WebNovel Medical Princess Chapter 557 – Couldn't be Recognized! Who was Shao Yanru?

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Chapter 557 Couldn’t be Recognized! Who was Shao Yanru?

Chu Liuchen touched his own face and couldn’t help laughing. He lazily ordered, “It’s too late. I’m going to sleep!”

“Master… the wound on your face…” Seeing that he went inside carelessly, Xiao Xuanzi said anxiously.

“I am tired. Let’s talk about it tomorrow! Come and serve me,” Chu Liuchen said lightly with great leisure.

Xiao Xuanzi blinked. He got up and went close to him in doubt. Why did he feel that not only was his master not angry, but he also seemed to be satisfied? While taking off the loose robe for his master, he took a glance at Chu Liuchen’s face. Xiao Xuanzi once again confirmed that his master was not angry.

The corners of his lips curled up and there was a hint of smile on his face.

“Master, let me help you smear some ointment!” After helping Chu Liuchen lie down, Xiao Xuanzi took a bottle of ointment from Doctor Qi and said carefully.

“Emm!” Chu Liuchen closed his eyes.

Xiao Xuanzi carefully smeared the ointment to Chu Liuchen’s face. When he finished, he found that Chu Liuchen had fallen asleep and slept very well. In the past, when he couldn’t control his mood, he always couldn’t fall asleep all night. Was it because he was too tired today or because of something else?

If it was because of something else, Xiao Xuanzi felt that he could respect Fifth Miss Shao more.

After treating Chu Liuchen’s wound, Xiao Xuanzi quietly left. When he arrived at the door, he stood for a while. Then he asked someone to deal with tomorrow’s matter.

This was originally ordered by Your Highness. Coincidentally, there was still time. Duke Xing’s Mansion was really arrogant…

Shao Wanru looked at the bite marks on her hand in a daze. Once again, she was sure that what happened last night was not a dream. Chu Liuchen really came. Not only did he come, but he also bit her. He bit with great power, so a bruise appeared on her white and tender hand. It was a little swollen, but the bite marks had faded a lot.

If she had not recalled what happened last night, she would think as what Yuru and others thought that she accidentally threw her hand on the edge of the bed in her sleep and hurt it.

Yujie was still talking, “Miss, you should be careful when you sleep. Looking at it, how can you write and copy scriptures later?”

Shao Wanru slightly clenched her hand, and it was really a little painful. She really couldn’t use the strength of her hand all of a sudden. With her beautiful hair in a mess, she didn’t understand what was wrong with Chu Liuchen yesterday.

After Yujie smeared the ointment for her, she wrapped her hand with a handkerchief, and then helped her get up.

Looking at the tightly wrapped handkerchief and the blank reflection in the makeup mirror, Shao Wanru felt that she had woken up. When Chu Liuchen came to her like crazy yesterday, she helped him dry his hair out of good intentions, but he bit her.

There were only two dull sentences in her mind. “A good person doesn’t have a good result.” “His teeth are really sharp!”

As Yujie combed her hair, she said, “Miss, don’t touch water these days. It’s already swollen. If you’re not careful again, it will fester. The ointment was given by Mingqiu Nun before, but it’s almost used up. I’ll ask Mingqiu Nun for some later!”

Although they all lived in the Yuhui Nunnery, if there was no need for Shao Wanru, she would not get too close to Mingqiu Nun. Most nuns in the Yuhui Nunnery knew that Mingqiu Nun, who was alone in the Yuhui Nunnery, had excellent medical skills and was also seeing patients for n.o.ble people. There were many people who wanted to fawn on her. It would be easy to attract attention if she went to her place frequently.

Although the nuns lived in the relatively peaceful nunnery, they were also human beings and naturally had all kinds of contacts. They also had feelings for other nuns, affections, rejections and disgusts, and they even formed different small groups. This was a phenomenon found out by Shao Wanru during her two years in the Yuhui Nunnery.

As an outsider, Mingqiu Nun was hard to blend in. However, because she knew medical skills, it was relatively easy for her to get a good impression on others. It is common for people to get ill. In the past, there were nuns who knew a little about medical skills, but they couldn’t compare with Mingqiu Nun at all.

Therefore, Mingqiu Nun was still very popular in Yuhui Nunnery. In addition, it was said that she would go down the mountain to treat the n.o.ble in the capital every period of time, which also made her worth hundreds of times than before. And the nuns couldn’t find out who the n.o.ble was. They only knew that he was a n.o.ble person and couldn’t let ordinary people know about it.

Some people in the capital city had specially come to tell the Abbess of the Yuhui Nunnery about it before, and the Abbess of the Yuhui Nunnery had also specially told the nuns not to inquire about it.

The statement of the Abbess of Yuhui Nunnery made people feel that Mingqiu Nun’s ident.i.ty was unusual, and they did not dare to offend her.

“Sister Yujie, let me go. Anyway, I have nothing to do at this time,” Qu Le said at a side with a smile.

“Well, okay. I want one bottle of this. If you can’t make it clear, you can take this bottle with you. Mingqiu Nun will know!” Yujie nodded and said. She pointed the bottle on the table with a comb in her hand.

“OK, I’ll go now!” Qu Le went over, picked up the bottle of ointment that had been used up, and turned to go out.

When she went to the door, she almost b.u.mped into Qing’er who rushed in.

Fortunately, Qing’er reacted quickly. She turned her body slightly, moved away from Qu Le, and then she grabbed her shoulder to avoid the strength just now.

