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Everyone was shocked.

There was still someone who was seeking death!

Did this little brat not want his life?

Everyone stopped in their tracks, their eyes looking in pity at another one who couldn’t withstand the enticement, a fool who took the initiative to kill himself.

Chu Tian had just jumped off the floating stone road, his body was instantly covered in starlight, all around him a bone chilling astral wind suddenly slammed against him, just like knife and nails, constantly hitting his body, the starlight started to scatter and the glow slowly became weaker.

Such strong astral wind!

Ordinary flesh and blood bodies in this ferocious environment, perhaps they would be instantly torn to pieces, even with the Starlight Immortal Body, Chu Tian still felt quite a bit of strain.

Although the astral winds were small, they were still sharp.

Was this also a trap?

If they didn’t practice a strong enough defense cultivation technique, even if the person figured out the rule behind the astral winds and took the risk jumping out, they would have died without knowing how they died!

But, astral winds with this kind of intensity, Chu Tian could still withstand, so without holding back anything, he rushed at full speed toward the little island.

5 meters, 4 meters, 3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meter

While Chu Tian felt that his Starlight Immortal Body was reaching its limit, with a peng sound, he landed on the island, the surrounding became loose and the astral wind cutting his body, suddenly stopped.


He really succeeded!

The cultivators on the road stared with wide eyes, this brat had braved the astral winds and actually landed on the small island!

Chu Tian knew that time was of the essence, he rushed over to the stone table, without even looking, he grabbed the jade bottle and the ring and placed them in his chest.

Other than the two treasures, the small island was covered in thousand year old elixirs, the lowest would still be several hundred.  If he could bring them with him, then it would be an astonishing amount of wealth!

Hu, hu, hu!

The astral wind surrounding the island became sharper.

The astral wind was slowly gaining strength.

Not good!

There was no time left!

Chu Tian pulled out a few herbs and stuffed them into his chest, the starlight condensed around his body, once again forming the immortal armor.

With a low grunt!

Just like a large roc spreading its wings, he jumped high once again, flying right for the floating road.

From jumping out to jumping back, the whole process only lasted several seconds, the strength of the astral wind had doubled and was still increasing.

Ping, ping!

Countless invisible wind blades cut across Chu Tian’s body creating a large crack!

3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meter!

When Chu Tian was right about to return to the road, the Starlight Immortal Body crumbled and Chu Tian’s body was sliced by the astral wind, leaving 5-6 deep wounds.

If it was a normal person, their minds would have been in chaos and would have fell into the bottomless abyss.  But Chu Tian was unmoved, he maintained his forward momentum with his spirit energy, in this dangerous situation, he finally landed back down on the floating road.

Chu Tian let out a long breath of relief and wiped the sweat on his forehead, he looked out into the darkness right at the unceasing wild astral winds, “That was really dangerous, if I was a little slow, perhaps I would be unable to ever reincarnate.”

No matter what.

At least the things were in his hands!

Chu Tian took out the things from his chest, his lips turned into a smile of satisfaction.  Perhaps up until now, he was the only person that had ever gotten a treasure from this land of death.

What kind of herb was this?

From its aura and quality, it was undoubtedly a thousand year old herb.  Regardless of whether it was an ordinary herb or not, as long is it was a thousand year old it would be an elixir, could encounter but could not beg, it was enough to make cultivators to want to steal it.

Chu Tian placed the herb before his nose and sniffed it.

A surge of refined qi flooded into his body, restoring a portion of the spirit energy Chu Tian had consumed.

Chu Tian’s eyes lit up…..it was a thousand year Yuan Essence Gra.s.s!

Yuan Essence Gra.s.s was a very common consumable item, it was used to refine spirit energy recovery medicine.  Consumption of spirit energy was one of the key factors in deciding victory, having a type of medicine that can restore spirit energy was equal to having a second life!

Thousand year old Yuan Essence Gra.s.s

How effective of a medicine would it be?

