WebNovel Medical Princess Chapter 418 – “Isn’t First Miss only Thirteen Years Old?”

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Chapter 418 “Isn’t First Miss only Thirteen Years Old?”

Mei Xue ran into the main room. When she suddenly found that Qin Wanru was also there, she paused and stopped immediately. She looked hesitant.

“What now?” Qin Yuru was angry. Thus, when she saw Mei Xue running into the room in a frightened way, she asked unpleasantly.

“First Miss, eh, Madam of Duke Xing is asking you to meet her.” Seeing there were other people in the room, Mei Xue answered in a low voice.

“How can I meet her when I am in this condition?” Qin Yuru answered grumpily. She still suffered from a twisted neck. If she went to see Madam of Duke Xing, many people would laugh at her funny looks, along the way. Madam of Duke Xing should know that.

“First Miss, well, the ladies from Duke Xing’s Mansion are back.” answered Mei Xue worriedly. Madam of Duke Xing’s fierce look seemed to appear in her sight. She did not dare to tell Madam of Duke Xing about her miss’s response directly, so she said this to Qin Yuru in a very careful way.

Qin Wanru picked up her cup and took a sip of tea impa.s.sively. “The consort selection in Prince Cheng’s Mansion should be over, so does Madam of Duke Xing know what Qin Yuru has done in the mansion now?”

“Back?” Qin Yuru did not understand at the very beginning. After thinking for a while, she quickly realized Mei Xue’s meaning. The reason why she sent Mei Xue to tell Madam of Duke Xing about what happened in Prince Cheng’s Mansion in a nice way, was that she was trying to inform her in advance, and to prevent Madam of Duke Xing from getting mad, when she learnt about the trouble she had caused in Prince Cheng’s Mansion.

Madam of Duke Xing knew nothing about that matter.

“Let’s have a look!” Qin Yuru stood up immediately and now, she did not care about the odd way she looked due to her stiff neck, anymore. She walked outside, without bothering about Qin Wanru who was still sitting in the room.

Mei Xue led the way and Qin Yuru followed her. Nanny Huang also went after them, after thinking for a while.

“Nanny Huang, wait a moment!” Qin Wanru said suddenly.

Nanny Huang paused and had to stop.

“Do you know what happened?” Qin Wanru smiled. Thinking of the two physicians, she realized that she could not let Nanny Huang stay!

“What?” Nanny Huang suppressed her anxiety and asked. She felt that something was not right.

“Big Sister tried to seduce Prince Cheng in his mansion, but Prince Cheng turned her down. This matter has been witnessed by many ladies there. I wonder whether you know about that. You know, you are her etiquette instructor, right?” Qin Wanru said this leisurely. She raised her eyes, which looked as light as milkgla.s.s, and stared at Nanny Huang.

Nanny Huang looked pale. Her lips trembled and it seemed that she could not say anything. She reached out and held the pillar beside her to support herself. There was a buzzing sound in her head.

She had been an etiquette instructor for a lady from an aristocratic family for many years. Even though she had witnessed many ridiculous things, she had never seen something like this in her life before. It was too shameful!

A girl who was engaged to a man tried to seduce another man! What’s worse, that man who was the girl’s target was Prince Cheng, a man who had always been unwilling to get married!

Qin Yuru must be very shameless! Otherwise, n.o.body would do such an evil thing!

“Does Nanny Huang intend to stand by my big sister’s side? If my big sister’s matter really had an adverse effect, do you still think that you will be able to escape, completely unscathed?” Staring at Nanny Huang, Qin Wanru said softly. Her eyes were so bright that Nanny Huang did not dare to look at them. Her power and countenance were far beyond that of a normal lady from an aristocratic family.

“Why do you say that, Second Miss!” Nanny Huang suppressed her intense feelings, and asked her, with trembling lips.