“Sister Qu Le, please be careful!”

Qu Le steadied herself with the support of the door frame. When she saw that it was Qing’er, she said with a little blame, “You little girl, what are you doing in such a hurry?”

“Miss… there’s something wrong in the Buddha Hall again!” Qing’er took a breath, released Qu Le, and came in to report.

After they dug out the evil silver bracelet from the Buddhist temple, it was not moved anymore. It was said that it was very strange there. It seemed to be windy during the day, and nuns would not go. Duke Xing’s Mansion would not dig it. The staff of the Ministry of Justice felt that there would not be anything related to them there.

The nuns had even secretly spread the rumor that the temple might have been tainted with evilness as well. Otherwise, how could it have been suddenly cleaved in the thunderstorm night? Furthermore, it had ignited fire and dug out many black ants crawling on it.

In this kind of place, it was easier to make people feel that this was evil.

There were even rumors that the Fifth Miss was indeed born and unknown. As for the master of Baiyun Taoist Temple who pretended to be a woman as a man, not many people knew about it at this time.

However, even if the matter about Priest Xiushui was exposed later, some people might not believe it and thought Shao Wanru was born with unknown details. At that time, there were many people who saw the silver bracelet.

The theory of ghosts and G.o.ds was mysterious. If someone deliberately used it, he or she could use it to ruin Shao Wanru’s reputation. After all, Shao Wanru’s biological father and mother were indeed dead. Therefore, Shao Wanru asked Qing’er to pay more attention to the matter in the Buddha Hall and felt that this thing was not over yet.

“What’s the matter?” Hearing Qing’er’s words, Shao Wanru glanced at Qing’er in the mirror with calm eyes and asked.

“There are a lot of black ants running out of the temple. A large group by a large group. It’s scary!” Qing’er gasped and said.

“There are many ants running out?! Where did they go?” Shao Wanru was a bit shocked.

“They all ran to the previous supplies. There were some steamed buns, desserts, and something else in the previous supplies. I don’t know if it was windy yesterday, so some of the bricks on them fell down. I happened to see these things. There were ants crawling on them. Everyone was scared when they saw them.”

Qing’er made a gesture with her hands to show that there were too many of them.

“Weren’t all the things dug out thrown away?” Shao Wanru’s long eyelashes fluttered twice as she asked, “All the things dug out at that time were without any problem, and there were no ants on them!”

When they dug out the silver bracelet, they also dug out some pastries and so on. Old maids had thrown all of them away. Shao Wanru deliberately left Qing’er behind and asked her to fetch some pieces and checked them.

At that time, there were no ants on these pastries. This was also the reason why everyone was shocked when her bracelet was dug out.

There were no ants on the pastries. Why were there ants on the silver bracelet?

But in fact, it was very simple. There was something wrong with the pastries made by Duke Xing’s Mansion. There was no sugar and no sweetness in them, so there were no ants on the pastries but there were ants on the bracelet which got some honey. This also made Shao Wanru’s bracelet look evil.

There was no ant before but now there were. It was very interesting!

“I don’t know. Many people are here now. Would you like to go and have a look?” Qing’er felt that this was a great opportunity to clarify for her Miss. Only when everyone talked about it could it be spread more widely.

“Okay, let’s go and have a look!” Shao Wanru nodded and narrowed her eyes. This opportunity was quite good for her. It was a good opportunity to prove her innocence.

At this time, she had already dressed up. She changed into a simple robe, and put on the veil. This time, she was not wearing a curtain hat, instead she exposed her bright and clear watery eyes, which were pure in the color of the eyes. They would give people a good impression. Her hair was simply tied up with a bamboo hairpin. The simple color in her beautiful black hair added a sense of elegance to her.

She went to the main hall with Yujie and Qing’er. Before they arrived there, they saw many nuns standing on the side and pointing at the things, and some pilgrims were watching the fun.

Although there were not many people from the Ministry of Justice who left here, it seemed that this matter had attracted them here. So several of them just stood there to check.

“Fifth Sister, you are here!” A soft voice came from not far away. Shao Wanru looked up and saw Shao Yanru, who was also wearing a light veil. She smiled calmly and said, “Big Sister, you came here so early!”

The two did not have any contact since they came back yesterday. But now they talked so naturally, as if they had a very good relationship.

“I’ve just arrived. I wanted to call you before, but I was afraid that I would disturb your rest!” Shao Yanru explained with a soft voice. She came over and stood beside Shao Wanru. They were like a pair of sisters. Although they both wore veils, everyone could see that there were two beautiful girls under the veils with their watery eyes.

Standing aside, Qiu Yu looked at Shao Yanru and then looked at Shao Wanru. He stopped his steps although he wanted to greet originally. He suddenly felt that he could not recognize which one was First Miss Shao.

Wen Xichi went down the mountain to take charge of the matters of Baiyun Taoist Temple. He took charge of the things here for the time being. It was he who brought people here just now. When he saw the two sisters, he was so happy that he wanted to say h.e.l.lo. But he suddenly found that the two pairs of eyes under the light veils were as beautiful as each other, and it seemed that the pair of strange eyes were even more beautiful.

He slightly felt that the less beautiful eyes were those of First Miss Shao!

However, this was not what he had imagined. First Miss Shao was the most beautiful woman in the capital. The eyes which looked more beautiful and charming should be hers.

At this time, who was the First Miss Shao?


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