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Chapter 205: Emergency mission

Yun Tianhe announced his decision in front of everyone!

The old patriarch that had led the family for over fifty years!

This was the most significant decision he ever made and also the last decision he made before resigning!

The Yun Family used their strength and would die with Miracle Commerce.  If Miracle Commerce prospered, the Yun Family would prospered.  If Miracle Commerce died, then the Yun Family’s vitality would suffer a heavy blow!

This old patriarch was filled with courage and ambitions!

An ancient family with two-three hundred years of history had this kind of decisiveness!

Then what did these new families that only existed for a few decades have to worry about?  Even if the sky fell, they would fight against it!

More people decided to follow along Miracle Commerce.  As long as Miracle Commerce became bigger, they would earn more money.

Meng Qingwu was filled with joy.

She never thought that old senior Yun would trust Chu Tian this much!

This time, the Chu, Luo, and Ye Families would not dare to act rashly.  However, while the atmosphere of the banquet was raised with this decision, bad news soon came.

A voice entered the Yun Family, “Sir mayor is here!”

With this one sentence, everyone was shocked.

Who didn’t know Chu Tian’s relation with the mayor?

Why did the mayor come to the Yun Family at this time?

But no matter what, the mayor was one of the people in Central State City with the highest position.  In accordance to etiquette, they still had to greet him.

“What are you here for?”  A Yun Family member revealed their hostility.  Yun Tianhe was still calm, “The mayor is here, why have you not greeted him yet?”

The elite bodyguards of the mayor’s palace came in.  Their armours were drenched in killing intent and their weapons released a cold glow.  Tightly standing in two rows, the killing intent they released completely destroyed the festive atmosphere of the banquet.

They came with ill intent!

Then let’s just observe them for now!

Feng Yunlong was wearing a palace robe with the mayor’s jade crown atop his head.  There were several guards and ministers following closely behind him.

“Old Yun!”  Feng Yunlong came in with a wide smile.  With a look of complaint, he said, “The Purple Lightning Young Master’s cultivation has taken a large step forward and is a very happy event for Central State City, how could you not inform this mayor?  This mayor should sent a congratulatory gift no matter what!”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay!

If they didn’t know the inside story, they would have thought that the Yun Family and the mayor’s palace still had good relations!

Yun Tianhe cupped his hands to the mayor and humbly said, “It’s just a small step forward, we didn’t dare to bother the mayor!”

“Humble, too humble!”  Mayor Feng Yunlong waved his hand, “Come, bring in the gift!”

Two guards brought a large box in.

Everyone looked at each other, no one daring to say a thing.  What kind of medicine was this mayor taking?!

“Civilian Chu Tian is here to greet the mayor!”  Chu Tian came forward and greeted the mayor in an exaggerated manner, “I hope the mayor lives for a thousand years and for the mayor’s son to recover soon, bringing brilliance to Central State City once again!”


People couldn’t help breaking out in laughter.

Chu Tian was clearly trying to anger the mayor!

Feng Yunlong’s acting skills were very deep, but he couldn’t stop the corner of his mouth from twitching.  With gritted teeth, he said, “Chairman Chu Tian is truly generous.  The mayor had a spur of the moment impulse and had a misunderstanding with your excellency, I hope you will not hold a grudge.”

Chu Tian gave a laugh, “How could I?  I am innately born with the trait of being bothered by others, so I would be bitten by dogs when going out.  However, this kind of thing happens a lot, so I ignore all of it with a smile.  I only hope that the mayor will not hold a grudge against this little one!”

The vein popped out on Feng Yunlong’s forehead……Going too far!

Wasn’t this saying that the mayor was not comparable to a dog?

Chu Tian’s sarcasm was very clear and everyone on the scene could hear it.  If the mayor ignored it, then he would be bringing despise on himself.  Yun Tianhe saw that the mayor was about to explode, so he could only give a bitter laugh as he came forward, “Please sit in the seat of honor, sir mayor.”

