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Chapter 2079, Resist

Translator: Silavin & frozenfire

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Kang Si Ran had remained stagnant in the Third-Order Origin King Realm for a good couple of hundred years already. If not for the aid from the Dao Source Pill, he couldn’t improve his cultivation at all. Yang Kai’s Dao Source Pill with Pill Veins could be said to be the perfect gift at a time when he needed it the most.

With Kang Si Ran’s help, Yang Kai was able to obtain great benefits at the bottom of the Yuan Furnace Mountain. Furthermore, he was also willing to lend him a few hundred thousand Source Crystals to use during the auction fair. Recalling how favourable he had been treated, Yang Kai did not hesitate one bit to give that Dao Source Pill to Kang Si Ran.

[If I am shown kindness and respect, I will return it tenfold.] Yang Kai had never been stingy in his life.

Although Mo Xiao Qi was also at a peak Third-Order Origin King, and might be able to promote her cultivation to the next stage within a short period of time through the aid of the Dao Source Pill, her situation was different from Kang Si Ran.

Mo Xiao Qi was young, yet already possessed this level of cultivation. Furthermore, she had a mysterious background, an extraordinary one in fact. Without even talking about her not needing the Dao Source Pill at all, it was exceedingly likely that she possessed the strength to obtain one if needed.

Although using the Dao Source Pill to obtain a cultivation breakthrough would not have too much of an effect on a cultivator, it might have an impact on a cultivator’s future cultivation progress.

Therefore, no cultivator would use pills to a.s.sist in their cultivation breakthroughs unless they were faced with insurmountable situations. This was the reason why Yang Kai did not consume a Dao Source Pill to break through into the Dao Source Realm.

By the time Yang Kai had left the cave mansion, not only was he accompanied by Mo Xiao Qi, he was also accompanied by the old woman and beautiful lady from the Zhang Family.

The latter two were not willing to wait for their deaths within the cave mansion, as, after all, there were other heirs of their family present here. If the city was to really be broken into, their Zhang Family would inevitably face complete destruction. Therefore, regardless of how Yang Kai tried to persuade them, the old woman and beautiful woman of the Zhang Family still decided to head out to face their enemies, contributing their strength to defend their city.

Exasperated, Yang Kai had no other choice but to take a step back.

Fortunately, although the two did not possess powerful cultivations, they were both First-Order Origin Kings, which wasn’t too shabby. Therefore, it would not be too much of a problem if they were to aid the city guards in reinforcing the Spirit Array by the city walls.

A beam of light encased the 4 of them as they flew rapidly within Maplewood City. Within a short period of time, they arrived at a section of the city walls.

As far as their eyes could see, a stretch of pitch black darkness filled everything outside of the city walls. Endless waves of Demon Qi surged about, appearing as though it was alive, sending s.h.i.+vers racking through anyone who saw it. Time to time, one would even be able to hear bouts of what seemed like cries and howls, sounds that seem to draw out painful memories in the depths of people’s hearts, forcing every cultivator to circulate their strength to resist them.

On the city wall, Duan Yuan Shan was in charge of distributing Pure Heart Jades. Any cultivator that had headed to the city walls to defend the city would be able to obtain a Pure Heart Jade as a contingency measure.

Upon seeing Yang Kai arriving, a delighted expression appeared on Duan Yuan Shan’s face as he promptly said his greetings: “Over here, Brother Yang!’

In a blink, Yang Kai brought Mo Xiao Qi and the two Zhang Family ladies right before Duan Yuan Shan. Looking at the scenery outside, they discovered that the Demon Qi was truly ferocious. However, from the looks of it now, Maplewood City did not seem to have much trouble, if any. There were quite a few cultivators present in every section of the city wall. Some were maintaining the defensive Spirit Array, while others were displaying their Martial Skills, unleas.h.i.+ng ferocious attacks at the squirming Demon Qi.

“Sir City Lord, please do tell us if you need any help at all.” Yang Kai cupped his fists and said.

