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Chapter 154: The steel fist

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Fu Weiyu stood at the side, waiting comfortably for the test equipment to enter.

Them compromising was a win for himself was what Fu Weiyu thought.

A construction project worth more than tens of millions was now completed covered by his company. If this was completed, then there would be no need to worry about company funding for the rest of the year.

Which is why, for Fu Weiyu, no matter if his methods were despicable and shameless, he was still going to keep this project to himself.

Although he must admit that Ye Qing had some great connections since just one call from him was enough to send him acting like they were packing up and moving out, but no matter how much money he had, he still had to deal with their shamelessness.

After all, a mob will always be stronger than an individual.

And in the construction sector, Fu Weiyu firmly believed himself to be this mob.

Under him were a couple hundred loyal employees of questionable nature, which was unlike many other companies in the business who had their own go to contracting builder teams.

If it was anything related to keeping a construction project then, to be honest, Fu Weiyu wasn’t afraid of anyone.

After they leave, don’t think of being able to find anyone to continue where they left off. Which meant that the construction would be left there unfinished, which would lead to tons of losses.

So in the end, they still had to invite them back to continue.

Finally hearing that familiar engine rumbling, Fu Weiyu looked over, thinking about what kind of construction vehicle needed such a powerful engine.

It was just that with one look, Fu Weiyu’s eyes were wide open in shock because he just didn’t know what this piece of equipment was.

That giant height, it had to be at least six meters tall. Its base looked very much like a 3D rhombus shaped object. Its length was even longer than two excavators combined, and then there were the two arms at the top and that giant toolbox at the back.

Although Fu Weiyu didn’t know what this machine was used for, but just its looks alone were very beautiful.

Ye Qing towered above in the c.o.c.kpit as he coldly laughed at the mouth gapingly stunned Fu Weiyu on the roadside.

Smash my workshop?

Ye Qing had finally been p.i.s.sed to the point of no return by Fu Weiyu. Which was why he decided to use an alternative quick way to settle this.

When the Mechanical Colossus entered the construction site, Ye Qing started up the arms of the machine. With the release of many locks, the two folded mechanical arms revealed themselves just like a folding knife.

The busy workers on the construction site all stopped what they were doing and curiously stared at the strange machine.

Currently on the site were more than 40 large scale construction vehicles. Just the excavators alone numbered more than 20, and the scale of the two compaction machines was much larger. However, when comparing this machine with their own, just the appearance alone was like the difference between Altos and Audis.

What functionality was this machine going to test?

Not only were the workers thinking, even their lead Zhang Jun and boss Fu Weiyu were looking on with interest.

They had never seen anything like this machine before, which was why they were curious as to just what exactly this machine could do.

Ye Qing didn’t disappoint as he immediately widened their horizons.

On the arms of the Mechanical Colossus were a pair of jackhammers, which were being secured as the machine itself rumbled next to the heavy lifter.

This heavy lifter was one of Liber’s 25 ton lifters, which right now was parked right next to the completed work shop and had its crane over the roof. When the Colossus arrived in front of it, Ye Qing didn’t even bat them an eye or pay any attention to anyone present as he lifted up the arms of the Colossus and smashed down with force.


It can only be called a smash when the falling speed has surpa.s.sed terminal velocity.

If a regular excavator was to smash something, then it’s basically as fast as something that was. .h.i.t with a slow spell. However, for the Mechanical Colossus it was as simple as lift and drop, fluid like humans.

A crashing sound that could rock the mountains echoed on as the heavy lifter coming at several hundreds of thousands literally had a hole smashed through under the force of the hammer.

“You! You! You!” Fu Weiyu right now sounded just like a broadcasting station as he shivered while pointing at the Colossus. Because no matter how hard he thought, there was no way he would’ve thought that this machine’s trials would begin like this.

After the first hammer hit, the Colossus raised its arms again for another go.

This time, the lifter’s arm was completely smashed and bent. The low alloy steel arm in front of the Mechanical Colossus literally felt like a piece of wood.

The construction site also sank into chaos at the same time. The workers who had always been beyond arrogant, upon seeing their equipment getting smashed, immediately went into berserk mode and ran off towards their excavators and bulldozers.

As the Mechanical Colossus continued to pummel this lifter into smithereens, the eyes of this lifter’s driver also went bloodshot.

If stares of anger could kill, then Ye Qing right now would have definitely become an already shot up ragdoll.

Sadly they were of no use!

Fu Weiyu mustered all the courage he had as he ran right next to the Colossus and yelled at the top of his lungs: “President Ye, what is the meaning of this! I even said that I’ll fix everything for you!”