“No need!”  The mayor did not continue pretending and used a cold voice to say, “This mayor has a reason for coming to your Yun Family.  There is an emergency mission sent down to Central State City!”

Everyone was stunned hearing this.

The mayor took out a black token, “Look carefully at what this is!”

This was a token with a short sword engraved on it.  Although the materials of this token was not rare, it released a very strong killing intent.  There was a large “Wu” character engraved on it.

“The ruler’s token!”

Yun Tianhe and everyone else revealed a look of shock!

Feng Yunlong coldly said, “This is the command of the Calm Martial Ruler, why are you not kneeling yet!”

Like being awakened from a dream, everyone quickly formed rows and respectfully bowed down.  Yun Tianhe and Xiong Wuji both gave a deep bow.

Chu Tian was pulled to the side by Meng Qingwu.  When he saw something wrong with Meng Qingwu’s expression, he was a little curious, “What is the ruler’s token?”

“Be quiet!”  Meng Qingwu lowered her voice, “The so called ruler’s token is the token of a ruler.  There are only three ranks in the Southern Summer Country, Marquis, Ruler, and King!  The Marquis rank refers to the eight marquis of the Southern Summer Country, the Ruler rank refer to the three lords of the Imperial City, and the highest King rank refers to the king of the Southern Summer Country!”

Three ruler lords?

They had a higher status than the eight marquis?

Meng Qingwu continued to explain, “The three ruler lords of the Southern Summer Country are the Burning Sun Ruler, Nangong Yan, the Calm Martial Ruler, Dongfang Gan, and the Refined Ruler, Shangguan Cangfeng!”

Burning Sun Ruler, Calm Martial Ruler, and Refined Ruler?

Even if Chu Tian was a fool, he would be able to recognize that these people were from the Three Great Clans of the Southern Summer Country!

It was no wonder the Three Great Clans had that kind of reputation, the three Ruler ranks were all in the Three Great Clans’ hands.  The Calm Martial Ruler was the Dongfang Family’s head.  It could be said that the Dongfang Family was in control of the country’s military, controlling the majority of the armies, cavalries, and fleets.

It could be said.

The Calm Martial Ruler had the highest might out of the three Rulers and could be considered the protecting G.o.d of the Southern Summer Country in the citizen’s eyes.  He had led the over a million people army to fight against the Spirit Beasts, allowing the over two hundred million citizens of the Southern Summer Country enjoy peaceful lives.  Otherwise, if the northern frontier broke, the beasts would sweep through the Southern Summer Country, exterminating it!

This kind of important person in the kingdom actually personally sending a command to Central State was hard to believe for everyone!

Yun Tianhe’s heart began to feel a little anxious.  The Calm Martial Ruler was a very ruthless person, no one dared to disobey his commands, even the Three Great Clans.  There was no need to mention the Four Great Families of Central State.

The ruler’s token could not be forged.

Feng Yunlong would not dare to forge the Calm Ruler’s token, otherwise even the Divine Wind Marquis would not be able to protect him!

With the token here, there would definitely be orders.  The token was just a sign of faith, the real orders came from the ruler’s orders.  What was inside the ruler’s orders?  This was an unusual matter.  If the mayor used this chance to deal with Chu Tian, Chu Tian could not reject it at all.

The mayor loudly shouted, “Recite the ruler’s orders!”

Two ministers respectfully stood up and carefully opened a purple gold box, taking out a dragon engraved scroll from within.  They slowly began to read out the orders.

Calm Martial Ruler’s orders:

The center south area of the kingdom has encountered a disaster.  There was a Burning Demon Stone that fell from the sky, destroying the center of Thunder State.  It has destroyed a city and exterminating over a million civilians.  There has also been an outbreak of demons, polluting the kingdom’s soil, causing serious damage!

The orders for Southern State and Central State are to send help to exterminate the demons and to rescue Thunder State.  The youths of the kingdom will use this chance to gain experience.  The Main City mayors will choose the partic.i.p.ants who are not allowed to reject or run away.  The partic.i.p.ants will be heavily awarded by this ruler!

This must be carried out immediately!

