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Chapter 2316 , Surrender Your Life to this Sir

Translator: Silavin & frozenfire

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

“Grandmaster Yang, the outcome of this fight has been determined. This Old Master hopes that you will not struggle obstinately, otherwise, you will really get hurt.” Ke Tian wore a solemn face as he looked at Yang Kai.

With a grin, Yang Kai replied, “What’s wrong? Are you trying to proclaim your chast.i.ty after being a wh.o.r.e?”

Ke Tian’s face sank, “This Old Master is just giving you a kind reminder.”

Yang Kai burst into laughter, “Since that’s the case, I also have something for you, Sir.”

“What?” Ke Tian asked with a slight frown.

Yang Kai’s gaze turned cold as he quickly said, “If you really are tactful, you would hurry up and withdraw. If not, I’m afraid that you, Sir, might not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour!”

Ke Tian’s heart jumped upon hearing his words, while Luo Jin felt some unease surging through his heart, before quickly turning quietly to shoot a look towards a certain location within the crowd.

In the next instant, a burst of Sword Qi erupted from within the crowd, as the Sky Illumination Palace’s Qiu Yu came lunging out, sword in his hand as he flew like a bolt towards Yang Kai. This sword seemed to shatter through s.p.a.ce and it was clear that Qiu Yu had used his full strength to unleash it.

As everyone’s attention had been focused on the earlier fight, not a single one of them had expected Qiu Yu to take action at this very moment. By the time they had noticed the sword glow, they suddenly realised that Qiu Yu had clearly been colluding with Luo Jin from the beginning.

Although Qiu Yu’s cultivation was only at the First-Order Dao Source Realm, his sneak attack was decisive and as quick as a thunderbolt, taking only a split second to appear before Yang Kai in an imposing fas.h.i.+on.

However, Yang Kai did not show any shock at all. On the contrary, he simply smirked, “Finally unable to resist taking action, huh?”

“What?” Qiu Yu’s expression changed drastically upon hearing those words. He raised his head to take a look, only to see Yang Kai shooting a look br.i.m.m.i.n.g with contempt back at him, as though he had long expected this to happen.

“Not good!” Qiu Yu’s face turned pale with fright. A tremor shook through his sword as he attempted to pull back; however, would he be able to do so in such an abrupt fas.h.i.+on?

Cracking sounds proceeded to ring out, as a five-coloured light suddenly blossomed from Yang Kai’s body. As this happened, his body appeared to swell, while an aura that far exceeded that of Second-Order Dao Source Realm started to radiate out.


In an instant, the la.s.so of lightning binding Yang Kai snapped. Ke Tian’s body shook as he looked dumbly before him, while subconsciously retreating a few steps.

“Be careful, Young Master Qiu!” Luo Jin shouted.

Qiu Yu instantly felt coldness grip his heart as he looked on helplessly as Yang Kai made a fist and sent it rumbling towards him.

Faced with such immense danger, he turned his long sword and waved it, unleas.h.i.+ng a sword glow that s.h.i.+elded his body in the hopes of being able to extricate himself from the danger.

Smas.h.i.+ng into the incoming fist, a loud bang resounded.

The surrounding s.p.a.ce shook slightly, while the dazzling sword glow shattered apart instantly under the might of the fist, which continued to travel at its original speed towards Qiu Yu’s body.

“Outrageous!” A powerful roar rang out, as the two old Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters that were by Qiu Yu’s side took action. One of them extended his fingers and pointed towards Yang Kai, while the other lunged towards Qiu Yu in an attempt to save him.

Nevertheless, Yang Kai did not retreat. Disregarding the might behind the finger, his fist continued forward unimpeded.

A loud bang rang out, as chaotic energy erupted madly in all directions.

This was followed by a m.u.f.fled groan and the sounds of bones snapping, as Qiu Yu was flung away like a ragdoll.

Despite being promptly saved by one of the old men following by his side, Yang Kai’s fist had still caused him serious injuries as countless jets of blood spurted out from his body as he flew through the air, the aura radiating from his body declining drastically.

In that instant, Qiu Yu could not help but think back to the words Yang Kai had said to him earlier.

“Brother Qiu, I see that the spot between your brows has turned dark, your pupils look distracted, your lip and tongue look charred, your spirit scattering, and darkness covering your face. I’m afraid that you’re about to face impending death.”

