment would not have grown so quickly.

Because it had refined the entire floating continent, it could grow to this terrifying level in such a short time.

That one punch from Embodiment was equal to the power of a world.

Even though Yang Kai had a strong and robust physical body, how could he withstand the bombardment of a continent with a body of flesh and blood?

It wasn’t surprising to be sent flying and even get injured.

“You should find me a stick like Xiao Xiao’s!” The Embodiment pursed its lips into a smile.

If it had a Heaven Shaking Pillar-like artifact in its hands, the Embodiment could take ten enemies alone without using much of its strength! Furthermore, he could do it better than Xiao Xiao.

“Sure, if there is a chance!” After nodding his agreement, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly blurred as he arrived above the Embodiment and whipped a kick down with a turn of his body.

His leg was wrapped in extremely berserk Source Qi. Obviously, Yang Kai wasn’t showing any mercy.

The Embodiment didn’t panic or anything at the sight of this. It just horizontally raised its hand, defending from the above, while it used the other enormous hand to grab toward Yang Kai, through under its armpit.

Yang Kai’s pupils immediately shrunk as he shouted aloud, “Solidify!”

Just as his voice fell, the surrounding s.p.a.ce came under the effect of the Principles with a hum, solidifying immediately.

The Embodiement’s movement slowed down a little as its vast body was suffering quite a bit of hindrance. Its enormous hands reaching out to Yang Kai was no longer as fast as before.

Its body sank as it let out a cry, “Break!”

Its giant-like body erupted with an explosive Qi.


With a crisp cracking sound, the solidified s.p.a.ce suddenly became loose.

It forcefully broke through the s.p.a.ce Principles suppression using brute force before it continued to grab at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to go forward anymore. He pushed his feet as a deafening clap rang from underneath his feet. His figure instantly shot toward the back like an arrow fired from a bow. Immediately after, he brought his hands together as an enormous Moon Blade suddenly appeared, which he then fired straight at the embodiment without any scruples.

A pitch-black, machete-like, enormous Moon Blade cut straight toward the Embodiment’s arm.

The Embodiment’s pupil immediately shrank. It promptly switched from grabbing to punching, with the ferocity of a tiger.

Immediately, explosive fist energy flew out of the punch, cras.h.i.+ng into the Moon Blade in the air before it could even land on the Embodiment’s fist. The next moment, a deafening clap rang as the Moon Blade disappeared, and so did the fist energy.

Before Yang Kai could regain his wits, the Embodiment stamped his feet as a pillar of soil shot out from the ground. The Embodiment reached out and as it grabbed it, the pillar of loose soil turning into a stick as hard as iron with a glimmer.

The Embodiment, grabbing the tens of meters long stick, hurled it straight toward Yang Kai. The stick cut through the air with a sharp boom. It gave the impression that it would pierce through s.p.a.ce.

Yang Kai’s expression drastically changed. He didn’t dare to remain in his position. s.p.a.ce Force fluctuations emerged around him as he teleported to one side, causing the stick to hit the air.

“Heh heh heh!” The Embodiment seemed to have expected this already. There was no panic on its face, rather it broke into a peal of strange laughter as it bent down and placed its enormous hand on the ground. The next moment, the ground started rumbling and quaking.

Suddenly, Earth Dragons wagging their tails emerged just below Yang Kai, one after another. Each and every Earth Dragon was extremely vivid and life-like. Baring their fangs and claws, they swarmed at Yang Kai. By rough count, there were at least a dozen or so Earth Dragons. They had sealed Yang Kai’s all routes of escape.

“Dragon Transformation!” Yang Kai shouted as he prompted the Golden Divine Dragon Source in his body. His right arm suddenly doubled in size, covered in Dragon scales made from energy. His right hand resembled a Dragon’s claw.

He then turned around and charged straight into the thunder of Earth Dragons.

Very soon, deafening roars and explosions rang as the Earth Dragons collapsed, one after another. Soon after, Yang Kai’s figure shot from the dust-filled sky like a G.o.d descending from Heaven.

His body was surrounded by a colourful halo as Five Elements Sword Qis shot towards the Embodiment.

The Embodiment just curled its lips and stomped its foot on the ground at the sight of this. Suddenly, a wall of soil popped up from before him. Just like the stick before, a glimmer spread across the wall of soil before it became extremely hard.

*Chi chi chi…*

The Sword Qis struck the wall of soil, but they were unable to break through its defence and were blocked.

When the Sword Qi was finally exhausted, the Embodiment waved its hand as the wall of soil before him collapsed.

But before he could make any more moves, a strange smile suddenly appeared on Yang Kai’s face as his left eye glimmered with a golden glow.

“Dammit!” the Embodiment blurted out. It hurriedly tried to look away but it was too late. When it saw that golden light, his attention was sucked in right away by it. It was unable to think and it’s eyes lost their l.u.s.tre.

After a short while, the golden light dissipated as the Embodiment finally regained its wits.

Yang Kai was standing before it with a depressed look on his face. The moment the pair of small and big eyes looked at each other, they couldn’t help but break into laughter.

After a long time, their laughter slowly stopped.

