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Everyone’s position was all expected.

Including the Nether King representing the undead.

Chu Tian dared to have no fear first was because the Miracle Federation had the confidence of repelling their attacks. Although every one of the nineteen powers were very strong, it was not an easy matter for them to work together.

It was because they were too strong!

This would make it hard for them to sincerely cooperate.

If over ten empires wanted to work together, without Miracle City needing to make a move, they would collapse internally because of racial or country contradictions. To put it bluntly, they would be a motley gathered crew if they were to come together and they wouldn’t be able to properly function without several years worth of time.

Now they could properly discuss!

“As for the Miracle Federation matter, I think I should handle it.” Meng Qingwu knew that Chu Tian was reckless in speaking. If she allowed him to speak, it was impossible for him not to cause trouble, so Meng Qingwu personally explained the Miracle Federation plan, “As for the establishment of the Miracle Federation, everyone shouldn’t look at our increase in power, but rather what is our essence.”

The Burning Heaven Emperor asked, “What is your essence?”

“No matter what changes, going from Miracle City, to the Forest Alliance, to the Miracle Federation, our essence will never change. That essence is Miracle Commerce.” Meng Qingwu slowly said, “Our advanced technology is our backing, using trade to set a foothold, using trade to develop, using trade to create a country, so in the end, we are still a company. Based on that root, we are only merchants and not anyone ambitious. Dominating the continent does not have any meaning to us, we would rather do business with the entire continent, letting everyone enjoy Miracle Commerce’s products and technology. That is our core.”

“War is an extension of politics and stealing benefits. Our Miracle Commerce is different from other countries, our core benefits do not come from war, but rather peace. Therefore, we have no reason to cause war and dominate the world because we rely purely on our technology and business to reach the peak. So based on this essence, Miracle Commerce has no aggressive nature at all. As long as the world is prosperous and everyone works together, we would become the true winners.”

Everyone knit their brows.

Although these words were reasonable.

It was too hard for these people to swallow.

“Since Miracle Commerce had emerged on the continent a few years ago, we have never seized a single inch of land. We have always used cooperation and openness as our method of approach and the Miracle Federation upholds this idea.” Meng Qingwu said this before adding, “The times are different now. Everyone can see it, Miracle City is already stepping up to the entire continent and our technology is becoming stronger and stronger, but our own forces cannot compare to anyone’s. Now the continent is at peace, so we can barely remain in our current position. Everything has unseen circ.u.mstances, so if there is a large scale battle that appears, Miracle City will definitely be the first target of many countries. You think we can feel safe like that?”

Meng Qingwu said with a serious expression, “Miracle City’s technology sits at the peak of this world, but there is no corresponding power guarding this technology. This is like a little child guarding a large treasure, while being surrounded by many strong men eyeing them. The instability and danger of this situation is much greater than that of a super power rising. We have to take this approach to increase our power and integrate ourselves as part of the continent, letting everyone win. I hope that a battle will never happen again.”

Miracle City’s technology was indeed too enticing.

If they were to get into a conflict with Miracle City now, no one would win in the end. This would be something that would bring no one any benefits.

The Wind Moon Empress couldn’t help saying, “Then what are you prepared to do? Since you have invited us, you must have already thought of a solution!”

The Wind Moon Empress was also one of the emperors put in a hard place.

The reason for this was almost laughable. The emperors had become addicted to playing on the Miracle Continent and as more and more interesting things appeared on the Miracle Continent, these empires would benefit more compared to the other empires. Therefore, those with deep emotions and heavy commitments, if they were to break off from Miracle City now.

It would be a very hard decision.

It really was an especially difficult choice.

“In this conference today, we are just the hosts. We hope to create an alliance between all nineteen of you.” Meng Qingwu didn’t beat around the bush, “We hope to gather the power of all nineteen countries to create a joint council that will rule over the continent and maintain the peace.”

Meng Qingwu added, “The Miracle Federation is willing to promise that we will forever remain neutral, never pulling in any powers and accepting the supervision of the joint council. No matter what happens on the continent, we will not use military force to invade any place. If we violate this agreement, the entire world will attack us.”

This agreement would place the Miracle Federation on the opposite side of every power on the continent. If the Miracle Federation caused any trouble, the entire world would gather together to deal with the Miracle Federation.

An emperor said, “The Miracle Federation is developing incredibly fast, who knows what will happen in the future? We might have a chance of winning now, but what about in a hundred years?”

“This is another important chip being released today.” Meng Qingwu had already thought of this, “Miracle Commerce will lift the ban on our products. We can build many Transport Towers for free all over the continent that will be managed by the joint council. Other than that, Miracle City’s highly advanced weapons, from our warships to our Deep s.p.a.ce Weapons, we will sell 50% of what we produce. We will let Miracle City’s weapons flow onto the continent, letting the entire continent become stronger.”

