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Chapter 52: Tripled Inner Force

When the dust settled, only the shop a.s.sistant and Qin Feng remained at the scene.

“Ss… Sir. Should I call the patrol team?” the a.s.sistant quivered, close to tears.

“I’ve already called them. Relax. Don’t be scared. In the meantime, bring me some clothes, will you!”



The bounty hunter network, a semi-official organization independent of the patrol team and garrison, had its own system and base in each colony.

They arrived much quicker than expected, taking them less than 10 minutes to get to the store from where they were.

Of course, their main headquarters was also in the center of Chengbei colony.

By the time they arrived, Qin Feng had already changed into an expensive outfit. The shop a.s.sistant listened to him attentively. Upon closer inspection, the screen showed that they were all pet clothing for Xiaobai.

Clothes maketh the man – in his new outfit, Qin Feng’s entire temperament seemed to have changed. He could now claim to be the son of an affluent family, and people would believe him.

If it had not been because of his puerile looks, he would surely have looked more like a powerful elite. After all, Qin Feng possessed mighty strength in his previous life, explaining his ability to exert dominance on others.

“Hi, I’m Zhang Haoyang, the liaison officer of the bounty hunter in Chengbei!” a man offered his hand to Qin Feng.

“Hi! Qin Feng!” Qin Feng returned the handshake. The man had some grip.

Zhang Haoyang did not waste time on formalities – it was a hot day and there was a body in the shop.

Zhang Haoyang did a quick sweep of Li Hai’s ident.i.ty and nodded at Qin Feng. “Ident.i.ty confirmed!” Then he signaled for his subordinates to carry the body away.

They were not doing this job for free. Once they had ordered the arrest of criminals, they would request to decipher their communicator’s number, seize whatever money was inside and use it as bounty for other wanted criminals.

Unsurprisingly, due to their exploits, the bounty hunter organization was the wealthiest of them all. It was all fair game, as it was. They killed in the name of justice and honor in exchange for money.

Of course, they did not ask for Qin Feng’s ident.i.ty, nor did they care for his ability. Those who joined the bounty hunter network only dealt in information and yielded very little strength.

“The a.s.signment submission is complete. We will verify it immediately!” Zhang Haoyang said.

After a review of the a.s.signment that Qin Feng had turned in, 2million yuan was immediately transferred into his account!

“Congratulations. You are now a Cla.s.s F bounty hunter. From today onwards, should any wanted criminals set foot in Chengbei, we will alert you. I hope you will cooperate with us!” said Zhang Haoyang.

“No problem!” Evidently, Qin Feng shared the same amiable att.i.tude with him.

They exchanged contacts, and with this new connection, Qin Feng enabled himself to receive a lot of information.

Hunting down wanted criminals in the colony was a very troublesome task. Bounty hunters who were weak were only setting themselves up for a tragic funeral. Some of the more powerful criminals even had the capability to a.s.sa.s.sinate the leaders of the colonies. For that reason, Zhang Haoyang was delighted to have Qin Feng, of whom he thought was rather mysterious, join their team of bounty hunters.

Being able to kill a Cla.s.s F elect at such a young age was an ability possessed only by those who were geniuses. One could only imagine the potential this youth had in store.

Once everything was settled, Qin Feng left with Xiaobai.

Hovercars were faster, and since everyone avoided cras.h.i.+ng into luxury vehicles, Qin Feng was, for the most part, able to travel on the road unimpeded.

Once he was back in Lake Qing Garden, he marched straight for the training room on the first floor.

Sitting down in a lotus position, Qin Feng immediately looked into his dantian. It was nothing less than chaotic inside. There was a huge mist of inner force occupying it, messing up the initial order of inner force threads.

The strange mist was actually Li Hai’s inner force. He was an F-tier Ancient Warrior whose inner force had transformed into a ball of smog, subsequently entering Qin Feng’s dantian. This situation made him really uncomfortable inside. This was because his dantian hadn’t yet expanded enough to accommodate inner force in the form of a mist.

“Absorb!” Qin Feng then employed his absorption skills in an attempt to soak up all that mist.

His meridian expanded once again, and the cloud of smog was converted into eight silk threads that were integrated into his dantian.

As of now, there were 27 silk threads in his dantian – three times that of a peak G-tier Ancient Warrior.

“So, it would seem that fighting Ancient Warriors increases my internal force faster. I have to keep my conscience clear and avoid killing the innocent!” Qin Feng reminded himself.

That particular feeling that people got from an exponential Asteroid a.s.similation boost would often cause them to lose control of themselves. They would be consumed by their desire to kill.

Thankfully, due to his previous life’s experience, Qin Feng was aware that he should not be too foolhardy.

The next morning, Qin Feng rolled out of bed early.

The awakening period had pa.s.sed. Those who had not been awakened would have no hope of awakening ever again. To most people, however, it was a new beginning.

Qin Feng drove to Zhou Hao’s place with Xiaobai.

“Hey, lunatic! You finally came! I was getting impatient!” grumbled Zhou Hao as he climbed into the car. When he saw Xiaobai, he simply stared at the creature. “What is this? A pet? Why do you have a pet?”

Today, Xiaobai was wearing a cute little hat with a clip underneath, and a formal red dress – all a very eye-catching ensemble.

After experiencing what it was like to walk freely in public, Xiaobai would rather die than to hide inside Qin Feng’s backpack once more.

Qin Feng had no choice but to bring the little creature along with him. No one at school had the intention to hurt Xiaobai anyway.

“Mmhmm, this is Xiaobai! Don’t call it a dog. It won’t be happy!” Qin Feng reprimanded Zhou Hao.

All Zhou Hao could do to was keep himself from bursting out laughing.

“Alright. Alright. How are you, Xiaobai? How about we shake hands, hmm?” Zhou Hao stretched out a palm.

Xiaobai flexed its claws, wondering if it should draw some blood from Zhou Hao.

“Ahem, alright! Buckle up!” Qin Feng quickly changed the subject.

Zhou Hao had always gotten himself into trouble, unintentionally, of course. Although Xiaobai had constantly sissted Qin Feng, it was a beast general nonetheless, and its owner knew all too well how strong this tiny creature could turn out to be.

Soon, they arrived at the gates of Chengbei Advanced Academy.

There was a mult.i.tude of people standing at the entrance. Among the crowd, the few that stood out were the uppercla.s.smen, clad in striped dark-red uniforms.

“The pretty girls from the advance academy are really on a whole total different level!” Zhou Hao noted excitedly, pointing at someone in the throng of people.

An uninterested Qin Feng turned around to look, only to realize that it was someone he knew – the one called Li Yaoyao, the water ability user.

Qin Feng vaguely remembered that she was a student of the advanced academy. Lo and behold, there was an impatient-looking Lu Meng standing next to her.

“Let’s go register our names first!”

There were three registration booths, two which were crowded with long lines while one was completely vacant. The latter was the booth for ability users.

“I’m going there! I’ll come to look for you later!” Qin Feng pointed at the empty booth, leaving a stunned Zhou Hao behind.

“Hey! Lunatic! Your special ability has awakened? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Qin Feng simply waved in response, ignoring Zhou Hao’s discontent.

This was a decision he had made after a bout of careful and lengthy deliberation.


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