“The reason why you are doing your best to help my big sister must be because she has told you something, right?” Qin Wanru stood up and looked around the room with her shimmery eyes. “This is the Duke Xing’s Mansion. It is said that the former Heir of Duke Xing lost a daughter. However, it has only been thirteen years since he left the capital city. And my big sister is fifteen now, isn’t she?”

She said this very leisurely and it seemed that she did not care about what she just said. Qin Wanru walked out without even looking at Nanny Huang’s livid face.

She smiled. She did not know what Qin Yuru had told Nanny Huang, and to what extent. Anyway, Qin Yuru had to try both the hard and soft approach. With regards to the so-called soft approach, it must be related to Qin Yuru’s fake background, or Qin Yuru must have made a promise to reward Nanny Huang, so she must claim that she was the oldest miss of Duke Xing.

While she was not clear about what Qin Yuru had told Nanny Huang, Qin Wanru naturally mentioned this in a vague manner. She guessed that Qin Yuru must have told a lie.

“Isn’t, isn’t First Miss only thirteen years old?” As expected, Nanny Huang’s trembling voice came behind her.

“Do you believe that?” Tilting her head slightly, Qin Wanru asked delicately.

“Do I believe that?” Nanny Huang did not know the answer. Although she was Qin Yuru’s etiquette instructor, she did not know the people around Qin Yuru well. Sometimes she heard some vague remarks that Qin Yuru was fifteen years old. Thus, when Qin Yuru told her she was thirteen, Nanny Huang was a little confused.

“The matter in Prince Cheng’s Mansion today will be known by the public soon. Prince Cheng is the nephew of Rui’an Great Elder Princess. If my big sister is really related to the former Heir of Duke Xing, there would be a kind of generational gap between Prince Cheng and her!” Qin Wanru said this pointedly. When she finished, she turned around and left, not caring about Nanny Huang who was dumbfounded.

Yujie followed her miss quickly.

What kind of relationship was going on between the granddaughter and nephew of Rui’an Great Elder Princess?

If Qin Yuru was the daughter of the former Heir of Duke Xing, she would not seduce Prince Cheng. Since there was a generational gap between them and they had a close relationship, this kind of thing should never have happened!

In other words, since Qin Yuru had done this, it meant that Qin Yuru was clear that she had nothing to do with Prince Cheng and thus, she attempted to seduce him!

Nanny Huang dragged her stiff body toward a chair and sat down slowly. When she thought over the whole matter, she finally came to a conclusion.

Qin Yuru lied about her background. She was not the missing daughter of the former Heir of Duke Xing! Her background was bogus! Moreover, since what she planned was all based on her fake ident.i.ty, not only would Qin Yuru be utterly discredited, but Nanny Huang would also lose her reputation, if these lies were exposed!

Even though her family benefited from Duke Yong’s Mansion and she promised to plan for Qin Yuru wholeheartedly, it did not mean that she and her family would devote their lives to these lies!

The reason why she was willing to serve Qin Yuru was that, on the one hand, she benefited from Duke Yong’s Mansion, and had also been threatened by them, and on the other hand, Qin Yuru had lied to her about her background!

If everything was a lie, then why should she still be making plans for her?

Thinking clearly about this, Nanny Huang stood up. She arranged her clothes and left without hesitation. She could not be dragged down by Qin Yuru. Even if she might not be able to be an etiquette instructor, she could leave for another place and have another life! She would never become a victim of this lie!

She knew what kind of a person Qin Yuru was. If something really went wrong, Qin Yuru would definitely put the blame on her!

“Miss, where are we going?” Yujie could not help herself and finally asked.

Qin Wanru walked leisurely along the way and it seemed that she just wanted to appreciate the view, as she sometimes stopped and looked around. They met many people from Duke Xing’s Mansion along the way. Everyone looked at Qin Wanru in a hostile way, which made Yujie uncomfortable.

