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Putting his thoughts into action, Yao He lightly said to Yao Xi, “Xi’er, you use these Blood Beads first.”

Yao Xi face suddenly showed a touch of tenderness, nodding slightly before glancing over towards the group of Great Han cultivators, quickly issuing orders, “Collect the Blood Bead’s for me!”

Seventeen or eighteen people looked at each other, but no one was willing to get up.

Over the past month or so they had received a lot of humiliation as Yao He and Yao Xi’s captives, so how could any of them willingly humble themselves?

However, the since a command had been given, dragging things out wouldn’t solve anything, and if they angered these two, all they would get in return for their stubbornness was torture.

Eventually, Ten Thousand Flower Palace’s Ye Han angrily stood up, grit her teeth and muttered, “I’ll go!”

However, Yang Kai quickly called out and stopped her, “No, I’ll go, you just relax.”

When the meditating Bi Xiu Ming heard this he suddenly opened his eyes and said disdainfully, “What’s this? So eager to show your loyalty that you’re rus.h.i.+ng to do this menial labour are you?”

“Of course, people under the tree have to bow!” Yang Kai said with a foolish smiled as he stood up.

Bi Xiu Ming and his Junior Brother sneered, their faces filled with contempt, causing many of the others to be unhappy.

Walking around the place where the Monster Beasts were killed, Yang Kai collected the thirty or forty Blood Beads then quickly walked over to the three Sen Luo Temple disciples.

Yao Xi watched Yang Kai coldly with a hint of vigilance.

After all, this person was brought here by Zi Mo, Yao Xi had to take some precautions.

“Throw the Blood Beads over!” When Yang Kai was about ten meters away, Yao Xi ordered loudly, not allowing him to get any closer.

Yang Kai nodded and then carefully tossed the thirty plus Blood Beads one after another over to her side.

Zi Mo looked on indifferently, waiting for Yao Xi to finish collecting these Blood Beads before speaking again, “You’ve gotten what you want, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving now.”

Yao He and Yao Xi glanced at each other, chuckling under their breath, “Where does Senior Sister want to go?”

Zi Mo expression dimmed, retorting coldly, “Where I go is none of your concern!”

Yao Xi smiled sweetly, “Senior Sister’s temper is still so violent, we are only worried about Senior Sister’s well-being. In this terrible isolated world, without your Monster Beasts to protect you, if you ran around haphazardly and injured yourself, how could we explain ourselves to Master?”

Zi Mo glared at them with extreme hatred, “You even want to control me?”

Yao He chimed in, “Senior Sister is too suspicious, we’re all family here so we should take care of each other.”

Yao Xi nodded, “That’s right, Junior Sister is just thinking of what’s best for Senior Sister’s safety.”

A sneer flashed across Zi Mo’s face, along with a look of grief. On the way here, Yang Kai had told her that Yao He and Yao Xi would most likely go in for a penny, in for a pound and act ruthlessly.

[If they dared to move against your Monster Beast, they also won’t hesitate to move against you!] Yang Kai had told her so.

Even after everything that had happened, Zi Mo was still holding onto a little hope, but now, it seems what Yang Kai had said was right.

If they killed her in this d.a.m.ned place, as long as they dealt with the aftermath well, there wouldn’t be any clues; as for the Great Han Dynasty cultivators, they would all be killed sooner or later, so what was there for Yao He and Yao Xi to fear?

First, deprive her of her Monster Beasts, then restrain her freedom, everything had happened exactly like Yang Kai had guessed. Zi Mo didn’t know whether this was a result of some incredible foresight or that he was simply too used to treachery and intrigue.

Remaining silent, Zi Mo eyes were growing colder by the second.

Yao Xi suddenly frowned and turned towards Yang Kai, bluntly reprimanded him, “What are you still doing here, quickly roll back!”

Finished scolding him, she contemptuously looked back at Zi Mo, “Senior Sister, how are you disciplining your servants? He’s obviously not well trained.”

