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Chapter 1245: White Mist Zone

The rolling white mist covered up everything in the area. Qianye’s vision could only penetrate several hundred meters, far from being able to see through everything—this area was not even the edges compared to the entire region.

From the air, one could see that the white mist had covered up the entire blessed land and was expanding constantly. Not only was its area expanding, but the wall of mist was also growing taller.

The white mist’s disruption to the senses reminded Qianye of the Misty Wood. That place was strange but still within acceptable limits. This white mist, however, gave Qianye an unusual cold feeling—it was like a mutual rejection.

Qianye’s origin powers, be it daybreak or darkness, were extremely pure. He was at home in almost every corner of the dark world; this was the first time he had faced any kind of rejection. Or perhaps this white mist was the actual alien?

He gazed into the depths of the fog and saw that the rolling white mist had almost condensed into a cotton-like ma.s.s. Even Qianye’s vision couldn’t see through it.

He was in no rush to take action, so he continued observing the s.h.i.+fting white mist. He could sense a bit of danger from those cotton-like ma.s.ses, a strange sensation. After all, there weren’t many things left that could make him feel danger at this stage.

The white mist started bubbling as Eiseka and Xu Jingxuan drilled through. They heaved a sigh of relief only after seeing Qianye. “Oh, you’re here! We came in because we were worried.”

They hadn’t even finished speaking when Qianye shouted, “Careful!” Several grey figures charged out of the white mist and arrived at lightning speed.

Shocked, the two wanted to block and dodge instinctively but realized that their movements had slowed down somewhat. That bit of difference foiled their interception, and it looked like the grey figures would strike their vitals.

Qianye swung East Peak to intercept the two figures. The two enemies were sent flying, but the impact also left the blade ringing with a sound akin to a dragon’s cry.

Qianye’s hand was trembling slightly after the clash. The block was definitely rushed, but to push Qianye’s ancient vampire const.i.tution to such a state proved just how fierce they were. If they had found their target, Eiseka and Xu Jingxuan would have been heavily injured.

After landing, the grey figures finally revealed their original forms. The two fish-like monsters were about two meters long, with four large scales on their abdomen and fins for limbs. Their heads were abnormally pointy, and their mouths were full of sharp fangs. It was obvious at a glance that they were fierce creatures.

After being struck down by East Peak, the two beasts flailed about in an attempt to clamber up. It would seem their life force was fairly strong. Eiseka and Xu Jingxuan were drenched in cold sweat after seeing those pointy heads.

“Be careful!” Qianye cried out again. East Peak turned into a flurry of afterimages as he felled more monsters.

Qianye had learned from the last battle. This time, he didn’t block the charge head-on and instead relied on good technique to cut them down mid-flight. These creatures were fast, but their body strength was comparable to an ordinary land creature. After falling to the ground, the creatures did their utmost to crawl back toward the other part of the body. It looked like they wanted to connect themselves again. Layer upon layer of white froth seeped out from their wound, looking almost like the white mist in the depths of the fog.

After the two parts were together, the white froth would stick them together, and their flesh would regrow, forming a whole beast once again.

Eiseka and Xu Jingxuan were dumbfounded at the scene. Fortunately, the creatures were fairly weak afterward and remained immobile on the ground. The duo couldn’t resist the urge to rush forward and cut the creatures into several pieces. Now, those creatures could no longer move anymore.

Qianye crouched down near the fragmented monsters and picked up a bit of the white froth to study. In the end, he confirmed that this white froth was also born from a special form of origin power just like the white mist.

Studying the white froth at close distance, Qianye discovered that the water in his body was trying to break through his skin and move toward it. He tried opening his defensive barrier and saw a drop of blood seeping out from his finger and flying toward the froth.

After leaving his body, the blood dyed the white froth a dark golden color. Thereafter, the froth began to churn and bubble as a fierce battle broke out between it and Qianye’s blood. In the blink of an eye, the dark golden froth turned into a puddle of clear water which was duly absorbed by the white mist.

A single drop of Qianye’s blood was evenly matched with the froth secreted by an entire monster, ultimately ending in mutual destruction. From the results, it was, of course, Qianye’s complete victory. The difference between the two bloodlines was so great that there was no need to compare. However, the corrosive properties of the white froth were unprecedented, and there was no telling how many of them there were.

“Let’s move deeper inside and see,” said Qianye.

Eiseka and Xu Jingxuan stood to either side of Qianye to guard his flanks. The three thus walked deeper into the mist on foot. Several waves of monsters attacked them along the way, but most of them were killed by Qianye. A smaller number of them were intercepted by Eiseka and Xu Jingxuan.