This was considered a sincere condition.

Actually everyone knew that Miracle City swallowing the Big Dry Empire was just them going on the path of an overlord ahead of time. Otherwise with Miracle City’s current development, even if they didn’t swallow the Big Dry Empire, as long as they formed the Miracle Federation and developed for a few more years, they could rule over the entire continent.

This was a hard to change fact.

It could only change if the Miracle Federation was destroyed before it was formed, but was it as easy to accomplish as saying it?

The Miracle Federation’s main disparity with the continent’s countries was in their technology. If they couldn’t make up this difference in technology and weapons, the Miracle Federation would have the same ending even if they didn’t swallow the Big Dry Empire. Now with the condition of swallowing the Big Dry Empire, Miracle City was willing to take out half the advanced weapons they produced, which was equal to arming the other countries of the continent with advanced weapons. This kind of continent might be able to form a new balance.

“No matter how strong the weapons are, they are still made by Miracle City. It’s hard for us to be a.s.sured.” An emperor who was opposed to the establishment of the Miracle Federation began to relax, but he gave a new condition, “It isn’t that the Miracle Federation can’t be established, we request Miracle City publish some of your technology.”

“Fine!” Before Meng Qingwu could speak, Chu Tian directly replied for her, “Miracle City can release all our military technology! For example, the Source Energy Cannon, the Mech Suits, and the warships. We can give up all of this military technology!”

When this was said.

Everyone was stunned.

Would Miracle Commerce really release all their Source Energy Weapon production technology? This was a very important technology! If the people of the continent could build Source Energy Weapons, the entire continent’s strength would soar and everyone wouldn’t need to fear Miracle City.

Meng Qingwu slightly knit her brows before quickly relaxing them. It’s fine to release it, Miracle City had spent four years developing this technology, but the countries of the continent would take at least several years to understand them all. Miracle Commerce was already controlling most of the important resource fields on the continent, they could develop the most perfect production line during this period.

So what if the continent’s countries could grasp these technologies?

The talents, resources, and production lines were all seized by Miracle City. If they wanted to produce large scale warships, even ten years wouldn’t be enough. Even if the other powers had Miracle City’s released technology, understanding them and developing them further were two different things. In the early years, they could at most create some Source Energy Cannons and missiles, it was impossible for them to make any advanced products/

Miracle City’s high cla.s.s weapons, like the giant mothership or the Deep s.p.a.ce Weapons, those were actually made of several fields of research. It not only included the Source Energy Weapons, it also included the energy field, the Smart Brain Field, and etc. It would already be considered good if these empire level powers could build Source Energy Cannons and missiles in the beginning.

Miracle City’s lead in terms of equipment wouldn’t stop.

But they are also given these power the chance to resist.

Chu Tian added a condition, “We can publicize the secret information on the Source Energy Weapons, but we need to make an appropriate revision to the continental agreement. After the Miracle Federation is established, we will never expand and never take the initiative to swallow a single inch of land outside the federation.”

This condition sounded like there was no difference, but there was a large trick inside.

Not taking the initiative was not the same as not doing anything.

This also meant that if some small or medium sized countries wanted to join the Miracle Federation themselves, that meant it wouldn’t be going against the continent’s peace treaty. This would also give some leeway to the Miracle Federation in the future.

The empires discussed this between them for a while.

The Wind Moon Empress, the Dark Night Elven King, the Nether King, the dragon great elder, the Burning Heaven Emperor, and the Wild Beast Emperor, these six empires agreed first. This was because these six empires had cooperated with Miracle City for a very long time, they even had their own friends inside the federation.

Therefore, compared to other people, they had invested interests. Therefore, they were more willing to accept this matter. Right now, Miracle City was willing to publicize their military technology, so the continent would certainly reach a new balance in the future.

The Miracle Federation being established was already a sure thing. Since they had no way of stopping this from happening, then naturally they would comply and try to gain as much benefits as possible.

These six empire level powers had already agreed.

How could the other people not agree?

No one here was a fool. No one was willing to see a power that could dominate all the empires being born, but the Miracle Federation was too strong and they had the a.s.sistance of six empires. Even if the other powers came together, it would be hard for them to cooperate, so they could only agree.

Everyone spent several days to discuss the details.

Finally the continent treaty and joint council was formed.

This alliance treaty was the first treaty signed by all the emperors of the continent, having over a thousand different rules, firmly restricting the continent. It laid the cornerstone of development for the continent for the next millennium.


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