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Chapter 357: For Security Considerations

August 21, 2020

It took Yun Shi only three hours from pa.s.sing the interview to going to work in the same afternoon. In the nearby city of Darun, Yun Shi was also going shopping and bought necessarily daily necessities.

After joining the Monster Heavy Industry for a few days, Yun Shi had discovered a world she hadn’t known and had experienced the world.

This world was always busy and could not be described only by being too dark.

Yun Shi was so busy that the hackers behind the company bought the bankside and thus obtained her real information. Now she dared to use only a few hundred pieces of cash. The money in the bank card could not be moved for the time being.

When you are busy, you have no time to spend money.

Originally, the propaganda department was responsible for relatively easy tasks, and most of the tasks in charge were literal. But because of the ease, recently, employees in the propaganda department had been seconded to other departments to help.

Yun Shi had almost busied the department in the company, and many employees in the company had known the youngest beautiful girl with silver-gray hair.

No matter what work you do, you can do it all.

Through these days of help, many male compatriots had thought that Yun Shi was a fairy sent by G.o.d, and they could hardly find any shortcomings. Every time they saw Yun Shi helped nearby, their working ability would increase invisibly by ten percentage points.

As for the long silver-gray hair, which is unique, they thought it was very suitable for Yun Shi, and there was nothing wrong with it.

With quick footsteps, the tinkling of the dining car came. Yun Shi was sent here to deliver food before the time lunch, and she was more or less tired, thinking that after the meal was delivered, she could return to the cafeteria for a meal and went to the dormitory to make up for beauty sleep. So, she should eat urgently.

Yun Shi was a little careless, and she had crossed the alloy gate used to guard the server room. The picture in front of her had made all the fatigue disappear instantly. Before she came, she had not known what was on the fourth bas.e.m.e.nt floors of the new building. She only knew that colleagues and foreigners worked overtime there.

Now she knew there was a server room on the fourth floor underground. Looking at the packing boxes piled up on the ground and looking at the neatly arranged server cabinets in an uncountable number in a short period of time, Yun Shi had no reason, and his heart jumped to the fastest.

The boxes under the foot were printed with a dashed logo unique to IBM.

The x565om5, which heralds these boxes, holds the latest generation of blade server units launched by IBM. This was a top-level divine soldier who could stand out in the world even if he wins the stage.

Four-port Gigabit fiber optic communication module, support I/o virtual functionalization. Supported up to an expansion processor, with 52 internal memory slots, which can be expanded up to 832g of memory.

Yun Shi had felt not only his heartbeat was fastest, but his breathing was also fastest. Glancing at random again, a huge sense of dizziness rushed towards her.

On the side operation console, there was an employee of the network department, which was testing the server unit of the station. The display used to view the hardware parameters for employees clearly lists all the hardware parameters of this server. The processors were full, fifty-two memory slots were full…

Had it not been for a dining car, and Yun Shi could not have fallen into the cold ground because of severe dizziness at this moment?

“Oh, my G.o.d! Xeon e7V2 processor, Corsair ddR4 memory.”

Yun Shi’s custom laptop, which was hidden in the suitcase, is usually not suitable for baby. In front of this server unit, the gap was as desperate as a bicycle and a Ferrari.

The kind of notebooks that had cost millions of customizations and computing power to casually kill the server did not exist at all.

Only a few companies around the world could produce computer processors, and their Intel processors had the best performance.

Intel’s best processor was the e7V3 series. Even if the heavy power supply was added to light up this processor, a notebook would be equipped with a maximum of processors.

In front of Yun Shi was a top-level server unit with 52 memories. She had finally managed to look away from that server. As a result, she had seen a server cl.u.s.ter in the hall composed of nearly 10,000 server units. In this sense, Yun Shi felt the description was elegant, just like the human ink guest, seeing the most lubricious end, the most delicate rice paper, and the most fragrant smoke and ink.

To put it plainly, it was these countless people who suddenly saw these top-fashioned babies in the corner of their warehouse full of life that they would never use for life.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you, Yun Shi?” The colleague girl beside her had gently pushed Yun Shi, who was traveling outside the soul.

“No… nothing, these computers look so advanced.”


Yun Shi had quietly taken a picture of her head. The new top-level server cl.u.s.ters in front of her belong to Monster Heavy Industry and not to herself. Struggling to calm her dizzy thoughts, she had pretended not to understand anything and followed her colleague to push the dining car inside.

After seeing a few beautiful female employees who joined the company to deliver meals, the help technicians of the network department put away the playing cards on their faces and had put on a mild smile.

Ye Qing stood by the crowd unsmiling, and several other new employees had no idea. When Yun Shi looked at the alloy warehouse and the door opened by the warehouse, the data center connected by countless storage arrays came to Ye Qing.

Ye Qing was the first friend that Yun Shi met in the company, wanted to go up to say h.e.l.lo, but there was a gunpowder atmosphere at the scene, and Yun Shi and a few new partners had suddenly smiled and did not dare to speak.

Yun Shi was lightly bringing the food from the dining car to the top of the workbench, and Caswell came over.

Caswell had looked at the meals by himself, all meals cooked according to their requirements, and looked very delicious.

Caswell had laughed, and he had signaled the other engineers on the chairs to come and enjoy the food: “If you want to adopt our company’s blade architecture solution, you must rectify the venue here according to our requirements.”

Blade architecture solution?

Is the blade architecture solution that adopts 4×32 architecture rules, uses 4 server units as a set to form a computing node, and then uses 4 computing nodes as a group, equipped with independent power and network management systems?

Yun Shi looked at the dragging engineer. Although the blade architecture scheme has many shortcomings, it is still good in terms of efficiency and safety.

Yun Shi had looked at the dragging engineer with her spare light. Although the blade architecture solution has many shortcomings, in general, it is good in terms of efficiency and security. Each computing platform uses a different data transmission encryption scheme. Even if a hacker invades, it could only invade its platform. Therefore, the more platforms, the more secure the blade architecture solution was.

You can grit your teeth. The server architecture was their weakness. Otherwise, you should copy the keyboard and did it yourself.

Ye Qing had taken a deep breath and nodded. For the sake of server security, Ye Qing had decided to give up. Who had to do them seriously on this shortboard?

Ji Ke clenched his fist and said: “Just follow your request.”

“OK!” Caswell smiled happily. “Wait until we finish lunch before moving on to the next step, and have a cup of coffee first, we are used to drinking coffee in the afternoon.”


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