Even if a small piece was eaten raw, it would be enough to completely restore one’s spirit energy and can increase cultivation base without any side effects!

With several thousand year old Yuan Source Gra.s.s in his hand, as long as the enemy was not overwhelmingly strong, even if he fought multiple enemies or was sieged, Chu Tian had the power to preserve his life!

Not bad, really not bad!

Those Yin Wind Swordsman, Giant Spirit Scholar, Purple Lightning Young Master, even if they were powerful outside, if they met Chu Tian inside this ancient tomb, it wasn’t certain they would be able to defeat Chu Tian.

These Yuan Essence Gra.s.s could let Chu Tian go all out, without ever worrying about his spirit energy consumption!

What was in the jade bottle?

Right as Chu Tian pulled out the jade bottle, an enticing fragrance wafted out, in the jar was a glowing liquid…..This was Life Essence Water!

An entire spring of life would only be able to refine a few drops of Life Essence Water!

This water was a miracle cure, a person on the verge of death, as long as they still had a breath, they would be able to come back to life.  Of course this did not apply for cultivators beyond the Awakened Soul Realm.

A bottle of miracle cure?


It wasn’t only that!

Chu Tian discovered that the jade bottle itself was not simple, it shouldn’t only be a container, when he carefully looked underneath, he found that there was an ancient source array, Chu Tian looked at the effects of the source array and could not help smiling.

“Good bottle of life!”

This bottle of containing Life Essence Water could be used to refine more Life Essence Water!

The jade bottle could absorb Life Essence into the jade and store it, the array at the bottom could be used to create Life Essence Water from this Life Essence.  In other words, the Life Essence Water in the bottle could never be used up, it would always replenish itself.

The production speed was slow, every few weeks or even months could only produce one bottle.  But if it was placed in the spring of life in South Sky City, it would only take 2 hours to produce a bottle!

The value of Life Essence Water was astonishing!

This jade bottle could produce Life Essence Water, it was simply a priceless treasure!

Chu Tian carefully observed the ring.

This ring emitted a sharp aura, the source energy array engraved seem familiar.  Chu Tian examined it for a few seconds and without thinking about it, he put it on his finger.


This time he took a huge risks, but the profit was worth it!

Everyone was looking on blankly, they all had a defeated feeling, Chu Tian had come back alive, how did this happen?

No matter what the reason was, this fellow had treasure, how could people not be envious!

The most disgusting thing was.

This fellow took it out to see as if no one was around.

“Everyone has seen those treasures!”  A bearded fellow angrily exclaimed as he gnashed his teeth, “How could a little brat like you keep it all for yourself!”

Another person also shouted, “That’s right, seeing it ent.i.tles us to a share!”

Once the two of them spoke.

Everyone was excited.

“Quickly hand it over!”

“I want that ring!”

“I want the jade bottle!”

The cultivators in front all had red eyes, they slowly encircled him, a little weak brat, how could he deal with all these people?

The bearded man shouted, “I’ll tell you, I am an Awakened Soul Cultivator, you handing the treasure over to me is your honor!  Quickly hand it over!”

“You can only blame yourself!”

“Who let you obtain treasures in front of everyone?”

“Quickly hand over the things on your body and we can let you live!”

[TL note – I felt nothing but disgust translating these few sentences…..]

Chu Tian looked at these greedy wolves, his lips turned into a cold smile.

The ring on his right hand violently fluctuated, a swift and sharp aura exploded out.

“Such a strong aura!”  The bearded man shouted sword ring, he excitedly shouted, “This treasure belongs to me!”

“You want it?”  Chu Tian’s eyes flashed with killing intent, “Then take it!”

Chu Tian wielded the ring, a light blue sword qi suddenly shot out.

It was too fast!

The bearded man was cleaved in two, 4-5 people in a straight line, none of them could escape, they were instantly chopped just like vegetables, falling into the bottomless abyss to vanish without a trace.

Everyone was scared!

