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Chapter 1112: Blood Relations.h.i.+p

Almost all of the guests were surrounding the scene with similar att.i.tudes. Some of the stronger and less patient people simply rose into the air to get a good view of all the miserable elders. They merely hovered at a moderate alt.i.tude, but it was hard to tell whether their carefree manner was a way of showing off or not.

Almost all eyes fell upon Qianye since he was a legendary character now. His exploits in Indomitable were spoken of far and wide, so much so that even the upper echelons of the Empire started arguing about him. They felt that people should overlook Qianye’s vampire ident.i.ty since he had contributed greatly to the Empire and the human race.

This viewpoint was rather popular. After all, no one knew Qianye was a vampire before, and he himself had never lost control. This was clearly different from infected or inherited vampires. The mixture of races in the neutral lands could perhaps explain why there was a human with a vampire bloodline.

However, to never coexist with the dark races and to kill them on sight once they had stepped into the Empire was the founding ancestor’s rule. Such a law was difficult to change regardless of exceptions. Without this iron-clad rule acting as a deterrent, there might be many humans who would succ.u.mb to the allure of long life and power.

Now that this living legend was before them, the crowd naturally wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. The open-minded ladies could not take their eyes off him, wanting nothing more than to tie him with their gazes and play with him.

In his anger regarding the capture of Nighteye, Qianye had suppressed Li Fengshui and killed his way out of Indomitable, ultimately leaving the Empire and destroying his future path.

This might not have been wise in the eyes of many men, and Qianye’s relations.h.i.+p with Nighteye was a mistake, to begin with. But some reconciliation and consideration would probably lead to a solution—there was really no need for him to use such an extreme method. Even now, many of the n.o.bility were feigning ignorance about him, proof that there was still a way back.

His story was completely different in the eyes of young ladies. What they saw was Qianye’s willingness to do anything for the one he loved. Now that they finally had a chance, they wanted to look at him to their heart’s content. Not just that, many of the girls banded together to whisper and remark about Qianye, just as the men would evaluate entertainers.

Not far in the distance, Song Hui, still in maid attire, muttered in disgust, “Humph! A group of shameless women. They’re not even pretending anymore!”

Maybe because they felt strong in numbers or perhaps they simply didn’t fear the Song clan, the guests never kept their voices down while talking. At the very least, some of their conversations reached the Song clan elders’ ears quite clearly. Among them, the words “just as dumb as the Song clan elders” caused their expression to turn ashen.

Despite their fury, the first thing those elders had to do was crawl out of the rubble and organize their appearance. They might be able to feign death against Qianye, but they couldn’t quite do that in front of so many guests.

Soon, the Song clan elders were back on their feet and patting themselves clean, and those under the rubble flew out. Apart from the former grand elder, who had collapsed from heavy injuries, the others were relatively fine. At least, they looked like they were fine.

Qianye and Song Zining exchanged glances. The former said, “Didn’t I tell you we’d gone too easy? I shouldn’t have held back at thirty percent strength.”

Song Zining smiled awkwardly. His helpless expression gradually turned deep and indifferent.

As traders, the Song clan elders knew how to observe and adapt to circ.u.mstances. They had long since heard Song Zining telling Qianye not to beat them to death. Since there was no danger to their life, wouldn’t they be asking for a beating if they resisted in earnest? What could Qianye do if they simply lay down and played possum?

Just as there were troublemakers in the market, there were Song clan elders among the n.o.bility. Song Zining hated himself for not being able to see through people’s hearts. Among the three thousand great paths, he had chosen the most unique one that would bring him to the highest realm. He sought to temper all life to bring about a prosperous world, so blood relations didn’t mean much to him anymore.

The first elder to clamber up pointed at the guards and said furiously, “Why are you in a daze? Capture the two culprits who ambushed the elder a.s.sembly!”

The guards had split off a group to send Song Zhongcheng to the infirmary. The remainder looked at one another, but none of them made a move. Their position might be low, but they still possessed common sense. It was clear to everyone who among these people had grieved the most at the d.u.c.h.ess’ pa.s.sing and who couldn’t even wait forty-nine days to start dividing the clan.

The guard leader stood there for a good while before laughing. “Elder, isn’t that the seventh young master?”

“What young master? He’s no longer a member of the Song clan. He’s an outsider now. Capture him, are you deaf?”

This elder was one of those who had fallen to the ground before he was even punched, but rolling about on the ground didn’t mean he had no temper. He roared hysterically and charged toward the guard captain. He wasn’t about to charge over to capture Song Zining and Qianye himself, though.

