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Chu Tian innocently said, “Start stripping!”


Meng Yingying looked at her sister, “Big sis don’t worry, I’ll keep my eyes on him!”


Meng Qingwu tightly pursed her red lips, her beautiful appearance that could overthrow cities and ruin nations was blushing red.  A pair of bright eyes, just like a deep spring water, that could make a person’s bones go soft.  




I’ll just strip!


Chu Tian kindly helped to cure her disease and his eyes were already covered.  Being this insincere was a bit excessive.  


Meng Qingwu shivered as she untied her clothes, the fine white cloth gently fell to the ground.


A pair of slender, white, jade like legs.  A plentiful, perfectly round bottom, a slender willow like waist, cannot bear to hold.  It made all other women feel inferior, proudly towering in the sky.   


A head of long black hair fell down, like a cascading waterfall.


Just like nine beautiful G.o.ddesses, her beauty could not be compared.


Meng Yingying fell into a daze.


Very white!  Very beautiful!


Sister’s body figure really made people jealous!


Meng Qingwu stood naked, her whole body was uncomfortable.  Jade like skin, eyes like water, compared to usual she was less serious and dignified, but much more gentle and charming.  Like a budding peony, beautiful, but not devilish, alluring, but not obscene, simply unparalleled.  


Meng Yingying shouted, “Hey!  Sister has already stripped!  Why haven’t you started?”


Once Meng Qingwu heard these words, her cheeks turned red like a peach and silently spat a bit.


Unexpectedly, Chu Tian said one sentence, “I understand.”


Meng Qingwu was startled and used both hands to cover her chest, “How do you know?  You can see!”


Chu Tian suppressed his smile, “Idiot, my eyes may be covered, but my ears are still working, I may not be able to see, but can’t I still hear.”


It was like this.


Chu Tian slowly stop up, “Prepare yourself, I’m about to start!”


Meng Qingwu stubbornly covered her chest, but it was a pity that they were too big so there was no way to completely cover them.  Her face was fl.u.s.tered, not only because she was embarra.s.sed about being naked, but also because she was afraid of the flying needles.  


From her youth up to now, how could she bare facing a grown man naked?


Also, could this chronic injury really be cured?


Her heart was uneasy, it was beating like a drum.  


Chu Tian took a deep breath!


Mind’s Eye – Open!


In an instant, Chu Tian could see all of Meng Qingwu’s meridian points.


Chu Tian knit his brows, “Young miss, your arms are blocking the way, how can I insert the needles, quickly move them away!”


“Oh…..” Meng Qingwu moved her hand halfway, suddenly she moved them back in front of her, her eyes teared up, in an almost weeping voice she said, “You-you-you….. You can still see!”


Meng Yingying jumped up in anger, like an angry cub, “Good little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, dare to bully my sister!  I’ll fight with you!”


“Wait, don’t be agitated!”  Chu Tian accidentally lit two small barrels of gunpowder and he quickly tried to explain explained, “I can’t see with my body’s eyes there’s no doubt about that, what I’m using is my Mind’s Eye don’t you understand?


Both girls stared blankly.


Chu Tian also said, “Simply speaking, what I see is nothing more than a ma.s.s of flesh, blood, bones, spirit energy, and soul.  My Mind’s Eye will not last long so if you don’t cooperate, I can’t cure you today.”


Meng Qingwu bit her lips and slowly moved her hands anyway.


“That’s the right thing to do!”


“Listen to my instructions, stand straight!”


“Close your legs and keep you chest high.”


“Right, just like this, raise your b.u.t.t!”


Meng Qingwu was so angry the roots of her teeth hurt, “Are you done yet?!”


“Ok, ok, stay still, don’t randomly move!”


“Yingying give me the needle!”


Meng Yingying did not dare to ignore him and opened the little box, presented the needle with both hands.  Her small face was tense and nervous because this was the most crucial moment.


Acupuncture with flying needles was a legendary skill, just by itself it was difficult enough, but Chu Tian was also blindfolded so could he really do it?


You could not even joke about this!


A little soft, a little hard, a little off….. All of these would cause problems to occur.


Acupuncture was very complex, how much hand control would you need to do it properly with flying needles?!


Remove the needle!


Insert into pressure point!


Meng Yingying was staring but still could not see it clearly, Chu Tian had already started.


A silver light flashed, a thin long needle stabbed into her chest about a few centimeters deep.  Covering the needle was a layer of spirit energy that was continuously trembling.


