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Once the magnificent victory was over.

The Miracle Summit began and Miracle Commerce welcomed a historical moment.

Chu Tian and Meng Yingying were walking through a suspended corridor as they looked over their city.

This position was high enough to look down and they could see most of Miracle City. For the Miracle Summit to proceed smoothly, Miracle City had spent quite a bit of effort to place giant image transfer in every corner of the city, with each mirror displaying advertis.e.m.e.nts. They brought fresh flowers from the Flower Fairy’s gardens, making most of the city areas even more beautiful.

Several dozen airships floated out in all directions with giant banners hanging off of them and the two Combat Airships floating in midair. There were people busily running around all over the city, wearing Miracle City’s most advanced Mech Suits. They were using the flying abilities of these Mech Suits to fly around like worker bees inside the hive, running all around being busy.

Who would have thought that this large futuristic city just a year ago was a little desolate city that was almost destroyed!

Chu Tian was very satisfied with the scene in front of him, “Luckily Miracle City didn’t suffer any heavy losses from the Big Dry Empire attack, otherwise if a broken Miracle City was used to greet all the rulers, I wouldn’t have any face!”

Meng Yingying was a bit restless as she nervously asked, “Will there be no problem with us calling all these large characters over? These are all the highest people on the continent, if they work together to force us to do something, would we have to offend all of them together?”

There was still reason to Meng Yingying’s worries.

A Big Dry Empire was already enough for Miracle City to feel a large amount of pressure.

If after these rulers came to Miracle City and were filled with greed after experiencing Miracle City’s technology. If they were to work together to force Chu Tian to hand over Miracle City, how would Chu Tian deal with this situation? Would he fight them all off? This was equal to becoming enemies with the entire continent!

Miracle City could barely fight off an empire, so if all these empire level powers came together, perhaps they would be destroyed overnight!

“Although they are all empires, they do have conflicts between them, like the Wind Moon Empire and the Heaven Burning Empire. Or they have never interacted with each other before like the Dragon’s Territory, the Dark Night Forest, or the Netherworld Sea. To have them come together? It’s impossible!” Chu Tian grabbed Meng Yingying’s little hand, “Believe me, after this matter is over, Miracle Commerce’s influence will spread to every corner of the continent!”

Meng Yingying gave a strong nod, “No matter how unreliable a matter is, if it’s you this fellow doing it, I believe it will definitely be done!”

Chu Tian affectionately tapped Meng Yingying’s nose, “My beloved little Yingying has this much confidence in me! Since it’s like this, as your fiance, how could I let you be disappointed?”

Meng Yingying shook like she was covered in gooseb.u.mps, “Disgusting!”

“Chu Tian, the conference site has been prepared.” The young miss’ voice came from the communication device, “Pay attention. The radar has detected several powerful energy waves approaching, I think it’s definitely the large empires. Go and meet those rulers later. Reign in your temper and properly take care of them, don’t neglect them.”

“Relax, elder sister!” Meng Yingying stole the communication device, “I will watch him from the side, nothing will go wrong!”

A thunderous sound came from the sky.

Miracle City’s people could see nine powerful demon beasts floating through the air at a quick speed. They had a very special appearance. It combined the head of a lion, the antlers of a deer, the eyes of a tiger, the body of an elk, the scales of a dragon, and the tail of an ox all in one body. Its body shined white as jade and its limbs stepped onto the wind. It had a powerful aura and moved at an incredible speed.

Meng Yingying was stunned, “That is a qilin?”

“Jade Qilin.” Chu Tian knew several kinds of qilin. The Jade Qilin was not the strongest, but it was the most beautiful. Though speaking of their strength, these nine qilins were all level four demon beasts, “Nine qilins pulling a cart, only a top character of the continent can do something like this.”

Meng Yingying revealed a look of astonishment, “This must by the Wind Moon Empress of the Wind Moon Empire!”

The qilin carriage slowly approached Miracle City, but before it even touched the ground.

Several top grade nation collapsing beauties flew out and fell to the ground like feathers. They were all surrounded by a powerful aura, all of them being Heaven Domain Experts.

They all lowered themselves onto one knee and respectfully shouted, “Welcoming the Wind Moon Empress!”

The beast carriage slowly opened.

A beautiful girl in red clothes floated out, a girl whose age people couldn’t tell at all. She had the charm of a ten year old girl, the grace of a twenty year old girl, and the s.e.xiness of a thirty year old girl, as well as the prestige of a mature lady. Her face was covered in a light gauze, but it didn’t have the effect of hiding anything, rather it made her look ever more mysterious.

“Miracle City’s really lives up to its reputation.” The Wind Moon Empress saw the prosperity of Miracle City. Strange vehicles moved all over the city and there were many things that hadn’t been seen before, “This empress has heard that the Big Dry Empire has sent eighty thousand Golden Dragon Hawks to attack Miracle City a few days ago. This Big Dry Emperor really has no style, is there a need to be this angry over not being invited?”