Before Zi Mo could retort, Yang Kai carefully cupped his fists to Yao Xi and grinned embarra.s.sedly before glancing towards Zi Mo, his face filling with hatred, quickly speaking, “Two Young Lords, would it be possible for you to remove this s.l.u.t’s insect from my body? If you can, I am willing to pledge my allegiance to you.”

Hearing this, Zi Mo turned her face towards Yang Kai in shock, gritting her teeth and asking coldly, “What did you just call me?”

“s.l.u.t! You have a problem with that?” Acting like he had just found a patron, Yang Kai shot back at her, t.i.t for tat.

“Hahaha…” Zi Mo let out a laugh, but her eyes were filled with rage, “You dare talk that way to me? It looks like you still don’t understand who your master is!”

These words were exactly what Yang Kai had said to her back then, now that she had a chance to return them Zi Mo didn’t hesitate.

“It seems the lesson from before wasn’t enough for you!” Zi Mo cursed loudly as her murderous intent flared up, quickly causing Yang Kai to collapse to the ground, his hands clutching his dantian as he “writhed in pain”, quickly begging to Yao He and Yao Xi, “Two Young Lords, I really wish to pledge loyalty to you, I swear upon my mortal life, with unwavering devotion!”

This dramatic turn of events naturally drew the attention of the Great Han Dynasty cultivators.

Hearing the words of Yang Kai, even those who had some friends.h.i.+p with him could not help but show a look of sadness, especially the four young girls from the Ten Thousand Flower Palace; however, Han Xiao Qi frowned, from what she knew she didn’t think Yang Kai was someone so spineless.

On the other hand Bi Xiu Ming and his Junior Brother, after freezing up for a moment, burst into laughter, “What did he just say? He wants to swear allegiance to those two? Ha ha ha… it really makes one laugh, I told you all his rus.h.i.+ng to take that job was to show his loyalty, and sure enough, I was right!”

Though they were laughing, the two of them also fiercely spat on the ground, their eyes filled with contempt.

[Shameful, extremely shameful!] Although these Great Han cultivators had also been enslaved, none of them had ever behaved so disgracefully and begged for mercy.

Over there, Yang Kai was still pleading as he squirmed around, as if he didn’t know the meaning of the word “shame”, “Two Young Lords, my heart is truly loyal to you, please save me!”

Yao He and Yao Xi apparently had not expected to see such a good show.

They had brought Zi Mo here to deal with her, and Yang Kai was a servant Zi Mo had brought, but now he actually wanted to betray her and join them.

Wonderful, simply wonderful!

They didn’t care about Yang Kai’s life, they only wanted to deal a blow to Zi Mo’s pride. Truthfully Yao He and Yao Xi also looked down upon this spineless Great Han cultivator. However, if they didn’t step in now, he would definitely become a waste, and stealing him from Zi Mo would then become pointless.

“Senior Sister, stop it.” Yao Xi’s tried to wear a proud and n.o.ble expression as she fought back her urge to snicker.

Zi Mo glanced towards her with cold eyes, “What now? I’m simply disciplining this disrespectful slave, what business is it of yours?”

Yao He shook his head, “If it was someone else, naturally we wouldn’t interfere, but Senior Sister heard him as well, he would like to swear allegiance to the two of us, so now he is one of our people. Senior Sister won’t be unreasonable, right?”

As the three people stared at each, Zi Mo bit her lip so hard it bled, angrily shouting, “Good, if Junior Brother and Junior Sister want to shelter him, naturally Senior Sister will give you some face!”

A look a victory and pride appeared on Yao He’s face as he cracked a big grin.

Yang Kai, who was crying out as he rolled around on the ground, slowly stopped screaming and struggling, all his clothes now covered in sweat, he slowly staggered to his feat and said, “Thank you Young Lords, these days, this servant has experienced a lot of hards.h.i.+p at this s.l.u.t’s hands.”

Yao He looked at him with great meaning, nodded and said, “En, Senior Sister’s temper has never been gentle. Your choice to pledge allegiance to us was definitely correct. Since you’re now one of our people, we won’t let you suffer!”

