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Zhang Ao waved his hand and everyone else nodded, quickly condensing their True Qi as they prepared to rush Yang Kai.

However, before they could take action, a series of screams rang out from afar. When they heard these blood curdling screams, everyone couldn’t help freezing in place.

Quickly sweeping the area with their Divine Senses, the masters gathered around Yang Kai all wore gloomy expressions.

None of these masters was weak and under investigation of their powerful Divine Senses, they swiftly discovered a large number of powerful auras which were flooding into the nine peaks, stirring up a great storm wherever they went.

On the horizon, a great disturbance, like a gathering storm cloud, was rapidly approaching. Amidst this dark cloud, a number of faint figures stood arrogantly in high up in the sky, staring down indifferently at the cultivators below, giving off a ma.s.sive sense of oppression.

Zhang Ao’s complexion changed greatly, throwing Yang Kai to the back of his mind as he called out, “What’s going on?”

Pitiful screams continued to ring out once after another and the smell of blood soon filled the air. No one seemed to have any time to answer Zhang Ao’s question. Only after quite a while did a blood stained Shattering Mystical Palace disciple rush over and report, “Palace Master, it’s a disaster, a huge horde of Monster Beasts has appeared!”

“Monster Beasts?” Zhang Ao’s eyes narrowed as he s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards where the screams were coming from just in time to witness the terrifying scene of a giant Blue Eyed Python swallow a human cultivator whole.

Zhang Ao didn’t know which force that cultivator came from, but he could tell the latter’s strength was not weak, having a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivation. However, in front of this giant python, this unfortunate man had no power to fight back. It was as if an irresistible suction force was being emitted from this python’s mouth, sucking in this cultivator before the python swallowed him whole, a slight bulge which seemed to be struggling sliding down the giant python’s neck a moment later.

*Chi chi chi…*

A series of attacks landed on the giant python, creating a number of dazzling sparks, but the giant body covered with black scales seemed to be impregnable, remaining completely undamaged. Shaking its head and wagging its tail, the python swallowed down several more cultivators while pulverising others into b.l.o.o.d.y paste as it rampaged about.

This scene was nothing short of a b.l.o.o.d.y purgatory.

Looking around, Monster Beasts of various shapes and sizes had invaded every corner of the nine peaks. These Monster Beasts’ eyes were all red, as if their b.e.s.t.i.a.l instincts had been stimulated by the scene of blood in the air, all of them slaughtering their way through the human cultivators, no one able to block their path.

Screams of pain and terror resounded as everyone began panicking and fleeing.

“Where did these Monster Beasts come from?” Zhang Ao screamed as his face paled, a look of dread flas.h.i.+ng across his eyes as he stared towards the black cloud in the distance.

“They seem to have come from the Beast Sea Jungle!” Cao Guan replied quickly.

As soon as these words came out, all the masters gathered around Yang Kai felt a cold chill run up their backs.

The Beast Sea Jungle was the territory of the Monster Race where one of the Monster Race Great Seniors lived; that was one of this world’s top powerhouses!

Glancing back towards the rapidly approaching dark cloud, everyone immediately understood what was happening.

“Hateful boy, actually colluding with these evil monsters!” Zhang Ao roared as he turned a hate filled glare back towards where Yang Kai was standing but to his shock, there was no one there. Yang Kai, who should have been completely surrounded, had at some unknown point disappeared, leaving behind several dozen bewildered masters.

The dark cloud finally arrived in the sky above the nine peaks and from it descended a glowing seven coloured beam of light. A graceful figure with fluttering translucent wings appeared from inside this beam of light a moment later, a cold, indifferent expression upon her beautiful face.

Cai Die!

Following closely behind Cai Die were twenty to thirty Monster Race masters in human form, each of them grinning fiercely as they radiated an awe inspiring pressure towards the Human Race cultivators below. Kuang s.h.i.+ took the lead and plunged towards the ground like a meteor, opening up a giant crater when he landed. Immediately after, he rushed towards a Transcendent Realm human cultivator, shrugging off the attacks directed towards him with his flesh alone before grabbing hold of this unfortunate man and sinking his teeth into his neck.

Blood splashed out and Kuang s.h.i.+ let out a thunderous roar, his eyes filled with joy. The Human Race Transcendent didn’t even have a chance to resist, dying immediately after Kuang s.h.i.+ ripped out his throat.

This b.l.o.o.d.y scene was burned into the eyes of the surrounding Human Race cultivators, causing them to lose all courage and flee in all directions, none of them daring to fight with Kuang s.h.i.+.

Before they could escape far though, more Monster Beasts blocked their path and set upon them.

Atop one of the nine peaks, Yang Kai stood indifferently overlooking the b.l.o.o.d.y slaughter down below.

The figure of the Monster Race Great Senior appeared next to him a moment later.

“Great Senior, you’re a bit late,” Yang Kai smiled and quipped.

“Hmph, it’s not easy gathering up so much manpower, you didn’t exactly give me much time,” The Monster Race Great Senior coldly snorted.

“How many came?”

“Three thousand Sixth-Order, eighty Seventh-Order, and nine Eighth-Order!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his brow, “An impressive lineup.”

“Do you think I, by myself, could a.s.sure the safety of the Beast Sea Jungle all these years? If not for there being enough masters beside me, the Beast Sea Jungle would already have been overrun by your Human Race,” The Great Senior slowly shook his head, “Take your Nine Heavens Holy Land as an example, you guys rely too much on your Holy Master, as soon as he died, this place became vulnerable.”

“Tell that to them, not me,” Yang Kai laughed, he had also seen the flaw in Nine Heavens Holy Land’s system, it was the exact opposite of the Monster Race which had a large number of top level masters accompanying the Great Senior so that, even if the latter fell, the Beast Sea Jungle would not be in any danger.

