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The third item that the Dragon Archae’ard took out was a cube. What was particularly surprising was that the cube looked exactly the same as the Operator Cube, except for its size, which was just big enough to fit comfortably in one hand.

“This, I’ve made something like this as well. But with the materials being what they are… I could not make one as big as the one you’re carrying around.”

Sungjin’s mouth opened slightly in shock.

‘You can… Make cubes?’

The Dragon tossed the cube into the air as if it were a ball and then caught it. He continued to toss it into the air as he spoke.

“The first two items that I gave you before… If it’s those… They’ll be of help in helping you overcome your tragic fate.”

The Dragon said the exact same thing that Ariane had said back then. However, Sungjin did not know if the Dragon had repeated the words that he had said previously, or if the Dragon used the same words that he had received by reading his memory.

“And this.”

The Dragon tossed the cube to Sungjin who clumsily received it as he was caught unaware.

“Is keeping tradition.”


When Sungjin tilted his head, the Dragon replied,

“That’s right. Tradition.”

The Dragon continued to say incomprehensible words. Sungjin asked,

“What do you mean by that?”

The Dragon answered,

“You know as well. Humans who defeat avaricious dragons… They rescue the kidnapped princess or… Take the treasures in the Dragon’s Lair… Stories like that.”

Sungjin pushed out his lower lip a little. For a main character in the stories to speak of himself in the third person was quite strange.

“Human. Since I lost, I’m giving you a reward.”

Sungjin looked down at the cube. A cube, roughly 5 centimeters in length. If there was something different about it, it was that there was a drawing of a blue dragon letting out a breath on the top face of the cube. Sungjin said to the Dragon,

“I have a bigger cube. Just where am I supposed to use this one?”

The Dragon’s eyes shone once he heard Sungjin’s question. He gestured to the Operator’s Cube as he said,

“That Cube is something you’re using, but it’s not yours. Right?”

Sungjin looked slightly behind him and gazed at the Operator’s Cube. If he thought about it, the Dragon’s words were right. He was using that Cube, but it did not belong to him. Sungjin turned back and was about to nod his head. However, before Sungjin could nod his head, the Dragon continued to speak.

“However, that cube that you’re holding, that one is yours. Do you understand what I’m saying?”


“Well, just know that this is the case. Anyways, when the time comes, you’ll understand. According to my calculations that is. And… My calculations aren’t often wrong. I’m a true genius after all.”


Sungjin once more said ‘What?’, but the Dragon did not give the answer that he desired. Instead, the Dragon asked for his name.

“Ah right. Now that I think about it. You. What’s your name?”

The Dragon was incredibly self-centered. Angered, Sungjin once more attempted to keep his mouth shut. However, at that moment, the Dragon asked once more. This time, with force.

“What. Is. Your. Name.”

Sungjin attempted to keep his mouth shut, but abnormally, it opened, his tongue moved, and his vocal cords reverberated.

“… Sungjin…”

The Dragon nodded his head as he smiled in satisfaction.

“Ah, I see. Human Sungjin. I don’t know if you heard previously, but my name is Archae’ard. Today was an interesting day. Farewell. I do not know if we will meet again – no, it’s likely we will never meet again. But, I’ll probably recall this meeting once more before I die.”

The Dragon continued to talk by himself like this as he disappeared into the portal that he had opened. At the same time, Besgoro muttered,

‘Kei, so your name is Sungjin?’

Sungjin simply stood there, since Besgoro was someone who could not speak to others. It did not matter if Besgoro knew his name, and furthermore, Besgoro seemed more pleased with Sungjin’s alias than he was with Sungjin’s real name.

‘Sung… Jin… But it’s easier to p.r.o.nounce Kei. I’ll continue to call you Kei in the future.’

“Sure, go ahead.”

At this moment, having been released from the spell, Cain and Soldamyr urgently ran towards Sungjin.

“Woof Woof!”


Cain, who had been frozen, looked around the area with a slightly nervous look, while Soldamyr examined Sungjin up and down as he asked,

“Were you hurt anywhere?”

Sungjin rea.s.sured the two summons.

“Ahh, well… I’m fine. Cain, I’m fine. That Dragon from before left.”

Cain seemed dejected about the fact that he had been frozen the whole time.

“Kuun… Woof.”

Soldamyr spoke as if Sungjin being unhurt was enough,

“I see, what a relief. To fight a Dragon… When I saw him back then, he was incredibly large…”

Sungjin asked about their conditions in turn.

“What about you two? Are you okay?”

Cain vigorously cried out twice,

“Woof Woof!”

Soldamyr said,

“Yes, as I was only briefly ejected into the spirit world… I could not exist in the real world temporarily. I’m fine now.”

Sungjin looked over them. Back then, Rajenta had been dismissed immediately in one blow. However, it was obvious that when he would return to ‘Ninety Nine Nights’, Rajenta would act cutely with his large body while crying,


Sungjin now began to examine the items that the Dragon had given him. A pair of bizarre sungla.s.ses, the staff that the Dragon had used, and an incredibly small cube.