“Since you’ve said it, Brother Yang, I’ll be frank. Right at this moment, there aren’t many Dao Source Realm Masters present within the city. If we count in Brother Yang, we still aren’t able to hit ten. Every one of them has been allocated to a section of a city wall to take charge of defence. From the looks of it now, we still are able to hold on for a while. However, we also can’t drop our guard. Brother Yang, you don’t have any special mission. You can go about handling your matters, and while doing that, see around if there’s any place that needs a.s.sistance and provide your help. How about that?” asked Duan Yuan Shan with a solemn expression.

“Alright!” Yang Kai nodded his head.

Duan Yuan Shan quickly pulled out a communication artifact. Handling it to Yang Kai, he said: “Take this, Brother Yang. If anyone needs help, they’ll definitely use this to communicate. When that happens, I beseech for Brother Yang to respond at the first instant!”

Taking it, Yang Kai did not store it in his s.p.a.ce Ring, opting to keep it within his robes.

Turning his head, he looked at Mo Xiao Qi and the two Zhang Family ladies, and said: “For now, please stay here and listen to City Lord Duan’s commands. I’ll go and look around.”

As he said those words, he transformed into a streak of light, cruising about along the city walls.

Along the city walls, countless Maplewood City cultivators were rallying together and fighting bravely. The majority of them had cultivations of Origin King Realm, and they would either fight alone, or come together in groups of three to five. Upon exhausting their strength, they would retreat back up the city walls where there would naturally be others to take their place.

After doing an investigation, Yang Kai realized that the situation wasn’t too bad at all.

After experiencing the initial bout of panic and bewilderment, the cultivators present in Maplewood City had already calmed their minds down. Instead of continuing to think of how to flee and escape from the city, they had truly united their wills together to defend against the Demon Qi.

Brilliant rays of light stemming from various Martial Skills rumbled towards the Demon Qi. Although they were quickly destroyed by the latter, with his acute Divine Sense, Yang Kai could naturally sense that the Demon Qi was also being worn down in the process.

A single person might be utterly inadequate, but 100 people, 1000 people, 10000 people, 100 thousand people… if all of them did the same thing, the effect would be entirely different.

Every time, when the Demon Qi seemed to rush forwards, it would be met by powerful Secret Techniques or Martial Skills, dispelling the seemingly unstoppable Demon Qi.

With a casual test, Yang Kai discovered that indeed, this was a foolproof simple method to deal with the Demon Qi surrounding the city.

However, the Demon Qi possessed exceedingly powerful corrosive properties. Therefore, most cultivators simply did not dare to brandish their artifacts, choosing to only rely on their Secret Techniques and Martial Skills to unleash attacks.

At this moment, Maplewood City seemed to give off a well-fortified feeling. This feeling brought forth great delight in the hearts of the cultivators on the city walls, with their morale gaining an extremely large boost. At the same time, there was an inevitable surge of contempt for the Demonic Qi, as though this was the worse it could get.

Time slowly pa.s.sed.

It had been a day since Maplewood City had been encircled by Demon Qi, and, in fact, there had yet to be a fatality or people injured at all.

This unusual development turned the vigilance-meter in Yang Kai’s heart into overdrive. After all, while he was in the mine, he had personally experienced the terror brought by the Ancient Demon Qi. Although he did not engage in a head-on confrontation against it, just the berserk intent radiating from the Demon Qi could not be underestimated.

Messages coming from the various Dao Source Realm Masters were transmitted through the communication artifact. Therefore, despite everyone being at different places, all of them were able to gain a clear understanding of the situations present at each other’s locations.

As dawn broke on the next day, something seemed to happen to the Demon Qi that surrounded Maplewood City, as it proceeded to gradually retreat a couple dozen metres, leaving an empty circular zone between it and the city walls.

Upon seeing this, the cultivators on the city walls instantly let off earth-shattering cheers of jubilation.

Believing that they had managed to successfully fight the Demon Qi back, they could not help to start congratulating each other and celebrating their victory.

In fact, a few of the Dao Source Realm masters had also a.s.sumed this to be true.

“Don’t let your guard down!” Duan Yuan Shan’s voice rang out from the communication artifact, his tone sounding solemn.