“An accident, purely an accident.” Ye Qing stuck out his head and laughed out loud: “Mr. Fu, if your lifter operator can cause an accident, then me who has never driven an excavator before is naturally going to be worse at this.”

*Rumbling Rumbling*

20 excavators and 4 bulldozers came in from all sides, formed a semicircle in front of Mechanical Colossus, and trapped it right next to the workshop walls.

Seeing the army like display of construction vehicles behind him, Fu Weiyu’s smile immediately turned back to that of a sly b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

These employee of his had all been with him through thick and thin. The number of times they drove mechanical equipments to wreck havoc at other people’s sites was way beyond counting.

Especially the drivers of these 20 some excavators, they were the elite of the elites as none of them had the guts to chicken away from anything.

“President Ye, you must give me an explanation.” Fu Weiyu looked up with his giant head: “I’ll fix the damaged workshop, but there is no way that I’m paying for the lifter’s repair bill.”

“So you must pay!”

“Oh ~ cash, I got tons of of, but so what.” Ye Qing looked down from the front windshield as he picked his nose: “When dealing with dimwits like you guys, there’s just no such thing as discussion. As the only talk you people understand is force. Which is why you should now say goodbye to all your equipment.”

“How dare you!” Fu Weiyu’s face looked like just a piece of frozen pig liver, where the red all quickly turned to purple: “I’ve got more than 20 excavators here, you think I won’t be able to rip apart this piece of trash of yours?”

“If you can’t, you’ll be my grandson?” Ye Qing continued to laugh.

Fu Weiyu’s eyes was spitting out poisonous looks non-stop, as he seriously wanted to go up there and rip that piece of equipment to pieces.

However, the ruthless reality told him that this was a site with many witnesses. It wasn’t that these things couldn’t be done, rather, it was that he needed to find a better time and do it away from the eyes of potential bystanders.

This was what he was thinking as he then chose to have his workers scare him a bit, to show just how tenacious they were for this contract.

It was only a high-endish looking piece of equipment. They had more than 20 excavators here, so no matter how big this guy’s background was, if the excavators were to scratch it a couple of times as a terrifying tactic, then it should be ok.

Within the encirclement of excavators, several of them promptly charged forward.

An excavator driver lifted his claws as he went to pat the Mechanical Colossus.


Just as the claws of the excavator were about to hit the Mechanical Colossus, its arm was suddenly swung down like a hammer.

Accompanying the ear drum shocking crash that echoed as a result, the forearm of the excavator was smashed and deformed completely as its hydraulic pillar and pipes all exploded its oily contents into the air.

This easily angered the drivers who all lived under the same roof as they all exploded right away and rushed forth with their excavators to the sound of loud wailings, determined to rip this Mechanical Colossus to shreds.

Ye Qing operated the Mechanical Colossus not forward but backwards as he faced the incoming excavators. When he finally found a gap, a hammer strike was immediately sent forth towards the arm of nearest excavator. Then, what quickly followed was the slam of a b.u.t.ton. The left arm then swiftly turned around and let loose of its jackhammer to the tone of automated mechanical sounds.

A giant demolition shear was suddenly installed onto the mechanical arm, as it displayed its chilly razor sharp blades.

[ED: This isn’t us being lazy, the author split it this way.]

After repeatedly seeing just how despicable Fu Weiyu’s mouth was, Ye Qing’s anger had already surpa.s.sed the point of control. Finally, when he fooled around and smashed a hole into the roof of the workshop, Ye Qing also snapped.

Trying to cover up an intentional mistake?

Then I’ll let you witness my mistakes, and the steel fist of industrialization.

As for how big this matter was going to become, that’s for later. As long as no one was hurt, then it was only a little scuffle that could be easily solved with 10 lawyers who would litigate lawsuits against them non-stop.

Thinking up to there, Ye Qing was actually really excited.

When facing against these dimwits, there was no such thing as a civilized resolution. The more civilized you were, the more easily they would bully you, and the more uncivilized they would get.

The most effective way to sort through this was just to smash them to ground in one go, smash them to the point where they needed to rely on the law, and then slowly accompany them in the rest of the fun.

*Ka cha*

The demolition shears ruthlessly pressed down on the arms of another slow crawling excavator.

After the sound of giant metal clashes, another excavator arm laid broken on the ground while spraying its oily hydraulic fluid all over the air.

“Go, go d.a.m.n it. I will not believe that this thing can become 3 headed and 6 armed.”

3 excavators that easily cost millions each, in one round, were laid to waste by this scary piece of equipment. This kind of immense loss had Fu Weiyu lose what little self control he might’ve had to rage.

