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Chapter 1297 – In a Spark of Time

Dragon Fang stood on the arena stage, his black clothes fluttering around him. His hands were wrapped in white bandages and as he stood there with the Dragon Fang Blade in his hand. His complexion was still pale and delicate like before, and his eyes seemed as bright as the stars.

Lin Ming stood across from him, dressed in blue. He grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, his body straight like a spear.

“You’ve caught my attention for a long time.” Dragon Fang suddenly said.

Lin Ming smiled, “Same here.”

“I’ve always wanted to fight with you, but on the Divine Seal Altar we both weren’t in our peak conditions and in order to climb up the 33rd step, we both had to save our strength. The result is that I’ve waited until now. I’ve been looking forwards to this battle for a long time and I will put my best into this battle.”

“As will I.”

Their conversation revealed just how much Lin Ming and Dragon Fang valued each other.

“Lin Ming!”

“Lin Ming!”

“Dragon Fang!”

“Dragon Fang!”

Before the match had begun, the audience was already cheering at the top of their lungs. Those that shouted these two names were all young elites of different great influences. They were certainly crazy because of this fight. A battle of this level might not happen for even 10,000 years! To them, it was a lucky chance if they were able to observe and emulate these young heroes. They could study their techniques, their abilities, and broaden their horizons.

“It’s so lively!” In the contestant area, a bright voice like silver bells echoed out. Everyone turned to see a black-clothed girl emerge out of thin air like a ghost. No one had seen where she had come from, as if she had always been there from the start.

“Xiao Moxian!”

Many people instantly recognized this young girl. She was the direct bloodline descendant of Empyrean Demondawn as well as someone who possessed half the inherited bloodline of a phoenix. In terms of potential, she could be called number one within the entire Divine Realm!

And beside Xiao Moxian was another young woman dressed in white and clad in a dreamy illusion, her entire body exuding a holy aura. Without needing to mention it, everyone knew she was Frost Dream.

Frost Dream’s face was blurred, as if a layer of fog perpetually shrouded her.

And not too far away from these two women there was a tall and thin bald youth. He wore straw sandals and loosely hanging cloth robes. There were nine Buddhist scars that marked his head; this youth was Hang Chi.

Frost Dream, Hang Chi, Xiao Moxian – the three great masters had all come out to watch Lin Ming and Dragon Fang’s battle. From this point alone, one could see just how extraordinary this battle would be!

“Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian!” As White King saw these three people, he walked forwards to greet them. They were all old acquaintances.

“Senior-apprentice Brother White King, you lost a bit too miserably.”

Xiao Moxian loved to poke at one’s wounds. White King awkwardly traced his nose, saying, “If my skill is inferior to others’ then I have lost fair and square. Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian, do you have the confidence to face Lin Ming, Dragon Fang, and Jun Bluemoon?”

“Hehehe…” Xiao Moxian clucked her tongue, playfully saying, “Guess!”

“Eh…” White King’s voice stalled in his throat before helplessly shaking his head. Although he had known Xiao Moxian for some time now, he didn’t know just how far she had grown. In his opinion, although Lin Ming, Dragon Fang, and Jun Bluemoon were all formidable existences, it wouldn’t be easy for them to defeat Xiao Moxian at all. The growth of Xiao Moxian’s strength was astronomical. She was someone who would grow stronger just by eating and sleeping, and even her Laws would rise to a higher level without her doing anything at all. Just who could compare to the likes of her?

It was a pity that Xiao Moxian never seemed to grow up and always had a playful mentality. Otherwise, if she was diligent in training like Hang Chi was, then she would be much stronger than she was now!

On the arena stage, Vast Cosmos slowly announced, “Match, begin!”

In that instant, Dragon Fang moved.

His speed was extremely high. To cross the distance between him and Lin Ming, he only needed a tenth of the blink of an eye.


As Dragon Fang flew forwards, his figure divided into four!

Spatial mirror images!

Four Dragon Fangs each cut down with the Dragon Fang Blade. For a time, every location for Lin Ming to dodge to had been sealed off!

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. He knew that back on the Divine Seal Altar, Dragon Fang already had the ability to transform into eight spatial mirror images. But now he had only formed four; it was clear that he was just testing the waters with an exploratory attack. But this tentative attack was also incomparably swift and violent. Compared to several months ago when Dragon Fang had summoned eight spatial mirror images to defeat Bloodless Sword, the difference was like the heavens and the earth!

Those four crimson lights shot forwards at incredible speeds, all of them piercing through Lin Ming’s body at once.


As the sword lights penetrated through Lin Ming’s body, they thrust into the ground behind him, causing the ground to shatter. The audience cried out in alarm. They didn’t believe that the match would end like this. However, this sense of shock was too strong. Although they had correctly guessed it was an afterimage, Lin Ming’s speed was too fast. No one could tell whether it was an afterimage or not!

“Your speed has indeed not disappointed me.” Dragon Fang said with a dignified tone. Rather, to be more accurate, it was four Dragon Fangs speaking up at once. Their expressions were completely identical and they spoke with one voice.

As Dragon Fang continued speaking, Lin Ming’s afterimages began to slowly fade away.

Several hundred million people watched the four Dragon Fangs on stage. The young martial artists simply weren’t able to tell which ones were fake and which one was real. This was because the four Dragon Fangs were spatial mirror images and not illusions. Like a person reflected in the mirror, their movements and expressions were all the same.

The eyes of the four Dragon Fangs began to transform at the same time. Their pupils condensed, condensed, and condensed more until they were the size of needle tips. Their eyes were covered with mysterious patterns and even the blood vessels in the sclera began to bulge.