Meng Qingwu softly let out a sound.


A slightly numb sensation, a little itchy but not painful, like being shocked.


Chu Tian realized his Spiritual Sense was very weak, he could not keep up Mind’s Eye for long so he sped up his pace.


Several needles were inserted continuously.


She felt a numb sensation one after the other, in her thighs and other sensitive areas.




Meng Qingwu could not help but make a humming sound.  Her physique, by nature, was sensitive. With continuous stimulus, it was difficult for her body to suppress her reactions.  She quickly closed her legs and her face became redder.


Meng Yingying clenched her fist and very anxiously said to Chu Tian, “Hey!  Look at my sister, her breathe is short, her face is red and her legs are clenched.  She won’t have any problems right?”


This silly girl!


Really brought shame to herself!


Meng Qingwu quickly said, “I….I’m alright!”


Chu Tian suddenly called out, “Turn around!”


Meng Qingwu quickly turned around, several needles were sticking out of her body.  Her arms, shoulders, back, b.u.t.tocks, and thigh were all filled with silver glowing spirit energy covered needles.


Very terrifying!


So many needles sticking out of her body!


Meng Yingying trembled while holding her arms!




Chu Tian was exhausted, he was simply unable to use Mind’s Eye anymore.  This short period of time was his limit.


“Don’t move first!”


“After a minute, the spirit energy enter your meridians through the needles, then we can pull out the needles.  Afterwards you have to sit in the barrel and begin the next part of the treatment.”


A minute pa.s.sed and the needles stopped glowing.


This meant that the spirit energy had entered her meridians.


Meng Yingying hurried to help remove the needles and then Meng Qingwu sat down in the crystal barrel.  The blue tear coloured solution soaked her body and a refreshing cool sensation enveloped her body.


Chu Tian slowly walked over.


Meng Qingwu’s hands covered her chest, her eyes were fl.u.s.tered and her instincts told her to stand, “What are you doing?”


“Don’t randomly move!”




A pair of warm, powerful hands held her shoulders and pushed her back into the crystal barrel.


Meng Qingwu’s face was so red she almost started sweating, being so close to Chu Tian, seeing his handsome face, full of seriousness, an aura of manliness of be felt and it made her distracted.  


Little miss’ skin was really smooth!


It was just like silk!


Chu Tian reluctantly removed his hand and said seriously, “I am going to start the source energy array and you need to start practicing the cultivation technique using the chant I taught you. Don’t be distracted during the process.  Using the flying needles just now, I cleared your meridians and helped guide the star power in to help cure your deficiency.”


Meng Qingwu said in a soft voice, “I know!”


Chu Tian patted the crystal barrel with his palm, the source energy array started to glow and the solution instantly started boiling.  Countless bright lights were released and started to gather in Meng Qingwu’s body.


Meng Yingying was dazed.


This was just too mysterious!


This method of practice was just too strange!


Putting people in a barrel and using a source energy array to refine them!


Chu Tian’s face was exhausted, “Yingying, let’s leave first and let the young miss practice alone, we shouldn’t bother her.”


The two people left the room.


Meng Qingwu let out a sigh of relief, her heart was beating fast and it took a long time to calm down.


This bad fellow!


He only knows how to bully me!


Meng Qingwu showed a bitter expression, she seemed like a small shy girl, completely the opposite of the strong woman she normally was.


Meng Yingying helped guide Chu Tian to the courtyard and personally helped him remove the blindfold.  A pair of big sparkling eyes stared at Chu Tian for a few seconds, “Hey, are you alright?”


“Don’t you think, if you say it like this….Aiyo!”  Chu Tian blinked and shamelessly said, “I suddenly feel a little dizzy, help support me for a bit!”


“Get lost!”  Meng Yingying dodged to the side and gently kicked his feet, without giving him any face she said, “Look at your red face, it doesn’t even look like you’re about to faint!  How do you feel? Are you happy? Other guys don’t even have the chance to hold sister’s hand and you had my sister strip naked in front of you!”


“How can that be?  Do I seem like that kind of person?!”  Chu Tian looked at her with a face of doubt, “You wouldn’t be jealous right?”


“Jealous?  Impossible!”  Meng Yingying’s face was fl.u.s.tered and quickly explained loudly, “Don’t speak nonsense, what do I have to be jealous about? I….I don’t like you!   How could I be jealous?  Moreover, sister wouldn’t like a fellow like you!”