After the initial terror, the group found that these beasts were not so agile despite their speed. Their charge was akin to an ordinary cultivator firing an arrow, difficult to redirect once fired. All they needed was to figure out their trajectory and evade, or deflect them at an angle. Then, they could counter-attack and kill them.

The bodies of those monsters weren’t very strong. Eiseka could now deal with the sudden attacks in his werewolf form and tear the enemies apart just by hand. Xu Jingxuan was the stronger of the two, and almost at the divine champion level, so it was only natural that he could do the same. Later on, he even managed to blast the creatures’ necks mid-flight. Although these monsters could reconnect their bodies, they would be completely crippled if a part of their bodies was blown apart.

The three thus went deeper and deeper, until they reached the area sealed in cotton-mist.

From close-up, the mist was dense beyond common knowledge. It was akin to giant wads of cotton stacked together to form a wall. It stood almost as tall as the skies and so wide that neither of its ends could be seen.

Qianye gazed at the mist wall with a frown. He was about to reach out and touch it when he heard Xu Jingxuan exclaim, “So thirsty!”

They had only been here for a short while; how could an expert like him grow thirsty? Qianye looked back in alarm and was shocked at the scene.

Xu Jingxuan was drenched in pink sweat. It was extremely weird, yet he had no idea what was going on with him. All he did was lick his lips and say he was thirsty.

“Old Xu, what’s wrong with you!?” Eiseka called out.

Xu Jingxuan was startled. “I’m okay… just thirsty!”

“Y-You’re sweating.”

Xu Jingxuan wiped his forehead and his expression changed rapidly upon seeing the pink sweat on his hand. Considering how strong he was, he immediately realized that the pink in his sweat was actually blood seeping out from his body. He had been sweating blood all along!

Eiseka said, “I’m also a bit thirsty!” He ran his paws through the thick fur and found it full of pink pearls of sweat. Although he wasn’t sweating as much as Xu Jingxuan, it was still a shocking sight to see.

Qianye said seriously, “This mist can drain water from the creatures within it. This is the limit for you two. Go back first and you should be fine after leaving the area.”

“How about you?”

Qianye glanced at the misty wall. “I’m going in to take a look.”

“That won’t do!” Eiseka and Xu Jingxuan tried to stop him, but Qianye had already made his decision and had no intention of changing it.

At this point, Qianye had already gained some understanding of the white mist. The water absorption could be canceled out by the expert’s own cultivation. Xu Jingxuan’s cultivation was a bit higher than Eiseka’s, but the werewolf possessed a stronger body in his combat form. That was why he had managed to last longer. However, neither of them could control their water before the wall of mist.

All of this was what led to those dried corpses in the beginning.

Xu Jingxuan and Eiseka could only withdraw as commanded. They understood that going forward would not only be throwing their lives away, but they would also end up dragging Qianye down.

Just as the two were about to leave, the white mist from the side began to bubble as a werewolf charged out!

This werewolf was already in a berserk state. He charged over immediately upon seeing Qianye but was knocked out by a casual slap. His eyes were bloodshot, and he was frothing from the mouth, a cla.s.sic sign of overdrafting.

Eiseka reached out to touch the werewolf’s fur. “How come he’s not sweating?”

This werewolf was fairly weak, so it was strange for him to appear here. Someone of his strength should’ve become a dried corpse long ago, yet he seemed completely unaffected.

Qianye gave it some thought. “Bring him back and keep him under watch. Don’t let him run away.”

Eiseka and Xu Jingxuan understood how important this werewolf was. The duo left in due haste, the latter carrying the unconscious werewolf on his back while Eiseka kept watch.

The world within the cloud wall was formed entirely of cotton-mist, a hazy expanse where one could hardly see his hands and feet. Walking through this place made one feel as though nothing was real.

As Qianye activated his Eye of Control, the white mist dispersed, and his vision extended deeper inside. His body flashed left and right all of a sudden, evading two attacking monsters and killing them. Then, without even looking at the corpses, he walked deeper into the mist.

Theoretically, the depths of the white mist was the core region of the blessed land and should be home to farms and werewolves just like the periphery. Yet Qianye could only sense hazy white mist in every direction, and his perception would fail to penetrate further after a certain distance.

Qianye advanced further, killing any monster that got in his way. Before long, the white mist before him became thinner, and a sensation different from the Evernight world rushed at his face.

After the next step, the scenery changed completely, and a new world appeared before his eyes.


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