He had opened the Three Lives Pupils.

As Lin Ming saw these eyes, his expression was also solemn. In this condition, Dragon Fang was at his most terrifying state.

“My cultivation is known as the Three Lives Pupils!” Dragon Fang suddenly said, “This is the strongest secret ability that my Honorably Master taught me. With the Three Lives Pupils activated, I can display my s.p.a.ce and Time Laws to their greatest degree of strength. Now, I will make my attack!”

Before Dragon Fang made his move he had actually warned Lin Ming. This was the epitome of his confidence!

Of course, this was also to ensure the fairest battle. Only by utilizing their abilities to the limit could they engage in the greatest of showdowns!

The entire audience’s eyes popped wide open, unblinking, lest they miss any movement at all. Dragon Fang’s techniques involved the s.p.a.ce and Time Laws, and Dragon Fang was also a freak who had cultivated both the s.p.a.ce and Time Laws to the fifth level Concept. If these two Laws joined together, it was unknown how strong they would be!

Many people were sweating nervously for Lin Ming, because what Lin Ming had exposed so far was only the fifth level Concept of the Fire Laws.

At this time, Dragon Fang began to slowly move forwards. His steps were strange, both slow and fast, without a determined direction as if he were walking through a s.p.a.ce maze. The four Dragon Fangs began to slowly separate as they moved forwards, each one dividing into two, four of them dividing into eight!

Dragon Fang had created eight spatial mirror images.

The might of eight spatial mirror images was over two times stronger than four spatial mirror images!


At this time, a dark gray light s.h.i.+mmered above the blood red edges of the eight Dragon Fang Swords – this was the substantialized power of s.p.a.ce!

Hum hum hum –

s.p.a.ce trembled as Dragon Fang attacked!

With eight swords, each one transformed into thousands and tens of thousands of sword lights!

For a time, shadows of the Dragon Fang Swords filled the air. These sword shadows were not illusions but spatial mirror images!

To use s.p.a.ce to project sword lights, this was an omnipresent attack.

The several hundreds of millions of people in the arena gasped as they saw this. This was tens of thousands of sword lights, blocking off every possible route to dodge. Moreover, each sword light had a faint touch of the Time Laws. It was simply impossible to judge their trajectory. No matter how quick one was, they could not be avoided!

As for defending against them, that was an even greater joke. If these sword lights fused as one, even a mountain made of divine stone would be turned to as.h.!.+

How could one block this!?

At this critical moment, in Ming suddenly erupted with the Heretical G.o.d Force, releasing it to the limit, even as he opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and burnt the Blood of the Ancient Phoenix. Facing Dragon Fang as his opponent, he had to go all-out!

“In full bloom, Prime Emperor Lotus Flower!”

With a resonant dragon roar, the phantom of an Azure Dragon appeared. Behind Lin Ming, a deep blood red Prime Emperor Lotus Flower slowly blossomed. Grandmist s.p.a.ce exploded outwards, cras.h.i.+ng into those endless sword lights!

Chi chi chi chi chi chi!

As the sword lights pierced into the grandmist s.p.a.ce, they violently collided with the elementary grandmist energy!

The elementary grandmist energy that was as heavy as a mountain was twisted apart by the sword lights. But at the same time, the sword lights were also destroyed, vanis.h.i.+ng into nothing.

Grandmist s.p.a.ce was a complete offensive, defensive, and suppressive ability. Even though Lin Ming had only obtained a third of the inheritance, it still possessed an incomparably terrifying might!


An explosive force surged outwards. Out of Dragon Fang’s tens of thousands of sword lights, over 99% of them collapsed as they entered the grandmist s.p.a.ce!

As the remaining sword lights rushed around Lin Ming, Lin Ming simply swept out his spear. Like the tail whip of a divine dragon, the spear point drew an arc in s.p.a.ce, and with a series of explosive sounds, all of those sword lights were crushed to nothing by Lin Ming!

All returned to nihility!

The countless young geniuses watching this were dumbstruck.

“Heavens! He can actually defend against that!”

Under everyone’s gaze, that nearly unstoppable sure-kill move was actually broken through by Lin Ming! The all-annihilating grandmist s.p.a.ce was indeed one of Lin Ming’s strongest techniques. Once he used it, it was hard for anyone of his level to match it.

In that instant, Lin Ming suddenly stepped forwards. The grandmist s.p.a.ce spread forwards, completely covering Dragon Fang!

And Dragon Fang had just attacked so his old strength was used and he hadn’t caught himself yet. His front was wide open!

Lin Ming certainly wouldn’t miss out on such an opportunity. His speed rose to the extreme as he hurtled forwards, his spear thrusting outwards!

Hu – !

As the grandmist s.p.a.ce enveloped Dragon Fang, Dragon Fang’s strength began rapidly fading from his body. True essence was decomposed by the grandmist s.p.a.ce, and even those spatial mirror images began to blur.

Lin Ming only needed a thousandth of the blink of an eye to determine which was Dragon Fang’s true body!

“Chasing Thunder!”

A thrust of the spear, a flash of electric light!

Lin Ming didn’t use a move with a stronger striking power like Virtual Disintegration or Blue Lotus Flame Dance, but the fastest attack in his a.r.s.enal, Chasing Thunder. Every fleeting moment of battle was different from one to the next. What he needed now was speed!

The speed was so fast that it surpa.s.sed the ability of everyone to react. Dragon Fang’s eyes flashed with a sharp light as they immediately turned cold.

“Fantastic, but what a pity…”

In that moment, the eight Dragon Fangs combined together. His sword suddenly reversed as he slashed back at an unbelievable angle…


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