He didn’t notice the odd expressions of the spectators as he vented his anger. Many were beginning to frown as they glanced between the elders and Song Zining, thinking about G.o.d knew what.

Qianye’s expression changed for the first time. “I really want to start killing now. Just ignore me, I can fight my way out.”

Song Zining shook his head. “No, it’s not worth it.”

That elder was livid when he heard these words. “You vampire b.a.s.t.a.r.d, we’ll tear your corpse into ten thousand pieces… Ahhh!”

Qianye’s figure flickered through a splash of blood as he chopped off the elder’s limbs.

Overcome with great pain and terror, the old man rolled about screaming and eventually lost consciousness. Not a single elder stepped forward during the entire process.

Song Zining scanned the entire scene but couldn’t find Song Zhongnian’s shadow anywhere near or far. He couldn’t even produce an expression of disappointment, only raging flames of anger.

He said in a gloomy voice, “There are no vampires here, Qianye is a human through and through. Slander is a punishable offense according to Imperial laws. If there were a vampire here, I don’t think any of you would survive.”

This blatant threat was highly effective when coupled with the badly mangled body of the previous elder.

With that, Song Zining smiled, saying, “Since I’m no longer a man of the Song clan, then allow me to kill someone!”

His figure flickered, producing afterimages of different postures, as he appeared behind a young man in the crowd. He tapped lightly on the man’s forehead before returning to his original position.

Song Zining said, “Song Ziqi, you never thought you’d fall to this fate when you leaked my movements to the Wolf King and caused my capture, did you?”

That young man was the betrayer Song Ziqi. Grasping his neck and gagging, he pointed at Song Zining but couldn’t produce any words.

An elder from Song Ziqi’s branch jumped out in fury. “Song Zining, what did you do to him? He’s your cousin, how could you be so treacherous?”

Song Zining sneered. “Did he think of me as a cousin back at the Totemic Castle? Song Ziqi, take care.”

The man gasped several times as falling leaves appeared around his head. He soon collapsed with a dismal expression, his life force entirely drained.

Sudden silence.

No one would’ve imagined the gentle and romantic Song Zining would attack his own relative!

Only with Song Ziqi’s death and two elders of the Song clan disabled from injuries did everyone do away with their joking att.i.tude. Their hearts were filled with fear and trepidation.

Although Song Zining and Qianye looked quite handsome, they were unflinching when it came to killing.

Song Zining glanced around and said, “When I came back, I was still entertaining wild imaginations about our bloodline being strong enough to hold things together. I’ve followed the army for many years and won countless battles, so why can’t I use my strength to bring peace to our homeland?”

After a pause, he said self-deprecatingly, “Supporting a building is easy, but guessing people’s minds is hard. If even blood relatives are acting like this, what can someone like me do? I’m finally able to understand a bit of the old ancestor’s mood back then. What can I do with all this rubbish? Should I just slaughter the entire elder a.s.sembly?”

The elder’s faces turned green, but no one dared speak out loud. Song Zining had drawn first blood already, so there was little difference between killing one and a couple more. The Empire wouldn’t help with internal affairs, and the clan’s allies could do nothing in such circ.u.mstances.

A guest sighed emotionally. Those at the scene were mostly main branch representatives of their respective families. Seeing the state of the Song clan and how even Song Zining had no way to change the situation, those with ambitions felt greatly disappointed.

Song Zining’s voice echoed throughout the courtyard. “I joined the Yellow Springs as a child and followed the army as a young adult. My journey took me only through battlefields, and whatever fame I have, was built upon the corpses of my enemies. So, if you think I don’t dare kill people, think again.”

Song Ziqi’s corpse was still warm, so no one doubted Song Zining’s claim.

Song Zining stopped for a while before saying in an icy voice, “It’s fine if you don’t consider me part of the clan. I only have one thing to say here—the Highland Song Clan’s businesses from the bloodline of the clan and the tens of thousands of mercenaries in its employ—whoever dares to set their eyes on these a.s.sets, or buys them at a lower price, I will consider them a life-long enemy. Those who wish to devour the old ancestor’s blood and sweat should be prepared to be ruined. I have never held back in such matters.”

Such words, spoken by the Empire’s future strategist G.o.d, had a different ring to it. Many people wore complicated expressions; no one knew what they were thinking.

Song Zining turned toward the elders. “I’ll tell you this one thing, be ready. Prince Greensun’s envoy should be at the doors anytime soon.”

This news was even more effective than Song Zining’s threats just now. A commotion broke out among the Song clan elders as they all lost their composure.


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