WebNovel Medical Princess Chapter 736 – Those Memories That Had Been Missing

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Chapter 736 Those Memories That Had Been Missing

If no one had strongly recommended her, she would not have been able to enter the palace at that time. Regardless of Chu Liuchen’s personality, he had always been kind to her and even saved her. He had been very good to her, but she had forgotten him. She had forgotten all the memories of his goodness. She remembered nothing but the warmth, which showed that they had gotten along very well at the time.

But she had forgotten everything! “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Shao Wanru couldn’t suppress herself crying, and her whole body was trembling. She tried to raise her eyes hard to see Chu Liuchen’s face.

He had treated her very well in the last life, but she didn’t return his kindness. Chu Liuchen was startled by Shao Wanru’s sudden cry. He stretched out his hand as if he wanted to touch her face, but he was worried that she would be scared. He frowned and looked at her with concern. He suddenly reached out to pull her into her arms and softly conformed her, “Okay, stop crying. Tell me what’s wrong, and I’ll take revenge for you!”

Shao Wanru’s face was full of tears, and she was cuddling on his chest with mixed emotions and listening to the sound of his heartbeat, which was steady and powerful. She suddenly felt even more aggrieved. She shouldn’t feel aggrieved. He was the one who should feel aggrieved after all. He should have treated her very well in the previous life, but she had somehow forgotten about him and didn’t remember anything but that Qi Baiyu had helped her with everything here. Without him, how could she have taken shelter in this corner of the palace and lived a fairly peaceful life?

He had made everything possible, but she had forgotten him. She thought she should apologize to him, but she just couldn’t say it. “I… I’m not…” She wanted to explain that no one had deceived her and that she had deceived him, but she couldn’t say it. The complex and sad emotions entangled her and filled her chest, and even made her feel confused.

Xiao Xuanzi ran up from downstairs in a panic and saw his master holding Shao Wanru. He sneaked downstairs. Although he didn’t know what had happened, his master’s face looked very distressed and gentle, and he was different from before when his smile wasn’t necessarily genuine. Xiao Xuanzi could see clearly that the prince treated Fifth Miss Shao differently from others long before!

“Okay, don’t cry, or it sounds like that I’ve done something inappropriate to you!” Chu Liuchen said softly. Seeing Shao Wanru crying out of control in his arms, he felt both angry and happy. He stretched out her hands and hugged her vigorously. This time she did not resist. She snuggled quietly in his arms, which was inexplicably satisfying to him. There was a soft spot in his heart. As long as she didn’t cry, she could do anything! “Don’t cry, huh!”

He lowered his head and looked at the beautiful young girl in hazy tears. His thin lips fell on her gently. Shao Wanru was surprised by Liuchen’s soft kiss on her lips. It was very gentle and soft. Under her long eyelashes, her crying eyes blinked in surprise. She should push him away at this time. Even if there was an agreement between them, she should push him away now. Otherwise, she would violate the daughter’s warns and female discipline that she had learned for many years!

But she was unwilling to reach out to push him away. In the previous life and this life, she didn’t know what it was like, but she just didn’t want to push him away. After her rebirth, her heart had never been so uncontrollable. Chu Liuchen seems to sense Shao Wanru’s acceptance, and he uncontrollably increased the intensity of his hands. This time his lips were more pa.s.sionate as if there were thousands of gushing emotions…

The two were separated after a long time. Shao Wanru was in Chu Liuchen’s arms. Although she was still sobbing, she was not crying. Not only was she not crying, but she was blushing. His hands were twining around Chu Liuchen’s cuffs subconsciously and flushing with shame. Chu Liuchen lowered his head slightly, only to see the top of her black hair pulled up by a simple hairpin. A trace of joy appeared on his thin lips. “Zhuozhuo, you like me!”

His low-pitched voice, which was different from his clear and bright voice in the past, made Shao Wanru blush more, but what made her blush even more was Chu Liuchen’s joyful and trembling words. When had Chu Liuchen, who seemed to have everything under his control, ever spoken in a trembling voice? His hands around her waist were tightening, and Shao Wanru felt that her thin waist was almost broken. She took a deep breath and gently pushed him, beckoning him to let go.

“Zhuozhuo, I like you!” His hands were slightly relaxed, which allowed Shao Wanru to take a few breaths easily, and then heard his m.u.f.fled voice in her ear. Chu Liuchen’s head was lowered and rested on Shao Wanru’s shoulders. After saying these words, he seemed to relax suddenly. He smiled slightly. Whether it was a deal or not, and whether he was interested and happy or not, at this moment of relaxation, he understood it immediately.