“I just want to walk around.” Qin Wanru answered plainly. She seemed to ignore the servant girl who looked arrogant and was coming from the opposite side. When the servant girl saw Qin Wanru coming, she just stepped aside without bowing to her.

It was obvious that even the servants from Duke Xing’s Mansion looked down upon Qin Wanru.

The disdain for Qin Wanru almost appeared on her face, which seemed as if she could not bear Qin Wanru anymore. Actually, they were somewhat familiar with this servant girl, as it was not their first time to see her, along the way.

Since Old Madam did not like her, she would not take the faint kinship into account. It was in the Old Madam’s courtyard that she saw this servant girl for the first time!

“Miss, do you need a break?” Glancing at the servant girl who stopped at the roadside, Yujie asked Qin Wanru carefully.

“No, I am fine. The scenery here is so good. It would be great if our mansion also possessed such a beautiful scenery. I have to take this opportunity now that my big sister has moved here, to appreciate the beautiful view around.” Qin Wanru raised her head and showed a bright smile as she acclaimed, and tilted her head to look at the rockery beside them.

She said these words in a cheerful and easy manner. She did not behave as if she was there to look after her big sister, who got hurt.

She sounded very happy and even mocking.

The servant girl who stood beside them scoffed at her. “This miss does lack insight. As Old Madam said, she is a person who is not only ignorant but greedy. She even tried to grab First Miss Qin’s jade bracelet and even broke it into pieces on the street!” She had considered Qin Wanru as a very ignorant and mean person, one whom all the servant girls would hold in disdain.

“I will tell Old Madam that this Second Miss Qin did not take Old Madam’s words seriously, but is even happy when walking around the garden with her servant girl!”

“Miss, shall we have a look there? It seems that the courtyard there is also beautiful!” Glancing at the expression of the servant girl of Duke Xing’s Mansion discreetly, Yujie suddenly understood what was going on, after checking her miss’s easy look. She immediately chimed in this remark to Qin Wanru, as she pointed at a nearby garden.

The courtyard looked gorgeous and, obviously, normal people had no right to live there. It had a rockery and a bridge and there was even a brook gurgling beside it.

“Great! Let’s do that!” Her words seemed to spur Qin Wanru’s interest. She lifted her dress and prepared to go there.

The servant girl of Duke Xing’s Mansion could not bear it anymore. They almost p.i.s.sed her off! “What a freak! How dare they go straight to the First Miss’s courtyard! How dare they!”

“Miss, it is our First Miss’s courtyard and not everyone is allowed to go there!” The servant girl stood straight and said this in a mocking tone.

“My miss is not any ordinary person. She has been invited by your Madam of Duke Xing.” Yujie seemed to ignore the servant girl’s contempt. She raised her head and looked haughtily at her.

“Madam of Duke Xing will not invite people to our mansion casually. Could you tell me which mansion you are from?” The servant girl looked them from head to toe and appeared more disdainful of them. “Do they really think I don’t know why they are here? How dare they try to scare me?”

“My miss is from Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion!” Yujie answered proudly.

“Oh, I see. You are from the same mansion as the person who collided with our Third Madam!” The servant girl pretended to be taken aback. She appraised Qin Wanru in a mocking way and said, as she pointed at the courtyard, “That is my First Miss’s courtyard. n.o.body is allowed to go there, or there will be heavy penalties waiting for you. Thus, please leave this place, miss.”

“You…” Yujie got angry.

“You have to obey rules of the other mansion when you are there! Don’t you know that?” The servant girl interrupted Yujie’s words. She sneered at them and then left.

She was going to tell Old Madam that the Second Miss Qin was an ignorant, unruly and useless person. The reason why Old Madam sent her here was because the Old Madam wanted to know whether this miss did things for Old Madam sincerely and whether she could invite the general of Qin’s Mansion to come over to discuss the things about First Miss Qin. It seemed that Second Miss Qin was not reliable and even tried to delay the meeting!

It seemed that Old Madam had to send other people to find the general on her own…


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