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Chapter 532: Dark gnomes’ tragedy

The dark gnomes brought an army.

The front row was a never before seen dark demon.  Each one had different builds and different sizes, with most of them being either black or gray.  They had twisted bodies, three heads and six arms, just like different beings melded together, not belonging to a single being.  This was a combined life form.

“Trans.m.u.ted Beasts!”

The b.u.t.terfly Demons recognized these beings.

The dark gnomes excavated large amounts of demonic materials from the ruins, which also included the legendary trans.m.u.tation.  Properly speaking, trans.m.u.tation was not a technique from this world, but rather another world. It could a.n.a.lyzed the secret of life and created miraculous and incredible things.

The Trans.m.u.ted Beasts were things the dark gnomes refined with their trans.m.u.tation techniques!

The dark gnomes themselves were very weak, but they had a position in the Purgatory World.  The most important reason was that the dark gnomes had the most advanced technology in the Purgatory World, the so called knowledge is power.  These words were not baseless.


At this time, a synthesized beast that was different came out.  Compared to the other Trans.m.u.ted Beasts that seemed like they were made to be wax statues, this monster seemed relatively normal.  It was around three meters tall and had a grand build, with its skin releasing a metallic glow and being covered in bone spurs. Its ugly eyes were releasing a bright red light and a very strong aura was being released from it.


“It’s a Tyrant!”

The b.u.t.terfly Demons revealed looks of fear seeing this synthesized being.

The Tyrant Barracks used to be an ancient ruin, but after the dark gnomes occupied it, it gradually became a barrack.  These dark gnomes were skilled in refining beings with their trans.m.u.tation, creating terrifying dark monsters out of different beings.  The Tyrants were the barrack’s namesake work and where the name came from.

The Tyrant was formed from a fresh high grade demon body and several different other life forms.  With luck and chance, an accidental refinement succeeded.

If the dark gnomes were given the same materials now, they wouldn’t be able to refine a second Tyrant.

The Tyrant did not just have a terrifying strength, it also had a high intelligence, understanding the dark gnomes’ commands.  The dark gnomes had actually sent their protective G.o.d of the dark gnomes was sent to attack the forest valley! The b.u.t.terfly Demons could clearly understand how important Chu Tian was for the dark gnomes!

Behind the Tyrant led group of Trans.m.u.ted Beasts, there was a large group of mercenaries the dark gnomes hired.

These mercenaries came from different parts of the Purgatory World, they were all dark races and demon races with decent fighting strength.  There were many middle grade Shadow Demon and Fierce Demons among them. The most important thing was that these Purgatory World mercenaries had also been modified by the dark gnomes.

In the beginning, the dark gnomes considered the risks and decided they couldn’t directly hire strong mercenaries.  Therefore, they used a high price to hire disabled or heavily wounded mercenaries, patching up their disabled parts with their trans.m.u.tation skills.

Therefore each one of the mercenaries were very strange.  The trans.m.u.ted parts were not weaker than before and they even had some incredible abilities.

The final line was made up of the dark gnomes.

The dark gnomes sent out quite a few people this time, adding up to a total of over two thousand.  They also brought many strange tools, like weightless cars for floating in s.p.a.ce, as well as two wheel cars, and a weapon of war with large track tires and a long tube.

The dark gnomes also carried weapons like guns, but they seemed very different from the Source Energy Weapons Chu Tian made.

The dark gnomes’ technology came from two places, one was the demon’s trans.m.u.tation techniques and the other came from the ancient gnome inheritance.  The former was a deep topic while the latter was a purely mechanical field of study. The gnome ancestors were rumoured to have this skill, but it couldn’t be seen in the surface world.  He never thought that he would see it in this kind of place.

The gnome mechanics were different from the puppet techniques and Chu Tian’s source energy technology.

Say it like this.

The gnomes’ mechanical technology was a purely physical field of study, based on many precise moving parts creating a complex design that was based on one function.  Its flaw was very clear, without any energy technology and purely based on movement, the more sophisticated parts were easy to damage. Therefore, as long as one or two main part was broken, the entire thing would become useless.

The puppet technique was a fighting technique based on runes and control.

The Source Energy Technology had the source energy array at its core and structure as a secondary study.

Although the gnomes’ mechanical studies didn’t have any future values, the gnomes’ ability to make secret mechanical parts did have value.  Chu Tian had already gathered a bunch of mechanical technique talents from Great Zhou and if he could find a large group of machine design masters, combining it with the Source Energy Technology of the Yun Sect, their future development would be even more balanced.

Of course.

It was too early thinking of this.

It was better to think of how to deal with the current situation.

A white haired and bent over old gnome sitting on an imposing gnome tank spoke in a voice like that of a king, “The gnomes have limits to our patience.  I’ll give you ten seconds to bring out the thing we want, otherwise the entire valley will be burned down!”