Somehow he had just fallen in love with her. He had felt very close to her, but if he did’t tell her, he would never know how it felt. “Zhuozhuo, I like you!” He affirmed it once again, without any hesitation. Now that he had fallen in love with her, he would naturally let her know it. There was joy in this affirmation, and it was more like a domineering declaration, or an anxious expression of his love. He raised his head and gently kissed her blushing earlobe. The soft-touch made Shao Wanru’s heart tremble, and she involuntarily squeezed his sleeves with her hands. She thought for a while, nodded gently, and drove away all the hesitation in her heart.

This was an indescribable feeling that she had never experienced in the past. Her heart was beating fiercely. She almost thought that her heart was about to jump out of her throat. But she was extremely happy and careless. Originally, she had only wanted to be his shield, and she had been willing to be his shield and leave when he wanted her to. Now she no longer wanted to leave or be his shield. Or even if she was his shield, she wanted it to be permanent. There were some things that she hadn’t thought about or understood. But now looking back, she realized that he had done a lot for her, and she had always thought that he was calculating.

“Your Highness… Your Highness… Empress Dowager asks you to go over!” Xiao Xuanzi went upstairs again, stood at the top of the stairs, and reported it from a distance. Shao Wanru woke up suddenly. She reached out and pushed Chu Liuchen away almost in a panic. When Chu Liuchen staggered a few steps after being pushed, she hurriedly tightened her grip on his sleeves. Chu Liuchen hadn’t expected that Shao Wanru would push him suddenly. He took two steps backward before he steadied himself.

“Your Highness…” Xiao Xuanzi said anxiously. He was startled when he heard the voice. When he looked up, he happened to see Chu Liuchen staggering back a few steps. “Go down first!” Chu Liuchen flicked his sleeve. Xiao Xuanzi didn’t dare to say more and went downstairs in a hurry. He didn’t want to come up. He knew that Fifth Miss Shao was aggrieved and the prince was comforting her at this time, but he had to go upstairs to report it, even though he would be criticized. The messenger sent by Empress Dowager was downstairs, and he was also afraid that Fifth Miss Shao would suddenly cry like before. He was afraid that if the messenger of Empress Dowager heard it, there would be trouble.

“You’re not crying?” Chu Liuchen grabbed Shao Wanru’s small hand tightly grasping his cuff and said with a smile.

“…” Shao Wanru didn’t know what to say for a while. She bit her lips, and lowered her head.

“Okay, don’t cry. Look at your swollen eyes. If someone sees them, they will probably accuse me of bulling you!” Chu Liuchen laughed. He reached out and lifted her chin, looked at her face. He looked pa.s.sionate and gentle with a smile.

“I’m sorry… Will it be bad for you?…” Shao Wanru blushed, stretched out her hand, and patted his hand. She lowered her head again, and at this time she was at a loss. She didn’t know what she was going to do right now. She had always been able to control the situation, but now she felt confused as if she couldn’t remember anything.

“It’s okay. Don’t let people think that someone is bullying you! I’ll go to see Imperial Grandmother. If you have anything in the future, you can come here to find help. Those who stay all work for me.”

Chu Liuchen smiled lightly, and when his eyes glided across the corners of Shao Wanru’s red lips, his eyes darkened. Shao Wanru’s red lips had always been brighter than others. At this time, they were bright and slightly swollen.

“Then you go!” Shao Wanru said, reaching out and pushing him gently, and her mind slowly became clear. Now that Empress Dowager was looking for him at this time, and Xiao Xuanzi went up specifically to report it, there must be something wrong.

“Okay, I’ll have someone take you back!” Chu Liuchen said with a big smile. He was in a very good mood.

“No, thanks. There will be gossip if someone sees me!” Shao Wanru shook her head and refused.

“What’s wrong? The Imperial Grandmother has known that you are my girl, and my uncle also knows it. Now that the two of them know it, who dares to say anything? My girl is different from them!” Chu Liuchen said arrogantly.

His arrogant att.i.tude was extremely weird and uncoordinated with his elegant voice. Shao Wanru couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Such a bully tone didn’t fit the image of the gentle and elegant prince! Seeing that she finally laughed, Chu Liuchen smiled too, and he said in a very good mood, “You go back first. You can come here anytime, but if you want to see me… you have to make an appointment in advance!”

When he said that, Shao Wanru’s face flushed, “I don’t want to see you!”

“But I want to see you!” Chu Liuchen laughed, and suddenly reached out and hugged Shao Wanru again. This time he moved extremely fast. Before Shao Wanru could react, he had withdrawn his hands.

Shao Wanru’s face flushed again. She bit her lips to suppress the shame in her heart, calmed down as little, and changed the topic, “Do you know what’s the destiny to marry the emperor?”

“Destiny to marry the emperor? What is that?” Chu Liuchen turned his head to look at her.


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