Where was the need to consider the other party’s background now? First, he needed to get the situation back under his control, otherwise where would his face go? And how would he be able to steal construction projects from now on?

At the front, only one excavator remained. Who also quickly met its end when its tracks was smashed apart by the Colossus’s jackhammer.

It wasn’t that this excavator didn’t want to try to avoid it, rather, it was just that the opponent was too powerful. The movements of two mechanical arms were simply as nimble as human arms. Now, look at their excavators: move stop, move stop; every movement needed to be carefully controlled and completed step by step.

How was there a comparison?

After the four excavators were busted, the entire site had become a battlefield.

These constantly arrogant workers immediately yelled for all the backup they could get.

Excavators, lifters, compressors, and bulldozers all charged in with bloodshot eyes.

“Come on! Hahaha! Against you wimps, the only method is force.” The Mechanical Colossus single handedly charge forth into the fray.

A Mountain Pusher SD 16 TL bulldozer spat out fumes of black smoke as it widened its front dozer to the max and charged forward, looking to push over the Mechanical Colossus.

“a.s.sault mode activated.” Ye Qing quickly reacted as he slammed the b.u.t.ton to suit up.

*Tut-tut* *Tut-tut* *Tut-tut*

The jackhammer in the hand of the Mechanical Colossus fly straight for the incoming bulldozer.

Alloy against alloy!

The purest of Industrial collisions. The t.i.tanium alloy jackhammer on the Mechanical Colossus, with the straightest angle, thrusted at the low carbon alloy dozer blades of the bulldozer.

Sparks exploded everywhere. The collision sounded like thunder. The bulldozer, as if it had smashed into a mountain, actually jumped off the ground.

As a result, not only was there now a giant gaping hole in the dozer blades, it also welcomed the continuous a.s.sault of the jackhammer.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

Under everyone’s eye popping gazes and ear splitting shocks, the dozer blades simply turned into a piece of cardboard, as each and every hit of the jackhammer resulted in a new hole.

It didn’t just stop there. An excavator which wanted to turn to help out the bulldozer, before it even had the chance to raise its bucket, had its engines immediately seized by the Mechanical Colossus’s demolition shears.

Hair-raising metal shattering sounds arose when the shears shank into the engines and even twisted it a couple of times.

Engine parts went flying like rain drops and heavy smoke arose.

The driver, after yelling like a d.a.m.n girl, hurriedly opened the doors, jumped out, and ran.

A compression machine, under the cover of the ear shattering sounds of the jackhammer, swung around to the back of the Mechanical Colossus.

This compression machine was currently, apart from the Mechanical Colossus, the largest machine on site.

This kind of vehicle, with its wide tracks and nearly 3 meter tall steel structure, could let down a several dozen ton steel press to devastating results.

As long as this thing hit, then even the sky supporting pillar would need to wave good bye.

A devilish grin appeared on Ye Qing’s face, as the Mechanical Colossus was covered on all angles by hidden cameras.

After another smash on the back of the bulldozer made it completely useless, the Mechanical Colossus nimbly pulled a S maneuver.

As the steel press fell down from the sky, the driver of the machine hadn’t been completely consumed by rage just yet as what he aimed for was the back of the Colossus, however, this fatal blow was destined to miss.

When the press connected, the ground shook vilotebly as dust clouds rose from all sides.

The Mechanical Colossus, which had nimbly dodged this calamity, naturally wouldn’t let it off the hook so easily.

The right arm of the Mechanical Colossus quickly retracted and precisely released the jackhammer into its back tool box, then conveniently installed a one meter long, steel teeth filled saw disk.

Just as the compression machine wanted to draw back the steel press, a high speed saw disk flashed past, and the four finger thick chain suddenly split into two.

The shock the driver had was that of seeing a live ghost. The mightiness of this strange machine was simply unparallel as it was actually able to automatically switch tools just like a high-end CNC lathe.

What was there to fight now?

The compression machine’s driver screamed out of his mind as he put the machine into rear gear and started to back up. However, due to just how slow backing up was for tracked vehicles, without even running 5 meters, the Mechanical Colossus had already caught up.

The left arm firmly held onto the steel structure of the machine, while the right swung the saw disk at the structure like slicing a cuc.u.mber.

This was just too d.a.m.n sudden. Even when the saw disk was approaching, there wasn’t enough time for the compression machine to perform any kind of evading maneuvers.

There were still a dozen or so excavators left onsite. At the moment, they were all together discussing whether or not they should all group up and surround the enemy. Yet, without them noticing, the Mechanical Colossus had already closed the gap between them.