Signed, the Three Great Clans!


Feng Yunlong respectfully put away the orders and then looked at everyone with a cold smile, “The ruler’s orders have clearly explained everything, do you still have doubts?”

Yun Tianhe’s heart sank.

This is bad!

A disaster occurred in Thunder State.

Central State and Southern State were the closest, so it was right for them to send help.  However, the Calm Martial Ruler has decided to make this a chance to train the younger generation and allowed Feng Yunlong to pick the partic.i.p.ants.

Although the orders were simple, it stated that it wanted the other States to send help.  This meant that the situation in Thunder State was very bad and this trip would be filled with danger!

What was the worst part was that the one picking the partic.i.p.ants was the mayor himself.

Feng Yunlong said with a smile, “The most talented members of the younger generation are Chu Xinghe, Luo Xianglong, Ye Tianlang, and Yun Yao, so it is logical to send the four of them.  However, three of them are heavily injured and are not suited to partic.i.p.ating in this mission.  It’s a good thing that Yun Yao has broken through to the 5th Awakened Soul Layer and is capable of being the team leader!”

Yun Tianhe’s face turned dark.

The mayor held the ruler’s token and orders, he could not reject at all!

“Other than that, this mayor has recently heard of the ‘New Four Young Masters’.  The Netherworld Young Master Chu Tian and the Phoenix Young Master Nangong Yun would definitely be accepted by everyone!”

Meng Qingwu tightly clenched her fists.

This mayor was using this chance to take his revenge!

“Since it’s like this, I can’t do nothing.”  Yun Tianhe knew that he could not avoid this trouble, “This old man is willing to volunteer as the leader of the rescue forces!”

“The rescue forces naturally will require one or two True Soul experts to act as a leader, but old Yun is a scholar so this kind of mission is not suited for you.”  Feng Yunlong revealed a strange look, “I have a different candidate ready.  The Chu Family’s great remote elder Chu Shi has just returned.  Chu Shi has a high cultivation and the Blood Drinking Sword, his reputation is not below old Yun’s, so I want him to lead the team!”

Yun Tianhe finally could not hold back, “You’re deliberately causing trouble!  I don’t agree to this!”

Letting Chu Shi lead Chu Tian’s team to the far off Thunder State, would Chu Tian even be able to come back?

Feng Yunlong said with a cold smile, “This mayor is just considering the matter.  Thunder State has suffered a catastrophe and it is very dangerous, so of course we need to send someone strong.  While old Yun and Chu Shi are both True Soul experts, in terms of battle strength, I’m afraid Chu Shi would be a grade higher!”

With the ruler’s token and orders.

I want to see where you run this time!

Feng Yunlong’s arrangement was selfish, but it was very proper.  Even the Imperial City would not be able to say anything.

“Chu Shi has just returned to Central State, we should let him have a good rest!”  A gentle voice rang out, making everyone tremble, “As far as I know, Thunder State’s Golden Arrow Marquis and Southern State’s Western Marquis are both personally coming out, so our Central State cannot be inferior.  This marquis will personally lead the team.  This is a good chance for Cai’er to personally gain some experience.”

Two human figures gently fell down.

The Divine Wind Marquis had rushed over with Feng Caidie.

Feng Caidie’s aura was completely different.  Feng Yunlong’s face instantly fell because Feng Caidie’s cultivation was now in the 4th Awakened Soul Layer!

He never thought that the Divine Wind Marquis would come out, d.a.m.n!

This was a once in a thousand years chance, but once the Divine Wind Marquis came out, this matter became complicated!

The Divine Wind Marquis looked at Feng Yunlong, “Do you have an objection?”

“No…..I don’t dare!”  Feng Yunlong felt his cousin’s dissatisfaction and anger, so he quickly bowed down and said, “We’ll follow cousin’s will!”

“This matter is decided.”  The Divine Wind Marquis waved his hand, “Prepare the ships and a.s.semble the elites of the Storm Cavalry, we’re leaving before tomorrow night!  We have to arrive in Thunder State as soon as possible!”


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