“Stop counting, save your breath!”

A calm voice rang out.

Chu Tian slowly floated out of the forest valley onto the ground and the b.u.t.terfly Demons, the Winged Demons, the Horned Demons, and the Green Demons all came out.  They all stood behind Chu Tian, looking like they were prepared to fight the Tyrant Barracks.

The dark gnomes were stunned by this scene.

What was going on?  Weren’t the four villages fighting each other?  Now they looked like they were together. Also that foreign race, when did he wake up and what was the situation now.

The old gnome looked at them, “What is going on here?”

“You can’t see it yet?  I’m the boss now and they all work for me.”  Chu Tian looked at the dark gnomes in the distance and said, “You drove this heap of junk and brought all these ugly disabled people missing limbs here, you want to cause clamour in my territory with just this?”

This was only a while.

This place already became the foreign race’s territory?

Just what was going on here?

The dark gnomes didn’t care this much, they just needed to take this foreign race.  Just based on his invincible body and the firepower inside him that made people tremble, this was a valuable biological material.  Perhaps they could refine something even more powerful than the Tyrant!

The old gnome coldly said, “An outsider that has invaded the Purgatory World, what qualification do you have to be the master here?  I suggest you obediently surrender and you’ll suffer a bit less hardship, otherwise…..”

The gnome tank raised its barrel to show what he wanted to say next.

There was a round artillery sh.e.l.l that was shot out of the long barrel.  Although the gnomes didn’t understand source energy technology, this bullet was made of high energy crystal, so it would cause heavy losses if this sh.e.l.l could enter the forest valley.


Chu Tian flicked out a beam of sword qi and made the sh.e.l.l explode in midair.  It instantly created a shockwave that filled the surrounding area with chaos.

“You dare show off this junk in front of father?”  Chu Tian gave a snort of contempt, “If it wasn’t for the fact father’s Source Energy Cannons can’t be transported here, you would have already been blown to pieces!”


The dark gnome’s battle cars and tanks were a bit interesting.

The dark gnomes’ weapons were too disappointing.  Directly making artillery out of crystals, it had a high cost, limited power, and was very dangerous.  This was because these crystals couldn’t be controlled and if they met a spatial expert like Chu Tian or Vivian, directly taking a few sh.e.l.ls from the magazine, there would be a series of magnificent fireworks.

Miracle Commerce’s Source Energy Weapons were not as dangerous as these weapons.

The Source Energy Weapons used energy batteries and the Source Energy Batteries were stable.  Without an array to activate it, it was very safe. Not to mention the Source Energy Weapons were very strong.  Even the earliest Source Energy Cannon was two-three times stronger than the gnomes’ cannon!

The dark gnome said with a cold smile, “It’s too early to act arrogant.”

At this time, the super synthesis beast Tyrant walked out.  From the energy aura coming from the Tyrant, it should be a super living weapon comparable to the Spirit Transformation Realm.

“A duel?”  Chu Tian had no fear as he calmly walked out, “I like it!”

“You think you can beat the Tyrant?”  The old gnome gave a sharp laugh of ridicule, “The Tyrant was a high grade demon to being with and it is now a great being made of several biological materials.  It not only has strength in the 7th True Spirit Layer, it also has a defense equal to the 9th True Spirit Layer and it has mastered many high grade fighting techniques.  You think you alone can injure the Tyrant, you think you alone…..”

“You really are chatty.”  Chu Tian didn’t listen any longer, “Phaseless Sword Finger!”


Just like paper cut apart!

There was no magnificent scene.

There was no dazzling poses.

The powerful Tyrant suddenly shook and it was split by an invisible blade from head to toe.  It split into two pieces and fell to the ground dead!


Complete silence!

Everyone’s eyes were about to pop out.

Was this a f.u.c.king dream!  Just what was going on?

This Phaseless Sword used half his spirit energy, but the effect was very satisfying.  Chu Tian laughed as he provoked them, “I’ve only used a bit of strength and I actually killed him.  You’re right, I really can’t hurt it!”

“You, you……”

“Kill him, kill him!”

“Flatten this entire valley!”

The gnomes were filled with rage.  The Trans.m.u.ted Beasts and mercenaries all charged forward with this order.  Chu Tian took out a scroll while shaking his head and released eighteen sealed golden figures.

The little fox did not slack off and instantly released six souls, summoning six level three demon beasts!

Want to fight?


You Purgatory locals better open your eyes properly to see father’s true strength!

Chu Tian had even released the Phaseless Sword and the eighteen Divine Servants, naturally he wasn’t showing any mercy.  He wanted to use a crushing strength to directly crushed these blind people.


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