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Chapter 414 Nanny Huang in Anxiety, Would Go Together!

Qin Wanru did not expect that she would meet Nanny Huang, who was walking hurriedly on the road.

“Second Miss.” When she saw Qin Wanru, Nanny Huang did not avoid her, but turned around on the path and stopped in front of Qin Wanru.

“Nanny Huang!” Qin Wanru saluted her from the side. Nanny Huang was the invited etiquette instructor, so her status in the mansion was naturally different from that of the common people.

“Second Miss, is there anything wrong with First Miss?” Nanny Huang asked anxiously. Although the news about Qin Yuru had been spread to Qin’s Mansion, few people had the full details.

“Something happened to First Miss’s carriage? Was she seriously hurt? How could it happen so suddenly?” Nanny Huang asked urgently. She had originally wanted to look for Qin Huaiyong in the outer study, but when she met Qin Wanru here, she stopped and questioned Qin Wanru.

“She must be seriously injured. It is said that she cannot get up now, so she is staying at Duke Xing’s Mansion. It is better for her not to move too much.” Qin Wanru looked at Nanny Huang and said calmly.

“She is in Duke Xing’s Mansion now?” Nanny Huang looked surprised.

Qin Wanru nodded and turned, seemingly wanting to leave in a hurry.

“Second Miss, are you going to Duke Xing’s Mansion to see First Miss?” Nanny Huang asked hurriedly.

“Big Sister is in Duke Xing’s Mansion alone. It is inconvenient for mother or grandmother to go there. I am the only one who is more suited to look after her.” Qin Wanru said in a low voice.

This statement was true and that was why she had prepared for this in advance.

“Second Miss, can you bring me to have a look? I am worried about First Miss.” Nanny Huang suggested.

“Nanny, do you want to go there?” Qin Wanru stared at Nanny Huang in surprise, with a pair of bright, shimmery eyes and looked at her from head to toe.

Nanny Huang was Qin Yuru’s etiquette instructor, so she was not in charge of Qin Yuru in all aspects, like a supervisor Nanny. Moreover, she could not really treat Qin Yuru as a master. If she had just been an etiquette instructor, she should only have an employer-employee relationship with Qin Yuru, and there was no need to worry so much about her.

“First Miss treated me well before. Now that First Miss is badly hurt, I have to go and have a look. It is not convenient for Madam to see First Miss in her current condition,” Nanny Huang said sincerely.

In this way, she and Qin Yuru really had a good relationship!

Yujie was stunned and looked at Nanny Huang as if she had seen a ghost. Fortunately, Nanny Huang had good self-restraint. Even under Yujie’s shocked gaze, her expression did not change at all, as if she really had a good relationship with Qin Yuru.

“Nanny, since you want to go, you can come with me later. I will pack some clothes first, and you can wait for me at the carriage.” Qin Wanru narrowed her eyes slightly, and her eyes were dark and deep.

“Okay, I will wait for you.” Nanny Huang said straightforwardly. Then she turned around and accompanied by a little servant girl behind her, went directly to the yard where the carriages were parked in the mansion.

“Miss, what is she going to do?” Yujie asked, looking at Nanny Huang walking away.

“Obviously, she is going to give some advice.” Qin Wanru turned around and continued to walk inside slowly. They were the ones who were anxious, rather than her, so she did not need to be in a hurry.

“Just pack slowly. If everything goes well, Qin Yuru will stage a bigger play at this time at the Duke Xing’s Mansion. Of course, I must keep up with her!” thought Qin Wanru.

“Nanny Huang is going to give advice to First Miss, so why should we take her with us?” Yujie followed Qin Wanru and said this is a puzzled tone, “Since she wholeheartedly follows First Miss, she is opposing you. Miss, you should not take her with us.”

“Better to take her with us, otherwise Qin Yuru will have no helpers. If she wants to do something at that time, no one can help her.” Qin Wanru smiled and said this in a meaningful way.

Qin Yuru was not a law-abiding person and she would always make some fuss. Besides, Qin Yuru had no need to be law-abiding. The more restless she was, the better, because she could always stir up all kinds of trouble beyond Madam of Duke Xing’s imagination. Qin Wanru could not let Madam of Duke Xing take control of the situation.

Qin Yuru was very good, because she was good at creating trouble!

Even though Nanny Huang was included, she was just a helper. It did not mean that Nanny Huang was not smart enough. Nanny Huang was not clear about the affairs in Qin’s Mansion, so some solutions she came up with might not be appropriate.

Just like the matter in Prince Cheng’s Mansion, Qin Wanru firmly believed that it had not been Nanny Huang’s idea that Qin Yuru had tried to hook up with Prince Cheng. It was Qin Yuru herself, who wanted to attach herself to the rich, and then she had acted like this.

At this time, neither Madam of Duke Xing nor Nanny Huang had known that Qin Yuru had made such a big mistake. They had to wait and see how they would help Qin Yuru plug this loophole.

Madam of Duke Xing thought that everything would be fine after she kept Qin Yuru in Duke Xing’s Mansion. But she had not expected that this matter of Qin Yuru also fell onto Duke Xing’s Mansion.

Qin Wanru was a little slow because she had to tidy up and pack up some spare things. This time, Qu Le and Yujie were the two servant girls that she brought with her to Duke Xing’s Mansion. She also packed some clothes necessary for a daily change. When they arrived at the parking place, Nanny Huang was already anxiously pacing around in circles.

When she saw Qin Wanru coming over, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Nanny Huang, sorry to have kept you waiting. Let’s get on the carriage together!” Qin Wanru smiled and invited her.

“Second Miss, you are so polite!” Nanny Huang had calmed down at this time and said this gently. After all, she was not Qin Yuru.