“Not a word about this to anyone,” Yang Kai solemnly exhorted.

The Embodiment nodded earnestly with an identical look on its face.

If the word got out that he was ultimately forced to use the Demon Eye of Annihilation to gain the upper hand against himself after having tried every possible means and ability, everyone would laugh at him.

But this way, Yang Kai was able to judge the Embodiment’s strength a little.

With his current means, he had no good way to deal with the Embodiment apart from using the Divine Sense to suppress it. The Embodiment’s Divine Sense was inferior to his, which it was a matter of course. It was originally his Soul Clone, so how could it compare with the main Soul?

Using the Soul to suppress it was tantamount to cheating…

He might as well order it to lie on the ground and let him beat it.

Yang Kai felt ashamed as these thoughts crossed his mind.

“Do you have any extra artifacts?” the Embodiment suddenly asked.

“I do.” Yang Kai nodded as he doubtfully looked at it. However, a notion flashed his mind as he understood why the Embodiment wanted the artifact. He immediately asked in surprise, “Can Heaven Devouring Battle Law also devour artifacts?”

The Embodiment replied, “I’m just guessing. Whether it can or not, I will know it after giving it a try.”

Yang Kai nodded after hearing this. He then searched through the s.p.a.ce Ring, found a few artifacts before throwing them at it.

These artifacts belonged to Shen Tu and his team. All the previous loot had been exchanged for Source Crystals at the black market of Maplewood City.

After receiving the artifacts, the Embodiment immediately sat down on the ground with the artifacts in its palm. Right then, he reported in a m.u.f.fled voice, “The seed you had planted seems to have sprouted.”

Yang Kai was stunned, but he soon understood what the Embodiment was talking about and a joyous look appeared on his face before his figure disappeared from his place.

And when he reappeared again, he was in the vicinity of the medicine garden.

There were only two things in the entire medicine garden. One was the Immortal Tree that Yang Kai had obtained in his home Star Field in the past, and the other was the gold and silver-coloured Wood Spirit Seed that Yang Kai planted in the corner that day.

Yang Kai had tried to refine the Immortal Tree but ultimately failed. Finally, all he could do was plant it in the Small Sealed World’s medicine garden.

However, the Small Sealed World had gained a lot of vitality because of the Immortal Tree.

In the past, Yang Kai had asked Yang Yan about how to refine the Immortal Tree and gain the immortal and indestructible body.

However, Yang Yan didn’t tell him clearly. This made him very helpless.

Later, he acquired the Wood Spirit Seed after killing the Wood Spirit. Because this seed was so peculiar that even Liu Yan couldn’t burn it, Yang Kai had decided to keep it.

It had only been about a year since he killed the Wood Spirit. And to his surprise, the Wood Spirit Seed had already taken the root in the medicine garden and had grown into a three-centimetre-tall seedling.

Just like the seed, the seedling had both silver and gold colour, each occupying half. It looked very strange. It was completely different from the Wood Spirit’s original body. Yang Kai had no idea why this was the case.

Yang Kai stared at the three-centimetre-tall seedling in a daze.

He didn’t recognize it, so he had never even heard or read about it. But he could feel a strange energy in the seedling that was still very weak, but if the seedling continued to grow, it would definitely become stronger.

This three-centimetre-tall seedling should not be underestimated.

Even after being planted in the medicine garden of the Small Sealed World for nearly a year, it had only grown by this much.

The medicine garden in the Small Sealed World had Heavy Earth, five Earth Vein Crystals and the vitality brought by the Immortal Tree. Being planted in here for a day was equivalent to a hundred days outside.

In other words, if it was planted elsewhere, even if the Wood Spirit Seed could survive, it would take at least a hundred years to grow three centimetres tall.

Having thought this, Yang Kai became even more interested in the gold and silver seedling.

The harder it was for it to grow, the higher its value would be. Just take the Immortal Tree, for instance. It had survived countless eras but was only three meters tall.

After confirming that the Wood Spirit Seed was still alive, Yang Kai didn’t pay much attention to it. Yang Kai would have to observe and investigate what its uses were later.

Next, he refined the long sword artifact used by Han Leng and the Flying Saint Palace’s s.h.i.+p in the Small Sealed World.

The long sword artifact was a Low-Rank Dao Source Grade artifact. It just so happened that it was perfect for him at the moment. It could increase his strength a bit. And if supplemented by the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi, it could even turn into his ace in the hole. As for the s.h.i.+p, it was naturally a means of transportation.

In a flash, over a month had gone by.

Yang Kai left the Small Sealed World and checked Liu Yan’s situation again, but discovered that she was still in deep slumber. He had no idea what time she would wake up.

Yang Kai furrowed his brow. After thinking for a moment, he summoned the s.h.i.+p and flew toward Maplewood City.

He was unable to determine when Liu Yan would come out and it would be a waste of time if he continued to wait here.

In any case, Liu Yan knew that he was in Maplewood City. After exiting, she could join him in Maplewood City. Now, he needed to rush back to the cave mansion in Maplewood City to prepare to refine the Dragon Bone Sword into his body.


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