At a certain part of the city wall, Yang Kai stood in the air, narrowing his eyes as he looked ahead. Despite being a Dao Source Realm Master, which granted him extraordinary visual prowess, with the darkest time of the day being before daybreak, coupled with the surging Demon Qi, he was unable to see too far into the distance.

All of a sudden, minute vibrations started to shake the earth, as a series of m.u.f.fled rumbling noises seemed to ring on in the far distance, travelling at an exceedingly fast speed towards the city.

In the beginning, these vibrations were very minute, to the point that they were barely noticeable. However, they grew more and more apparent as time pa.s.sed.

The cheers coming from the cultivators on the city walls came to a grinding halt. After exchanging glances with each other, slivers of unease started to surface in their hearts.

Yang Kai took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Upon opening them, a golden radiance had impressively covered his left eye, with that pupil also turning into a shocking vertical shape.

Demon Eye of Annihilation, piercing through all illusions!

Within his left eye, he could see through the Demon Qi with ease, allowing him to see into its depths…

In the next instant, his expression suddenly changed as he roared towards the nearby cultivators: “Hurry up and increase the strength of the Spirit Array!”

At the same time, his Divine Sense surged, rus.h.i.+ng into the communication artifact to transmit messages to the other Dao Source Realm masters: “There’s a large number of demonized Monster Beasts and Human cultivators in our vicinity! Everyone be careful!”

Within his field of view, he could see strong and powerful figures currently heading over to his direction from within the endless surging Demon Qi. Not only were there Monster Beasts present among those figures, but also Humans.

These Monster Beasts were all strange and grotesquely shaped. G.o.d knows where they popped out from, but their entire bodies radiated vicious and evil auras that blotted their surroundings.

As for those humans, after being corrupted by the Demon Qi, their auras had also been warped, with their vitality turning extremely vigorous.

Regardless of whether they were Monster Beasts or Humans, or their varying realms of cultivation, their numbers were incredibly terrifying. Rus.h.i.+ng over from all directions, with seemingly endless numbers, they appeared to have already surrounded the entirety of Maplewood City.

Upon hearing Yang Kai’s roar, the nearby cultivators did not hesitate one bit as they hurriedly channelled their strength into the defensive Spirit Array.

With a resounding hum, the Spirit Array’s radiance instantly grew brighter by a few degrees.

The reason why these cultivators were doing what they were told to do was completely due to Yang Kai displaying the might of a Dao Source Realm Master a day ago. To them, there wasn’t any reason to doubt the words of a Dao Source Realm Master.

In the next instant, Duan Yuan Shan’s orders came ringing out from the communication artifact.

In a split second, the defensive Spirit Array surrounding the entire Maplewood City was tuned up to its most powerful state, its sparkling radiance so bright that it seemed as though daybreak had descended upon the vicinity of the city walls.


The Demon Qi, which had been forced back several dozen metres, started to surge forward once again, roaring like a tsunami as it swirled up into giant waves that blotted the skies, rumbling right towards the city walls.

Sparks started to appear in ma.s.sive quant.i.ties.

The Demon Qi was being blocked by the defensive light screen, continuously corroding its power, which caused bone-jarring sounds to ring out.

G.o.d knows how many times the cultivators on the city walls experienced this situation, which naturally made them react by channelling their power without restraint into the Spirit Array.

However, just at this instant, figure after figure suddenly started to rely on the protection of the endless Demon Qi as they rushed from within.

Vicious, demonized Monster Beasts with jet black eyes and humans shrouded in swirling black fog swept out before the Maplewood City cultivators in a spectre-like fas.h.i.+on.

Bang Bang Bang… collision sounds continued to ring out.

After making contact, those demonized Monster Beasts unleashed their unique Divine Abilities, resulting in rainbow coloured rays of beast techniques blossoming in the air. Furthermore, these demons still possessed the abilities of their previous life, with some even able to summon their artifacts to launch ferocious attacks at the defensive light barrier.

Like a ball, sunken depressions continued to appear on the defensive barrier. Despite it being like a balloon and rebounding, the brilliant radiance of the defensive Spirit Array was rapidly turning dim.

Everyone turned pale in fright!

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