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Volume 2 – Bloom of the Other Sh.o.r.e Flower, Chapter 40: Conflict

“Of course, there are very few things in this city that I do not know, especially when they’re related to us hunters.”

While playing with the scope, Old 2 continued, “The value of these things far exceed their actual function. It is a waste to use them for modding, so how about this. You can use them to exchange for some equipment in the Hunter a.s.sociation’s warehouse. Mm, I can offer you an a.s.sault rifle tactical accessory. What do you think?”

Naturally, Qianye agreed. Artistic value was completely useless to him, he only needed a killing weapon.

Old 2 put the accessory away and led Qianye to the warehouse. He took down a suitcase from a rack and pa.s.sed it to Qianye.

When Qianye opened the suitcase for a look, he was very satisfied with the outcome. It was an a.s.sault rifle tactical accessory, specifically designed for the Empire’s main corps. Although it was only a grade two arms configuration, its overall design and function was no weaker than a random set of rank three accessories. Qianye loved this uniform style of tactical accessory the most. He could skip the familiarizing process entirely, and directly use it.

Old 2 then pa.s.sed over a bullet box containing ten blank origin bullets and said, “The thing inside this suitcase is still not worth the accessories you gave me, so I’m gifting you something extra.”

This was exactly what Qianye needed urgently. He had used up all of his stock during the werewolf mission.

Old 2 suddenly asked, “How do you plan to deal with Sky Snake?”

Qianye’s expression darkened a little immediately, but he quickly recovered and said in an indifferent tone, “Nothing for now. We will see when I ascend once more.”

Old 2 heard the trace of killing intent from Qianye’s calm tone and tapped the rack once, saying, “Sky Snake is not a normal rank five Fighter. He is not an easy foe to beat. As the representative of Home of Hunters in Darkblood City, I cannot interfere directly with the conflict between a hunter and the Sky Snake Gang.”

Qianye was currently a.s.sembling a few tactical accessories into a small folding grip with great skill. He said without raising his head, “I know that.”

“If you have any other needs in the future, you can come and see me as well. For example, I can borrow you some money or equipment. Of course, this will be done in my name and within a reasonable margin, unless you can prove yourself worthy of an investment. As you know, I do not control the entire Home of Hunters.”

Qianye’s hands paused in midair for a moment before abruptly disa.s.sembling the small folding grip into its original parts once more with lightning speed. Only then did he lift his head to look at Old 2 and said, “I heard that you would not normally interfere with such things.”

No emotion could be seen on Old 2’s weathered face. He said, “The Sky Snake Gang has gone too far this time. If Yingnan truly had gone to the death arena, then our Home of Hunters would have lost all our face.”

“But she still owes Sky Snake a huge sum of money. This will not end here.” Qianye frowned.

Old 2 shook his head and said, “This, I cannot help her. She is too headstrong, and she cannot stand bowing her head to anyone. She is a good hunter, but she is not a good leader. You should know this very well, since you’ve gone on a mission with her. If I help her any more, I will only be pus.h.i.+ng her further and further down the wrong path.

Qianye simply nodded and did not make any additional comments.

Although their mission had been completed successfully, it was built of many irreplicable factors. Qianye had already noticed that Yu Yingnan’s tactical preparation and information gathering skills were lacking prior to the operation. If she hadn’t recruited Qianye at the last minute, it was predictable that this operation would’ve ended in terrible defeat.

Even now, Yu Yingnan probably still hadn’t realized that Qianye was far more familiar with werewolves than that so-called werewolf expert Yang Tian, and that his strength far exceeded a common one star hunter. In fact, he was stronger than anyone within the squad, including Yu Yingnan herself. Had it been anyone else who entered the wolf den, there was no way they could have severely injured four werewolf elders, and even obtain the totem in the end.

In reality, Yu Yingnan was just not suitable for this kind of large scale missions that required the cooperation of many people. She was more suitable to become an independent hunter.

While Qianye safely put away all of the equipment, Old 2 spoke again, “You must be careful. Sky Snake may very well come back to you for more trouble. He dislikes the prosperity of anyone who can threaten him.”

“I will be careful. Although, I think he is the one who should take greater care.” Qianye revealed an icy cold smile.

Old 2 did not say anything. After exiting the warehouse, he returned behind the counter and continued to pay full attention to his book.

Qianye left Home of Hunters and found a shop selling all kinds of drug ingredients. With his few remaining gold coins, he purchased a couple of drug ingredients and a set of purifying tools. These drug ingredients would be used to mix a special medicine that would be a fragrant synthetic perfume when diluted, but was a poor man’s version of military use strengthening stimulant when concentrated.

While carrying his items, Qianye exited the drug store and turned around a corner of the street. Then, a group of noisy youths came from the front and immediately jammed the already narrow street.

At the center of the group was a young man in high spirits, talking nonstop about his experience of killing an official vampire warrior. The people around him met his expectations and praised him, causing him to laugh even more jubilantly than before.

These people had snakes tattooed onto their exposed skin, so Qianye immediately knew that they were Sky Snake Gang’s people. He frowned once, turned aside, and gave way.

While the crowd pa.s.sed by Qianye, the young man at the center subconsciously glanced at Qianye once. Then, his eyes lit up, “Wait a second, I know you. You’re that little hunter who took the Flowing Gold Rose that day! You may look a little different now, but there’s no way you can fool me with such petty tricks!”