This time, it seemed like the Monster Race had turned out in full force.

“Remember what you promised me,” Great Senior glanced over at Yang Kai.

“Rest a.s.sured, since I’ve reached an agreement with you, I won’t renege on it,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“How do you want me to handle these invaders?” The Monster Race Great Senior asked.

“Do as you please,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, as if it had nothing to do with him.

The Great Senior snickered back, “Little brat, are you looking forward to me killing all of them?”

Yang Kai smiled but didn’t reply, clearly indicating his stance.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you then. Killing too many people is not good for my Monster Race, doing so will only bring out more intense revenge from your Human Race’s masters,” Great Senior snorted, already having seen through Yang Kai’s intent to use his Monster Race to solve the Holy Land’s problem for them.

If these human cultivators were really to be slaughtered clean, the hatred for their deaths would only be directed towards the Monster Race while Nine Heavens Holy Land could feign ignorance.

Although he understood this, the Monster Race Great Senior still couldn’t refuse Yang Kai’s proposal; however, when it came to the implementation, naturally he wouldn’t allow himself to be led around by Yang Kai.

“There’s one thing I don’t understand though, if it’s convenient, could you enlighten me, boy?” The Monster Race Great Senior glanced over and asked Yang Kai.


“Where did all the people from your Nine Heavens Holy Land go? Why does it seem like only you are here?”

“Naturally they’ve hidden themselves in a safe place. Great Senior doesn’t need to worry. Once the unpleasant business here is concluded, the Alchemists and Artifact Refiners I promised you will return.”

“Good, I don’t believe you’d dare deceive me.”

Down below, upon seeing the Monster Race join the fray and quickly proceeded to slaughter countless masters, Zhang Ao and the other leaders of this crusade knew the situation could no longer be salvaged, quickly pus.h.i.+ng their True Qi and using their movement skills to escape.

Even if their hearts were filled with unwillingness, there was simply nothing they could do.

Bold Independent Union’s Union Master, Yun Cheng, stared around in grief. Seeing so many of his disciples and subordinates either dead or seriously wounded, he couldn’t help feeling a profound sense of regret.

If he had just heeded his daughter’s persuasion and taken everyone back immediately, he could have avoided being swept up in this catastrophe and suffered no casualties at all.

Now, it was too late for all that, of the several hundred disciples he had brought with him, nearly half were already dead or dying, while even he himself had to flee under the terrifying charge of the Monster Race masters.

Seeing Zhang Ao and the other Saints already retreating, Yun Cheng no longer dared to remain, rallying his remaining subordinates and disciple together and immediately chasing after Zhang Ao, fighting their way out.

From the moment the Monster Race arrived till the battle ended, less time than it would take to burn a stick of incense had pa.s.sed.

Among the nine peaks, dead bodies and blood could be seen everywhere, making for a shocking scene. Of the cultivators who had come to crusade against Nine Heavens Holy Land, at least a thousand had died.

Under the lead of some giant Monster Beasts, the horde soon ran out of the nine peaks to pursue the fleeing human cultivators.

“Do not pursue them!” A tender voice suddenly called out as Cai Die’s graceful figure fell to the ground lightly, blocking the stampeding Monster Beasts’ path. Upon hearing this command, all of these Monster Beasts came to a halt before lifting their heads towards the sky and letting out great roars.

When they heard this series of howls, the fleeing human cultivators trembled in fear, all of them immediately putting all their strength into increasing their speed.

“A difficult matter for one is accomplished with ease by another,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head and sighed. The huge, insurmountable crisis facing Nine Heavens Holy Land had easily been resolved by the Monster Race, making him feel somewhat frustrated.

“What you see here is the strength my Monster Race has acc.u.mulated for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Do you think you can obtain such power casually?” The Great Senior snickered, “Your Nine Heavens Holy Land isn’t bad, but it’s still not comparable to my Monster Race.”

“Indeed, otherwise there would be no point in taking advantage of your strength,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Well, you cultivate diligently, and in a hundred years or so you’ll be able to stand at my height. By then, Nine Heavens Holy Land will be strong again.”

“A hundred years? Great Senior, you’re looking down on me far too much,” Yang Kai grinned.

“You want to say it will only take you twenty or thirty years? How could this King believe your nonsense?”

“Just wait and see,” Yang Kai rolled his eyes.

As the two talked, Cai Die flew over and landed in front of them. After shooting a faint glance towards Yang Kai, she reported, “Great Senior, all the humans have fled.”

“Good, spread my commands, clean up the battlefield then let everyone find a place to settle down. From now on, these nine peaks are part of my Monster Race’s territory; we need to make good use of the resources here.”


“Boy, I’ve solved your problem for you, shouldn’t you fulfill your end of the bargain now?”

Yang Kai nodded.

He had already reached an agreement with this Great Senior and had no plans on going back on his word.

Arriving in front of the Holy Tomb, Yang Kai let out the Alchemists and Artifact Refiners he had agreed to lend the Great Senior, satisfying the latter greatly.

The Holy Land’s Alchemists and Artifact Refiners were of course frightened facing these Monster Race powerhouses, but they settled down greatly when the Great Senior personally guaranteed their safety.

Yang Kai also activated the Nine Peaks Spirit Array to enrich the World Energy aura for the Monster Race.

Yang Kai then handed off a fine piece of jade upon which he had engraved the Natural Spirit Arrays he had agree to teach the Great Senior about previously, allowing the Great Senior to study it on his own.

These Natural Spirit Array diagrams were related to the Monster Race’s Beast Transformation Pond and were the most valuable item out of this entire transaction to the Monster Race Great Senior.


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