“Thank you two Young Lords, no, thank you two Young Masters!” Yang Kai immediately flattered them.

On the Great Han Dynasty side, Bi Xiu Ming sneered even harder, “This little waste, doesn’t he know that whoever’s hands he lands in, his end will still be death?”

Yang Kai straightened up his back and glared towards Zi Mo, viciously cursing “d.a.m.n s.l.u.t, get your insect out of my body, unless you want to suffer!”

[A fox playing tiger!]

Using a tiger’s skin to act mighty, this act was exactly what it meant.

Yao He and Yao Xi couldn’t have been happier.

Now they didn’t have to lift a finger in order to embarra.s.s Zi Mo, Yang Kai’s betrayal was more than enough to make her lose all face.

“Good, good!” Zi Mo despairingly shouted with her face filled with a mix of hatred, shame, and rage. “Since you want to serve them, then I’ll grant your wis.h.!.+ You think falling into their hands will give you any benefit? Sooner or later you’ll only be able to write the word “death”, I hope you won’t regret it!”

Yang Kai only grunted, arrogantly dismissing her words, “s.l.u.t, it’s none of your concern, I’m just happy to be rid of you, so good bye!”

Yao He and Yao Xi both glanced at each other, only able to see this Great Han Dynasty brat as a total idiot, since, if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to confront Zi Mo.

The Yao family cousins were both extremely happy right now, feeling that they had once more trampled all over the Great Han Dynasty cultivators’ pride; although their group’s friends.h.i.+p with Yang Kai was not too deep, at this moment, they would still feel like they had no face. [We’re all cultivators of the Great Han Dynasty, but now, showing such a farce to these Tian Lang people, it’s beyond disgraceful!]

However, neither of the two parties had any idea what was really happening.

Only Leng Shan, who knew everything, inadvertently coughed and covered her mouth, a hint of laughter flas.h.i.+ng across her eyes as she was unable to stop herself from grinning slightly.

Watching Zi Mo and Yang Kai act out this drama, she only felt deep admiration.

But even more so, she admired how everything was going exactly according to the script Yang Kai had laid out before they arrived here. Basically nothing had deviated from his expectations.

Leng Shan understood that, as long as they pa.s.sed one last hurdle, the main event would be at hand, so she quietly came up to Han Xiao Qi side and whispered the plan to her.

Listening to her explanation, Han Xiao Qi’s eyes lit up as she directed a surprised look towards Leng Shan, who only responded with a serious nod.

“I understand.” Han Xiao Qi took a deep breath, her mouth flas.h.i.+ng a light smile, quickly conveying the words she just heard to her three Junior Sisters.

“Hurry up; what are you wasting time for?” Yang Kai urged, as if he was desperate to serve Yao He and Yao Xi even one breath sooner.

Zi Mo looked at him meaningfully before walking up to him, stretching out her hand and pressing it onto his abdomen.

Yang Kai suddenly flinched and shouted towards Yao He, “Young Master, she won’t take this opportunity to kill me, right?”

Yao He snickered, “How could Senior Sister be such a dishonest person?”

“If you say so then everything is alright.” Yang Kai involuntarily breathed a sigh of relief, a moment later his face changing colour as he vomited out an insect.

Not waiting for Zi Mo to retrieve back her property, Yang Kai rushed up and stomped on it, cursing wildly as he repeatedly tried to crush this insect, yelling out all kinds of vulgarities as his spit flew about.

Listening to his incoherent ranting, Yao He and Yao Xi couldn’t help wrinkling their brows, while Zi Mo’s face went livid, her tender body trembling as she stared daggers at Yang Kai.

“Enough!” Yao He finally couldn’t stand watching Yang Kai ‘s r.e.t.a.r.ded performance, hurriedly shouting, “Our Soul Controlling Insect’s physique is special, it’s impossible for you to trample it to death.”

“Oh… I’m ashamed for my naivety…”

Everyone who heard him speak these words suddenly felt dizzy, this… was this is a sense of self-awareness or something?


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