Qianye’s gaze fell on the young man’s waist. There was a holster of exquisite workmans.h.i.+p there, and judging from its shape and the exposed gun handle, the holstered gun should be that Flowing Gold Rose.

It would seem the young man was of unusual status. Not just anyone could equip themselves with a Flowing Gold Rose. Even on the middle and upper continents, possessing this gun would not be a disgrace, even to a small aristocratic family.

The young man pushed the crowd aside and walked in front of Qianye. He stretched his hand out and said, “Give it to me!”

Qianye frowned and asked, “Give what?”

The young man laughed coldly and said, “Do you seriously think this stupid act will work! Alright, I’ll treat you like a real idiot then! Give me the Flowing Gold Rose’s accessories! This gun must have come together with a full specialized set of tactical accessories, now don’t you tell me you don’t have them!”

Qianye frowned even harder and asked, “Who are you?”

The young man lifted his head and laughed in an exaggerated fas.h.i.+on. He turned around and spoke to the Sky Snake Gang group behind him, “Me? Hey guys, he’s asking who I am! Haha!” This immediately drew a cheer from his men.

After a moment of wild laughter, he approached Qianye and harshly poked him at the chest, forcing his words through the gaps of his teeth, “I’ll tell you who I am! Sky Snake is my father! Do you know who I am now?!”

“Got it. However, I do not have the Flowing Gold Rose’s accessories.” Qianye said calmly.

“You don’t?” The young man looked startled for a moment before his expression changed into one of slight fl.u.s.ter and exasperation, “You don’t have it?! Do you think I’m stupid? Flowing Gold Roses have always been released as a set. When have you ever seen a Flowing Gold Rose without accessories! I’m telling you, pa.s.s me the accessories like a good boy or I’ll have no choice but to break your G.o.dd.a.m.n knees today! If you refuse to give them up…”

His expression chilled as he said, “I see that you’re a handsome-looking fellow, and I just happen to have some brothers who enjoy men. I’ll have them f*ck your a.s.shole right here before feeding you to the dogs!”

When he heard this threat, Qianye suddenly smiled like the coming spring. His already handsome and delicate features appeared even younger as his obsidian-like eyes curved into crescents that even looked a little innocent. When he had first arrived at Lighthouse Town and had been hara.s.sed by some hoodlums, Qianye had worn the exact same smile.

It was at this moment that a dry and skinny-looking fellow closed in on the young man and whispered something beside his ears. The young man’s eyes immediately lit up as he examined Qianye from head to toe, saying, “I hear you’ve just finished a very high-ranking mission and got quite a lot gold coins! If you don’t have the accessories, then I’ll give you face and let you treat me to some food!”

The young man’s exaggerated, wild laughter turned obscene, and he raised a hand to lift Qianye’s chin. This time, however, he did not get what he wished for. His hand had only stretched halfway across the air before it was caught by Qianye, unable to move even an inch further!

The young man struggled hard a couple of times, but to his dismay, he discovered that his hand couldn’t move an inch at all! The smile that hadn’t yet faded became completely frozen on his face as he roared at Qianye, “What are you doing? Let go of me!”

He glanced meaningfully at both corners of his eyes before yelling suddenly, “Cripple him!” Two Sky Snake hoodlums then approached Qianye from the left and right side before stabbing two knives at Qianye’s ribs!

Qianye’s expression chilled as he abruptly exerted force into his left hand, causing the young man’s wrist to let out a resounding crack! Only then did Qianye release the young man as he backed away a step, just avoiding the two knives that stabbed in his direction.

Qianye suddenly stretched out both arms at once and grabbed the two wrists accurately. With a twist and a push, the two knives then immediately changed directions and stabbed into the attackers’ stomachs, all the way to the hilt!

The young man froze and actually forgot about the intense pain on his wrist as he exclaimed uncontrollably, “You dare kill someone from our Sky Snake Gang?!”

He abruptly fell back and yelled simultaneously toward his left and right side, “Get him together! Slice this brat to bits!”

A few Sky Snake Gang hoodlums pulled out their knives and daggers, while another few took out their guns and aimed at Qianye from the periphery. The moment they found an opportunity, they would immediately shoot him!

Meanwhile, Qianye was standing steadily on his feet. While pulling out his own gun, he took some very small footsteps to dodge all of the bullets and blades striking toward him.

Qianye’s gun then roared, and in an instant, the eight bullets inside the magazine were discharged consecutively. After these eight successive bangs, eight Sky Snake Gang hoodlums fell down in order, either taking a shot in their heads or through their hearts. Everyone who was shot was killed instantly.

All that happened while Qianye was using a Kohler no less. Although this traditional handgun was just a firearm, its close range power was considerable. It was just perfect for these people who weren’t even rank one Fighters.

When the young man saw that more than half of his underlings had been killed, he immediately drew a cold breath! Before he could react, Qianye stretched his legs and flicked a handgun dropped by the Sky Snake hoodlums into his hand. Another series of gunshots then followed, and now, no one beside the young man was still standing.

Qianye walked towards the young man and waved the gun once, saying indifferently, “There’s one more bullet left.”

“If you kill me, my father will never forgive you! We can still talk this out-” The young man appeared to be in panic as he stepped backwards again and again.

Suddenly, he let out an odd cry and swung a leg right at Qianye’s crotch!

This kick was actually crackling with a soft popping sound of origin power. Its power was obvious!


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