Incomparable grief and indignation filled Qiu Yu’s heart as he thought to himself that the impending death he was about to face was all due to this fellow.

Before he could think about anything else, his head tilted to the side as he fell unconscious, his life or death unknown.

“Young Master!” The expression of the old man who had caught Qiu Yu changed drastically before turning a deathly pale shade.

The other old man looked over absentmindedly, taking a very long time before he snapped back to his senses. Earlier, when Qiu Yu had taken action, they were secretly coordinating from the back; however, never in their wildest dreams did they expect Qiu Yu to get injured by Yang Kai like this. Not only was this a ma.s.sive loss of face for them, they would also be incapable of explaining this matter to the Palace Master once they returned to the Sky Illumination Palace.

Before this old man could recover from his shock, Yang Kai suddenly appeared by his side. Brandis.h.i.+ng the Myriad Sword, Sword Qi surging forth from him.

“Myriad Sword Arts, Radiant Moon Swallows the Wolf.”

*Chi chi chi chi…*

The sounds of something breaking through the air rang out incessantly.

Endless beams of Sword Qi flowed forth with maddened fury.

“Emperor Artifact!” The old man’s eyes shrank as a sliver of shock flashed across the depths of his eyes. After being exposed to the Emperor Intent gus.h.i.+ng out freely from the Myriad Sword, his entire being started to tremble.

Under the terrifying Emperor Intent, over thirty percent of his cultivation was suppressed. Coupled with Yang Kai’s sneak attack, how could he escape?

With danger looming right before his eyes, the old man had no choice but to unleash all of the Source Qi around his body to defend himself while retreating with all his might.

*Pu pu pu…*

A b.l.o.o.d.y glow blossomed, its radiance piercing through the void, as the old man’s body appeared just like a lonely little boat in the middle of a stormy sea, teetering on the brink of collapse.

*Hong long long…*

A ma.s.sive rumble erupted, as the entire inner hall crumbled apart, throwing dust and debris in all directions, curses being strewn by the various guests as they fled from within.

By the time the dust had settled, everyone could not help but draw in a mouthful of cold air as they laid their eyes on the inner hall.

Standing at his original position was Yang Kai, completely safe and sound, with the gigantic Myriad Sword held in his hand, Sword Qi swirling around it. He cut an imposing figure with his appearance, a cold and callous expression on his face.

Not far away from him was the old man from the Sky Illumination Palace, with his entire body drenched in blood as he stood there, gasping for air as he struggled to remain standing. Clearly, he had suffered substantial injuries, while an extremely ugly look hung on his face.

The other Sky Illumination Palace Master was protecting the seriously injured Qiu Yu. Although he was unharmed, he did not dare to recklessly unleash an attack against Yang Kai.

If he did take action, there would be no one left to protect Qiu Yu. With Yang Kai’s phenomenal speed, he could reap Qiu Yu’s life anytime he wished if the latter was left unprotected.

All of the guests were overwhelmed with shock, utterly incapable of believing what they were seeing as they stared at Yang Kai, who stood tall like a mountain, bearing down on them with immense pressure.

In this short conflict, Yang Kai had been attacked from all directions by as many as four Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters; however, not only was he totally unharmed, he had even managed to deal a severe blow to one of them.

How many people out there were able to achieve such a feat?

The corners of Du Xian’s mouth twitched as he whispered towards Ye Qing Han, “Young Master Yang… is he really only a Second-Order Dao Source Realm? Is he not some Emperor Realm Senior that’s disguising himself to toy with his prey?”

His words seem to represent the feelings present in everyone’s hearts, as there were no Dao Source Realm cultivators out there who could achieve such a result with their own strength. Therefore, it was unavoidable for people to question if Yang Kai was concealing his true cultivation.

With a bitter laugh, Ye Jing Han replied, “He entered the Four Seasons Realm recently. At that time, he was just a First-Order Dao Source Realm. Within such a short period of time, how could it be possible for him to reach the Emperor Realm?”

Her words made sense to Du Xian. All of the cultivators that entered the Four Seasons Realms would need to undergo the detailed inspection conducted by the Masters from the various top Sects. If Yang Kai was really concealing his cultivation, it would have been utterly impossible for him to escape the keen senses of those Masters.

Considering this, Du Xian felt even more shocked. He discovered that when he compared himself to Yang Kai, he felt like an utter joke, causing an extremely complicated feeling to fill his heart.