Qin Wanru got on the carriage first, followed by Nanny Huang. The two servant girls got on the carriage last, but the little servant girl who had followed Nanny Huang before, was not with them.

The carriage was not big, but it was quite s.p.a.cious for four people.

After everyone was seated, the coachman drove the carriage to Duke Xing’s Mansion.

It was very quiet in the carriage along the way. Qin Wanru closed her eyes slightly to rest, and no one could see whether her eyes were closed or not, under her long eyelashes.

Nanny Huang lowered her head and frowned. When she got on the carriage, she actually wanted to talk with Qin Wanru. However, Qin Wanru leaned against the wall as soon as she got on the carriage. She closed her shimmery eyes to refresh herself, so she could not disturb her anymore.

Qin Wanru did not say anything, so it was not convenient for Nanny Huang to talk to the two servant girls.

It was indeed her idea to arrange for their carriage to collide with the carriage of Duke Xing’s Mansion. But a collision of two carriages also needed careful planning. Originally, she wanted Qin Yuru to spread the news today, and then they would discuss more about it. It was also unexpected that she had directly b.u.mped into the carriage of Duke Xing’s Mansion today.

Had she really b.u.mped into it by accident? Nanny Huang always had this question in her mind. She originally wanted to inquire about it from Qin Wanru, but now she could only figure it out on her own. And the more she thought about it, the more she felt that there was something strange about the whole affair.

They had agreed to wait for the next opportunity before taking action. How could it happen so fast!

She raised her eyes and looked at Qin Wanru. Nothing could be seen from her face, but Nanny Huang felt inexplicably uneasy. She always felt that this matter was not what it seemed to be.

Nanny Huang felt uneasy all the way to Duke Xing’s Mansion. When the carriage stopped, Nanny Huang jumped off the carriage first, and then the two servant girls got off. Finally, Qin Wanru stepped down with Yujie’s help.

“Second Miss Qin, please!” Nanny Sheng had been waiting for the carriage for a long time. When she saw Qin Wanru coming down, she bowed to Qin Wanru and led her forward with a smile.

They walked around for a long time before they arrived at the gate of a courtyard.

Looking at the road they had come from, Qin Wanru frowned. This courtyard was very close to Chuihua Gate and they arrived at this courtyard soon after entering Chuihua Gate.

“We set up the guest courtyard for First Miss Qin. In order to make it convenient for the doctor to call, our Madam arranged for First Miss Qin to stay here.” Seeing Qin Wanru looking back at the old maid guarding Chuihua Gate, Nanny Sheng immediately understood what she meant and explained with a smile.

Therefore, this should be very close to the outer courtyard.

Nanny Huang did not care about this. She could not help but ask anxiously, “Nanny Sheng, how is our First Miss?”

“You are?” Nanny Sheng looked at Nanny Huang from head to toe, feeling that this old maid in front of her did not look like the supervisor maid of Qin’s Mansion.

“This is Big Sister’s etiquette instructor, Nanny Huang.” Qin Wanru introduced her, with a smile.

“Etiquette instructor? Why is she here at this time?” Nanny Sheng frowned secretly. She did not think that Qin Yuru’s accident had anything to do with an etiquette instructor, but she would definitely not say anything excessive in front of Nanny Huang. So she smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Nanny Huang. First Miss did not have a serious accident.”

Not a serious accident? So she was still slightly hurt in the accident?

Qin Wanru raised her shimmery eyes in surprise, as a flash of coldness showed at the bottom of her eyes.

“How is First Miss?” Nanny Huang really cared about Qin Yuru. When she heard Nanny Sheng’s tone of voice, she did not look well.

“Her hand was slightly hurt. It is just not convenient for her to move now.” Nanny Sheng said honestly. This was really an accident. Originally, it had been planned to be merely a slight b.u.mp.

The coachman of Duke Xing’s Mansion had already been bribed by Madam. Originally, Madam had intended to go out, but Third Madam happened to go out. She had wanted to borrow Madam’s carriage, so Madam lent her carriage to Third Madam.

Even if it was Madam or Third Madam, this was just an excuse.

It could have been a slight b.u.mp, but unexpectedly the carriage which was supposed to “accidentally” b.u.mp into hers, had really startled the horse. Although the coachman managed to control the horse tied to the shaft, the two carriages had indeed collided. Third Madam was seriously injured, and First Miss Qin also seemed to be badly injured.

Fortunately, the rest had happened as arranged. Whether the collision was serious or not, they could directly take Qin Yuru and could even exaggerate the fact that First Miss Qin had saved Third Madam.

“Is her hand broken?” Nanny Huang said in a trembling voice. She had only planned to let Qin Yuru get slight jolted in the carriage and say that she was injured, but she had not expected that Qin Yuru had really hurt her hand.

“It is not broken. She just needs to recuperate, because her wrist was twisted.” Nanny Sheng said vaguely.

“Let’s go and see Big Sister first!” Was it a coincidence? It was an unexpected result and Third Madam was really wronged! If Qin Yuru had planned well, she would have been prepared. There must be something mysterious about Qin Yuru’s carriage. She already had the idea in her mind that she would ask someone to have a look when the opportunity arose, Qin Wanru looked at Nanny Cheng and said lightly.

“Okay, okay, let Second Miss have a look herself!” Nanny Sheng immediately agreed with a smile. As she said this, they entered the yard.

The moment they stepped into the courtyard, they heard a sharp scream, which shocked them so much that they stopped in their tracks.

Hearing this familiar scream, Qin Wanru glanced at Nanny Huang’s pale face and Nanny Sheng’s embarra.s.sed smile. A flash of darkness crossed her eyes. It seemed that it was not such a simple matter of Qin Yuru merely twisting her wrist. Now she was looking forward to Qin Yuru’s situation..


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