This brat was this strong?

No, rather it should be the ring that was this strong?

That sword qi should not be inferior to the full strength strike of a 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator!

It wasn’t as if there were Awakened Soul cultivators present, but under the effects of the ancient tomb’s suppression, they had no way to use that kind of strength, it couldn’t possibly be that brat……it could only be the power of that ring!

Chu Tian coldly swept his eyes over the crowd, “The treasure is here!  Are you going to take it!”

These people were like ducks seized by the neck, not a single sound could be made, they all stared with wide eyes, faces of dread looked on at Chu Tian, no one wanted to take the lead!

“Scram for me!”

The frightened crowd quickly gave way.

Chu Tian walked out swaggeringly.

The crowd kept quiet, they didn’t even dare fart.

In this world strength was revered, whoever’s fist was hard they would be the master.

After seeing Chu Tian’s battle strength, how could they dare steal his things?

After Chu Tian quickly left, he carefully looked at the ring again, this “Sword Qi Ring” was truly easy to use, just instilling spirit energy can turn it into wind sword qi and it was sword qi at the 1st layer Awakened Soul Realm.

Its strength was fixed!

It didn’t suffer the suppression of the ancient tomb!

This treasure could let a Body Refinement Cultivator have the might of an Awakened Soul Cultivator, to normal people, it was a very precious thing, to Chu Tian’s present stage, it was also useful for making up for his shortcomings.

Chu Tian had strong defensive abilities, but his attack power was weak.

The Sword Qi Ring would make up for Chu Tian’s lack of attack power!

Chu Tian kept walking down the road, all around him were treasures, but only a few items came within a distance of 10 zhang.  Moreover the Abyss of Death’s astral wind, seemed to be growing in intensity with time.

No way!

The value of the treasures were not cheap, but it was far from worth playing with his live, without being absolutely certain, Chu Tian would not risk his life so easily.

Finally, the end of the road.

Chu Tian entered a glowing door to enter the second floor.

First floor, Abyss of Death was over.

Second floor, Wraith Palace was beginning!

The dark empty world vanished.

Chu Tian arrived in front of a large rundown palace.

His entire view was covered in dark fog, he could not see beyond 10 meters, a chilly cold wind blew gray mist over.  The sound of a ghost howling could often be heard, letting people feel fear from their hearts.

The bronze masked old man had said, the first two tests were not hard.

But, as more and more cultivators died in the ancient tomb, the second floor would become more dangerous.

Because when cultivators died in the ancient tomb, their souls were sealed.  With their grievances they would turn into evil spirits.  They would be jealous of future cultivators that come, when encountered they would cling on for dear life, the difficulty would become harder and harder.

Chu Tian had just entered the mist and the mist seemed to seethe with excitement, as if it were alive.  Waves of mournful cries came from all four directions, it was very disturbing to people’s mental states.

This ghost fog was not a normal fog, it was a very evil energy.

Average people will have their flesh and blood sucked dry, even if strong cultivators stayed for a long time, perhaps they would also slowly become weaker.

It was bad to stay here for long!

The Wraith Palace was filled with dangers and the ghost fog had to be resisted, it was easier said than done to escape?

At this time, a strong aura surged forward, letting Chu Tian feel a little shock in his heart.  He thought it was a ghost so he prepared the Starlight Immortal Body.

From the ghost fog, a cold arrogant voice rang out, “Your defense cultivation technique is not bad!”

A purple form walked out from the fog, skin as white as snow, jet black hair flowed down the back, on the face was a fine gauze, a pair of eyes as bright as the stars shined, an arrogant expression, a solemn radiance, just like a th.o.r.n.y rose.

Yun Yao’s entire body was covered in lightning, when the dense fog approached, it was immediately exploded away.  The thunder was suppressing the evil spirits, the ghost fog did not have any effect on her.

Unexpectedly it’s this woman?

You really are unlucky!

Chu Tian let out an evil smile!


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