If it were any other time, then he would first put them away and then go through their abilities in detail when he had the time, but right now he was too curious to wait. Sungjin first held up bizarre pair of sungla.s.ses above his head and looked at them.

These sungla.s.ses had odd parts attached to its body, like those VR devices that were trending recently. No, now that he looked at them, it felt like that they were closer to VR devices than sungla.s.ses.

What was as strange apart from its appearance, was its weight. It appeared that the outside and inside of the sungla.s.ses consisted of some kind of metallic substance, but it was light enough that its weight could barely be felt. Soon, the Operator’s item description appeared.

Ever Dream – View of Fantasy
Legendary Accessory

Pa.s.sive Skill
View of Fantasy (I) – Shows what you want to see from inside the gaps between time that has flown past. Only activates when sleeping for longer than 7 hours.

If reality is a dream, and dreams are reality,
Then stories are the only thing remaining to humanity.

Some rather peculiar conditions were attached to it.

‘It can only be activated when sleeping for longer than 7 hours?’

What a stupid condition.

‘It looks like it only activates when you’re sleeping?’

In response to Besgoro’s words, Sungjin replied,

“Indeed. I’m going to take you off for a bit, Besgoro.”

Sungjin held his hand to his head and said,


Soon, Besgoro’s skull, which had been covering half of Sungjin’s face, appeared above his hand. Sungjin now held those sungla.s.ses as he said,


Suddenly, it became dark. Nothing could be seen.

“What’s this…”

Sungjin raised his hand and took off the sungla.s.ses. The wide Barrastan Plains came into view once more. He then put the sungla.s.ses on again. It became dark. The sungla.s.ses had a permeability of nearly 0%. Sungjin soon realized,

‘This… Rather than sungla.s.ses… Or a VR device… Isn’t it just an eye mask for sleeping?’

In any case, he was unable to use it now. Sungjin placed the eye mask inside the cube. What he picked up next was the long staff – the staff that the Dragon had used. The blue gems that were called sky-whatever were attached on one end. Sungjin held it up and looked at it.

Sereberf – Andal’s staff
Legendary Staff

Pa.s.sive Skill
Reverse Mana Flow (II) – 10 seconds after using a spell, receive 30% of the mana consumed.

Active Skill
Empower Magic (III) – Temporarily increase Magic Power by 3 times.

Feelings of inferiority and superiority arise from comparison.

For that person is someone who has already felt inferiority.

Sungjin looked over the staff. The staff had the same Empower Magic that the ‘Ring of the Great Sage’ had. But, instead of rank 5, it was rank 3 and only increased magic power by 3 times.

‘This… If it was upgraded to Unique Legendary… It should be similar to the Ring of the Great Sage?’

The pa.s.sive skill of the staff seemed to be better than that of the Ring of the Great Sage.

‘For me to use it is a bit… But if I give it to another Chosen One…’

When Sungjin thought this, he recalled the ‘Chosen Ones’ that he had forgotten about for a while.

‘Ah right… Are they doing well?’

This raid was not easy. If they did not perform the infiltration mission properly in the beginning, then they could fall into danger. There had not been a request for summon yet, but he should still go and help them as fast as possible. Sungjin put the staff into the cube as well.

‘I should quickly eliminate the surviving soldiers and then go through the other dimensions…’

But still, he felt that he should check the last remaining mini cube. Of the three items that the Dragon Archae’ard had gifted him in the beginning, the cube was what he was most curious about. Sungjin quickly held the cube up.

Plasmic Cube
Normal Accessory

Pa.s.sive Skill
Possession (I) – Keep the item that is inside the cube.

I, Archae’ard, was born a genius and was able to understand the logic of the world when I was 100 years old,
And when I was 1000 years old there was already nothing that I did not know. At this time, I just had a single dream…

‘What is this…’

Sungjin looked at the cube with incredibly disappointed eyes. A ‘normal’ accessory. There was nothing in particular to explain. He already knew about the pa.s.sive skill. Furthermore, the Dragon bragged about himself in the item description at the bottom.

‘Before, when he took this out and said it was tradition or what not… He made quite a big deal about it… But with this, how is it any different from my cube?’

Sungjin thought as such, but he did not have a lot of time to ponder on the issue. He had been delayed far too long by the Dragon’s rambling and by checking the items that he had received from it.

Sungjin placed the mini cube into the Operator Cube and then re-equipped Besgoro. Afterwards, he went over to Cain and said,

“Cain, it’s time for you to take an active part. Call your subordinates and find the remaining enemies.

The moment he finished speaking, Cain let out a long howl.


Soon, the figures of his subordinates appeared in Barrastan Plains.

“Woof! Woof!”

At Cain’s command, they spread throughout the area. After watching them, Sungjin said to Soldamyr,

“Soldamyr, take me up. I used all of my mana in the previous fight.”

Soldamyr lifted Sungjin into the air without delay.

“Defy Gravity! Flight!”

Sungjin’s body soon rose into the sky. He then watched Cain and his comrades running through the plains from above. There would be enemies in the direction that they headed.

As he followed behind the wolves while flying slowly in the sky, Sungjin thought,

‘I’ll finish this quickly, then go help my allies.’

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