The air breaking sound of the whirling disk saw had everyone frightened.

While the other shiny demolition shears non-stoppingly opened, closed, and turned.

Those other workers who weren’t able to drive a vehicle all ran and hid on the side as they stared on helplessly as the Mechanical Colossus charged straight into the ranks of bulldozers and excavators.

A tiger entering a herd of sheeps. Add on the nimbleness of the Mechanical Colossus, it basically left those c.u.mbersome construction vehicles dozens of streets behind.

They would suffer some paralyzing injuries as long as they got sliced by that metal disk saw.

The demolition shears was much better equipped for laying waste to the arms of the excavators. At the moment, the site was filled with leaking oil and heavy smoke. The other compression machine looked like it was literally taken apart by a chain saw. If it wasn’t for the c.o.c.kpit needing to be kept intact to prevent injuries to the operator, then it would’ve definitely been cut in half.

“This is impossible!” Shocking and stunned looks that had already appeared many times on people’s faces, once again appeared.

What the h.e.l.l was this machine? Able to automatically swap out tools, and twice at that. Now looking at its back, there were at least seven other tools that weren’t used.

How could that thin disk saw cut through the steel frames of the compression machine’s upper structure?

Everyone, from Fu Weiyu at the top, to all the workers at the bottom, was stunned, as if struck by thunder.

In a short short five minute window, their originally mighty fleet of construction vehicles was literally obliterated by a single machine operated by Ye Qing.

Completely and utterly obliterated. Look at all those parts laying all over the ground, and those broken off excavator arms that were rolled over just like a piece of crumpled paper

Before everything had happened, Fu Weiyu’s confidence was bigger than the sky as he still believed that he had everything under control.

Now his confidence was smaller than a needle. This kind of astronomical loss and the fear of having provoked a high-end industrialized company, had his teeth tremble and his legs turn soft.

“Who else!” Ye Qing who felt like he had just let loose the biggest load ever, asked the entire construction site.

Ye Qing glanced at all the garbage on the site and found a couple more still intact cranes standing.

The Mechanical Colossus once again let loose its engines and swapped in another set of tools.

Two machete shaped axes. Under the will of the Mechanical Colossus, the rest of the cranes were all chopped up like pieces of firewood.

These cranes were responsible for lifting in the steel frames and roof of the workshop, which was why they were 10 plus meter in height, and Ye Qing had to control the angles to prevent it from collapsing on anyone.


Having finished all of this, Ye Qing drove the Mechanical Colossus next to the still shivering crowd of workers.

The workers all turned into quails as they all shrunk their heads.

Ye Qing opened the window and jokingly asked Fu Weiyu: “Haha ~ Mr. Fu, how do you find my new equipment?”

“You…… You…… You……” Fu Weiyu’s face had already turned completely green: “If you got the guts, then run us over, otherwise you can forget about leaving.”

Having finished, out of all workers who were involved, slowly, some with guts walked forward looking to form a human barrier.

At this moment, a Benz G-65 roared into the site.

The four doors opened simultaneously. At the front were two two meter tall peons that looked stronger than actual bears.

They looked just too intimidating with their sungla.s.ses, especially when smiling. Having been sized up by these two muscle heads, the workers who had the guts to stand out before, just like a field of harvested wheat, all hurriedly retreated back into rank.

At the back were three very civilized looking men.

Ye Qing comfortably waved at Fu Weiyu and asked: “Mr. Fu, you willing to admit yet?”

“Just you wait. Just you d.a.m.n wait.” Fu Weiyu’s eyes were filled with rage: “I’m going to sue you. I’m going to sue you for all these damages.”

“Ha ~ Ha ~” Ye Qing scratches his ear as he looked at the still clown like Fu Weiyu.


The three suited, civilized looking men, with their doc.u.ment bags and golden gla.s.ses, walked forth: “We three are the name partners of the Yucheng law firm, and at the same time we are President Ye’s personal lawyers.”

“We, the Yucheng law firm, will from now on enter long term litigation talks with your company.”

“You have allegedly violated the personal life of our client, damaged our client’s property, and endangered the lives of our client’s employees with the intentional use of fake materials.”

“Bulls.h.i.t, this is complete bulls.h.i.t.” Fu Weiyu was already sweating cold bullets and couldn’t help himself: “Are you freaking blind? You are going to sue me? Then I’ll make sure you can’t walk ever again.”

“Well, now we’ll sue you for insulting and threatening lawyers as well.” Within the eyes of the three lawyers, Fu Weiyu was literally a dancing pig.

“And, can you at least call up a couple high end lawyers to talk with us.”


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