“Are you sure little miss won’t like me?”


Meng Yingying confidently said, “I understand my sister, she would only like a genuine wise hero!”


Chu Tian shamelessly said, “Isn’t this the image I’ve been portraying my whole life?”


“Bah!”  Meng Yingying looked at him with disdain, “You shameless playboy, only ghosts would like you!”


After finishing her sentence.


A look of worry flashed in the little girl’s eyes.


If her heart really felt this, only she would know.


“What you said isn’t true!  It’s simply slander against my pure personality!”


Chu Tian wondered.


Shameless, I’ll acknowledge.


How did I become a playboy?


Since I came to this time period, I’ve spent most of my time with you, I’ve never had time to hook up with other women!


While appreciating the little miss’ beauty.


He never did anything out of the ordinary!


An hour later, Meng Qingwu put on her long white gown and walked out of the room.


Meng Qingwu’s change was truly big, her wet hair over her shoulders, her jade like skin, smooth and white like ivory.  Compared to her beauty before, her body was now covered in star light, truly like an immortal fairy.


Meng Yingying immediately stopped bickering with Chu Tian, “Sister, how do you feel?”


“Yingying, I’m very happy, everything is fine now!”  Meng Qingwu excitedly hugged her sister, “I’ve achieved a very fierce cultivation technique, from now I can fight with others normally!  I won’t be plagued with the deficiency anymore!”


Chu Tian came over, laughing while saying, “Congratulations to young miss on curing your injury and achieving this marvelous ability!”


Meng Qingwu could not help blushing when she saw him, she did not dare look at him directly and quietly thanked him, “I was lucky to have your help or else let alone practicing martial arts, this injury would have plagued me my whole life.  I finally understand the true value of meteor gra.s.s!”


One time practice session for a single person used 1,000 pieces of meteor gra.s.s, that meant that 100,000 gold coins was need each month!


This was only for a single person, if two, three, or more people practiced the《Starlight Immortal Body》, that would consume an incredible amount of money, just like a bottomless pit!


Also when one achieved the Gla.s.s Body, Diamond Body, and Sacred Light Body stage, the consumption rate would exponentially increase!


Meng Qingwu already thought that the company had made enough money, but now it seemed that it was far from enough, the was merely the start of the road!


Meng Qingwu never placed importance on money.


She only felt that managing the company was a type of responsibility.


Or as a way to show her self worth.


But now that all changed!


Money equaled resources and resources equaled strength!


A person with G.o.dly talent but lacking in resources would not accomplish anything.  On the other hand, a person with mediocre resources, if they made the effort to obtain heavenly treasures, would definitely become a top player!


Meng Qingwu deeply felt the importance of strength.


Towards managing the company and earning a lot of money, she felt an unprecedented enthusiasm!


Chu Tian said, “You two, Nangong, Old Xiong, and old man Zhang, as core members have the qualifications to practice the《Starlight Immortal Body》, although there aren’t that many people, the consumption of meteor gra.s.s every month will still be huge.  We must gain as much money as soon as possible, it would be best if we could purchase the whole meteor gra.s.s basin.  


When Chu Tian once said this sentence.


Meng Qingwu thought he was joking.


Now it seemed, perhaps it was necessary, to buy the whole meteor gra.s.s basin.


But, this kind of astronomical figure, how could Miracle Commerce pay for it?


Chu Tian was very straightforward, he immediately taught the Starlight Immortal Body to Nangong Yun, Xiong Tianyan, and Zhang Liqing so that they could start practicing in secret.


Offering a cultivation technique free of charge.


Not taking any extra charges.


For them to practice the technique, all the needed was to buy the meteor gra.s.s needed.


Because of how casually Chu Tian regarded the《Starlight Immortal Body》they thought that it was a intermediate level technique, but to their surprise it was a top level foundation building technique.  


Building foundations for one’s own team was very necessary.


Chu Tian, with his free and easy going nature, was far from someone who valued one’s own broomstick.  He especially did not like to be calculating!


Xiong Tianyan and Zhang Liqing were both old, so their progress was slow, but Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun both reached the bottleneck with one practice session.


This Starlight Immortal Body was far beyond Nangong Family’s inherited《Burning the Heavens Art》!


The fact that Chu Tian could take out this miraculous technique out to share!


People truly admired his courage and generosity!


Several people had their hearts set on following Chu Tian.


While everyone was busy practicing, Chu Tian was quietly carried out his secret plan somewhere in the city.  


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