“Sir Yang, our Sky Illumination Palace will remember this debt, and will make sure to return it back in the future,” the old man holding Qiu Yu glared hatefully at Yang Kai as he growled out between his clenched teeth.

Looking back at him, Yang Kai sneered, “You were the ones who launched a sneak attack on me, yet now you have the nerve to try to flip our positions around? Are all of you nothing but whipped dogs?”

The old man was placed in an exceedingly uncomfortable spot from Yang Kai’s reb.u.t.tal, yet he did not dare to argue back, causing his face to flush with embarra.s.sment and anger. Left with no choice, he could only clench his teeth and snap at the other old man, “Let’s go!”

As those words left his mouth, the two men carried the unconscious Qiu Yu and fled.

The sealing barrier that surrounded the City Lord’s Mansion was smashed apart by the earlier fight, allowing the two to effortlessly leave this place, disappearing without a trace in a blink of an eye. From the looks of it, they were in a rush to head back to Sky Illumination Palace to give Qiu Yu treatment.

Seeing them leave with such haste, Luo Jin’s expression turned ugly.

Although he had opened his mouth to invite Ke Tian to a.s.sist him, he had already secretly contacted the people from Sky Illumination Palace long before and came to an agreement with them to unleash a sneak attack. Originally, with the collaboration of four Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters, it should have been impossible for Yang Kai to flip the situation around, no matter how strong he was.

Who could have known that the unexpected circ.u.mstances that Qiu Yu had ended up in would lead to the two powerhouses from Sky Illumination Palace leaving the fight?

In an instant, the situation had reverted to him and Ke Tian against Yang Kai. Beads of cold sweat covered Luo Jin’s forehead as he felt immense pressure.

As Sky Illumination Palace’s members were leaving, Yang Kai did not take action to obstruct them, as he knew the consequences of cornering an injured opponent. At this moment, the most important thing was to let Luo Jin release Gui Zu and the others, so he did not have the heart to care for other people.

After the two Elders from Sky Illumination Palace left, Yang Kai turned his head to look at Ke Tian and said with a grin, “Old dog, are you still planning on continuing? Do you believe this Young Master won’t split you in two?”

Anger filled Ke Tian’s expression.

If anyone dared to say such words to him, he would definitely not take it lying down, and would absolutely teach that person a good lesson; however, the person who said those words was Yang Kai, which left him with no confidence to unleash his anger.

Even his Sky Thunder Command was unable to deal with Yang Kai, leaving Ke Tian with absolutely no way to triumph in battle.

As his expression fluctuated, Luo Jin hastily interjected, “Don’t listen to his threats, Sir Ke! With you and me joining hands, he will die without a doubt!”

Hearing his words, Yang Kai let out a sneer, “If that’s the case, why is this Young Master still standing here, completely unharmed? Have your eyes gone blind, City Lord Luo? You didn’t even evaluate the situation before speaking.”

Ignoring Yang Kai’s words, Luo Jin continued to persuade Ke Tian, “Sir Ke, if we’re able to kill him today, this Luo will offer five years of my Sky Crane City’s revenue to your n.o.ble Sect!”

Right now, he couldn’t care about his face at all and proceeded to strike a deal with Ke Tian before the countless guests.

Indeed Ke Tian was moved by the offer. With how Sky Crane City was flouris.h.i.+ng, five years worth of revenue was absolutely not a small sum. However, with a cursory glance that showed Yang Kai looking at him with an ambiguous smile, drums started to beat yet again in his heart.

Seeing this, Luo Jin clenched his teeth, “Sir Ke, don’t tell me that a mere brat is causing you to be frozen in fear. If that’s the case, Sir Ke’s Martial Dao will stop here, with no hope of ever reaching a greater realm.”

Ke Tian’s expression shook as he heard those words, knowing what Luo Jin said was right. If he continued to hesitate, today’s matter would definitely become a Heart Demon for him, interfering with his cultivation, as well as removing any hope for him to break through to the Emperor Realm. If he didn’t manage this well, it might even cause a cultivation dissonance to occur whenever he thought back to this day.

Thinking to this point, Ke Tian’s expression turned resolute before growling through his clenched teeth, “Good! This Ke will risk his life to accompany you! Let’s give this youngster a proper lesson on how to show respect.”


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