A lazy voice rang out at this time, “The Wind Moon Empress is very correct. Not only does he not have any style, his army is also pitifully weak!”

Such boldness.

Actually daring to call an empire’s army weak?

Did they forget that the Wind Moon Empire and the Big Dry Empire were powers at the same level? If they were talking about the Big Dry Empire’s armies, wouldn’t they also be saying that the Wind Moon Empire’s armies weren’t that strong either?

The Wind Moon Empress looked at where the sound came from and saw a very young youth walking over before giving a stylish bow, “The continent’s number one empress, your elegance is even more astonishing than people say.”

“Miracle City’s City Lord, Miracle Commerce’s chairman, and the speaker for the Forest Alliance, Chu Tian.” The Wind Moon Empress looked at Chu Tian with a smile that wasn’t overbearing and releasing a charm that was dignified. She said in a magnetic and enticing voice, “I like your things very much. How about you come to the Wind Moon Empire, I’ll confer you as a Great Sage, the prime minister, the imperial teacher, and a king, what do you think?”

d.a.m.n, this girl seemed to have offered every t.i.tle there was and used the highest level of those t.i.tles. Wouldn’t this allow Chu Tian to be only below one person in the entire Wind Moon Empire?

“I am very willing to accept these t.i.tles, but…..” Chu Tian shook his head and said, “My fiancee will be jealous. She is a little tigress, I wouldn’t do go against her.”

Meng Yingying was indeed a bit jealous, but hearing Chu Tian say it, she instantly flared up, “Empress, don’t listen to his nonsense!”

The Wind Moon Empress giggled, “City Lord Chu Tian really is a novel person.”

Chu Tian used this time to change the topic and immediately said to the Wind Moon Empress, “Miracle City’s conference site has been prepared. I ask the empress to first explore Miracle City and we’ll begin when the others arrive.”

The Wind Moon Empress was very interested in Miracle City. There had been such a large change in Miracle City in just a year and now many new facilities had been completed. Whether it was the normal citizens or a peak ruler like the empress, they could let go and have fun here.

After around an hour.

There was another beast carriage pulled by nine phoenixes that appeared in the sky.

The phoenixes released a powerful energy that scorched most of the sky until it turned red.

There was no need to say anything to know that the Heaven Burning Emperor was here. Nine was the peak, nine represented the supreme, therefore whether it was the Wind Moon Empress or the Heaven Burning Empress, their private carriages were pulled by nine powerful immortal beasts. Only this kind of carriage could show off their statuses.

The Heaven Burning Emperor looked like a tough middle aged man with a head with fire red hair. He revealed a refreshing smile as he said, “I’ve heard that Miracle City has a descendant of the undying phoenix, is this true?”

Chu Tian was surprised hearing this, “Could the Heaven Burning Emperor be referring to Nangong Yun?”

“Right, it’s Nangong.” The Heaven Burning Emperor said with a nod, “The Nangong Family’s ancestor comes from the same line as us, only the other families disappeared, so the Nangong Family became a small country’s family. I never thought that a Nangong Family’s descendant would shine in your hands.”

Chu Tian suspected that the Heaven Burning Emperor was here to steal people, since Nangong Yun and quite a few people of the Nangong Family had high positions in Miracle Commerce. If the Heaven Burning Emperor took back the Nangong Family, he might use this channel to steal secrets, “Nangong Yun has quite a bit of potential, she is a very important part of Miracle Commerce.”

“Having this much potential, what do you think about letting her become my student?”

“That will depend on Nangong Yun’s own thoughts.”

“Good, this emperor will personally ask them!”

After Chu Tian sent the Heaven Burning Emperor off, Meng Yingying said in a worried voice, “Will Nangong really be taken away by him?”

“How could that be possible?” Chu Tian rolled his eyes, “Not to mention Nangong’s friendship with us, whatever his Heaven Burning Empire can give to Nangong, we can give ten times as much. Not to mention Nangong’s cultivation technique is the «Great Nirvana Scripture» that I taught her. After the Heaven Burning Emperor learns of this, it would be good that he doesn’t ask to take Nangong as a teacher, how could he still dare take a disciple?”

Wind Moon and Heaven Burning, the two human emperors arrived first.

In the time after that, several other rulers had arrived. Among them was the spirit beast’s Wild Beast Empire’s Wild Beast Emperor, the Dark Night Forest’s council chairman, the Netherworld Sea’s Netherworld King, the Dragon Territory’s great elder, and etc.

In a single day.

These characters that could stomp over the continent were all gathered in Miracle City and the Miracle Summit had officially begun.


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